Friends with Benefits Ch. 01

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“Why don’t you come over tonight so I can give you your birthday present sweetie?” That’s all the text message said. Mila and I had been friends for years. I had always had a thing for her, when we first met I was instantly attracted to her and I quickly developed a massive crush on her. Over time my crush went away and we developed a really close friendship. However looking back on our friendship it was clear that I always had feelings for her and over the past few months I found myself wanting to be with her more and more.

Now let me tell you about Mila. She was about 5’7, long brown hair and a body to die for. Not only did she have a beautiful face, her eyes were a dark shade of brown, but they just had a way of sucking you in. I always found myself gazing into her piercing eyes, but as a horny young male, I always ended up looking downwards thereafter. She had a full figure and I bet I wasn’t the only one who would notice her walking around in her tight black tna pants. She had a nice big ass, one that you would just love to slap while you were fucking her doggystyle and her legs were nice and tight as well. But her best features where definitely her big firm tits. Now I’m a big boob man myself, I’ve always loved the thought of sucking on a big pair of tits and bringing the girl to orgasm, and Mila’s tits were most definitely to die for. They were big, if not huge on her body. They were probably 34 or 36D at least and maybe even bigger. But the best part was that you could tell they were firm. God I spent many a night rubbing one off while thinking of those luscious orbs.

I was a bit confused when Mila asked me to come over to pick up my present when she could easily give it to me the next day at my birthday dinner. Now I knew that Mila knew that I really cared about her and she had told me that she cared about me as well but was worried about doing anything to ruin our friendship. So I just assumed that she was going to give me something nice and thoughtful to show that she really cared about me, something that she didn’t want all our other friends to see, because it would make them all suspicious of us two. So here I was, standing in front of her door, waiting for her to answer it and let me in.

“Hey darling,” Mila said as she opened the door and gave me a big kiss on the lips. “Whoa,” I said, caught by surprise by her kiss, “what’s with the kiss?” “Oh nothing,” she said, “I’m just really happy that you came here tonight.” After being initially caught by surprise, I took a moment to look at what she was wearing. It was nothing fancy, but boy was it smoking hot. She had her tna pants on as usually, and she had her hair down and straightened. Of course my eyes quickly went to what she was wearing above her pants, and although it was just a regular t-shirt, boy was it tight. I swear she wore the smallest shirt she had, because her boobs were just waiting to get out of that thing. Not that I was going to complain, not with my penis now doing all of my thinking.

“Well are you going to come in, or are you just going to stare at me some more,?” Mila asked with a coy smile on her face. Busted, but by the way she was smiling at me it didn’t seem like Mila was too upset. I followed her into her living room while making sure that my gaze never left that sweet plump ass of hers.

“Do you want anything to drink sweetie?”

“Nah, I’m good. Where is the rest of the family?”

“They ‘re all visiting relatives for the night, so they won’t be home until tomorrow morning.” When Mila said that, my cock got as hard as I think it’s ever gotten. güvenilir bahis This gorgeous girl, who I had wanted to ravish for years, had invited me to her house to give me a present on the exact day that she knew she would be home alone.

As if she was reading my mind, Mila asked me, “Do you want your birthday present now or do you wanna watch a movie or something first?”

“Well, what do you think I’ll enjoy more?”

“Well,” Mila said sitting her pretty behind on my lap, “I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy your birthday present more than some random movie.”

And with that, she put her lips to mine and started giving me the hottest kiss I had ever experienced in my life. My hands quickly found their way to her ass, which she had started grinding on my cock and boy what an ass it was. It was just as firm as I thought it would be, and it was nice and smooth as well. As I was fondling her tight ass, she put her tongue in my mouth, making the kiss even hotter than before. We continued making out for a good 10-15 minutes until I abruptly pushed her away.

“Wait a second Mila. Are you sure you want us to be doing this?”

“Of course I am, if I wasn’t then I wouldn’t have done anything. I thought you liked me though?”

“I do. A lot more than you can imagine, but are you sure this is what you want?”

“I’m positive, plus I like you as well. I don’t see what’s wrong with two friends who like each other having a bit of fun. Plus from what I feel poking my behind, it seems like you don’t see anything wrong with this as well.”

“You got me,” I laughed, “and who am I to complain about getting to make out with a goddess as my birthday present.”

“Oh silly you,” she said, “making out with me isn’t your birthday present.”

“Oh, then what is?”

“This is.” And with that she quickly got off of me and started undoing my jeans. “Now you know that I don’t like moving too fast into these kind of things, but I don’t see what’s wrong in giving my favorite man a nice blowjob for his birthday.”

A fucking blowjob!!!!! Never in a million years did I think that Mila would ever give me a blowjob, but here I was, about to get a blowjob from the girl of my dreams….and she’s the one who insisted on giving it!!!! I was still thinking of how lucky I was about to get when I felt her soft hands grab a hold of my nice hard cock.

“Wow sexy, this is such a nice big cock,” Mila told me. Although I wasn’t a pornstar by any means, I was still pretty well endowed. I was a nice 8 inches in length and not too shabby in the girth department either. Clearly Mila agreed with me. “Wow big boy, If I knew this is what you were hiding underneath those jeans all this time I would have taken them off a long time ago.”

“Well,” I said, “I guess it’s time to make up for lost time.”

“Mmmm….. I think you’re right baby.”

And with that Mila slowly lowered her lips down onto my raging hard on. I had never gotten a blowjob before in my life, but all I could say was wow. Mila started by sucking on the head to get it all nice and wet. I had a bit of pre cum coming out and she quickly lapped that up as well. She then proceeded to start licking my shaft up and down, getting it all nice and wet. God this woman’s mouth felt amazing. I thought she felt great when she was ramming her tongue down my throat, but this was a whole new experience. Now Mila wasn’t a seasoned pro by any means. She was a good girl, not one of those sluts who gave everyone blowjobs. But she was obviously good enough to satisfy me. And by her sounds of approval, she clearly güvenilir bahis siteleri felt that my cock was going to be big enough to satisfy her as well.

After licking my shaft for a good 5-10 minutes she went back to sucking my cock, except this time she started going down more and more. Her lips felt amazing wrapped around the width of my cock. She started off slowly, taking her time and making sure to get as much of my cock down her throat as possible and then when she got more comfortable she started going faster and faster.

“Oh my god baby, you feel so fucking amazing. I can’t believe we didn’t do this sooner.”

“Mmmm… I know study. Your cock feels so good in my mouth. It’s so nice and big, I just love it!!!”

With that she went back to sucking my cock, except this time she made sure to look at me with those big beautiful eyes of hers. God it was such a hot site. The woman of my dreams sucking me off while making sure to never break eye contact with me.

How I managed to stay so long without exploding down her throat I don’t know, but after about 20-25 minutes I felt as if I was ready to explode. Clearly Mila felt it too because she started sucking me harder and harder in hopes of getting my cum down her throat. However I wanted to last a bit longer and I had another idea in mind.

Throughout all this time, I had been so busy enjoying my blowjob that I totally forgot that she still had her shirt on. I had wanted to see those big tits of hers for years and now that I finally had her in this position, I wasn’t going to let this opportunity pass me by.

“Hey baby. The blowjob feels amazing, but right now I have to see those delicious tits that you have.”

“Oh what, my mouth on your cock isn’t good enough,” she teased, giving me that sexy smile of hers again.

“We both know how much I love tits… much I love YOUR tits,” I said, “Now come over here and let me pleasure you for a change!!”

Mila got up and sat on my lap, giving me a nice long kiss in the process. I quickly started feeling her up. At first I was just feeling her tits through her shirt, but after a while my hands found their way into her shirt and pinching her rock hard nipples. Clearly someone was getting just as turned on as I was!!!!

“Mmmm, no bra baby?”

“I figured wearing a bra would make them stand out less, and from the look you gave me when I answered the door, I think we both agree that it was best for me to go commando up top.”

With that she pushed my hands away and took her shirt off. WOW. Her tits were amazing and that was an understatement. They were big, huge, probably 36D by my estimation, but they were clearly tight and firm as well. They stood out proudly, with her nipples standing at attention after my hands had been working on them. Finally after years of fantasizing about sucking those tits, they were mere inches away from my face.

I took my time to admire them and to play with them. I took both boobs in my hands and started gently massaging them and after a few minutes of playing with them, I heard Mila let out a soft moan.

“That’s it baby,” she moaned, “play with mommy’s big titties.”

It was then that I took her right boob into my mouth, an act with elicited another loud groan from Mila. After years of waiting, I finally had my mouth on one of her nipples. I started by sucking the nipple for a few minutes and then I went back to the whole boob and started kissing it all around. And trust me, there was a lot of ground to kiss when it came to these tits. I then started iddaa siteleri licking her tit and nipple for a bit before I went back to sucking on her nipple. I don’t know how long I was sucking on her nipple, but after a while I heard her moans get louder until she started screaming and bucking.

“Oh my god baby, I’m cumming!!!! Don’t you dare stop sucking my tits baby. Oh my god!!!!”

And with that Mila collapsed down on top of me, trying to recover from her mind blow orgasm. I however was not done. I quickly put my mouth over her other nipple and proceeded to do the same with her other tit. Half an hour later, and quite a few orgasms later Mila was laying on me again and I was thoroughly enjoying assaulting those big tits of hers. However Mila quickly got up and stopped me from sucking on her tits anymore.

“Ok stud, here’s what’s going to happen. I appreciate all the orgasms and all, but this is your present and I think it’s time for you to cum for me.”

“I couldn’t agree more,” I said, “although getting to suck on those huge tits of yours is a present in itself. But since it’s my present can I choose how I’m going to cum?”

“Sure,” she said, “how would you like to blow your load big boy?”

“I want to come all over those big fat tits of yours, but only after you’ve titty fucked me to an orgasm.”

“What the birthday boy wants, the birthday boy gets.”

With that, Mila got down on her knees and positioned my piston in between the valley that was her big tits. Neither of us had done this before. This was obviously my first time, and Mila’s ex boyfriend had a very small dick, definitely nothing that could have titfucked those mammaries of hers.

She started off slowly, just as with the blowjob. Her smooth tits felt amazing against my rock hard cock, it was taking everything that I had just to not blow my load right there. She slowly started building up her rhythm, going faster and faster until we got into a comfortable speed that we were both enjoying.

After about 15 minutes of mind blowing titfucking, I told her that I was getting ready to cum. She responded by sucking the head of my shaft every time it came out of her tits. This was just too much for me. I quickly got up and told her I was ready to cum.

“Oh god Mila, you’re so fucking hot. I can’t hold back any longer baby.”

“That’s ok study, cum for momma, cum on my big tits.”

And with that I let go of a huge stream of cum that landed right on her big tits. Spurt after spurt landed on her tits, her nipples and the valley between those two big tits of hers. I never knew that I had so much cum in me. I swear I unloaded a gallon of cum onto her tits, because after I was done there was more cum covering the tits than there was skin. I fell back down onto the couch, exhausted, but thrilled at was clearly the greatest experience of my life so far.

“Oh my god baby, that was amazing. I don’t I’ll be able to stand it if we don’t do this again.”

“Oh don’t worry baby, get used to this being a regular thing between the two of us,” Mila said as she started scooping up the cum off her tits and putting into her mouth. “Mmmm, your cum tastes amazing sweetie.”

“You are amazing sweetheart.”

It was then that we both noticed that I was still extremely hard. I don’t know what it was, probably those big tits of hers, but I still wanted more even after what I had just experienced.

Obviously Mila was thinking the same thing, because she looked me in the eyes and said, “baby I still want to taste your hot cum squirting down your throat, and by the looks of your soldier over there, you’re already raring to go. So how bout we go take a shower together and get cleaned off while I suck you off one more time?”

Who was I to say no to my birthday present!!!!!

To be continued

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