Erin and the Ass Ripper

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Erin had just gotten out of a hot, steamy shower. She started blow drying her hair, and the movement was jiggling her massive J cups wildly. Her college roommate Samantha happened to stop by the bathroom door and watched Erin’s tremendous melons flopping around like they had a mind of their own.

“Oh sorry,” said Erin, realizing that Samantha was watching her.

Erin stopped blow drying her hair and wrapped a towel around her soaked body. The towel made Erin’s gigantic tits push together and form a wonderful cleavage tunnel that a dick would love. Because of the size of her tits, the towel hung away from her body and did not cover her big, round ass and shaved pussy.

Erin finished blowing her hair and came out of the bathroom. She saw Sam getting her coat and heading out the door.

“I’ll be back around 2. I’m going to a party and I know how much you don’t like to party,” Samantha said.

“Ok Sammy. See you later,” Erin responded.

“And please. Don’t call me Sammy. I’ve told you a thousand times, Sam or Samantha.”


Sam left their dorm room, and Erin was left alone like she always liked to be. She tossed her towel off and put on her pajamas, which consist of an oversize white tee shirt and panties. She tied her hair into pigtails and crawled into bed. She decided to read another chapter from the book she picked up at the library.

“Hmm? This looks like an interesting chapter, “Jack the Ass Ripper.” Funny title,” Erin said to herself.

As she got farther into the book, Erin started to doze off and eventually fell asleep. Suddenly the alarm clock went off and Erin immediately woke up. She looked around and saw that she was in a strange house and not her dorm room.

“Where am I?” Erin questioned herself.

She immediately hopped out of bed, still wearing her large white tee and panties. Her enormous tits bounced wildly as wondered with fear and trepidation where she was.

“Hello?” Erin called out as she looked around the room.

She saw a wall full of pictures. She got closer to take a look and saw women with huge asses, sticking up high in the air with a cum-like substance around the anal hole.

“How do you like my work?” said a mystery voice behind Erin.

“This is your work?” Erin said questionably.

“Yes. Don’t you like?” said the mystery voice in a deep tone.

“Um…yeah. It’s ok. I guess,” Erin replied trying not to piss the mystery person off.

“You may turn around now, young girl with the incredibly fat ass,” said the voice.

Erin slowly turned around, and a very tall, skinny man, wearing a top hat and a long black cape was talking to her. His face was green with a long thin mustache that resemble a catfish. His chin was long, sort of like Jay Leno and his eyes were huge, with black perils staring at Erin. It was Jack the Ass Ripper.

“Wow, it’s you, the Ass Ripper!” Erin said surprisingly.

“Yeah, it’s me, and I love big asses but damn, I didn’t know a girl could have big titties and a big ass. Most of the girls around here are B and C cups. You must be larger then a double D cup. Hell, larger then E cups,” Jack said.

“Close. I’m a J cup,” Erin responded.

“DAMN, a J cup! Never imagined that breasts could be so big to the point where J cups existed,” said Jack as he started walking close to Erin. “Now I’m not usually a tit man but after seeing you, I might change my mind.”

Jack got close to Erin and extended his hands to reach out and squeeze Erin’s huge breasts. Erin gave out soft and low moans while Jack’s hands roamed her chest.

“My God, these things are soft and firm. They look to weight about 10 maybe 15 pounds each?” Jack questioned as he continued kneading Erin’s enormous rack through her shirt. “Can’t wait to see these puppies without that shirt, and from the feel of it, you aren’t wearing a bra. Give those bad boys a little shake for me.”

Erin figured why fight it? She had nowhere else to go at this point being almanbahis trapped in a book with Jack the Ass Ripper. Erin started shaking her massive jugs inside her shirt. Jack’s eyes followed every bounce and wobble Erin’s gigantic breasts displayed inside her shirt. The white tee hung away from Erin’s body, which made the sight more fantastic to watch. Her huge tits swayed from side to side, stretching the fabric of the shirt on both sides. Erin watched Jack’s hungry eyes follow her enormous melons’ movements. She thrusted her chest out and started shimming her shoulders, making her breasts smack together and make slapping sounds. Erin saw the results of her movements were making Jack’s cock fill up the front of his pants. Her own crotch started to become soaked.

“Ok girl. You got my cock rock hard, and I need a big juicy ass to relieve its pain,” Jack requested.

“I think I might have what you want,” Erin responded.

Erin turned around and lifted her shirt up over her panty-covered ass. Each butt cheek was bulging out from beneath the cotton panties.

“Ooohhh! Shake that ass baby. Shake it,” Jack urged Erin.

Erin started shaking her fat ass, jiggling and bouncing it like she was at a dance club and just letting loose.

Jack stroked his cock and grinded his teeth. Erin continued pleasing Jack with her ass jiggling out of control. Her mountainous tits were also bobbing up and down in front of her. Erin knew that this was turning Jack on and perhaps maybe even herself.

“Come girl and bow down before me,” Jack demanded.

Erin stopped jiggling her ass and tits and decided to do as Jack was telling her. She slowly got down on her hands and knees, with her face leveled at Jack’s crotch. Her eyes looked dead on at his crotch, watching his hardening cock move about.

“Now unzip me?!” Jack demanded.

Erin raised both of her hands and started unzipping Jack’s pants. Jack’s huge cock sprang out and slapped Erin on the nose. The purple-swollen cockhead was aiming dead center with Erin’s nose.

“You may begin,” said Jack smiling down at Erin.

Erin looked up at his smiling face and gave him a smirk. She then looked back down at his big dick and took it between her lips. Slowly Erin was sucking on Jack’s huge cock. She could smell the stinky aroma of his pubic hairs as she moved forward and closer to them. Her chin soon made contact with his heavy balls as they swayed back and forth. Erin was deep-throating Jack’s dick down her moist throat.

“Ooooh. That’s it girl. Swallow that monster,” Jack urged as Erin’s warm mouth sent chills through his body.

Erin started gagging on Jack’s cock but continued to take all of it in. Her nose was brushing up against his pubic hairs, getting a strong smell of his nasty scent. Her tongue was maneuvering over every inch of Jack’s prick as her mouth engulfed his entire shaft. Saliva just poured out of Erin’s mouth, down her chin, and down Jack’s huge balls. Jack grabbed Erin by the back of the head and started thrusting his cock, invading her mouth like a massive army marching to war.

Erin’s cheeks were inhaling his cock and her face was turning bright red. Her jumbo J cups were moving beneath her white tee shirt as it hung away from her body.

“OH God! Your mouth feels so wonderful. Can’t wait to feel that ass of yours,” moaned Jack as he thrusted harder and faster down Erin’s throat.

His big balls were bouncing off Erin’s chin rapidly. Erin’s face was buried deep in his pubic hairs as her mouth was being fucked by Jack’s huge dick.

“OOOHHHHH I’M CUMMING!” moaned Jack as his hands took hold of Erin’s gigantic tits and squeezed them for dear life as his cum rushed from his heavy balls and down Erin’s mouth tunnel.

Erin could feel the cum overflowing from her mouth as it rushed down her throat. Massive loads of cum gushing out from his pee-hole and down Erin’s throat, reaching her stomach.

After Erin had swallowed every drop of Jack’s cum, Jack pulled almanbahis yeni giriş his cum-covered cock out from Erin’s lips and Erin watched the glistening cock flop between Jack’s thighs. Erin took hold of his cock and started licking the cum off. Her tongue even worked his huge balls, swirling and dragging along his balls before taking them between her lips one at a time. She suckled long and hard on his hairy testicles, lapping her tongue over each of them while they were stuffed between her lips. Jack thought his cock was about to explode again from the oral treatment his balls were receiving.

“That was good, Erin, very good,” Jack said as he pulled Erin away from his crotch. “Now let me work my tongue on your sweet tight asshole.”

Erin got on all fours and laid her upper torso on the ground. Her massive tits were bulging out from her sides as Jack took hold of her panties and pulled them down off her big and firm ass. His cock started hardening again just at the sight of her ass.

“I think I’m going to cum just looking at your delicious bottom,” Jack teased.

He took a handful of her ass cheeks and started squeezing them, kneading her soft tender flesh between his palms and fingers. He parted her ass cheeks so he could see her tight, pink asshole. His huge wet balls rested on the heels of Erin’s feet. He started dragging his balls along the soles and heels of her feet while one hand started fingering her moist pussy.

“God you’re so wet!” said Jack with excitement as his fingers plunged in and out of Erin’s cunt.

Erin started moaning lightly and rocking herself back and forth on Jack’s fingers. Her feet were now fondling Jack’s huge hard cock and his balls. Jack plunged his other hand between Erin’s ass cheeks and started fingering her anus. Erin’s moans got louder and deeper with both her holes now being finger fucked.

“Mmmm you’re so tight in both holes,” moaned Jack as he rapidly pushed his fingers in and out of Erin’s holes.

Her asshole was spreading apart as he lodged two fingers deep within it, drilling her asshole hard and deep. It felt like a thick cock was fucking her asshole with his fingers being thick and long, thrusting in and out of her ass. Her pussy was dripping with juices all over Jack’s hand. His thumb had centered her clitoris and started rubbing it in circular motions. Then furiously up and down causing orgasms to spread through Erin’s thick body. Her nipples felt like sharp bullets ready to bust out of her white tee.

Jack pulled his two fingers out of Erin’s asshole and stuck them into his mouth, tasting her butt juices, which she had created.

“Mmmmmm! I need to taste more of that,” Jack moaned.

Jack stuck his long and wide face between her ass cheeks. His tongue immediately started sliding up and down her asshole, licking around her pink asshole before plunging deep inside it.

Erin felt the sharp pains of his wet tongue going deep into her asshole. She bent her arms back and gripped her ass cheeks and separated them wider for Jack as his tongue lapped in and out of her asshole.

Jack moved his other hand to her pussy and started using both hands to massage her pussy lips while the thumbs swiftly moved back and forth along her clitoris. Erin couldn’t take the pleasure any longer and started cumming. Jack’s hands were covered with Erin’s gooey sticky cum that he started rubbing into her thick thighs.

Jack stopped munching on Erin’s anus and lifted up his huge dick and started rubbing it between her big ass cheeks.

“This is going to hurt a little bit but you’ll love it,” teased Jack.

He started slapping her soft ass cheeks with his hard cock and watched them jiggle wildly. He took hold of her buttocks and spread them apart. Jack started rubbing his swollen cockhead against her tight asshole. Erin could feel his cockhead sinking down into her asshole slowly.

Jack placed his hands on her hips and started pushing his cock deeper and harder inside her asshole. almanbahis giriş His cockhead had already entered her asshole. Now his thick shaft was sinking into her hole. Erin had painful facial expressions and she dug her nails into the ground.

Jack started thrusting his cock in her asshole, rocking her upper torso back and forth against the ground. Her gigantic titties were wobbling beneath her as she raised herself up off the ground and started pushing her ass against his crotch. She could feel his thick cock drilling deeper into her tight asshole. It felt like her asshole was being stretched to the limits.

“OOHHHHHHH GOD!” cried Erin as Jack’s huge dick was moving faster and faster between her ass cheeks.

Her ass jiggled and bounced against Jack’s crotch. He took hold of her shoulders and started thrusting faster. Her massive jugs were swinging from side to side while still entrapped inside her oversized white tee. Jack looked on Erin’s sides to watch her giant breasts flop beneath her and out to the sides. The sight of her tits started making him drill her asshole a lot faster and harder. His cum-filled balls were beating against her ass cheeks as he pounded her ass.

“ARRRRGGG! OHHH YES!” shouted Jack. “This is the tightest asshole I have ever felt.”

Jack continued this assault on her asshole, thrusting all he could of his thick cock deep into her anus. Erin’s asshole was widely stretched out, and she could feel his entire cock hammering away at it. His huge balls were even between her ass cheeks now, beating on them from the inside.

“AAHHHHH! FUCK ME! FUCK ME HARDER! RIP MY ASSHOLE, FUCKER!” cried Erin as she gripped the ground harder trying to fight the pain and agony she was feeling in her asshole.

Erin’s pussy was dripping out of control. She stuck some fingers inside her pussy and started rubbing her clitoris. Her asshole felt like an inferno as Jack’s huge dick was invading it.

Jack took Erin’s arms and held them behind her head in a full nelson headlock. Erin tried to get free but Jack was too strong and the pain of his cock ramming hard into her asshole was just too much for her to bear.

Erin was at the mercy of Jack and his enormous cock. Erin’s face was sweaty and flushed out as painful expressions were forming from his cock ramming harder and faster into her loosened asshole. Her pussy was on fire, and Jack wasn’t allowing her to take care of it. Her enormous breasts were beating the hell out of her chest and face, and Jack just loved the sight of them abusing their own.

Jack repositioned himself to sit directly on top of Erin’s big ass while his cock was still thrusting inside. He bent down and pressed his upper body against her back. He felt the fabric of her shirt, sticking to his sweaty body. He still had her in the headlock, pounding her ass harder and faster.

Soon Jack started giving Erin’s asshole long and powerful thrusts, signaling that his balls were filled with enormous amount of cum and ready to gush out.

“Here I cum,” moaned Jack.

He released the full nelson headlock and gripped her shirt-clad huge titties and started filling her asshole up with his hot gooey milk. He kept his cock drilling at the center of her asshole while his cock unloaded enormous loads of cum.

Erin felt the hot cum filling her anus up. Her own pussy started gushing out cum, dripping all down her thighs and legs. Her huge tits were being pushed into her chest by Jack’s hands as he held on to them for dear life while his liquids emptied into Erin’s bowels.

Erin rested on her stomach for a while with her eyes closed. After a few minutes, she had awakened to find herself back in present time and in her bed in the very position Jack was fucking her ass in. Her shirt was pulled up over her bare ass and her asshole was throbbing with pain. She looked over her shoulders to see her roommate Samantha and some friends of Samantha’s looking at her with weird and disgusted expressions.

Erin felt embarrassed and pulled the sheets over herself and decided to go to sleep.

“Wow! Your roommate sure does know how to please herself,” said one of Samantha’s female friends. “Maybe I’ll get some tips from her when I’m in a horny mood.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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