Glory Days Ch. 02

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After that first experience with Sara I was blown away.I couldn’t beleive it actually happened, I was just an average guy and she was Sara, The Sara.

The next day she was wearing a bright pink tank-top with a black skirt that only made it halfway down her thighs. I couldn’t concentrate all through class, all I could do was stare at those smooth white legs and image how they must feel. It was torture sitting there for an hour only a few feet away from her yet not able to do anything about it. Then as class ended she bent over to get her books, and hoping to catch a glimpse of her panties I was amazed to see the bottom of her ass peek out from below her skirt, she wasn’t wearing any underwear!

I went up behind her in the hall and tapped her on the shoulder. Then suddenly I realized I had no idea what to say, I felt my face lose all it’s color then get it replenished ten fold in red.

“Yes Shawn?” She innocently asked. My god she looked so young and pure, maybe it didn’t happen, maybe I dreamt it all, this girl would never want me.

“I uhhh….so….its been…yeah.” Wonderful my intelligence had reigned supreme yet again and I was composing beautiful prose right here in the halls.

“Do you need another day to recover canlı bahis or something? I didn’t think my blowjobs were that good.”

Thank you lord, it happened.

“No, I was just, you caught me by surprise” Perhaps some hope for my stupidity? “But you came up to me.” Damn her for paying attention.

“Well I’ll see you later” And off I went down the halls. I suppose that could have gone worse, I mean cut and pasted properly and that could even resemble a conversation, yeah I was making progress.

At the end of the day I headed straight for my car, I didn’t need another enlightening conversation with Sara. But from a good 50 yards away I could tell it was her leaning on my driver side door. This was good though I had a whole 50 yards to think of something witty to say when I got there.

“What’s up? Do you need a ride or something?” I was full of romantic sayings like that one but decided only to use one for the time being.

“Like you wouldn’t believe.” Sara answered staring deep into my eyes. She opened the door to my car and got in, so I got into the passenger side. It make sense at the time.

Once we were both in the car Sara immediatly began to unzip my jeans, which made my cock grow quickly. She reached her bahis siteleri tiny hand inside and squeezed my hard dick with her soft fingers. She slide those silky fingers up and down the shaft of my dick and squeezed gently as she came to the head. Then I went for it and slid the hand up her thigh and onto her uncovered pussy, it was warm to the touch and that made me so excited that my dick jumped a little in her hand. When it did she just gripped it tighter, those tiny soft fingers sent a chill down my spine as they squeezed my hard cock. I moved my hand along her wet slit and through her soft hair a few times before sliding one finger inside of her warm pussy and gently moving it back and forth. We were both moaning loudly when she let go of my cock and started to move around, i released my now three fingers from inside of her, but she squealed and grabbed my hand and shoved them back inside of her tight hole. She was bouncing up and down on my hand and I was helping by sliding my fingers back and forth as well. I watched Sara’s tiny body bounce on my hand and my cock was dying to get more action. After a few minutes of riding my fingers her muscles tensed and she let out a long deep moan as I felt her pussy convulse around my fingers.

When bahis şirketleri she came down from her orgasm Sara looked into my eyes, her’s looking glazed over now. Then she crawled on top of my hard dick and very slowly dropped her pussy down around me. It was an amazing feeling, being gripped by her warm cunt. It felt so soft and warm I had to restrain myself from thrusting inside. Once she dropped herself completely onto my dick I wrapped my arms around her and hugged her tight body into mine. Again she moved herself up and down, this time with my cock trapped inside of her and I nearly cried. Sara’s tight pussy slid up and down my hard cock and it felt like nothing ever before, I knew I couldn’t hold out much longer. I warned her but she only rode me harder i watched as her tiny body crashed down onto my cock and was ripped off of it again only to repeat the cycle. Each time her pussy hit my cock harder and faster I knew it was coming and i hugged her close and thrust my dick deep inside of her wet hole. I came in long thrusts inside of her and we both lt out a deep breath when it was over. I pulled my softening cock out from inside of her pussy and pushed it back into my jeans and zipped them up, Sara readjusted her skirt so she was covered. “That was a great time baby, we will do it again soon.” She said as she opened her door and got out.

During the drive home I daydreamed about the possibility of doing that again and was overjoyed, I couldn’t wait for tomorrow.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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