Finger Fuck in the Breeze

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Another boring weekend. You and your girlfriend moved to a new town recently and have done nothing but tease each other all the time. She gives you nervous pecks in the kitchen walking past and occasionally you make out, but it hasn’t gotten to anything more serious than that. You are really happy together, but disappointed you two haven’t had sex yet. You know she wants to have something special planned for the first time, and you two both have some ideas, but no moves have been made so far.

“Want to head to the park? We need the fresh air!” You agree and get dressed up pretty casual. Your girlfriend is wearing a black miniskirt on top of some black lace panties ridden up her ass. The skirt is so short you can see her cute little butt as she walks along. She has her beautiful hair long today, free to blow in the breeze.

You both head out to the park and sit on a bench overlooking a mighty oak tree. Her ass oozes between the cracks in the wooden bench and it kinda turns you on. Suddenly, she leans in for a kiss and slips in some tongue.

“Oh, isn’t it hot out here?” she states, seductively removing her shirt down to just her bra. You warn her that kids could see you but she insists that “That’s the point! Isn’t this naughty!” You don’t quite understand, but before you can ask she stands up and nestles her ass between your legs, facing you and kissing you long and casino oyna deep. She moves her head to one side and you hear her mutter “I want us to have our first time out here. I want you to finger me… Out here… Under the tree.” You want to object but You’re so turned on that instinct takes over. You follow her to the tree and she lets you remover her bra and hang it in the branches. You sit down and she lies over your still fully clothed body. “Get naked.” You have no choice but to oblige. All your clothes are now in the tree with hers and you take the time now to feel her up.

You can feel her supple breasts between your fingertips as you tease with her chest. Her supple tits ease between your fingers like butter. Her skin is so soft you could fall into her like a pillow. You find a rhythm, slowly moving your fingers over her nipples again and again. They slowly get harder as you progress, and you can feel her breaths quicken as you make her more and more turned on. You lean in for a kiss and slip your tongue swiftly into her mouth. Your tongues play chasey as you tease her shapely tits. They’re not big, but large enough to really feel. Your tongue brushes over her teeth and caresses hers. They seem to entwine as you get more and more into it. Now you break free and lunge into her neck, leaving a trail of saliva down her soft skin. Slowly you inch your way downward and stop at canlı casino her breasts, then begin circling her nipples with your tongue. You feel her take sharp intakes of breath as you lick and nibble on her nipples, and you give them a good sucking to be sure you’ve left no nerve unattended. She squirms in place as she can no longer feel your love, but your mouth quickly finds her again and one hand snakes down over her panties s you kiss. Your finger slowly traces the outline of her labia and you mimic the motion with your entwined tongues, their slippery bodies acting as one. You can feel the heat emanating from inside her pussy becoming hotter at your touch ad her panties start to feel looser as she finds a more comfortable position. The spot you were circling before seems wet and slippery to the touch now and you realize you have made her extremely turned on. You withdraw your head and hear her say:

“Finger me hard. Now.” She is in no mood now for elegancy and you do as she requests, pulling her panties to the side and inserting your slippery fingers into her already wet pussy. You can feel the heat of it as they push their way in, as you feel her yelp with pleasure every inch further you go in. Two of your finger now fully inserted, you make use of your thumb by spitting on her clit and softly stimulating her labia. This gets her really excited.

“Ooh, yeah. Holy shit, kaçak casino right there! Harder!” Make no mistake, harder you do indeed go. You start retracting you fingers and re-inserting them at a very fast rate, and this is having a visible effect on her. As she squirms with pleasure you begin to Stimulate her clit harder and faster than before. She begins to moan quite loudly and without warning. You go a little faster, spitting on her clit again. You start squirming your fingers around inside her pussy while moving them in an out. The only sounds that can be heard are her incredible moaning and the squelching of her wet pussy. Suddenly her back bends upwards, her eyes roll back in her head and her mouth goes wide open. Her orgasm has hit like a freight train. A tsunami of transcendent orgasmic pleasure washes over her body and she convulses with the amazing lewdness of being fingered till orgasm in a public park. After a while her breathing slows down and she settles in to a more comfortable position. You remove your hand, now drenched in pussy juice, and wipe it on her tongue. You lean in for another kiss and can taste her wonderful juices mixed with saliva and swallow some. You take another mouthful and spit it onto her tits. Then you begin to lather them with the saliva, making them slippery. She giggles, obviously still sensitive. She gets up off the grass and gives you a little butt waggle with her cute black panties on. Her long hair drapes down to her lower back and waves softly in the afternoon breeze.

“Maybe next time we’ll try it with you!” She teases, “I would love to see you cum.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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