Hen’s Night

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As soon as I heard that word being cooed in a sweet dulcet tone I knew that she wanted something. Smiling I turned to see what I was to be saddled with.

Janie was a friend of mine. She’d friend-zoned me on the day we met, and I’d never got past that stage, which was a bit of a disappointment, but you can’t win them all.

“Janie, love,” I said. “How are you, and what do you want.”

“What makes you think I want something,” she demanded indignantly.

“Because you do,” I replied.

She gave me one of those looks that girls hand out at times, indicating that they’re disappointed in you.

“Well, seeing as how you mention it,” she said, “you know Debbie is getting married next week?”

“I do,” I said cautiously.

“Well, tomorrow is her hen’s night, and we need someone to pick us up at my place at about four o’clock and run us to the station. There’ll be five of us going into the city. We’ll be coming home by taxi, but it’s too expensive to take one both ways.”

“That’s all? Just pick the lot of you up at four and run you to the station?”


“No problems. I’ll put a reminder in my phone and see you tomorrow at four.” I didn’t mind. I was getting off lightly.

“Thanks, Michael. You’re a sweetie,” said Janie, dancing away.

So at four o’clock the next day I rolled up to act as a free taxi. I assumed that they wouldn’t be ready, and I was correct, but there was only a little primping to be done. I figured I’d be out of there in fifteen minutes, with duty accomplished soon after.

I hadn’t allowed for the shots. They skulled them while I watched, and it was pretty plain to me that it wasn’t their first drink for the afternoon. They weren’t drunk, by any means, but they were happy. And made no allowances for my being there as they chatted.

There was much giggling when Debbie told them that her mother had offered to have a chat with her about what would be was required of her on her wedding night.

“Didn’t you tell her that you and Charlie had already been practising?” one of the girls asked.

“Of course not. I just assured her that I’d be right and that I’d read all the books and had discussed the subject with some friends.”

“And she believed you?”

“Why not? It was the truth.”

There was a bit of giggling at that, and one of the girls cracked, “Tell the truth, but not the whole truth, leave out the good parts.”

I coughed at this stage, indicating I was there and waiting, and the girls turned to me, assuring me they wouldn’t keep me much longer. Then they started ribbing Debbie about her past and future sex life.

One of the girls then came out and blatantly asked just how big a dick Charlie had.

Debbie stopped to consider this and then shrugged.

“It’s a bit hard to say,” she said. “I really need something to compare it against.”

The girls stopped to consider this, casino oyna and that’s when the situation spiralled right out of control as far as I was concerned. One of the girls suddenly came up with what they all thought was an eminently reasonable suggestion.

“Michael’s here. You can look at his and say whether Charlie is bigger or smaller.”

The next thing I knew they were all looking at me, expecting me to whip out my old fellow so they could judge the size. I, of course, explained that this wasn’t on.

“Why not,” demanded Janie, of all people. “You know damn well you’ve been wanting to show it to me ever since we met.”

True, but I hadn’t realised that she knew it. Friend-zone, remember.

“How about because you’re all tipsy and you’ll regret it tomorrow?”

“Are you saying we’re drunk?” demanded Debbie.

“Of course not,” I said soothingly. “Just a little happy. Shouldn’t we be heading down to the station?”

“After we have settled this,” announced Debbie grandly. “It’s my hen’s night and I should be allowed to look at your dick if I want to.”

Unfortunately, the rest of the hens seemed to think this was only fair.

“I’ll unzip you if you’re nervous,” said one sweet young thing. “You’ll find it’s really quite painless.”

“He’s my friend,” stated Janie, “so I get to unzip him.”

She didn’t muck around. She just reached down and unzipped and dragged me into the daylight. There was general disappointment.

“It’s not standing up,” grumbled one of them. “How can Debbie judge if it doesn’t stand up?”

“That’s OK,” said another. “This’ll let Debbie show us she can make it stand. Over to you Debbie.”

So while I stood there Debbie reached down and squeezed me and then stroked me a little. It didn’t take much. I could be the shyest person in the world, but with five attractive young women standing around while one of them pats him, and the old fellow forgets everything but the chance to show off.

Debbie squealed and the others laughed as I started swelling and straightening while Debbie held me, and then I was erect, and quite proudly erect at that.

“OK, Debbie, you have something to compare with. How rates Charlie?”

“Not this big,” she whispered.

“It is nice and large isn’t it,” said another of the hens. “Do you think you could handle something that big?”

“Of course I could,” snapped Debbie, “but I’m not cheating on Charlie.”

“And you’re not fucking Michael, anyway. He’s my friend,” said Janie.

It seemed to me that I might be moving out of the friend-zone there. I’d have to work on that.

“She doesn’t have to fuck him,” came a suggestion. “Just show us that she can handle someone that size. Just in and back out, but it would have to go right in.”

Debbie was considering my erection with interest.

“I can do that,” she said. “Just in and then take it out again. That wouldn’t really be canlı casino cheating on Charlie, would it. We’re just checking how big he is.

But if I do, you should all do it, too, so you know what it’s like.”

There seemed to be a general consensus that this was on, with a vote of four to two. I was voting against it, and so was Janie.

Finally, the girls came up with a solution that satisfied Janie, and I hate to admit it, but the solution appealed to me as well.

“How about we start with Debbie for a straight in and out, then do the rest of us the same and finish with Janie, and he can really finish with Janie by giving her a good fuck.”

Where do sweet little girls come up with ideas like this? The next thing I knew Debbie had hitched up her dress and lowered her panties and was bending over the kitchen bench so I could prong her.

I was looking around helplessly while my cock was bobbing up and down, eager to get into the action.

“You might as well, Michael,” said Janie, “or we’ll never get out of here.”

So reluctantly, I prepared to prong the bride to be. OK. You can strike out the word ‘reluctantly’. You don’t often have pussy presented to you on a platter like this.

I eased Debbie’s lips apart and pressed between them. I’d expected her to be dry and not really ready for me, but she wasn’t. She was hot and wet, and when I pressed in, she pressed back, and it was only the work of a moment to press fully in.

There was some applause as I withdrew, and then the next pussy was being presented, with a girl looking over her shoulder and laughing at me. The laughter stopped and her eyes opened really wide as I drove into her. She had also been excited and ready, but apparently I was larger than expected. There was more giggling, and I repeated the dose on the next two girls, driving deep and then withdrawing.

As I withdrew from number four, I noticed that all the girls were now breathing hard. Hen’s night or not, I was ready to place bets that all the girls would be looking for a good rogering before the night was out, and that included the bride-to-be.

Now it was Janie’s turn. Her face was flushed, and she was giving me an odd look.

Leaning over her, I asked if she was sure.

“We can skip it, or I can just do a quick in and out as with the others,” I suggested.

“Don’t you want me?” she demanded.

“Oh, yes, and you damn well know it,” I said. “So if I’m going to really give it to you, do you want to go into the bedroom for some privacy?”

She shook her head, determined.

“I want them to see that you’re mine, and to see what I’m getting that they can’t have. They’re all wanting you right now, but you’re mine.”

“If that’s the way you want it,” I said, “but you’d better know that it won’t finish here. I’ll be back for more, regularly.”

Janie nodded, and I reached down to part her lips, while the hens gathered kaçak casino around to watch.

With Janie, I slipped a finger in first, wanting to be sure that she was ready for me. The way she closed over my finger and pressed against my hand seemed to say yes, so I moved my hand away and pressed forward against her.

With the others it I had just slipped straight in so that they could feel my size, and then out again. Janie was different. I’d waited a long time for this and I wasn’t going to rush it. I moved slowly into her, hearing her gasp as I started sinking in. She was trying to press back against me, but I held her hips firmly, making sure that I took her at the pace that I wanted.

Slowly I pressed into her willing flesh, so slowly that she was starting to gasp and demand that I put in in, damn you. Finally I was in and held myself solidly inside her. I could feel her trembling slightly, both through my hands on her hips and against my cock, with her little shivers sending delightful little sensations through my cock and, hopefully, deep into her pussy.

I’d almost forgotten our audience, but I could see them all watching fascinated. Then I put them out of my mind. My attention was now one hundred percent on Janie.

I drew slowly out, hearing Janie gasp again, and then I slammed back home and Janie screamed. Once started there was no stopping, and I slammed repeatedly into Janie, hearing her gasping and squealing, while her bottom bobbed frantically as her hips drove her to meet my every thrust.

I don’t know how long we came together like that. I just know that I was enjoying it, and from the gasps and squeals that Janie was giving, so was she. I heard the change in timbre of her squeals as her climax approached, which helped me to adjust slightly so as to meet her with mine, slamming extra hard just as I guessed her was about to hit her.

I apparently guessed right, as Janie screamed and seemed to explode under me as I vented into her. Half a dozen hard strokes and I was done and she was leaning against the bench, exhausted from her efforts.

Then I was zipping up and Janie was heading to the bathroom to tidy herself up. The rest of the hen’s party were chatting amongst themselves, but I caught the occasional assessing look coming my way.

From the flushed looks on the various hens, I was now willing to double the size of the bets I wanted to lay on them looking for male companions.

I vaguely knew all the girls, but mostly as casual acquaintances, rather than friends. For all that, I had a sneaky suspicion that if I was to get them alone at any time over the next week or so, I could get them to drop their panties with little effort, bride-to-be included.

It was something to keep in mind if Janie tried to push me back into the friend-zone.

Then Janie joined the group and I was finally ushering them out to the car to run them down to the station.

When I arrived home I casually checked the car to see if anyone had left anything behind. It happens quite frequently. It’s surprising the things that get left in cars. Tonight for example, I found two pairs of panties.

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