High Rise Ch. 04

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I stop outside the doors when I see you. Things are not computing and all I can think is that you are out of context. You stride over to me and put your hands on my hips and put your lips on mine. You’re all lips and tongue and soft and slow and I just melt into the kiss.

When you pull away, you say, Come with me.

I can’t.

Yes, you can, you say. You grip my hips tighter.

I shake my head, No, I mean I can’t, I can’t…

And you realize what I mean. It will be different, you say. I won’t hurt you. I promise.

I don’t know what to do. I don’t think I should go back to work and I don’t want to leave you, but I don’t think I’m ready for anything else now. My cunt is still throbbing and swollen and raw.

I promise you will only feel good things, you say.

I like that idea. I nod, tired from having to make a decision.

You wrap an arm around my waist and take me with you across the plaza to the curb. You hail a cab and gently help me in. You slide in beside me and see me grimace as I try to position myself without pain. You tell the cabbie to take us to the Fairmont and we set off.

He hurt you, you say.


You put your hand on my bare thigh and slowly move it up under my skirt. wednesday izle I clench my knees together instinctively.

It’s okay, you say. I’m just…

Your hand gently finds my pussy and you cup it with such tenderness I relax my knees.

I’m just going to do this, you say.

I liked it, I said. I liked most of it. But he was very rough, and…

You lean in and kiss me, all lips and soft tongue again.

And you are like that, all gentle and soothing, all the way to the hotel, all the way through check-in and up the elevator into the room. At the front desk, you ordered a bottle of Champagne, and when I come out of the bathroom, you are tipping the room service waiter.

Once the waiter is gone, you pour two glasses and walk over to the large window overlooking the Sound. I come over to you and you hand me a glass. You guide me so that I am backed up against the window facing you.

I’m going to make you feel better, you say. Is that okay with you?

Yes, I say, and take a drink.

You take a sip and then set the glass down on the sill. Then you turn to me and start unbuttoning my blouse. You are slow and deliberate, occasionally trailing your finger down my cleavage weekend family izle and eventually my belly. You take my glass and set it next to yours before slipping my blouse off and undoing my bra and letting them all fall to the ground. Then you unzip my skirt and slide it down to my feet, going down on your knees before me. You release the skirt from my feet. You slip my high heels off one by one and then glide your hands up my legs to my thighs, slowly, deliberately. You bring your thumbs up to my pussy and gently open up my lips, parting the hairs and smoothing them back. I feel the cool air on the rawness and shiver.

I can’t… I say.

Shhhh. You whisper and lean forward with your deliciously soft tongue. You are all warm soothing goodness sliding your tongue all over my raw, throbbing pussy. You are licking deep into my hole and sucking out the juices and grabbing my ass with both your hands… and then I realize … you are sucking out the man’s cum that is still there. And I realize you are working very deliberately. You are being very thorough in licking every bit of my pussy, sucking every bit of juice and cum that’s there. This completely turns me on. You, eating me out just welcome to chippendales izle after I’ve been fucked by another man. You, not caring. You, doing it deliberately, as if you are trying to erase all evidence of the man you just watched fuck me. You are licking and sucking so softly, and I am getting so aroused by the feel of your tongue on my hot and swollen cunt and the thought of you cleaning me up, cleaning me out. I start to moan. I can cum to this. I start building to an orgasm, moaning out and grabbing your head.

And then you pull back and look up at me.

You say, When I’m done with you, you will smell like me. You will taste like me. When I’m done with you, you will be all mine.

I am so incredibly turned on by this. The idea that you are marking me, marking your territory, is so arousing and shocking and I start to cum the minute your mouth is on my pussy again. You harden your tongue and start stroking my clit and I am yelling out in ecstasy, grabbing onto your head and pulling on your hair and screaming out, Ohmygod! Ohmygod! The orgasm is so deep inside me and it builds and builds and then shatters me completely and I am contracting and screaming and clenching your face hard into my cunt. You are gripping my hips and holding me so I don’t fall over and the orgasm lasts so long I am getting light-headed and my hands are starting to tingle. I ride it out with loud and long moans and just as I’m coming down on the other side of it, I feel another one rising up and I just, I just have no way of holding it off and I ride it out, but I am losing myself.

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