For Vicki

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Vicki was married with children. She had always been straight, but lately she found herself increasingly aroused by the lesbian romances in some of her favourite TV shows.

Watching Alex and Piper in OITNB and Franky and Bridget in Wentworth had turned her very much bi curious. But she never envisaged ever being in a position to act out the fantasies she was having.

That was until she met her daughter’s new high school teacher, Miss Ross. She was young and beautiful, and her half shaved hairstyle suggested her sexual orientation. They met at her daughters parent teacher evening, where Miss Ross introduced herself with an outstretched hand. That first touch as they politely shook hands sent a small spark through Vicki. And as Miss Ross held her hand just a touch longer than expected, she wondered if the young teacher had felt it too.

“Call me Ruby,” said the teacher, as they sat down on the lounge in the teachers now almost vacant common room. It was getting late, and this was one of the last interviews.

But they talked for over an hour. Initially about her daughter, but increasingly about Vicki. Ruby had a way of steering the conversation back to her. Vicki found herself blushing at all the interest and attention she was getting from the young teacher, who had to be at least 20 years her junior.

But while she was younger, she seemed a lot more worldly than Vicki, who had led a very conventional life. Married young, had children, nothing too exciting or adventurous.

Quite the opposite of the young teacher, who it turned out, had travelled widely, had many different jobs in her short life, and had only recently turned to teaching. Casually she let slip that it was “her girlfriend” who had suggested teaching as a career change one night “in bed”. As she said it, she seemed to watch Vicki’s reaction intently. Vicki for her part could only blush, off put but also slightly excited by the teachers direct, open nature.

She had guessed that she may have been a lesbian, but for the young teacher to openly tell her so, even though they had just met, made Vicki blush deep red with embarrassment, and deep down, perhaps something more.

Thoughts casino oyna of Alex and Piper, Franky and Bridget, rushed into her mind. But they were fantasy characters on TV. But here she was, sitting on a lounge in a now deserted room at her daughters high school, talking to a beautiful, young and exciting real life lesbian.

What happened next shook her even further. Ruby, sensing her embarrassment, reached out and placed her hand on top of Vicki’s. There was that spark again, this time unmistakable.

“Your not embarrassed are you?”

“No, of course not.”

“You haven’t met many lesbians have you?”

“No, only those on TV.”

She realized at once how stupid that must have sounded. But Ruby just smiled at her sweetly.

“You watch a lot of lesbians on TV do you?”

“Oh no, not really, just OITNB and Wentworth.”

“Really. I watch those too. I love Piper and Franky especially.”

Vicki couldn’t believe it, they were her favourite characters too.

“They are my favorites as well,” Vicki found herself confessing to the young lesbian teacher.

“What do you like about them the most?”

“It’s the romance more than anything I guess. I loved the first time Alex kissed Piper, and Franky kissed Bridget.” Vicki couldn’t believe what she was telling this young girl she had only just met.

“You like first kisses do you?” It was the way she asked it, still holding her hand, gazing directly into her eyes, imploring her to answer in the affirmative.

“Yes, I do,” Vicki offered up quietly, wanting so much to look away to hide her embarrassment, but transfixed by the beautiful eyes of the young teacher.

Before Vicki knew it, Ruby had leaned into her, closing the small gap between them, her mouth inches away from hers. Vicki’s initial instinct was to pull away, but something deep down inside her screamed out not to. She could smell Ruby’s sweet perfume, the soft touch of her skin as their bodies now came into contact. Their breasts touching ever so slightly.

Those red lips, just inches from her own. But she didn’t pull away, and the young teacher knew she was acquiescing. She needed no further encouragement. Ruby kissed canlı casino her, the first girl ever to do so. Her first lesbian encounter.

She felt warm all over. Warm and exhilarated. Sparks flew. She felt transformed. Then the lips departed, but only just. They remained so close. Ruby looked into her eyes, but this time Vicki held her gaze. An understanding passed between them.

Ruby moved in again. This time the kiss was longer, more vigorous, with just the hint of tongue. When Ruby pulled away again, it was Vicki who initiated the next contact. Kissing the hot young lesbian back. With her own tongue this time. Meeting Ruby’s, rubbing together. She couldn’t believe what she was doing. Kissing a girl. But something had taken over her, and she couldn’t stop.

The young teacher got off the lounge, walked over and locked the door, dimming the lights on the way back.

She sat back down next to Vicki. Not saying a word. Just smiling.

Vicki felt she had to say something, anything. “I’ve never done anything like this before.”

Ruby seemed to ignore her. She had been attracted to this middle aged, so called straight woman as soon as she saw her. She knew almost straight away that she was going to turn her, and she was now determined to do so. She had turned a few straightest in the past, and knew exactly what she was doing.

She sat down on Vicki’s lap, straddling her, and kissed her passionately. Her hands found Vicki’s tits, rubbing through her blouse. “Take your top off.”

Vicki didn’t even hesitate. She was far too excited, far too turned on, far too wet to stop now. She pulled her top over her head, and without being asked, reached around and undid her bra as well.

Her large tits fell free. Ruby took one lustful gaze at her, then starting sucking them for all she was worth. First one then the other. Sucking the tit, then biting down on the erect nipples of the straight mother she was now breaking in.

“Now take your pants off so I can lick your sweet pussy.”

Ruby hopped off and sat down on the lounge beside her. Vicki rose, now topless, and unbuttoned her jeans, which fell to the floor. What was she doing? This wasn’t something kaçak casino she had ever thought possible. It was like a dream. A dream she seemed powerless to stop.

“Now your panties,” the lesbian commanded, her gaze held on the flimsy piece of material that was all that stood between her and straight womans gash.

Unable and unwilling to disobey the hot young lesbian teacher, Vicki pulled down her panties and sat down on the lounge again, waiting for Ruby to once again take the lead.

The young lesbian pushed Vicki down, so that her head now rested on the arm of the lounge. Then she forced Vicki’s legs apart, staring straight at her oh so wet pussy. For the first time in her life, Vicki was being ogled by a woman. A woman who was looking directly at her wet gash. But then rubys shaved head was between her legs, that lesbian tongue was on her clit, and all she knew was that she was now about to experience lesbian sex for the first time.

Her legs were wide open, one over the back of the lounge, the other touching the floor. Rubys head was between them, and she was licking at her clit and gash. The juices were now flowing uncontrollably, but the young lesbian had no problem lapping them all up. God she knew what she was doing. Her clit was throbbing. But just as she sensed a powerful orgasm building, Ruby would switch back to the labia, the wet gash, and the anus. Back and forth, all the time building the pressure on the clit.

It was only a matter of minutes, but the tongue on her clit couldn’t be denied any longer. One last tonguing, and her clit exploded. She convulsed into a deep, powerful orgasm, her pussy contracting over and over, the juices gushing out in spurt after spurt. But still Ruby kept licking, her tongue giving the clit just the smallest respite, then attacking it once again. Over and over the assault continued, cum after cum. So many, Vicki lost count. Some deep and powerful, others short and sharp. But so many.

Only once Vicki was completely and utterly spent did Ruby raise her shaven head from its home between Vicki’s legs. Vicki was too spent to move – her legs remained splayed, openly displayed to the young lesbian who had just ravaged her.

“Thank you Vicki. I look forward to many more parent teacher nights in future.”

Somehow Vicki sensed she would be taking a lot more interest in her daughters education in future.

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