Fond Memory

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Part 1

Even now that night was so vivid in my mind, every touch, every scent, every groan, and every orgasm. I could still remember the feel of his hair beneath her fingertips. I can easily recall how his stomach tightened up quickly at the first bold touch of her mouth to his hungry cock. This memory had fueled so many of my fantasies over the past few weeks that I had that night permanently imprinted to my brain.


It had started out like any other Friday evening. My plan was to take myself out to dinner, come home and take a nice hot soak in the tub while I read that new trashy romance I’d been saving. The week had been like so many other weeks, consumed with work and children; vacillating between “Mrs. A.”— teacher extraordinaire—and Mom. I was tired and frustrated; definitely in need of a glass of wine.

I had picked the restaurant based on the fact that I knew it was never overly crowded and they offered my favorite wine. Because I was by myself, I always sat at the bar, so I never had to wait for a table. The food was okay, nothing spectacular, but at least I didn’t have to cook it for a change.

Tonight when I entered I noticed that it was a little bit more crowded than usual. My usual seat in the center of the bar was taken so I was forced to grab the only available chair at the end, near the entrance. Not self-conscious, and feeling the need to relax, I confidently smiled at the bartender to get his attention. I really needed that drink.

“What can I get you?” he asked with a friendly, if not mechanical smile. He was a good looking guy as far as young men went. He looked to be about twenty-three, barely able to drink a beer, let alone serve it. With his dark curly hair, dark eyes and deep dimples, he’d capture the fancy of most women, but not me. Pretty young boys were not my thing.

“I’ll take a glass of your Kendal Jackson, pinot noir,” I said with a smile, and added, “Can I also have a menu?” He returned quickly with the menu and the wine. I took my first grateful sip of wine, letting the delicious liquid sit on my tongue for a moment to savor the flavor before swallowing. Perfection.

While sitting there sipping my wine and looking over the menu, I became distracted by the feeling that I was being watched. I looked up from my menu only to capture the powerful dark gaze of a man sitting a few chairs away. Realizing I had caught him staring, the corner of his full lips raised into a small smile, revealing an intriguing dimple. Not one to blush, but not really knowing how to respond, I smiled back shyly and moved my eyes back to the menu. “My God!!” I thought as my eyes stared blankly at the menu. Now THAT is a man.

Even though it had only been seconds, I had the distinct impression of a tall, substantial body, one that begged for attention. Easily six foot, about 230 or so, dressed casually in a pair of dark jeans and a clinging black t-shirt, he was exactly the type of man that would capture my attention. His dark hair was closely cut to his head, and his features wear bold and unique, not a pretty-boy, but definitely handsome. My mind reeled at the thought that he had been staring at ME. I knew I was attractive, but I didn’t see myself as the type that a man would pick out to stare. I was after all a bit too curvy for my five foot tall frame. I’d learn to be comfortable with my body and knew that some men appreciated it. But I also kept hearing my ex husband’s voice in my head when he used to criticize me for being fat.

With a sigh at the turn my thoughts had taken, I went back to studying the menu with renewed focus. Maybe I’d have a salad, spare myself the added calories…

I only had a split second to realize someone had taken the empty seat next to me at the bar before chills ran up my spine and down my arms when that person leaned in so close his lips were almost brushing my ear. “Can I sit here?” he asked in a husky whisper than tickled my ear and my senses, instantly making me wet between my thighs. My body knew who it was before I turned my head in response to the question. My eyes lit upon the man from moments before, now sitting surprisingly close and leaning in closer.

Rather than making me nervous or uncomfortable, a sense of calm came over me. I could smell his musky masculine scent. I could feel the warm woodiness of his cologne settle around me like a thick blanket. Warmth fired through my veins and my breath became shallower. I felt instant need racing through me. Self-doubts fled in the wake of overwhelming desire. Good lord this had never happened so quickly. He had only said four words to me! Jesus, I must be hard up.

“Be my guest,” I answered him in a slightly huskier voice than is natural to me. I turned to him, looking him straight in the eyes. What I saw in his eyes made my breath catch then speed up slightly…I saw desire flame up there. I could tell he was equally affected by my nearness as I was to him. He settled in his chair, turning towards me, our outer thighs touching. “My name is Val,” I offered with a slow smile.

He responded to my offered hand by taking it into his much larger hand, enveloping casino oyna it. Little pleasant electrical currents surged where our hands met. Rather than shake my hand, he lifted it to his lips and brushed his lips across the top, lingering for a few seconds before he looked up to my face again. “A pleasure to meet you my sexy Val. I’m Davis.”

At this point his eyes broke contact for just a moment as his gaze wandered down slightly. Before leaving home that evening, I had put on one of my favorite summer dresses. I knew it framed my abundant breasts perfectly. I could tell he appreciated the sight because his little smile was back and his eyes lit up when they met mine again.

“What are you doing here alone, Val?” he asked me, leaning in close again. I knew the unspoken question was if I was waiting for someone. He wanted to know if he was about to stumble onto someone else’s territory. Little did he know that I had purposefully kept myself single. I had my friends with benefits for those moments I didn’t want to be alone, but I enjoyed my quite moments alone, even if it was out to dinner.

“Why?” I asked flirtatiously, “Is it bad that I am alone? From my perspective, I’m thinking it’s a good thing.” I ended this statement with a little wink and a wide smile. He responded by laughing quietly. He knew I was flirting.

“Can I get you another glass?” he asked, nodding towards my now empty glass. Did I honestly not notice finishing that glass of wine? Maybe that was why I felt myself heating up from the inside out. I honestly didn’t feel buzzed though.

“Ummm, I’d better not. I need to drive myself home.” I regretted this idea because I knew that meant I’d have to leave the company of this electrifying man far sooner than I wanted to.

Davis was quiet for just a moment as he though the same thought was playing out in his mind. Then with what seemed like a look of determination settled over his features. He sat up straighter, raised his hand and motioned to the bartender. “Miss Val here will like another glass of wine and I’ll take another Heineken.” He turned back to look at me directly in the eye, challenging me to deny him. I didn’t have the heart to, nor the will power.

“I’ll tell you what, my sexy Val. I am visiting here from San Luis Obispo for a few days, and I have a room at the Courtyard across the street. If you need to to sober up after a drink or two, I’m thinking it’s the perfect place to…” At this point the bartender placed our drinks in front of us. Davis nodded and continued, “…relax, hang out, or whatever else you’d like to do.” He left the implications of his words sink in as he took a deep drink from his beer, but never breaking eye contact. Hesitating only a moment, I picked up the wine glass, holding his gaze and took a lengthy sip, acquiescing to his will.

For the next hour and two glasses of wine latter, Davis and I chatted, flirted and teased. He sat close to me, our thighs never really losing contact. I would laugh at his humor, which he was abundantly full of, he’d compliment me outrageously. I was feeling relaxed yet warm. I was becoming more and more sure of one thing: I wanted this man like I had never wanted a man. I knew where the evening was going and I planned on meeting it. My skin was tingling, my nipples were hard and itchy, and my panties were becoming increasingly more damp.

Emboldened by the wine, I acted on instinct and did something that surprised both of us. In mid-joke I interrupted him by putting my hand on his cheek and leaning in for a small lingering kiss. When I pulled back I whispered, “I got tired of wondering what you taste like. I hope you don’t mind, Davis.”

“I don’t mind at all, Val,” he whispered, “but I have some tasting of my own I’d like to try out. But that can’t happen here. How about we take this back to my room. I don’t want to scare you with my offer. I promise you’re in total control of the situation. Anything we do or don’t do is totally up to you.” He looked up at me with hope, yet I know he knew what my answer would be.

I didn’t feel the least be awkward about what I was about to do. I didn’t know him, but my body seemed to. The chemical reaction it had displayed from the first glance told me I needed this man and needed him now. I didn’t have the luxury of a long courting process, no did I want one. I just knew we was connecting on many levels: chemically, emotionally, and psychological. The attraction wasn’t one-sided, I knew, and I didn’t see a logical reason to talk myself out of taking what I wanted from the situation. Okay, so we were virtual strangers, but somehow that meant nothing when I felt so much need and curiosity. Casual sex was rarely fulfilling, but somehow I knew the encounter, although not planned nor promising a future, would be memorable, if not sexually epic. Every cell of my body told me this was truth.

Davis was the perfect gentleman as he helped me out of the bar stool after we settled the bill. This was the first time I realized how tall he was compared to my diminutive height of 5’0″. My nose hit him mid breast only because I had chosen to wear four inch slot oyna heels. The difference gave me a thrill because it made me feel so very vulnerable. He was so masculine, setting off my own femininity. I became all the more hungry for this man.

Davis took my hand and we left the restaurant and walked across the street to the Courtyard. It was a rather decent hotel and the room he led me to was beautifully decorated in cream and gold colors. The king size bed seemed almost small in the large room, but it looked so very inviting.

While I was looking around, Davis closed the door and locked the security lock. My back was to him because I was taking in my surroundings of the lovely room. Davis walked up behind me, placing his hands on my shoulders, leaned down and whispered against my ear, “Now please may I have a proper kiss, my sexy Val?”. His hands turned me towards him.

Davis took his time with that first kiss. First, his lips brushed mine softly, allowing me to get used to the feel of him. His tongue darted out to lick my bottom lip gently. My own lips softened and parted. He took immediate advantage of this by slipping his tongue inside my mouth. Slowly, and unhurriedly, his tongue dipped just past my lips swirled, then retreated. My arms crept up around his neck to pull him down closer to me trying to deepen the kiss. He teased me by keeping the pace of the kiss seductively slow. By the time he allowed my tongue to finally mate with his, taste his, I was softly groaning with my need.

I understood one thing for sure. Davis was trying to seduce me even though I was there so willingly. This would not be some rushed fuck by a stranger out to get laid. It was going to an intimate seduction by a man who knew exactly how to please a woman. The thought made my knees go weak with need. So much need.

By this point I was pressed hard against his body and I could feel his own rock hard need, pushing me against my belly. I shimmied my body to let him know I felt his erection and appreciated it. It was Davis’ turn to give a little groan with need. His left hand went behind my neck, holding me for his passionate kiss, while his right hand finally started to wander to my breasts. His fingers immediately zeroed in on my nipple through the fabric of my dress and bra. Using his shortly clipped nail, he flicked it back and forth through the material. My need skyrocketed. Both nipples hardened even more and I thought I’d die of he didn’t touch them directly on the skin soon.

Davis backed me up until the back of my legs hit the side of the bed. I was barely aware of falling before I felt the welcoming weight of this amazing man on top of me, still kissing me. “I love your cleavage, but I will go insane if I don’t get to see these huge tits of yours,” he whispered to me urgently. Without another word, he reached into the top of my sundress, passed my bra and cupped my breasts. His large hands were overflowing with the fullness and weight of them. His thumbs brushed over each nipple again and again. I moaned out my approval. He responded by pushing my bra and dress under my boobs and they were finally free for his hungry mouth. Just like that first kiss, Davis lingered a moment with just his lips brushing first one, then the other nipple. He didn’t rush anything as his then circled each nipple in turn. “Your skin tastes so damn good,” he whispered to me as he took my right nipple in his mouth to finally give it his full attention.

My hands held the back of his head as he worshiped that nipple. His tongue flicked it back and forth, then circled it, only to kiss it tenderly. I was going crazy with need. I needed more. But Davis then turned his attention to the left breast, showering it with with the same meticulous attention. “Oh God, Davis, PLEASE!! Stop teasing them!” I didn’t shout it, but my voice seemed unnaturally loud and desperate in the otherwise silent room.

He didn’t need to be begged twice. He took his hand and held my left breast, thumb teasing the nipple, while his mouth devoured the right one. He first applied gentle suction, so subtle I barely felt it. Slowly, by degrees, Davis increased the suction until I felt each draw on my nipple. Then he’d gently nip it before doing it again.

I was panting at this point. Thoughts had long left my mind and I was operating on pure sexual instinct. I wanted so badly to have him inside me already; However, each time I tried to reach for his pants, he’d move my hands so that they were on either side of my head. “There is no rush, Val,” he whispered, continuing his exploration of my tits.

I think my dress and bra melted away. I don’t remember how either of them came off. Once I surrendered to his ministrations, I was in a world of pure sensation. My panties were still on though. I hadn’t put much thought into my undies earlier when I had dressed to go out. These weren’t my prettiest, but they were nice with their simplicity. The were a light pink thong of thin, almost transparent nylon with a small lace edge on the front. Davis moaned out in utter pleasure when he saw how wet they were. It was as though a bubbling fountain of feminine canlı casino siteleri excitement was barely being contained behind the thin material. His fingers brushed the wet spot on my panties increasing both his and my excitement.

“You’re so wet,” he said, stating the obvious.

“I can’t help it,” I replied, almost embarrassed by it.

“Oh sexy Val,” Davis countered, “I don’t want you to help it. It’s so fucking hot knowing how excited you are.”

Davis’ fingers played the top of my pussy through the panties for several minutes indulging in the wetness that oozed through. He ran his fingers from my clit, all the way down my slit to the center of my being, pushing his fingertips to enter me slightly but only to be held back by the material.

I couldn’t take the teasing a moment longer. I needed his touch like I needed air to breath. “Please Davis!” I begged, “Touch my pussy. Let me feel your fingers.” Davis didn’t tease a moment longer. He pulled the material aside and without hesitation thrust a single finger inside my pussy. I couldn’t help the little high pitch mulling sound I made as he did this. His touch felt so fucking good!

“Hmmmmm” he moaned lowly. He took a few moments to thrust that finger in and out of my pussy before adding a second finger. “God you feel great. So wet, so tight.” As he finger fucked me, his thumb began to circle my clit firmly.

My moans turned desperate. I knew I was on the edge of my orgasm. Davis must have known too because he whispered against my ear, “Oh yeah, Val. Come for me right now.” That was all the invitation I needed before my pussy began spasming around his fingers, squeezing them tightly. My moans had turned to little cries and I had no idea how loud they had gotten until Davis kissed me to muffle them a little.

As I floated back to reality from my tsunami of sexual excitement, Davis stood up and quickly took off his clothing. I wanted to sit up and help him, but I was unable to move my limbs at the moment. So I watched in pleasure as he reveal his wonderfully masculine body to me. I enjoyed everything I saw. His handsome face was second to that body that screamed out MAN. Then as the pants came of, well hell…

I had recovered enough to sit up. I didn’t say a word as I reached out to touch his straining cock. It was thick, and there was a glistening drop of precum suspended on the tip, begging for my attention. My thumb brushed the tip of his cock and swirled the drop around, wetting the broad head. Moving forward I repeated the process, only this time with the flat of my tongue. My mouth opened and I took just the tip of his cock in my mouth, wrapping my lips around the head of the penis and sucked.

He tasted incredible. He was the perfect combination of salty and male musk. I took in his scent and his taste, turned on by what I was experiencing with them. Davis was frozen still, his stomach clenched in…anticipation? Restraint? Pleasure? Maybe a combination of all these. I let the suction go from around the cock in my mouth. I collected the moisture up in my mouth and proceeded to bath his cock with my tongue, trying to both wet it and my lips for what I was about to do. I pulled back a little and allowed my saliva to stream out of my mouth onto his cock, not quite spitting, but not drooling either.

I looked up at him as I did this. When we made eye contact he whispered, “Do it, Baby. Take that cock in your mouth.” I didn’t hesitate. I swallowed his dick deeply into my mouth, all the while rubbing my tongue along the shaft. He felt good and right in my mouth. I pulled back so only the tip was past my lips before going back down. One hand reached up to cup his balls, the other gripped the base to keep it still. Davis placed his hands at the back of my head and guided me up and down on his cock, showing me what he wanted.

A steady stream of nonsensical words came from him. Some of the words were murmurings of pleasure, other words were demands of action, and others were those dirty words lovers can’t help but say as they took their pleasure from another.

I alternated between teasing flicks of my tongue along his shaft to deeply sucking him down my throat all the way. As much as possible, I kept a tight ring of suction around this cock with my lips. I could feel his excitement mounting to a critical point. My up down movements became quicker. I could feel Davis’ testicles tighten up , and I knew it was close.

“Not yet,” he urgently said, “I don’t want to cum just yet.”

I didn’t listen to his pleas. I was on a mission that didn’t include him calming down. I grabbed the back of his ass with my hands, I refused to let him pull away from my eager mouth. I could here Davis’ breathing become labored, words made no sense at all now. He made sounds that could only mean pleasure. And then in an instant I tasted it. The distinctive tangy taste of cum as he exploded in my mouth. I tried taking as much as I could. Some dribbled from my lips. I looked up at him. His eyes were closed and he was trembling. I could tell it was taking effort for him to remain standing. I eased my mouth away and scooted out of the way so that he could collapse onto the bed. Moving from the edge of the bed where I had been sitting, I cuddled up next to Davis and accepted his heavy arm around me as he pulled me close. I closed my eyes for a moment, totally content.

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