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It began with a touch…the minute, imperceptible tracing of a single finger down the curve of my hip, in the soft black velvet of my dreams. I felt warmth…heat against my back, and I moved my body towards the heat. My eyelids were too heavy to open, so I lay in the warmth, enjoying the closeness. My mind couldn’t seem to focus, just aware of the light caress. I sighed as I enjoyed it.

Gently, my eyelids were touched; they stayed closed embracing the darkness. I could feel warm breath waft intimately against my neck and back. A hand began a lazy exploration of chest… fondling… stroking… circling the rigid peaks of my nipples until I felt a silken cord begin to tighten within my stomach. I could feel my cock become heavy as it moved from its rest on my leg.

The touch caressed the hollows of my throat… hot… wet… in the dark… in the night. As the touch continued ever downward, stroking my stomach…moisture started leaking from my tumescent penis.

I gasped as they probed lower, gently stroking my cock…leaving me trembling. Tenderly, hands started massaging my testicles and I spread my legs on autopilot. My legs were further nudged apart and the heat from the body nestling my back descended toward my spread legs. Tenderly, with an ease born of experience, my thighs were spread apart and forward…and a velvety mouth placed kisses over my crotch. I moaned in approval. the rigidity of Her arousal seeking access within the soft molten core of My body.

A moan… lost in the velvet hush of the room. “Ohh, God…oh casino siteleri please…” I moaned into the stillness of the room. The room started swimming again and as I started to reach orgasm I slipped into a black hole like I wasn’t even there.

I could feel the warmth of a body, of kisses, of touches all over my body. I heard a voice off in the distance say, “You belong to me…” And then there was darkness.

I woke up with a splitting headache. I tried opening my eyes but it felt like a not knife was being jabbed info my eyes. I was sore all over. My head throbbed when I attempted to lift it off the pillow. I opened one eye like a slit. The room was dark, the curtains were closed. I was lying on my stomach, tangled in rough sheets that clung to my hips. I wasn’t in my bedroom and I wasn’t alone. I could feel the heat of a body beside me, an arm lay across my back and ass. I tried to turn towards my companion to see who she was, but when I moved my head it felt like a hammer was hitting me in the temples. I groaned and left my face in the pillow. My mind started to slowly come to life, trying to remember where I was.

The body next to me stirred and I felt the bed shift. Gentle hands started kneading my shoulders and upper back. It didn’t feel good or bad, it just diverted my attention from my splitting headache. The bed shifted some more and the hands disappeared for a moment. I felt oil being drizzled on my back and shoulders. Warm oily hands started rubbing, kneading and pressing at my back. I could feel my tension and headache canlı casino evaporating. The sheets were pulled lower and I hadn’t realized I was naked in this bed. Gentle but firm hands ran down over my ass cheek and down my leg and back again, then returned to my lower back. I shivered slightly. I could feel my penis suddenly stiffening. Relax, I whispered to myself.

Fingers thumbed my lower back, edging slowly towards the crack of my ass. Every time they neared my crack I tensed slightly and the hands would slide up my back again. Again they edged down, but this time didn’t go back up. The thumbs made it to the top of my crack…then I could feel the thumb just inside my crack. My ass clenched naturally. I thought about ending this, but whether it was true or not – my body couldn’t move.

Hands moved over my ass cheeks, one on each, gently kneading. I started to relax, it felt so good. My ass was massaged and the cheeks were pushed and pulled it apart. I could feel the cool air of the room at one point on my asshole as my cheeks were pulled wide apart. I started to get harder. Occasionally the hands would move back to my ass and I would raise my hips slightly towards the hand. One time a finger ran quickly down the crack as the other hand want back down my legs. I stiffened measurably. My legs were worked for a while, then my feet. The feeling was wonderful and I started to relax as he worked the tension out of my head and body.

Hands came back up my body, kneading my ass and small of my back with strong hands. I felt the bed kaçak casino shift again and the body moved between my legs. I was forced to open them further apart. The massage started again down to my feet – beginning to work from them back up towards my ass again. As the hands reached the top of my thighs the pressure of the massage was changing from one of some depth and strength to a caress of my thighs and buttocks. I suddenly felt more oil dropped on my body, concentrated on my ass. Oil flowed down the crack of my ass – followed by a finger with traced traced the crease of my ass. The other hand squeezed my inner thigh and parted my legs further.

I have to admit that this was giving me an erection and I was beginning to want the action to continue. Just as I thought the massage would remain the same, simply stroking my ass, I suddenly felt pressure of a finger rubbing around my anus. The sensation was divine and I sighed a bit. I felt more oil drip onto the crack of my ass and then his finger returned and slowly pushed into me. I have done that to myself but had never been fingered by anyone else before. It was however after a second or two of discomfort a wonderful feeling.

As the sinful sensation was shooting through my body my head began to clear. Where was I and who was I with? I remembered I had left home on a business trip. Left my wife and family only for a couple of days. Who was I with? I lifted my head and started to turn it?

“Do not move.” It was soft, a mellow gentle command that send shivers down my spine, and I stilled immediately. A guy?

“WHAT THE FUCK!” I exclaimed and tried to jump away. My bedmate was expecting this and shoved two fingers deep in my ass while grasping my nuts in his other hand like a vice grip. “Aghhhhhh!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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