Fantasy Weekend

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Here is a fantasy that I have of my newest and most desirable internet love, Jessica. This is written for her but we agreed that the Literotica public should enjoy it as well. It is written purely for our entertainment, if others like it, then it is even better.

You are able to “escape” your husband and life for a weekend and come to visit me. The fantasy begins after dinner, a movie, and a night at the dance club.

The tension has been thick between us throughout the entire night. We have teased and played with one another quite innocently since you got off the plan but for the most part we have been acting like two friends getting reaccquanted after many years apart.

I can not wait to give into my desires any longer. I push you against the door, rubbing my hands up your rib cage to your bra covered breasts, and my mouth nuzzles against your soft neck. You smell so deliciously fantastic, a subtle hint of rum and seduction. As our lips clash, I relish in the softness of your lips and the sweetness of your breath. The soft velvet of your tongue caressed mine, bringing me to moan.

Our two bodies stumbled into the apartment and you kicked the door shut. Without hesitation or remorse, we begin our feverish assault on one another. Your tank top got pushed up and I pulled your bra down. I looked at your breasts: tiny, sweet, and inviting. Your nipples puckered at the sudden rush of night air and they silently begged me to be sucked.

My breath quickened and my pulse race as I saw the effect I was having on you. I love looking at you. I like touching you. Your breasts, despite your protests are perfect, soft, and their roundness became putty in my hands. I could not keep myself from pulling a nipple deep into my mouth and sucking on it while I caressed the other one with my thumb. When you start making little moaning noises, I knew I was touching you right. Your other nipple was just as sweet and I wanted more of you.

We moved towards my couch and I helped you out of your top. I undid your lacey bra, and laid you back towards the cushions. My hands ran over your shoulders, tracing downwards to your collarbone, where I cupped your breasts.

Your fingers moved to unfasten your jeans and istanbul escort together we pushed them down and away from your. Your long, slender legs moved slowly on the couch where they spread very invitingly to me. Your nipples rose against your creamy skin and I wanted to lick every inch of you. I lifted your long, brown hair off your neck and kissed you again while my hands made themselves familiar with your body.

Fingers slid down your flat tummy to your panties. They slid under them, lightly caressing you before I slipped a finger inside of you. God, Jessica, you are so warm and wet. I ground your clit with my thumb over your panties and your hips reacted, arching off the couch. Your moans vibrated against my lips.

I leaned back and took my shirt off, then my bra. You sat up and cupped my breasts, licking my nipples, making me call your name. Your lips are so warm and perfect. You pinched my nipples while your lips moved down neck and teeth nibbled on my neck. You gave me goose bumps and a shiver traveled down my spine.

Desperately and filled with want, I started kissing down your stomach and pulling your panties off as I moved. You smelled fresh and sweet, as you laid back and reopened your thighs. My pussy clenched and my vision became consumed by your beauty and pure unadulterated arousal. I parted the lips of your pussy with my thumbs and ran my tongue from your rosebud to your clit before I flicked it with my tongue.

Your hips bucked once as I sucked on your clit before I nibbled on it with my teeth. You cried out my name, burying your hands in my hair, pushing my face down, grinding it into your pussy. Your body trembled when I pulled away and I stood to take off my jeans.

I smiled at you and you raised a finger a me, ordering me to return to you. I knelt between your beautiful thighs again and leaned down to kiss you. You wrapped your arms around my neck to bring our bodies together. The feel of your breasts pressing against mine was so completely wonderful that I nearly came in that moment.

Reaching down, I slipped one finger then another one inside of you. The feel of you closing around me was exciting. In and out, my fingers became slippery while I continued to worship esenyurt escort your nipples. My impatient lips found their way to your neck and returned to making love to your mouth. My pussy rode your thigh with the same rhythm as my fingers until my juice began to run onto your soft flesh. You arched your back, throwing your head back, and you cried out as your pussy started to squeeze my fingers.

I pulled them out and replaced them with my tongue. I sucked, licked, drank, and savored you. When I thrust two fingers back inside of you, my mouth moved to your clit. In and out I went. Once. Twice. You fell apart, crying out both panting and breathless all at once.

Nails sought to embed themselves into my shoulders as you continued to grind against my mouth and fingers.

It continued until my brunette beauty laid back against the cushions in a boneless sprawl. I took my fingertips and brushed them over your breasts and stomach. God, I loved the way your skin quivered at my touch.

Your lips met mine and opened, allowing my tongue to sweep in. However, what started out as a gentle dueling of tongues turned into a devouring of one another. Your arms came around me and I felt your hands become fists in my hair, holding my head still all while your mouth left mine and tool nips of my neck as you continued to press and rub your body against me.

My body tingled with anticipation. My skin flickered with intensity. My body pained because of want. Your mouth locked onto mine, as my hands wrapped into your hair now and I pulled us up from the couch and to the bedroom.

We fought for control as we fell onto the bed in a tangled mess of arms, legs, and lips.

“My turn.” you teased as you captured my wrists. I laughed as they pressed hard into the mattress below me.

I wedged your knee between mine as you parted my thighs, settling between them as you kissed your way down to my breasts. You released my wrists so that your hands could caress and outline the shape of my breasts. I admired the hungry and fascinated look on your face, dreamed of what you might do to them and my nipples grew tight, begging for your attention.

Your moist, warm mouth closed over etiler escort one of my nipples, sucking deep and strong. My hand pressed you closer and my hips arched up as the pleasure of it caused my womb to contract. I could not control the way my head thrashed from side to side as you sucked on my other nipple. When you slipped a finger inside of me, I almost died.

You lifted your head from my breast and looked into my eyes. Full of wonder and delight, were your eyes, as you stroked my inner walls.

A kiss on my lips filled me with warmth as you moved down my body. I felt alive and awake, spreading my knees wide. Stretching my arms above me, I welcomed you between my legs. There was pure joy on your face as you began to explore me. I felt two fingers inside of me, teasing me briefly before they were pulled out. You kept teasing me until I became slippery and wet. Fingertips rubbed back and forth over my clit. I felt your nose bury itself into my close-cropped thatch of hair and inhaled before your tongue tasted me, like a kitten laps up a bowl of cream. I moaned as the strokes of your tongue became firmer and more confident.

You licked and sucked every fold and crease of me. My pussy was being treated like a Georgia peach after the first April shower. God, I want to grind your face into my pussy hard, Jessica. I want to flip you on your back and fuck you with my tongue. I want to explode.

That’s when you lift your head, smiling at me, with your adorable dimples. Your lips glistening covered in my juice. Your hands moved up my body and closed around my breasts before your head lowered again and caught my clit with your teeth. It was a long, good suck before you left it for my nipples. Your teeth and lips massaged my breasts as my hips came off the bed.

When your tongue returned to my pussy, I grabbed the back of your head and held it still as I rocked my pussy against your face and my world began to shatter with the wild cry of your name escaping your lips.

I floated back to reality feeling your tongue still inside of me, savoring every drop of my juice. The aftershocks rippled through and I pulled you up by your hair until our lips met. I tasted myself on your lips, kissing you hard and feverishly as we drifted to sleep in each others arms.

It was at this time that I had to stop and finish pleasuring myself. I want to celebrate the fantastic lover that Jessica is and I look forward to getting home from work and chatting with her whenever I can!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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