Grandma , Me Again Pt. 05

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


There are no people in this story under the age of twenty. Some names are actual. Others fictitious.

The setting takes place in the early 1950’s in my hometown.

My mother had recently passed away and her mother was still with us as father was her caregiver. Grandmother Agnes was 64 and rather well preserved for her age. So now the story.


I came home from school early on a Thursday afternoon and since there was school until the following Monday, I had a full three day weekend. As I looked to the back of the driveway I saw Frank’s car and presumed he and Agnes were having a cigarette and some conversation.

I quietly entered the house through the rear door and headed toward the living room. Agnes and Frank were not around that area, so I headed down the hallway after having removed my shoes and sneaked up on Agnes’s bedroom. The door was partially open and Agnes was flat on her back wearing copper colored fully fashioned stockings held up by a sheer white garter girdle and also wearing an open cup bra that let her large nipples clearly show.

Frank was in between her legs with his massive prick buried in her gaping cunt simply fucking the hell out of her.

“Oh you big motherfucker.” Agnes hollered. “Your fucking prick is so fat and long I think you must be in my cervix.”

“Well you old whore, You like my long fat cock fucking you and I’m going to deposit a huge load of baby batter in you in a minute, so shut up and enjoy my prick.” Frank replied.

I watched as he thrust his fat uncut cock in and out of grandmas cunt about twenty more times, then arched back, grabbed her shoulders, and screamed “Here you are you fucking horny bitch. Take all that baby batter and leave it in your cunt all evening and night. No wiping even when you piss.” he said.

He got off of her and went up to her face so she could clean his cock off with her mouth and tongue. I could see he was wearing a black eight strap garter belt with beige full fashioned stockings that came way up on his thighs. I wondered if his wife Marie knew he was a bit of a crossdresser. Of course she was pretty dowdy herself and not much to look at, so I presume she didn’t know and he didn’t care.

“Let me suck this long dangling cock of yours and clean it off a bit. Then you can get a pair of black briefs out of my lingerie drawer and help me slip them on so I don’t leak your pollen out of my cunt so quickly.” Agnes told him as she slipped his cock in her mouth.

She proceeded to suck his cock clean and fondle his nuts at the same time then dropped his cock and told him Marie wouldn’t smell the fact that he had just fucked her. Besides, she told him to wash his cock before he went home from work.

Frank got a pair of sheer black bikinis from her lingerie drawer, slipped them over her feet, and pulled them up to her knees. Agnes lifted her ass off the bed and pulled them the rest of the way until the gusset was tight against her hairy cunt.

“Now I won’t leak your pollen all over the sheets.” Agnes said. “I’ll keep these on the rest of the day and won’t have to wipe my pusy after I pee either. The crotch will be all wet by then.”

“I have to leave and get back to work.” Frank told her. “I’ve still got some fields to check before I quit for the day. The bottle of VO is on the table and don’t drink it all today or you’ll not remember what you did to me.”

He slipped his shirt and pants on and left the bedroom. I ducked into my room before he could see me and after I heard his car start and leave I went to see what grandmother was doing, but not before I slipped out of my clothes, not even leaving my briefs on. If Agnes looked at me, she was going to see my fat uncut cock.

I went back to her bedroom door and looked in. She was lying on her back with the sheet only covering her legs to her knees. Her teats and areola were nicey exposed. So I went to the far side of her bed and snuggled onto it. She seemed a bit startled and asked me what I was doing home so early. Then she saw I was in the nude and my cock was clearly hanging down the side of my thigh.

“School got out early today and no school until Monday, so I came home to play with you.” I said. “But, I guess after seeing Frank poking his long fat cock in and out of your gray haired cunt and erupting inside it, I guess you won’t want anymore cock for awhile.”

“Not right now, but you can nurse my teats aand I won’t object. It will feel good to me. While you nurse me I’ll play with your peter and stroke it for you. Since father is out of town until late Sunday, we have a chance to play with each other and do some things we don’t normally get to do such as pee on each other.” she replied.

“Oh Agnes, I think you’ll want to try my peter on for size too. I know daddy is fucking you almost every night. You leave traces in his bedroom like pee stained and semen stained panties. You can’t just leave them lying on the floor canlı bahis and not expect me to not see them. Did Frank bring you a bottle to also nurse on?” I asked.

“Yes. There is a bottle of VO on the table for me, but you may have some if you like. Now let’s stop talking so you can nurse me.” she said.

She turned onto her right and I fed her right teat into my mouth and began suckling on it. She moaned a little sigh of satisfaction and pulled my head closer to her teat. As she did so, she also found my semi erect peter and began playing with it. She pulled my foreskin back and forth finally keeping it over the head of my peter.

“I may have to suck your cock in a little bit as I’m getting horny again with you nursing me.” she said. “But I think for the moment I’m going to stick it between my legs and masturbate my fuck button with it. I think I can make myself climax a few times that way, then I’ll fuck you. That’s really what you want to do isn’t it?”

“Yes. I do want to fuck you, you old cock whore. You can’t seem to get enough peter anymore. It must be that Frank brings you a bottle of booze, you suck his peter and fuck him, then he leaves for a few days. But daddy is fucking you too and controlling your intake of whiskey. I’m sure he enjoys having your mouth wrapped around his fat cock too. Do you let him erupt in your mouth or just your cunt?” I asked.

Master likes me to suck his fat cock and I let him erupt in my mouth. His pollen doesn’t have a bad flavor to it and sometimes it is a little thin and runny and goes down easy. I really like it when he sucks my clit and makes me climax. It feels different than when I climax with his peter stuffed in my cunt.” Agnes said. She began rubbing my prick across her clit through he very wet briefs and I continued nursing her.

She came very quickly and proceeded to climax four or five more times before she said. “Now slip my very wet briefs off of me and stick your very fat peter in my sopping wet cunt darling. I need your peter fucking me”.

I told her to lift her ass off the mattress and as she did so, I pulled her bikinis down till I got to her stockings. Then I took the saturated gusset and smeared Frank’s pollen over first the inside of one stocking then the inside of the other.

“What the fuck are you doing?” Agnes asked. “I just put these stockings on an hour ago and they are brand new. Now you’re fucking them all up and I’ll have to change into another pair.”

“Well, I just thought I’d mark them up with his baby batter like animals mark their spots up with pee when they are declaring their limits. These will launder quite nicely and you have lots of stockings. I know because I see daddy bring home a couple of boxes of them for you almost every other week. Besides smearing Frank’s baby batter all over them I’m going to piss all over them too when you go to pee.” I replied.

I finished taking them off and tossed them on the floor beside the bed. I crawled between her legs and as she opened her labia, I quickly speared her vagina with the tip of my cock and slipped inside her wet opening all the way to the tip of her cervix.

“Oh you big motherfucker.” she screamed. “Your fucking prick is so big around. Yours is much fatter than your daddy’s cock is and has my wet cunt all filled up. Now push that motherfucking prick in and out of my cunt and make me climax about ten times.”

I did as she told me and felt my cock getting saturated from her juices. Finally she screamed at me to erupt inside her cunt and drown her with pollen. I gave one final thrust with my ass, arched my back and felt my semen gushing from the tip of my cock in several jets inside her. I continued to fuck her until my peter began to get soft, then I withdrew and went up to her face. She grabbed my withering prick in her mouth and began sucking the remaining fluid out of it and cleaning our juices off of it.

“Oh you big motherfucker. That was a great fuck. Lie here with me until I need to get up and piss. Then I’ll want you to play with my cunt some more and I may even piss on you a little bit.” she said.

“You may now have a shot or two of your favorite whiskey.” I told her. “You’ve been a good girl and I’m going to piss all over you when you get up to pee. Then we’ll take a shower together and get you in some clean lingerie.”

I got thee bottle of VO off the table, found two shot glasses and poured each of us a shot. We toasted each other and I told her she could dip my peter in her glass and drink her whiskey like that once or twice. But no, she tossed it down then held her glass out for another. I gave it to her then told her that was all for awhile.

“I need to piss.” she said. I helped her off the bed and admired her ass as she walked toward the bathroom. I told her I was going to piss on her as she was pissing and I obliged by saturating her teats, cunt legs, pits, and face.

She finished pissing and was dripping wet from me pissing all over her.

“Now you old cock whore. I’m going to get these wet bahis siteleri stinking clothes off of you and we’re going to shower together. I’ll wash your cunt so it will be nice and clean for me to eat tonight and you can wash my cock and nuts.” I told her. With that I began unfastening the garters from her stocking and unhooked her bra so he teats were falling free on her chest.

I helped get her stockings off and pulled her garter girdle down and she stepped out of it. I turned the water to the shower on and let it warm up. I told Agnes to put a shower cap on so she didn’t have to dry and set her hair. I helped her into the shower and took the sprayer and immediately sprayed her cunt with warm water.

We washed each other then dried each other off.

“Now let’s get back to your bedroom and I’ll eat your big hairy cunt out and suck your clit till you climax.” I said. So we headed back to her bedroom and she sat of the edge of the bed, spread her labia wide open, and I dived in finding her clit as well as her enlarged pee hole.

“I want to suck your big clit first Agnes. Then I’m going to lick and suck your fucking pee hole. I want to make you climax as many times as you want to and you can tell me when to stop. When I finish we’ll get some fresh lingerie on, have a couple of drinks, order dinner, and I’ll fuck you again before we get some sleep tonight.” I told her.

“Oh darling, that sounds marvelous.” she replied.

With that I plunged face first into her cunt, found her large clit and covered it with my mouth and began gently sucking on it. It must have been just right because she began humping the mattress as soon as I began. She was screaming at me to suck her clit and make her climax.

Suddenly in the midst of sucking her clit, I felt my chin get wet with some warm liquid. I knew the old whore had dribbled piss on me and I let her know it.

“You fucking old whore.” I said. “You just pissed on me and I’m going to punish you for doing that after I rim your pee hole. Now don’t piss anymore until I’m done sucking your clit and playing with your pee hole.”

“Oh dear. I’m so sorry, but I just couldn’t hold it anymore. It feels so good when you’re sucking my fuck button I just dribbled a little bit. Please don’t punish me by hurting me. Master does that sometimes and he can be nasty.”she replied.

Suddenly the doorbell rang and Agnes sid she would slip on a robe and answer it. The next thing I heard was “Oh my God. Rose. How good to see you.” Agnes screamed. It was pretty obvious it was Agnes’s baby sister who was fourteen years younger than Agnes.

“What are you doing here dear?” she asked. “Come in and take your coat off. Can you stay a bit?”

“I am heading north and thought I would drop by and see you since it has been a while. Perhaps I should leave my coat on right now as I am not wearing much under it.” Rose replied.

“Nonsense. Come in. I’m not wearing much under this robe either as John and I just got out of the shower and he was, well, he was pouring us a drink.” Agnes said.

Rose removed her coat and Agnes just stood in awe at what she saw. Rose was wearing only a beautiful black eight strap lace garter belt, sheer off black full fashioned stockings, a sheer black cut out bra that let her very dark areola and nipples show, and two inch pumps. She wore no panties and her full complement of black pubic hair played around her belly and down through her cunt.

“Oh John will love to see you wearing those beautiful clothes. Be prepared though. He may be in the nude as he was just eating my pussy.” Agnes said.

“Well, I think I might enjoy that, I haven’t seen his uncut cock in a few years. Were you two fucking or something? I don’t want to interrupt something. ” Rose said.

“No. We were just playing with each other and he was eating my pussy and I was going to suck his cock. But he’ll be happy to see you so follow me.” Agnes said.

They went down the hallway and when they got to Agnes’s bedroom she said. “John. I have a wonderful surprise for you. Your great aunt Rose is here and she wants to see you.”

“I’m not dressed.” John said. “But if you don’t mind seeing me and my uncut cock please come in and enjoy it. We were just having a drink and I was sucking her big clit when you arrived. I see you don’t have many clothes on either and the hair on your belly and cunt looks pretty inviting to me. Do you have pit hair too?”

“I have hair on all parts of my body. I don’t shave anymore.” Rose replied. “Now let me see this magnificent uncut cock of yours and see if I’d like to suck it.”

“Oh Jesus Christ Agnes. You have never told me about this young man. I’m looking at a cock that is unlike any I’ve ever seen before. I’ve seen uncut men, but not one with a foreskin as long as his. It must be an inch longer than his cock is and looks so good I may have to taste it shortly.” Rose replied. “But right now I really need to piss as my eye teeth are floating.”

“Well, it does taste good.” Agnes said. “I enjoy bahis şirketleri sucking it as well as fucking it, so I’m sure John would enjoy having you give him a nice blowjob. But let’s get you to the toilet then John can call Jim and see if he can stop by for dinner and perhaps spend the night with us.”

The three of us headed to the bathroom and Rose quickly sat down on the stool and spread her legs. “I want you to play with my hairy cunt while I piss.” she told me. “When I’m finished pissing, I’m going to suck that fine piece of meat you have hanging between your legs. Then you can call your friend to see if he can come to your house for dinner and spend the evening.”

Her piss sounded like a large waterfall as it hit the water in the toilet bowl. I put my hand under her cunt and smeared her pee all over her cunt hair making it nice and wet. Rose must have pissed for nearly ninety seconds until it began to dribble then stopped. She then scooted forward on the toilet, took my semi erect cock in her hand and popped it in her mouth leaving the foreskin covering the head.

“Oh that feels so good Rose.” I told her. “I really love having someone suck my cock. I want you to enjoy it right now and I will let you know if you are making me want to erupt in your mouth. I want to wait until later to do that.”

Meanwhile, Agnes was standing at my left and was fondling my nuts as Rose sucked my peter. I slipped my middle finger in Agnes’s slit and found her clit. I began massaging it and she began to hump my finger a bit. Finally, I told Rose I needed to call Jim and to let go of my peter. I removed my finger from Agnes’s slit and she let go of my nuts.

“I’ll be right back.” I said as i went to call Jim. When I returned about five minutes later Agnes was washing Rose’s cunt with soap and warm water then rinsed it off and dried her cunt with a towel.

“Now you’re all fresh and smell good too Rose.” Agnes said. “I’m sure someone will want to eat your pussy later on.

“Jim will be here around 5:30 as he has to work until 5:00. He will pick up dinner and a couple of bottles of VO and Bombay gin on his way. We can get snacks ready and have a smoke or two before he gets here.” I said.

We headed for the kitchen with me trailing behind both women. I wanted to check the seams on their stockings to make sure they were straight and nice and tight. My peter was swinging between my legs as I walked and I still had a semi erect peter from Rose sucking it.

We got snacks set out and everyone wanted a smoke so I lit cigarettes for both Agnes and Rose then myself. “Jim told me he has a funny story to tell all of us when he gets here. Something that went on at the store this afternoon.” I told them.

“Did he say what it was?” Agnes asked.

“No. He just said it was funny.” I replied.

Suddenly the doorbell rang and I went to answer it. It was Jim and he had his hands full so I took a bag and we headed toward the kitchen. Jim set his bag down and we could see his peter was dangling between his legs with the head of it fully covered with his long foreskin. He was wearing an eight strap black garter belt, sheer black full fashioned stockings, two inch leather pumps, and a black cut out bra.

“Oh Holy Mother of Christ.” Rose exclaimed. “Another fine cock for me to suck on or fuck. Why have I never seen men with anteater cocks before and now I have two to choose from? Come here Jim and let me feel your prick. It looks heavy to me and might need me to relieve you of some of the weight. Perhaps a good blowjob would make it feel good and you could lose an ounce or two.”

“I think that would be fine but I need a drink and something to eat before we do that. It’s been a funny afternoon at the store.” Jim replied.

We adjourned to the eating area where I fixed Jim and myself a great VO Manhattan and Rose and Agnes had shots of VO and a beer chaser. Cheese and crackers for snacks.

“So what happened at the store this afternoon that was so funny?” I asked Jim.

“Well, I had just got there when in walked EmmyLou and Becky. EmmyLou had her signature grey full fashioned stockings with black seams and heels on and Becky was wearing her signature black full fashioned stockings. EmmyLou told me she really needed to piss and to follow her to the restroom. I did and about ten feet from the door I could see a trail of pee following her as she walked. She got inside, pulled up her skirt so I could see she wasn’t wearing any panties or DK’s, squatted about half way, and began pissing up a storm. She must have pissed for about ninety seconds. Then she told me to get her some toilet tissue and I could wipe her very wet hairy pussy. I did and I wiped it good.” Jim said.

“Oh Jim. I’m sorry I was leaking pee but I really had to piss, as you could see and tell. My fucking bladder was full.” She said. “Now I feel much better and I’ll wipe up he floor.”

“No EmmyLou, I’ll take care of that. Let’s see if Becky has found what she is looking for.”

So we went to see what Becky had found and she was sitting in one of the chairs in the shoe salon with her feet on my sitting stool. I sat down on the stool and immediately Becky spread her legs wide open so I could see her very hairy black haired cunt.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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