High Society Pt. 02

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In this chapter, seventy eight year old Virginia Wechsler starts a week-long encounter with an eighteen year old stud with incredible talents to please a woman, who is blessed with a tireless, twelve inch cock.

After the call disconnected I sat in a daze. My body was on fire. I just hung up from a call with an eighteen year old boy I had met less than twenty four hours before. I could not believe that I ended the conversation telling him I wanted to suck his huge cock and that I couldn’t wait to fuck him.

I had been sexually dormant for years. For years while my husband traveled on business I had an endless stream of young lovers that were young associates who worked for him.

I had met these eager-to-please associates at various parties my husband hosted. Every weekend when my husband would travel found me in bed with one, two and even three of his young associates.

Yesterday all those feelings of lust that had built-up inside of me were released by, Taylor, the strikingly-handsome and an extraordinarily skilled eighteen year old.

I met him for a meeting at the same country club both my husband and I and his parents were members of. I agreed to help him organize a Gala for the funding of technology for inner-city youths.

His father is a business associate of my husbands. I have done a lot of charitable work; largely for Jewish organizations, and was happy to help for this wonderful cause.

Taylor was every bit charismatic, with an incredible business sense and an extreme confidence beyond his years. He was also model-like gorgeous which only enhanced his business skills.

During our luncheon it was hard to concentrate on the topic of the Gala because of how good-looking he was. He was also very charming and continually showered me with compliments about how attractive I was, and even went so far as to say I was sexy and had an amazing body. The way he said it as he looked me over had my body tingling with excitement.

That day I was dressed stylishly. A sheer white blouse. A cream-colored strapless bra, Thigh high stockings, attached to a satin garter belt. A pair of lace, satin panties and a pair of black high heel pumps.

It wasn’t my intention to dress to get his attention, as this is how I always presented myself but, I had to admit, by the way his eyes scanned my body and how handsome he was, I was absolutely glad that I did dress the way I had.

We ended the meeting by walking to his car with his arm around me. He had offered me a ride back to New York City where I was meeting my husband and his parents for dinner and drinks at our Penthouse and I accepted.

In his car the accomplished eighteen year old expertly unlocked every one of my sexually dormant years by working my body up over and over until I came numerous times.

It started with us kissing in a very lingering-way for almost half an hour. Kissing, as he ran his skilled hands over my crossed, stocking covered legs. His touch alone had me breathing deep and had my 34E breasts heaving in my sheer bra.

Kissing my neck he continued to tell me how sexy I was. His compliments and unhurried approach to turning me on melted-away years of me being inactive sexually.

This eventually led to his playing with my inch-long nipples to having his fingers deep inside me. His compliments about my body as he kissed my neck while he fingered me had me going from one orgasm to the next.

We were in his car for almost three hours and in that time he worked me unhurriedly, with masterful skills that were decades beyond his teenage years.

Although all of his attention was focused on turning me on and pleasuring me through unbelievable volcanic-like orgasms, I discovered that he had a gigantic penis. It was a cock of incredible length and girth.

With my ninety two year old husband in Israel with his father on business, the stage was set for the two of us to fuck all week!

After ten minutes of replaying yesterday’s events in my head and thinking that I would casino oyna be fucking this gorgeous eighteen year old all week, I composed myself and went to the gym in our luxury apartment building.

During my exercises my mind was all on, Taylor. All I could think about was what he said; that he wanted me all week; wanted to fuck me all week.

My body was on fire as I thought about being intimate with him. Kissing him. Fucking him. And pleasing his mammoth cock with my hands and mouth. The images and thoughts consumed me as I worked-out.

As I moved from machine to machine I noticed men; young men smiling at me. It was something I haven’t observed in such a long time.

‘God. I’ve forgotten what it’s like to have male attention to my body.’

From time to time I would look at myself in the mirrors that were mounted on the walls. I began to appreciate my figure which I hadn’t done in a very long time. I began to think about all the men, young and old, through the years that had worshiped my five foot ten inch 34G-23-33 body.

‘I have to admit I do have an amazing figure,” I thought to myself positively.

I came to the gym dressed in black leggings, a sports bra and a white tank-top. When I looked in the mirror I noticed that my white panties could be seen through the thin material of the leggings. I didn’t realize how sheer the material was. When I looked up a young man who looked to be in his twenties shot me an admiring smile.

As I walked on the tread-mill I looked over and saw a young man smile at me. I smiled back. When I got off the machine he walked over to me and started talking. His name was, Chance. He was an actor and was living in the building at his parents apartment while they were in Europe, vacationing for the summer. He was in his early twenties and very handsome.

He said that he had seen me here a lot and always thought I looked incredible. He even asked if I was a model. I thanked him for the compliment and did say that I was, but in a past life.

He asked me out to lunch, but I politely told him that I had plans. What it showed me was that I had missed all the environmental cues, because of it being so long since I had male attention. Now, knowing that, Taylor wanted me opened my eyes to my surroundings.

When I came back to the penthouse I took a long, hot bath. My body was aching and I found myself playing with my big nipples and masturbating twice as I thought of, Taylor and how we were going to be together for the week while my husband was away on business.

I thought about him being so self-assured and that he wanted me. I thought about his massive size and what it was going to feel like inside me. I imagined how I would suck it and worship its enormity with my mouth and hands. I was crazy with lust and couldn’t stop touching myself. As my nipples ached I began pinching them softly.

“Taylor,” I groaned as I joyfully came.

After my bath I went about selecting what I would wear. My outfit for dinner was purposely designed to keep, Taylors eyes on me. It was also intended for our first night of fucking.

I selected a mid-length black dress that clung to my body. Although it was black, the material was very sheer and would show what I was wearing underneath.

I went to my lingerie draw and chose a black styled bra corset. It was something I hadn’t worn in years. It was a short corset that went high on my waist and had an open-cut bra.

Attached to the short corset were two long garter straps. Because they were attached to the high-waisted corset instead of a traditional garter belt and with me being tall the straps were almost two feet in length. This made for a sinful look.

After attaching the garters to my sheer stockings I stepped into my pumps then walked in front of my floor-length mirror. I had to admit that not only did I look sexy, but I felt sexy.

The open cup bra presented my full 34E breasts and my huge nipples perfectly. Looking at myself admiringly I reflected on how both young lovers went canlı casino absolutely crazy when they saw me in this outfit.

I remember wearing this outfit one weekend when my husband was away on business. I arranged for two of his young interns to come over. I met them at a party my husband gave at our home.

It was an annual party he always gave to welcome new interns and new sales-associates into his company. Both boys were in an intern program at the Ivy League University in the city. They were both charismatic and were full of compliments about me being very attractive. It was easy to get their numbers, as I had access to my husbands company directory.

With a very sly grin I recalled the night my husband was out of town on business and the two young interns came over. I remembered how they both went crazy when I greeted them at the door in this very-same out. I remember the bulges in the pants of the young interns when I greeted them at my door.

Touching my big nipples I began to reminisce how they each stood on one side of me, hefting my huge breasts while hungrily sucking on my aching nipples for over an hour as I stood with my head thrown back, cumming over and over as I stroked both their steel-hard cocks.

Dressing for, Taylor was making my breathing rapid and my already huge nipples ache. Ache with a desire to be sucked on. I always dress fashionably, wearing stockings, heels, and soft bras and panties, but knowing I’d be fucking, Taylor all weekend had my body tingling.

Because I knew we would be fucking all night, I called my husband and told him I was meeting, Taylor for dinner to discuss the charity, but was going to bed early. I did not want a single interruption.

“I think that is magnificent that you are meeting him to discuss the Gala,” he said, sincerely but, then in his way of always trying to be witty said, “I must say though that I am surprised that a boy as handsome as, Taylor would give up a night of dating to talk business.”

I grinned then thought to myself devilishly, ‘Oh trust me. The only business plan he has in mind, is to fuck me all week sweetheart.

“Well I do hope the meeting will be productive my dear,” he said in a polite tone.

As I looked at myself in the mirror taking in my sight with my huge nipples already hard as they stood tall on the ends of my pendulous breast I said in a somewhat crafty voice,

“Oh don’t worry, I’ll do my best to make the meeting productive dear,” I said as I ran a finger across my inch-long nipples.

After dressing I paced the suite. At each mirror I passed I looked at myself approvingly. I had to admit that I looked fantastic. The way the dress clung to my figure and the way the outline of my large nipples protruded through the sheer material.

But the reality was that I was a seventy eight year old woman, and I was about to be with an eighteen year old boy. Although I knew I didn’t look or feel seventy eight, and have been told I looked decades younger by friends and most who meet me, and this eighteen year old was mature decades beyond his years, the truth was that there was going to be a sixty year difference between us in age.

As I paced I couldn’t stop thinking that I was going out with a boy just out of High School; eighteen years old, sixty years younger than me. Then I began to think about how skilled he was sexually and my body began to tingle with excitement for what was to happen between us.

A few minutes later my cell phone rang. Taylor!

“Hello,” I answered in a soft voice.

“Virginia. I’m here, out front in a limo,” he said in a confident voice.

“A limousine,” I asked being impressed.

“Yes. I want total privacy,” he said confidently as a tingle went down my spine.

“I’ll be right down lover,” I said excitedly.

Coming down our private elevator all I could think abbot was spending the week with this amazing eighteen year old. The doorman, Charles who had been at the building for decades was very well-mannered but, I could see his eyes riveted kaçak casino to me. I know he was trying to be the consummate professional, but I could tell it was killing him not to stare at my body.

When he opened the door to the limousine he told me, in a very courteous way to have a wonderful evening. Seeing, Taylor, Charles voice began to instantly fade, so much so that I can’t remember thanking him as he opened he door and closed it once I got inside.

As soon as I sat I crossed my legs, which wasn’t missed by, Taylor.

“Fucking hot,” Taylor said in a deep voice as his eyes scanning up and down my body.

“I’m so glad you like what you see,” I said in a smoky voice as my eyes took in the sight of him in a crisp-white button-down shirt with an expensive, designer tailored jacket and pants.

Of course my eyes drifted to what was a prominent bulge that pushed against his inseam stopping just before his knee.

“Oh God,” I voiced at the enormity.

Within seconds we were kissing hard, with the passion of two lovers. Our tongues immediately began flicking across each others. Sparks began going- off deep inside my body. I was instantly turned-on.

“All week baby,” he said as he kissed my exposed neck.

“Oh God, yes,” I moaned excitedly.

Reaching over he pulled-out a bottle of Champaign from an ice bucket. It was already opened. I raised my eyebrow when I saw the label.

” Clos d’Ambonny,” I said with a raised eyebrow, knowing that it was a four thousand bottle of Champaign. “I’m very impressed.”

Pouring me a glass he handed it to me.

“Fucking sexy,” he said taking in the sight of me before handing me my glass.

I was tingling, hearing him say that. I wanted so much to sexy for him. The way he made me cum the day before and the way he controlled every move from kissing me to finger-fucking me, all I wanted was to be sexy in his eyes.

After pouring himself a glass he looked into my eyes and said, ” I can’t wait to fuck you.”

“Umm,” I said in a throaty voice as I grinned slyly, ” that is the most delightful toast I have ever heard.”

After clicking our glasses I ran my manicured nail over his massive bulge, and while looking into his eyes said, “I can’t wait to be fucked by you.”

After sipping we went back into a sexy kiss that had our tongues dancing across each others playfully.

The limousine continued to drive as we hungrily kissed. Our tongues were flicking across each others in a way that let the other know we were going to fuck. During the kiss, Taylors hands were running up and down my stocking- crossed legs. Electricity was shooting through me as his hands went to the side of my thigh and ran over my garter strap. So turned on by his touch I broke- off from time to time and threw my head back.

“Baby,” I groaned in ecstasy.

In turn my hand was roaming across the biggest bulge I have ever felt. My desire to fuck his enormous cock had me moaning and trembling.

As the seventy eight year old stunner was running her hand across his twelve inch mass he was thinking to himself smugly. ‘That’s right you sexy bitch, get a good feel of this big cock, because after I’m finished sucking that long, fat pussy, then tongue-fucking your asshole, then pinching and sucking your huge nipples until I’ve drained every ounce of cum out of you, I’m gonna re-shape your fuck-hole so wide you’ll have me on speed-dial.’

As we kissed, my hand continued to run up and down his massive shaft. Never in her life had I ever felt something so freakishly-huge. I could only squeeze a quarter of it because of its massive girth and as I ran down the length of it I was groaning as it felt as hard as steel.

‘Perfect baby. Size that big cock up for your pussy,’ he thought to himself smugly as they kissed.

He knew from the hundreds of women he fucked, exactly what was going through their minds every time they touched his huge cock. As the seventy eight year old stunner ran her hand up and down his mammoth shaft he knew; like they all did, that she was using this time to imagine how she would suck him and the different positions she would be in as she fucked his monster cock. To Be Continued….

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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