Evolution Completed

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This is the last of the Evolution stories. I hope that you have enjoyed reading them as much as I have enjoyed dreaming them up and putting them down. If you find this story exciting sexually as well as otherwise then give it a vote. If not then give your opinion in a comment.


Evolution Completed

Phillip knew that it was no accident that the cops called everybody they didn’t like ‘pinko, commie, fags’. He knew that the fact that two of the three applied to him and Jamie was enough to convict both of them in the eyes of the police. When they asked him about the car that Jamie was driving before the breakout he naturally played down their personal relationship.

The cop watched him as he talked, forming an opinion of Phillip as he listened to the explanation of how Jamie was to come to work for Phillip but didn’t show up. When asked about the car, Phillip had replied that it was an advance on the wages the boy would make on the river that summer working with Phillip. Since the car was still in Phillips name if things didn’t work out there was no harm done, but the fact that the car was real and parked in the boatyard would make all those days and nights on the river seem a little more worthwhile to the boy.

The cop seemed to buy the story in the end and wound up his visit by telling Phillip that he could pick-up the car at the police impound lot. Before he drove away he warned Phillip that if Jamie got in touch that he should report it right away. Phillip had promised that he would and the cop roared out of the yard, the cloud of dust in his wake a monument to his impatience to be somewhere else.

Phillip was worried and had a hard time concentrating on anything as he went about the business of readying the boat for the trip ahead. In the end he gave up and went down below to his cabin. After fixing himself a drink Phillip unrolled the charts that dealt with the river for the first seventy-five miles north of Vicksburg.

Phillip stared at the map; he could see that the roads from Vicksburg lead away in all directions. He had no way of knowing where Jamie could have gone. But Jamie knew where ‘he’ was going. Jamie knew that Phillip was leaving to head north on the river. Jamie could have very easily planned on meeting Phillip anywhere along the long and mostly wild and empty banks of the river. The map showed swamps and wilderness on the Mississippi side of the river. The rocky bluffs and steep drop-offs had stifled builders so that the land remained as it had been for centuries. Swamps and wilderness, some of the roughest areas in the U.S. and his young friend was out there somewhere in the company of desperate men. Running for their lives with all the redneck cops of the state of Mississippi hot on their trail.

The TV had been non-stop in its updates on the manhunt, each report teasingly revealing a few new facts. In the last report the police seemed to think that Jamie was a hostage and not one of the gang that planned the escape. Everybody from the KKK to the black panthers had been mentioned as groups that could’ve pulled off the attack and escape.

The one thing for certain was the amount of force put into the field to capture the escapees. It was already the biggest manhunt in the states history and there was a circus like feel to the proceedings as everybody was waiting to hear about the battle when the cops caught up to the prisoners.

Phillip shook his head in despair. The forces of government were looking at this as the first shots in a revolution, something that they felt should be put down with as much violence as possible to serve as an example to everybody else who might have similar plans. Jamie had been in bad spots before but Phillip had to wonder if he could handle the forces that were lined up against him this time. The riots in the streets of so many of the large cities had people worried and nearly everybody thought that it would end up in bloodshed before the racial thing was decided. When you considered that the draft was sending young people running to Canada and the civil rights movement was sending northern rebels into the deep south just to stir up as much trouble as possible, hoping for another Selma to win over more popular support. It seemed to Phillip that his country was doomed to have to endure another civil war. It seemed that the people around him wanted it. His mind went back to the day he heard that JFK had been shot, he had been in a pool hall, and everybody cheered. That had been five years ago and things had only gotten worst. Now you had George Wallace running for president, and he seemed to be doing well in the primaries. There was a lot of hate in the air and nobody was sure what direction the country was heading in.

In the end Phillip decided that he would head out later tonight and go slow along the trip upriver. He would try and give Jamie every chance to find him and the boat that might be his only way out of this terrible mess. Phillip as a rule didn’t carry guns onboard but tonight he found his old bursa escort army 45 pistol and his army surplus M14 carbine and placed them in his quarters on board. He took enough ammo to fight a small war and also grabbed more supplies for the first aid box. His mind still clouded with all the possibilities of the danger he might face, he set about loading his boat for a trip into what might turn out to be a war zone. He was determined to do the right thing by Jamie even if that meant that he would have to take sides against the forces of the government.

Sixty-five miles to the north-northwest of Phillip Jamie woke up to the feel of Danny rolling him over and sticking his dick, which seemed to always be hard, between his lips

” That’s a good girl, the breakfast of champions, darling, the breakfast of champions” Danny smiled down at the top of the soldiers head as he deep throated his cock, pushing his nose into his pubic hair. Danny thought that it was time to take this bitch to a different level.

“Bitch, you better show me that you like sucking that cock. Suck that cock bitch. I said to suck it like you mean it. I want to hear you sucking that thing.”

This motherfucker, Jamie thought. Got me face-fucking myself again while he just stands there. He makes me do all the work while I’m the one getting raped.

Jamie brought his hands up and started to fondle Danny’s balls. He ran his hand under him and found his asshole he brushed across it and then worked his way back to his balls. Jamie let his slobber run down from his mouth to fall on his hand which was wrapped around the base of Danny’s dick. As he jacked off his dick he kept his mouth on his hand rising and falling with it as he beat him off. He kept his hand wet so it was always as slick as the inside of his mouth. Jamie was trying hard to make him cum, trying to make him happy, he wanted him to cum.

“You stupid bitch, I can beat my meat. I want a blow job and I don’t want to feel nothing but lips and tonsils.” Danny roughly pulled the younger man off his dick and pushed him down on his stomach, his face in the dirt and pine needles. Danny reached behind him and pulled out something that had been laying in the pine straw. It was a short piece of barbed wire, old and rust colored but still thick and strong. It looked like it had been unraveled for apiece, maybe ten inches on each end.

Thoughts ricocheted through Jamie’s mind at the speed of light. He knew that he could stop this right now, but did he want to yet? In a faction of a second Jamie compared what he was allowing to happen with his military service. He had suffered severe discomfort at the whim of his commanding officers in the past, and for no good reason other then because they ordered him to. He had allowed himself to be restrained and tortured when he had gone through E and E school in Panama. They taught him more then just escape and evasion, they taught him how to conduct himself as a prisoner if he got caught. Jamie had avoided capture and never had to endure it but he had hidden close by to the holding compound, for two days he watched the poor bastards that were caught get shocked with wires to various parts of their body, brutal kicks and beatings with belts. The men endured because they were doing it for their superiors. Men trained to kill, submitted to pain, humiliation and bad treatment, suffered severely to keep imaginary secrets.

He had been here before, just in a different setting. Jamie was out the door and free-falling into submissiveness, he wasn’t ready to pull the ripcord yet.

Danny then took Jamie’s hand and pulling the two pieces of wire around his wrist twisted them together with a pair of pliers. When he was done with that hand he pulled the other around behind the boy and did the same to it. He stood up and pulled him to his feet, putting his arms to his sides he then took another piece of wire and tied the boy’s wrist again this time letting the wire cross the front of his body. Finished he stood back to admire his work. Jamie’s arms were secured to his sides; if he tried to move them toward the front then barbs on the wire would dig into the skin on his back. If he tried to move his hands to the rear then barbs would dig into the skin across his stomach.

Jamie thought that he might still be able to slip the wire down his legs if he got the chance maybe get his hands up here in front of his face so he might get the twist undone by using his teeth.

He heard Danny say. ” Just one more thing” and he came up behind him and taking a small piece of wire, wrapped it around his upper arm, he then took it and pulling it painfully to the back and center he tied it to his other arm. This forced the boy to stick out his chest and at the same time suck in his gut to avoid getting stuck by the barbs. Now there was no way that he could slip the wires down his legs. He was truly bound and helpless.

“Now bitch, get your ass on your knees and get back to work.” Danny growled at him.

Jamie dropped on command and started bursa escort bayan to give him the best blowjob that he could. His arms ached from the way they were pulled behind him the pain in his shoulders started to build into cramps. He kept sucking, ignoring his pain and concentrating on Danny’s pleasure. Jamie could tell he was about to cum, he plunged down his cock and held him deep as he felt him jump and shoot. His Master’s dick throbbing like it was breathing deep in his throat. He didn’t stop but he did slow it down, Jamie teased him with his tongue. He sucked more gently and let it lay longer on his tongue licking it slowly until he thought that Danny was ready and he would start to get a little more forceful with his mouth. This oral rape went on for over an hour. Jamie’s arms were driving him mad with their cramping spasms and pain. He had cut his back several times and there were a couple of cuts on his stomach also. He could feel the stickiness of his own blood as it dried on his stomach and back. A single drop of blood fell on his hard dick that waved around in front of him, the air making it a cool spot on his hot cock as it dried to a crust. Finally Danny pulled his dick from his mouth making a lewd popping noise.

The boy was dead on his knees; the pain and the sexual excitement had completely drained him.

“You know that we got no place to go. The cops are all over the highways looking for us, checking cars at road blocks watching at all the river bridges for us.” Danny looked down at Jamie and smiled, “We ain’t got no TV, and all we got is you for entertainment. You think that you’re up to keeping me happy for a couple of days out here in these woods?”

Danny had a mean streak in him and Jamie knew that he was going to see a lot more of it before he ever got back to the real world. This was like boot camp and this asshole was the drill sergeant. When he had allowed himself to be secured, he had entered into Danny’s world. Danny was god in his world. Jamie knew his place; he had played similar games before.

“I asked you a question slut. Are you going to keep me happy for these next few days or not?” Danny pushed his face sneeringly close to Jamie’s almost touching him.

“I’ll do the best that I can. I’ll do what ever you tell me to do.” Jamie was so uncomfortable; he needed to be able to stretch his arms out to relieve the cramps. “Please let me stretch my arms, they hurt so bad.” He knew that he was begging but that was what he was down to now.

“Sure thing, I’ll let you stretch your arms a bit” Danny lifted the ex-paratrooper to his feet by the wire that crossed his back. Pulling the wire across his stomach into his flesh. Jamie moaned with the pain and the effort of standing up. Danny pulled him over to the car He pushed the boy over the hood and started to work on the wires behind his back. Soon he had the wire undone and he walked around to the other side of the car he reached across and grabbed the wire and pulled Jamie’s arms over his head. Stretching them across the hood and using the wire he had undone in back, he tied his hands to the rear view mirror mounted on the other fender. Jamie was tied across the hood of the car with his feet just touching the ground. His ass was helplessly displayed and offered to his Master’s hungry stare. Danny leaned forward and whispered into Jamie’s ear.

” I got something that I found in the trunk that I think that you might need.”

He held a large flat blade screwdriver in front of Jamie’s face, it had a thick wooden handle and a shank that was a good foot long. Danny then held up a small greasy container he turned it so Jamie could read the label, Rear End Grease.

Danny was laughing and telling him that it was like a sign from God when he found that can of grease.

“You got to admit it slut,” He smiled at the boy as he waved the greasy screwdriver, “we got the right tools for the job. This is your lucky day, I was going to dry fuck that ass of yours but now I won’t have to.”

With that statement he started to rub the handle of the screwdriver against the boy’s puckered hole. When he had it ready he pushed the handle up into Jamie’s ass an inch or so twisting and pushing and then he would pull it back a bit only to push it deeper with the next stroke.

Jamie at first hated the feel of the thing in his ass, but as it progressed into a slow fucking motion in and out, slipping the length in slowly, stopping and retreating a bit. He relaxed and offered himself to this fucking. It took a few seconds but finally with one quick and sudden motion Danny got the whole handle inside the boy’s ass. Jamie felt his asshole close onto the metal shank. Danny used the blade like a handle and twirled the handle around inside him. “You stay just like that until I get back,” he said as he slapped the boy’s ass very hard two times. Jamie couldn’t turn to look behind him but he heard him walking away down the firebreak behind him. It seemed that he was gone for quite some time, the handle in his ass was very escort bursa uncomfortable and he found himself squirming a bit as he lay across the warm car hood.

Flies landed and walked on his body like teasing fingers. He couldn’t move, he could only endure. He thought that he might be able to push the handle from his ass if he squeezed and pushed hard enough. He remembered what Danny had told him, “stay like that.”

He was conditioned to follow orders and left it in place. He found himself thinking about having a dick in his ass. He found himself thinking about how it would feel to have a man push his hard cock up into such a sensitive hole. He was playing games that he never wanted to play, but what made it even worst was that he was playing them by himself. Nobody was making him have these thoughts; he could only blame himself for those slutty thoughts.

Jamie never heard Danny when he got back. He could have been watching him sway and rock with his discomfort for several minutes before the boy ever knew that he was there. Jamie was so lost in his slutty thoughts that the first he knew of Danny’s return was when his hand grabbed the shank of the screwdriver and started to fuck it in and out of his asshole. It was as if his daydream of getting ass-fucked had come true. Jamie was a willing partner as he pushed back onto the shank driving the handle deeper and deeper into his body. After a few strokes Danny pulled it out to the point where the handle was the thickest and left it there to stretch the tight asshole open for his use.

“Bitch if you drop that thing from your ass I am going to whip you till you bleed. You listening to me bitch.” With that said he went about stretching the boy’s feet apart and tying his ankles to a stick with two pieces of old fence wire. Jamie almost dropped the damn thing when his legs were pulled so far apart. He had to draw every fiber in his body into the effort to squeeze that damn handle hard enough that it wouldn’t fall.

When Danny had finished the boy’s feet were as far apart as they could go and his ass was wide open to him. His hand grabbed the screwdriver and pulled it from Jamie’s hole, he carried it around the car to the side where Jamie could see the thing and then told him to open his mouth. Jamie could see shit on the handle; he could smell his own shit as Danny put the steel shank in his mouth like you might hold a pencil in your teeth. “Don’t drop this bitch”. Jamie could see a glob of shit just inches from his lips, he could smell it with every breath. Danny was now behind him and Jamie felt him step between his spread legs. Danny guided his hard dick into the boy’s open and stretched hole. He didn’t spare the boy any pain or discomfort as he sunk to the hilt on the first hard stroke into his bowels. Jamie almost dropped the screwdriver from his mouth and had to bite down hard on the steel shank to hang onto the damn thing. He wanted to scream but the shank of the screwdriver gagged him. Jamie was thinking that this was the way that Raymond had soul fucked poor Molly last night driving her nearly crazy with desire before they gang raped her.

Danny just let his dick lay in the boy’s hot tunnel for a few moments; Jamie was so totally helpless that he could only lie there and await his rape at Danny’s hands. The cowboy leaned forward and whispered into the soldier’s ear.

“Boy, I am going to tear this asshole up for you. I am going to make you mine for life. Now I want to feel you ass tighten on every outward stroke. You hear me?”

He was waiting for an answer to his question, so Jamie nodded his head, he couldn’t speak because of the screwdriver. This was not good enough for Danny though. His hand slammed down across his poor ass and was followed by several hard blows. When he tired of this Danny leaned back over the naked boy’s body to whisper into his ear again. “Bitch, you squeeze my dick twice for yes. You never tell me no.”

Jamie squeezed his dick with his ass twice.

“Good girl, now lets get to fucking this ass.” With that statement he stated to ram his hard dick deep into the boy’s ass. Forcing him to grunt with the force of his strokes. Jamie tried to tighten his ass when he felt him start to pull out and it caused him even more pain. He tried to open his ass when he was plunging in so deep but that didn’t seem to help either. This was not romance or love this was hard brutal sex between men. There was no loving surrender there was only force and one man dominating another. As he kept at it Jamie seemed to be getting more used to it and the pain lessened. He kept fucking him with his ass muscles trying to make it as good for him as he could. Jamie was ashamed to admit that his dick was hard as a rock and he sought some relief by rubbing it on the fender of the car as Danny rode his ass. Jamie kept the screwdriver clenched between his teeth until he felt Danny’s hot load shoot deep into his innards.

His Master had taken him like a bitch and he had tried to make it good for him. Maybe he was a bitch and not a man after all. He felt the power that Danny held while he was fucking and that was sexy but he did not find any pleasure in this thing. It had been a sexy thing though and Jamie was hot and would have liked to cum.

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