Helping Her Make a Demo Tape

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It was a strange phone call, to say the least.

I was sitting on the couch with my wife when her phone lit up with an unknown number. She picked it up, saying, “Hello?”

When the caller introduced themselves, I saw a look of recognition on my wife’s face. “Oh, hey, how are you?” After a long pause, my wife said, “Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry to hear that.” Seeing my quizzical look, she shook her head dismissively at me and continued listening to the voice on the other line.

Then she started laughing – not funny laughing, but nervous/polite laughing. “No, I don’t think so.” Pause. “No, I’m really sorry but I can’t do that. OK. OK. No problem, I’ll talk to you later.”

Hanging up, my wife didn’t say anything, just turned to the TV. “Come on, you’re not going to tell me?” I said.

“That was your sister’s friend Melanie,” Lauren said. “You know she’s lost both her parents to cancer, right? Well, her boyfriend dumped her a couple weeks ago and she lost her job yesterday. She’s really in a bad place.”

“So why’d she call you?” I said, puzzled. We had met Melanie a couple times, but obviously not enough for Lauren to even save her number. I might have been a little more familiar with her, having Facebook stalked her – the girl was smokin’ hot. About 5-foot-7, skinny, with pert B-cups, she had auburn hair and a face that reminded me of the actress Annie Wersching.

But back to the phone call. “Oh, it was nothing,” Lauren said. “Just a favor she thought I might be able to help with, but I couldn’t. A girl thing.”

Hearing the magic words that any smart guy knows mean to drop it, I did.


The next morning at work, my phone lit up with a text from an unknown number. The message said, “hey is this marc? its merediths friend melanie, she gave me your number.”

“Yeah, what’s up?” I responded, curious as to why this girl was texting me now.

The next text floored me: “so, I have a favor to ask, and lauren said no, but I want to see what you think. im sure uv heard about my situation. ive lost everything. but ive decided to make the best of it. i want to move to LA and get into porn. the money is supposedly good, and i have no family to worry about seeing it.”

I blinked a couple times and re-read. Images of her naked, getting railed, flashed in my mind. But I wasn’t sure why she was telling me this. Was she messing with me?

“OK, so what’s the favor,” I typed, cautiously, feeling like I was taking a risk hitting the Send button.

“well,” came the reply, “i talked to a producer, and he likes my look a lot but said i need a demo tape. and he said it’s really important that the guy in the demo tape have a nice dick …… and lets just say lauren had a lot to say about yours at merediths bachelorette party.”

It took me a second to realize what she was saying, and I felt like I had the wind knocked out of me. This girl was asking me to fuck her on tape to help start a porno career. I started to type something back but quickly stopped. She had to be messing with me.

“Haha nice try,” I typed. “Did Meredith put you up to this?”

The little “…” appeared, and I was glued to the edge of my office chair.

“i swear,” she said. “what would convince you im telling the truth? a picture of my boobs?”

Well, I thought, it can’t hurt to say yes, can it?

“Sure, that would help,” I said.

It was about a minute before she responded – a long minute – but lo and behold, up popped a picture of the redheaded girl, completely topless, a smirk on her face. Her nipples were small and dark, and her boobs hung perfectly off her slender body.

“Wow,” I typed.

“believe me now ;)” she said.

“I guess so,” I answered, still in shock. “So you asked Lauren if you could” I paused my typing, not sure what to say. “do me?” I continued, hitting Send.

“yeah so i figured it was worth asking u,” she said. “maybe u can convince her.”

I laughed, spitting a bit of coffee. Yeah, right. What was I supposed to do, just ask my wife if I could fuck this girl to help her out?

Before responding, though, I thought about it. How awesome would it be? Then I thought: How can I make this happen?

“How about this,” I said. “You promise us 10% of your earnings for the first year if I help you. Lauren has been wanting to get a bigger house, but we can’t afford it. A couple thousand bucks might help.”

The “…” appeared again. “sounds fair,” she said. “but before i make an offer like that, i actually need to see your dick.”

I hesitated. “You know if you show it to anyone, I’ll show your topless pic,” I said.

“duh,” she said. “i dont even need your face in the pic. just cock.”

Well, if I wasn’t already hard from her topless picture, I definitely was no after seeing her say “cock.”

I locked the door to my office, whipped my dick out under my desk, and snapped a quick pic, making sure the angle and lighting were flattering for my rod. I’m not porn star big, only about 7 inches long, but it’s thick, straight, smooth, and has Kütahya Escort a nice-size head. Every girl I’ve ever hooked up with has loved it, and apparently my wife talked about it to other women.

Taking a deep breath, I sent the picture off.

“…” “ok lets do this,” was all she said.


I got home that night and had actually forgotten about the thing with Melanie – just kidding. It was all I had thought about the rest of the day.

Lauren looked at me hesitantly when I walked in. “So, we need to talk about something,” she said.

I sat down, waiting.

“That thing Melanie wanted,” she went on. “Well, she called again today and let’s just say she made a pretty persuasive offer…”

After a long pause, I said impatiently, “So are you going to tell me what it is?”

“She wants to go into porn,” Lauren said as I tried my best to look shocked. “And she wants to use you for a demo tape.”

Even though I knew what was coming, it was still shocking to hear it. And I wasn’t really sure how to react without getting in trouble, so I just didn’t say anything.

Luckily, Lauren kept talking. “She said she’d give us a portion of her earnings – like, maybe over ten grand if she does well. We could really use the money…” she said, trailing off.

“I mean, that’s a lot of money,” I said, determined to slow play this.

Lauren started laughing. “Don’t act like it would be a chore for you,” she said. “I know you’d love to fuck her.”

I smiled, my face turning red. Lauren went on, “Screw it. Let’s do it. As long as I’m there, it won’t be like you’re cheating.”

I couldn’t believe my ears. I just sat there dumbfounded, smiling, for about an hour as Lauren texted back and forth with Melanie.

We didn’t say another word about it that night, but we were both thinking about it when we fucked that night, and it was one of our best sessions ever.


Saturday was the big day. At Melanie’s request, I had been drinking lots of pineapple juice, I manscaped, and I was VERY thorough in the shower. Lauren had been in a bit of a mood for the past couple days, and I reminded her more than once that this was her idea (or so she thought).

Still, she glared at me as I got dressed Saturday. I wore the black boxer briefs that showed the outline of my dick and made my abs look great.

Not a word was said on the ride over, or the walk up to the door. Luckily, Melanie had left it unlocked, so we let ourselves in instead of standing awkwardly on the porch.

I don’t know whether I expected Melanie to be upbeat and comfortable about this. But she wasn’t. She said, “Hey, guys,” and looked down at her feet.

Nobody said anything for what seemed like an hour, before Lauren finally spoke up. “Are we going to fucking do this or not?” she said sharply.

Melanie looked up and seemed to snap herself out of it. “Yeah. Sorry. OK, so the cameras are all set up in the other room, so I guess we should just get started.”

Deep down, I think I still didn’t believe this was actually going to happen. But as we walked into Melanie’s guest bedroom, it became real. She had set up lighting around the room, and she had several cameras in various spots.

Now that it was actually happening, Melanie took charge.

“OK, Marc, stand right here, and put this on,” she said, pointing me to a spot in front of one of the cameras.

I went to the spot and started undoing my belt, but she stopped me. “Not yet. Lauren, can you stand over there?” Lauren, embarrassed to have not realized she was in the shot, dashed over to the corner.

“Now, Marc, I’ll handle your pants. You just follow my lead,” Melanie said.

Moving to the camera, she took a deep breath, and pressed Play.

Standing in front of the camera, she said, “My name is Ginger Boxx, I’m 23 years old, and this is my demo video.” Lauren and I glanced at each other, and she couldn’t hold back a grin at Melanie’s porno name. That was a good sign.

When I looked back at Melanie, she was getting on her knees in front of me. This was happening.

“Do you want to see my tits?” she said, looking up at me, trying to sound sexy.

I nodded. She slowly peeled off her spaghetti strap tank top, revealing a hot pink lacy bra holding her pert little B-cups in place. Then she reached back, released the clasp, and let the bra straps drop from her shoulders. After only a brief hesitation, she took the bra all the way off and looked up to me with her beautiful green eyes.

“Like what you see?” she said demurely.

Trying to avoid looking at Lauren, I responded, “Oh, yeah.”

Melanie smirked, and without another word began undoing my belt. I was rock hard already, my dick straining to get out of my jeans.

Melanie unbuttoned my pants and slowly unzipped them, all the while giving me a mischievous smile. Finally, my jeans rested at my ankles, and a thin layer of boxer briefs was the only thing holding my hard cock in place.

“Ready,?” Melanie said, almost more to Kütahya Escort Bayan herself than to me. I just nodded.

She hooked her fingers inside the waistband of my boxer briefs and slowly pulled down until finally my cock popped free. Melanie giggled at that.

For a few seconds, she just sat there staring at it. I don’t know if I’d ever been harder in my life. I felt like I could feel the veins about to burst in my shaft.

Finally, Melanie reached up and gingerly wrapped her right hand around my cock and slowly started stroking. Then she spit on the head, letting the string of saliva drag from her lips as she worked the lubrication over my whole cock.

After about 30 seconds of stroking, she stopped, leaned forward, and licked the underside of my dick. Reaching the tip, she looked up at me and smiled. Then she moved to the side and ran her tongue all the way up and down the underside of my cock. It felt heavenly, but my cock wanted more.

Melanie teased me a bit more before finally opening her mouth wide and engulfing the head of my dick. She just held it there for a minute, sucking like she would a lollipop. Her tongue lightly worked the underside of my head.

For about two minutes, Melanie made love to the head of my cock with her mouth, almost worshipping it. There was so much spit that it was dripping from both her mouth and my dick.

I was broken out of my daze when she suddenly moved her lips about halfway down my cock, my head going deep into her mouth. She came up, took a breath, and then went back down, even further this time. Then she started picking up the pace, sucking me in earnest, making loud slurping noises but keeping her lips wrapped tightly around my dick.

I knew I was supposed to last longer, but I was getting close. I couldn’t help it. I told her, “Melanie, I’m not going to last much longer.”

With that, she came up quickly and left my glistening prick hanging there in the air. “Not yet!” she said. “Get up on the bed.”

I obeyed, sitting on the side of the bed. Melanie grabbed my legs, pushed them upward, and whispered so that the camera wouldn’t hear, “Don’t worry, this is part of the plan. I need to make you last as long as possible the first time.”

Then, without warning, she darted forward and started tonguing my exposed asshole. This was a completely new sensation for me, and I have to admit it mostly tickled at first. I squirmed, but Melanie held me in place and kept going.

Eventually, it just felt really, really good. I couldn’t believe this amazingly hot girl was using her tongue to massage my asshole. She even stick her tongue all the way in at one point. I glanced over at Lauren, who just raised her eyebrows and shrugged, as if to say, “Hey, if she wants to do it, good for her.”

After several minutes of that, Melanie stopped and said, in a sultry voice for the camera’s benefit, “Did you like me eating your asshole?” I just nodded.

“Good,” she continued. “I’ve never done that before, but it wasn’t that bad. Hopefully that gave your dick a chance to calm down a bit, too.”

I don’t know about calm down, but I guess my impending orgasm had subsided a bit while she attended to my ass.

“Stand up again,” Melanie instructed, and I obeyed. “Now fuck my face. Do it like you mean it – I need to show this producer I can take it.”

Another thing I hadn’t done before, but I was eager to try. Melanie opened her mouth wide, and I slid my dick in along her tongue. When I hit the back of her throat, I started to pull back, but she grabbed my ass and pulled me back forward.

Her eyes started to water as she forced my dick deeper into her mouth. She almost got all the way before she had to come up for air, gasping.

“I’ll be OK, Ryan, I promise,” she said. “Just grab my hair and fuck my face. Try to get as deep as possible. You can stop if I throw up or if I tap your butt.”

Hesitantly at first, I put both hands on her head and started sliding my dick in and out of her mouth as she wrapped her lips around my shaft and tried to suck in rhythm.

Eventually, with her help, I really got into it, starting to fuck her face like I would fuck a vagina. She coughed and gagged a couple times but held me in place each time, making sure I didn’t stop. I’m pretty sure at least a couple times her nose actually hit my base.

As we got into more of a rhythm, Melanie started working her tongue more along bottom of my shaft as I fucked in and out. She made gulping and slurping noises, clearly playing it up for the camera’s benefit, but it was also having an effect on me. I was getting close.

“Mel, I’m not going to last much longer,” I finally said.

Coming off my dick, she gasped for air and whispered to me, “Time for the money shot then.”

with that, she started furiously stroking my shaft with her hand while sucking on my head. Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore. “Mel, I’m going to cum,” I said.

Pulling back, she opened her mouth wide and stuck out her tongue. “Come for me, baby,” Escort Kütahya she said, pumping away at my shaft.

That was it. I let loose, with my first rope falling from her nose all the way across her forehead and into her hair. The next rope hit her cheek head-on, a nice big glob forming, and then she aimed the rest into her mouth, milking rope after rope from my cock as a pool of semen formed on her tongue.

As my orgasm slowed and Melanie squeezed out the last bit of cum, she leaned forward and sucked my head, getting every last drop. Then she opened her mouth, looked up at me, and said, “Ahhh,” showing me all the cum in her mouth. She turned more toward the camera, gurgled a bit, and then dipped her head forward to dramatically swallow.

Smacking her lips as she looked back up at me, she said, “Mmmm, that was good!” Then she used her fingers to get the rest of the cum off her cheek, nose, and forehead, and she seductively sucked her fingers clean.

Finally satisfied that she had swallowed all of my cum, she smiled up at me, smiled at the camera, and said, “Cut!”

Standing up, Melanie said to me, “That was fucking amazing. Thank you so much. Holy shit, I think that tape is going to be super-hot.”

“No problem,” I said, grinning stupidly, my still-hard dick swaying in the air.

“Let’s take a break for a bit, and we’ll do the fuck scenes in a little bit,” she said casually, walking past me to the bathroom. She was getting used to this!

I looked over at Lauren, shrugged my shoulders, and let out a small laugh. “So?” I asked my wife.

Lauren walked over and sat on the bed, and I sat next to her.

“You know,” she said, pausing to choose her words. “I have to admit, that was hot as shit. I’m actually turned on. If anything, I’m a little jealous that I don’t get to participate in the next scene.”

“Maybe you can,” I said with a mischievous smile, earning a slap on the shoulder from Lauren.


Melanie spent about 10 minutes in the bathroom fixing her makeup, and after I had put on the robe that she had given me, Lauren and I sat mostly silently, not knowing what to say. When Melanie finally emerged, wearing a short pink robe and somehow looking even hotter than before, she offered us both drinks.

“Got any wine?” Lauren asked, jokingly.

“Actually, yes,” Melanie replied, and before Lauren could say no, Melanie was up and opening a bottle of red.

We sat there in silence for a little longer after that, the girls sipping red wine and me drinking some water. Finally, Melanie burst into laughter. Lauren and I just looked at each other, wondering what was so funny.

Finally, Melanie stopped laughing to explain. “It’s just funny,” she said. “I just sucked your dick, licked your asshole, and let you cum all over me, but we’re sitting here acting all awkward.”

Lauren and I both smiled. It was pretty funny.

Deciding to continue the ice-breaking, I said, “So what made you decide to eat my ass?”

More laughs. “Well, to be honest, the producer just said to watch some pornos and do as much of the stuff I see as possible, to show I can handle lots of different things,” she said. “I figured I have friends who say they’ve eaten ass, so I might as well try it.”

“So what else are we going to do?” I said, trying not to salivate as I imagined the other things this girl might try in the name of proving herself to a producer.

“Well, I definitely need you to fuck my ass,” she said. I had kind of figured there was a chance of this, but hearing her say it made me rock-hard again immediately.

“Have you done that before?” I asked.

“No,” she said, “but I’ve been practicing with dildos. We should be OK. I just need lots of lube.”

“Sounds fun,” I said, trying not to sound too excited.

Lauren slapped me on the shoulder. “Look at you, Mr. Cool,” she said. “Mel, he can’t fucking wait to fuck your ass. We’ve tried, but I’ve never been able to take it.”

Melanie laughed. “Well, fingers crossed for me,” she said.

After a brief few moments of silence, Melanie chugged the rest of her wine and said, “Ready to go again, stud?”

“I think I can manage,” I said, standing up and taking my robe off confidently to display my boner.

“Let’s go, then!” Melanie said, popping up and practically hopping to the bedroom.

Lauren and I followed her, and by the time we got to the bedroom Melanie had already disrobed. She took a minute to adjust the cameras (and I took a minute to admire her round little backside). Then she turned around positioned herself near one of the cameras, crossed her legs, and brought her finger to her lips coquettishly.

“Want to fuck?” she said in a sultry voice, batting her eyes.

I just smiled, and she went over to the bed and laid down, spreading her legs. I froze for a few seconds, just staring sloppily at her beautiful, shaved, pink pussy.

“Well, are you going to fuck me or what?” she said.

Not needing to be asked twice, I walked forward, rubbed my cock up and down her cute little pussy lips a few times, and plunged it into her warm, wet hole.

Melanie let out a squeal of pleasure as I buried my cock to the hilt inside her. I paused for a few seconds to just enjoy the feeling of being all the way inside this hot little redheaded minx.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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