First Encounter

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I stepped off in the party looking my usual fly self. I was wearing a hunter green silk pants suit and a pair of Creme and hunter green two tone big block gators. This was a special event and I wanted to make sure I looked like a million bucks. Today was my dopest and most respected friend Tony 35th birthday. Tony was the man of the hour but I was the host so I had to be the class act. The party was being held at one of the properties the my firm owns. This particular property is worth 2.4 million dollars. It has 15 bedrooms 10 bathrooms and plenty other rooms. So anyway this was original gonna be a sexy costume party but then I decided to take a risk and throw the players ball. All the fellas were to dress as pimps and the ladies all as the hoes. There were around 100 people on the guest list but I guess everybody brought someone else and soon it was well over 200 well dress for some barely dressed for others.

I strolled out the back yard to find a few of the party had relieved themselves of their clothes and were now skinny dipping in the pool and the two hot tubs one at each end of the massive pool. As I continued back inside to check on the birthday boy I noticed an unfamiliar but very beautiful face. This girls eyes sparkles like diamonds and her light caramel skin seemed to glow in the light. Her hair was shoulder length and curly. Her legs were covered in nylons but from what I could tell they looked long and toned. As I approached her everyone in the room seemed to disappear. Our eyes locked and a sly but very sexy look came across her face as she quickly broke the eye contact.

“Hello gorgeous. My name is Cain Stone and I would love to escort you to the bar for a drink and maybe a little conversation.” I said as I reached her and took her hand into mine. She didn’t reply with words but I got the point as she squeezed my and as I lead the way through the crowd.

I lead her down into the basement we’re it was allot quieter and a lot fewer people. Her name was Kira and she had a sense of grace but all the while she was a little shy and timid. We found a nice quiet corner to talk.

“I’ve never seen you before. Are you friends of someone?” I asked as we made ourselves comfortable.

“You could say that. I heard about a party thrown by a man who is sexy, strong, and very dominant and I just had to meet him.” She said the little girlish smile ran across her face as she looked down into her lap where she was figgeting with her hands.

“Is that so? Well have you encountered this mysterious man that you are looking for?” I enquired as I lifted her chin with a finger until our eyes met. I could see fear, excitement, anxiety, passion, and openness as I looked into those gorgeous eyes.

“I really don’t know but if I haven’t I may not get the chance too. You see I met a guy that has me very intrigued.” She smiled seductively and her eyes went back to her lap.

“Well I have a few hosting duties to fulfill however I want you to stay close cause I have a few special plans for you and I. Her eyes got big as she realized I was the man she was seeking out. Her body tensed and a small shiver escaped. I moved in close and whispered in her ear. “I’m gonna make you want to do whatever I say whenever I say and like it. ” I slid my hand up her nylon covered leg and felt the heat of her box as I gently grazed the front of her wet panties. A small groan escaped her lips as her eyes closed and she held my are so it wouldn’t leave its current resting place. I pulled away and quickly stood. My half erection standing right at her face level. I pulled her hand to my crotch and made her squeeze then I left. I quickly made my way to the party. And did another walk through. As I walked around I greeted friends and guest of friends and I watched as the beautiful Kira followed behind for a nice distance. She turned down guy after guy as her eyes stayed focused on me. As I talked to a group of very attractive females I could see disappointment in her canlı bahis eyes but I had plans on making it all better but first I had to show her I was the alpha. At around midnight I made my way to the dj and grabbed the mic. I thanked all for coming and we presented my guy with his cake and his gift.

“Ladies and Gentlemen that concludes the mild part of the party. This party will now turn up a few degrees. There are a total of 22 rooms that are numbered throughout the house. Each room has a theme. If you came here as a couple you may want to leave now as a couple. You will all draw numbers and whichever room number you get you will match with that person for an hour in that room. Each room will have two couples. You are free to all join together or keep it personal. No means No. Anyone and I mean anyone who forces themself on someone will be beat the fuck up and prosecuted to the full extent of the law. There are two bags ladies to the left and fellas to the right. Once you pick your number head to the assigned room the hour starts when the last person draws.” I motioned Kira over to me. She was my project for tonight. She would be with me for the remainder of the night. Once the last person drew their number I started the huge timer for an hour and 5 minutes then I lead Kira into a special and private room I set up for just me.

The room was a make shift dungeon or I like to think of it as a play room. Kira’s eyes bulged as she saw the quick assemble contraptions I had assembled in the spacious room. I smile came upon my face as I watch her stand as still as a statue the only thing moving is her as as she examined each of the toys.

“See anything of interest?” I asked as I removed my coat and unbuttoned the top couple buttons of my shirt. Her mouth open but no words came out. I walked back to her and grabbed her hand and lead her deeper into the room. I left the door cracked and then I took her to the far wall and put her back to it.

“Tonight is gonna be the best night of your life. You will tell your friends of this experience and they will become jealous. I am gonna give you pleasures far beyond your beliefs. You will yearn for me from this day on.” I whispered in her ear before I placed light kisses onto her goose bumped skin. Her breathing became labored as I lid the straps of her dress off her shoulders. I slowly pulled the dress down exposing her gorgeous body that so far had zero blemishes. When her dress dropped past the most beautiful breast’s I have ever seen. I had to step back and admire the first part of the gift unwrapping. I thought to myself how did I get this lucky. She tried to step to me but I put my hands on her a gently put her back in her place. Her breast were perky and very natural. The quarter sized dark chocolate areolas contrasted with her skin perfectly. Her nipples were erect and sticking out like pencil erasers. I gently bit one of her nipples and her body shivered. As I continued to kiss her body and undress it at the same time. Just as her hips released the dress and it hit da floor I heard the timer go off. DAMN! I thought to myself as I planted one last kiss to the wet spot I seen in her almost non existent panties.

“Don’t move. I will be right back.” I said as I turned for the door.

“Don’t leave me.” She said as she reached out for me.

“I quickly side step her attempt and give her a stern look. She stepped back up against the wall and I could tell she was turned on even more.

I made my way back to the dj booth to announce the next event.

“Ladies and gentlemen we have another event this one is like a competition. We will re-draw numbers. This time we will have a race to see who can make their partners orgasm the quickest. Each person on the team must have at least on. To be complete. We will go two at a time that way the winning couples have time to recoup after their round when we have one winner they must ring this bell to signal there victory.” I said as I rung the big loud bahis siteleri bell. I stood as everyone grabbed their numbers and paired off. I chose the 4 people with the highest number to be the judges. They were promised $100 each and they got to enjoy each other while they judged.

After get those festivities started I headed back to my playroom. I peeked in the door first to see what Kira was doing. She was in the same spot her hand in her panties as she moaned not noticing my presence. I stood there and started to undress myself as I watched her pleasure herself. The sight was intoxicating. Once undressed I slowly made my way to her and I asked

“Did I give you permission to touch my belongs?” Her eyes shot open and her hand quickly left her panties. I grabbed her wrists and put them over her head. Undoubtedly she had missed the straps that were dangling. I quickly bound one of her wrist before she noticed and started to squirm as she tried to get away. I remained in control of her other wrist and soon it was in the same predicament as her other. Her feet were flat so she wasn’t hanging or anything but her legs were flailing. I stepped back and watched as she struggled with a smile on my face. She didnt use words but she was fighting with all she had. When she started to tire and settle down I moved my body to hers and again started to whisper.

“No need to struggle my dear. You are in no danger. All honesty it may be a little pain but the pleasure will far outweigh it.” Her expression lightened and the fight left her body. I smile as our eyes locked onto each other’s. And I could see she really wanted to see what was next. As she watched me her eyes never leaving mine I stepped closer to her. I could smell her arousal and the scent was driving me crazy but I maintained my composure. As I reached her I dropped down to my knees. I placed Both her legs over my shoulders. She was hanging but the lust in her eyes showed me she wanted more.

“I’m gonna make you beg to be fucked.” I said as my youngest attack her erect clit. As my hot wet tongue made contact she let out a deep seductive moan. My lips clamped around her joy button and her legs locked behind me and her thighs we’re squeezing my head as she rode the first wave of her orgasm. My assault continued until her grip on me relaxed. When it did I let my tongue glide the length of her slit. Her body shivered and her moans intensified as I stirred her honey pot with my tongue. My face was flooded 3 times when I finally started to get the result I wanted.

“Please fuck me. I will do anything to have you inside of me.” She half screamed and half moaned. I smiled as I just continued until she went off again.

“Oh my gawd! Please give me your dick. You can have any part of me just give it to me. She screamed in between her heavy breaths. I backed away and our eyes instantly connected. As I was going to undo the restraints there was a knock on the door.

“The competition is over. Where all waiting on you.” One if the judges came to tell me. I turned quickly and exited without giving Kira the chance to object.

“That is the end of the scheduled contest. However you are more than welcome to stay enjoy the many drinks, food and fun. Everyone can stay as long as you choose. I hope you enjoyed.” I announced to all the party people. I grabbed the camera I had stashed at the dj booth that I was gonna re it’s the party with and decide it would serve a different purpose.

I quickly found my friend John and told him the plan. He agreed and I headed off. When I made it back to Kira there were tears in her eyes. I was kinda torn in my feelings as I saw her tears. Without saying a word I walked to her and licked the tears from her face. I freed her hands and lead her to a hanging swing. I strapped her in and then I blindfolded her. I then took a silk scarf and teased her body. I then saw John with the camera and the time had come. I pulled on all the straps to make sure they were secure bahis şirketleri before I leaned her back and almost upside down and smacked my semi hard dick onto her lips. She didn’t hesitate to open wide and I slip it right in. Her skills were professional grade and I had to cut the blow job shirt before the party ended prematurely. I moved around and positioned myself between her legs. John was moving around the room trying to get as many angles as he could. I started very slowly teasing her knowing how bad she wanted to feel me inside of her. I swiped my Dick up and down her slit and her low mind started again.

“Please put it in me. Please.” She moaned as she tried humping her pelvis towards me. I laughed. I slowly pushed the tip in and she sucked in a very deep breath. I then pulled out and slapped her clit a couple times. I slide in again a little deeper this time and again pulled all the way out continuing my teasing. This time when I entered I slammed all 10 inches into her. Her face contorted and the look was a mix of pleasure and pain. I stayed still to make sure she was ok but she was so hot her hips humped me as I stood there. After a few minutes of standing there letting her barely move I started to slowly withdraw and violently slamming back in. Her body was shaking again and her head was thrown back with sweet sounds I have never heard coming from her. After give her to more body shaking orgasms. I pulled out and released her from the straps. She went to remove the blindfold and I stopped her.

“Did I say you could remove that? All your control has been transferred to me. You will do what I say when I say no questions asked. Do you understand? I asked as leaned her over the back of the plush couch that was strategically placed.

“Yes sir” she stuttered as I spread her legs and attached them to the spreader bar I had tucked under the couch. John was still recording also he was hacking off to the scene. Once it was secure I stood up and walked around the couch and secured her wrist to the couch. Once I was behind her again I playfully slapped her ass. Not hard but with enough force to sting. She yelped and giggled as her ass wiggled. I slapped her ass again only harder and her reaction was the same. I smiled knowing I had a live one. I grabbed her ass checks one in each had and spread them wide. Kira was still dripping so I ran my hardness through her slit a couple times to lubricate myself before I slammed into her. Now I was about to get mine. I was hungry for to release. My animal instincts took over. I was sweating and growling as I assaulted her with my sex organ. Her screams further intoxicated me and I didn’t notice that the room had started to grow an audience. I was to enthralled in the passion that was being shared. I felt my release coming on very quick. So I move around to the front and I shoved my dick into her mouth and continued my attack u till my completion was here and I pulled out and sprayed my seed all over her face and hair. All I heard were her word of yes and give me more. I fell back onto the from exhausted. That’s when I heard the applause start. I sat up and saw a good 30 people standing around watching. Some were engaged in their own sexual acts but all eyes were focused on us and it was amazing.

I released Kira’s hands but she didn’t move from her spot. I quickly moved around to release her legs and she still stay in the exact position. I smiled before I spoke.

“You may get and and remove your blindfold.” She slowly moved as her body was wore out just as I was. First she removed the blindfold which was stained with my goo. Her back was still to the crowd so I can only assume she still didn’t realize what had happened. When she turned around she had an embarrassing look. I moved to her quickly with a towel and helped her clean her face. Once all the cum was visibly gone. I gave her a deep and passion filled kiss.

“You’re going home with me. Your training begins now. Get dressed and let’s get ready to go.” I whispered after we broke our lip lock. She smiled nodded and went to retrieve her clothes. Once we were both dressed I retrieved the memory card from John and we went back to my house to rewatch the show.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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