First Meeting

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They have been talking for a while about meeting and tonight’s the night. He has everything ready and set out for when she arrives, knowing she’s going to be nervous since this is the first time meeting him.

There’s a knock at the door, his heart leaps from his chest with anticipation. “Will she look like her pictures? Oh god what if it’s actually a guy?! No I talked to her.” He thinks to himself walking to the door. Looking through the peephole he sees her standing there nervously.

Upon opening the door he greets her and invites her in, taking a moment to look her over. Before him is the Asian beauty that he’d seen in pictures, long black hair, gorgeous face, short, thin body. Tight jeans accentuating her ass and a short shirt revealing her rather large breasts.

He shows her around his place real quick and she says she nervous because she’s only been with her boyfriend and she wants to relax before having sex. Expecting something of that nature he invites her to join him in watching a movie to calm her nerves.

They sit down next to each other and start a comedy. Talking about what they wanted from each other, experiences and what they were into.

It wasn’t long before his hand started working his way up her thigh. She bit her lip and slightly opened her legs, moving closer to him. His hand moves to the other thigh passing briefly over her clothed pussy. Shy she says she wants to see his room now.

He takes her by the hand and leads her to his room where upon entering he pulls her to him and their lips meet. She pulls his shirt off and he tells her he wants her to undress for him.

As she begins she asks him to turn off the canlı bahis light cause she’s uncomfortable with how she looks so he lights a candle and turns the light off. The flickering light of the flame highlighting her figure as she removed her shirt and bra, sliding her jeans off to reveal she was wearing no panties.

She stood there blushing, kind of hiding herself from him and asked if she was what he was expecting. Yes, he says in a deep voice, and pulls her over to him. They kiss and he picks her up, she lets out a excited squeal as he stands there with her in his arms his hard cock pressing through his pants against her bare pussy. He lays her down on the bed and spins her around so her head is by his cock.

He tells her to take out his cock and show him her oral skills. Excitingly she unzips his pants and pulls out his already erect dick. Her eyes widen in surprise. She tells him he’s much bigger than her boyfriend, and that they will need to go slow.

She grabs his cock and slides her lips down one side of his shaft and the another, before taking his whole cock down her throat. He lets out a moan and tilts his head back in enjoyment. He tells her she’s great at sucking cock as he leans over and takes a firm grip of her breast, working her nipple with his finger. It causes her to move her lips faster up and down his cock.

She feels his breath moving down her side, a kiss then the warmth of his breath moving down again. Another kiss on her inner thigh, as she deep throats his cock again. His hand spreads her legs as his tongue slides down her pussy lips and back up to her clit. She lets out a moan and starts sucking his cock faster. bahis siteleri His tongue circles her clit, moves down her lips and back to her clit. He starts flicking his tongue up and down over the tip of her clit, when he feels her building towards orgasm. She starts to moan and he tells he not to cum yet. She bites her lip and squirms as he moves his tongue left and right on her clit. She cries out please may I cum?! And he tells she may. Her body shakes in euphoria as his tongue pushes her over the edge.

He can feel himself getting close so he gets up and spins her around. Pulls her to the edge of the bed and lifts her legs up, exposing her pussy. His tongue works down her pussy lips and back up to her clit again. She starts to build quickly and he tells her to hold her orgasm till he says. She bites her lip as he works her clit with his tongue. She says she going to cum and he tells her not yet, but she can’t hold it and cums anyways.

She looks at him with an oh no look and he tells her to get in doggy position, for a spanking. She gets on her hands and knees and he runs his hand over her left cheek before it disappears and the runs the right cheek. When his hand lifts this time it returns to the left cheek firmly then another to the right. She yelps at the third spanking and he stops and tells her to flip back over

She gets on her back and he removes his cloths completely. He takes his throbbing cock and runs it up and down her pussy before sliding it in. She is as tight as a virgin, she tells him to go slow cause he’s a bit bigger then she’s used too and it’s a little sore. He slowly slides in and out of her she moans and begins to quiver, she bahis şirketleri says she’s about to cum and he tells her to cum as much as she can for him. Her pussy tightens on his dick as she comes again and again.

Her tight pussy catches him by surprise and he pulls out just as he cums.

She says it was amazing and she can’t wait to do it again. He turns around and tells her he is in no way done. He slides his still rock hard cock back into her almost virgin pussy, and fucks her harder and faster than before. She moans loudly as she quickly cums multiple times.

He pulls her to him, cock still in her and lifts her off the bed and ground. His hands under her thighs and her arms around his shoulders. She cries out in excitement and enjoyment at being completely picked up and then moans as his cock starts fucking her hard standing. The angle making his cock arch just right to stroke her g spot. She cums hard on his cock several times before causing him to build up to cumming again.

Laying her back on the bed he tells her to get back into doggy again but this time for his sexual use. She does it quickly and puts her ass up to him. I want you to fuck my ass and cum in me please, she says to him. He agrees and gets out the lube.

His cock enters her pussy and he starts to slowly fuck her as he slides a finger in her lubed up ass. He works her ass till it’s ready for his cock. He pulls out of her pussy and lubes up his cock. She leans back into him as his cock slowly enters her tight little ass.

He starts slowly fucking her, in and out getting quicker and quicker. She starts to rub her clit and he fucks her a little faster as she begins to cum. Her ass tightens on his cock and she moans loudly as she cums. Her ass milking his cock and causing him to cum in her. She moans again as his cock explodes, he shakes as he pulls his cock out of her ass, a little sensitive.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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