Hotel Lust

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I wait for him to come, I’m anxious to meet him. I’ve seen pictures of him and spoken to him on the phone, but meeting him for the first time for sex in a hotel room isn’t really my style, or his. I think about him every second for the 15 minutes I sit on the bed alone in the silent hotel room. The only noise I hear is the heavy breathing coming from the room next door, I saw a girl go into that room alone before, I figure she’s pleasuring herself and wants to be alone from everyone.

Being bisexual and feeling very horny listening to her moans and screams of pleasure I feel like running over there and eating her out and fingering her extremely wet pussy, but I know that if I do I won’t have the what I expect to be very pleasuring and powerful sex that I will get from the man that I am dieing to meet at this very second. I keep thinking about him, wanting to suck his big, throbbing cock, deep throating it in my mouth, making it slippery and wet for my pussy with my saliva, teasing him by twirling the tip of my tongue on the head of his cock. While thinking all this I can feel myself getting wetter and wetter, wanting his big, hard and throbbing cock inside my very wet pussy. I can’t wait any more, I need something in me.

I stand up off the bed and go over to a bag I have prepared for either during or after the amazing sex I hope to have, it has lots of things in it. A dildo, vibrator, kinky beads for which he can put in my pussy and then slowly slide out as he licks around my clit or fucks me hard in the ass. I reach deep inside the bag and find at the bottom a large dick ring, as he has told me his cock is thick when it’s hard. I pick up the bag to tip out the rest of the things I have brought for him and me to share for our one night of pleasure. I have 2 dildos, 2 vibrators, beads, porn videos and the dick ring I hope to slide on his warm and throbbing cock with my mouth while giving him great head. While crouching down putting the things back in the bag I leave out the big, blue vibrator I have brought for this evening and take it over with me to the bed.

I slowly slide down my g string and lift up my black skirt, I turn on the vibrator and put it in the middle of my big breasts and slowly move it down, rubbing my pussy and making it wetter as I slowly move the vibrator down my soft skin. I feel every vibration from the middle of my breasts to my inner thighs as I continue to rub myself, now rubbing my clit. I move the vibrator closer to my pussy, pushing it against one of my lips firmly as I feel the great vibration from the vibrator. I move the vibrator closer and spread my lips and push in the vibrator, I hold it there for a few seconds as I feel the great vibrations inside my pussy making me moan. I begin to slide it in out and of me, going in deep first, then slowly out. Holding the head of the vibrator almost out of my pussy letting it sit there almost coming out fully as I moan louder and louder, getting nearer and nearer to orgasm as the time goes by.

I almost climax when I hear someone walking to my door, I am almost in complete darkness so I do not see the person who is entering. I look at the person and it’s clearly a man. He turns around and looks at me and I know it’s the man I’ve been waiting for, he looks at me and then walks over to me. He looks at me, with the vibrator still moving in and out of my very wet pussy and then he looks up at my open mouth, knowing that I was close to orgasm before he walked in. He takes his shirt off and then removes his pants, slowly undoing his belt just to tease me. He slides off his pants, I ask him if he wants some help or if I could do anything for him and he says

“No I’ll be fine, but I’d love to help you.”

I canlı bahis watch him, he moves onto the bed and puts his hand on one of my breasts, now circling his finger around my very hard nipple and begins to kiss me. I kiss him back passionately as I have waited for him to come to me for long enough. I continue to move the vibrator in and out of me, getting closer to orgasm every time I slide it out then back in deep again. He looks down at my pussy then looks back up at my face, the light from the lamp on the table beside the bed shines on his face. I notice he’s very handsome and I smile at him. He smiles back as he must see clearly what I was doing before he got here. He slides off his underwear and moves closer to me, I lean towards him and start sucking his big, hard cock. I tease the head of his cock for a bit just as I had planned to do. I can tell by the expression on his face that he likes me teasing the head of his cock. I pull the vibrator out of my very wet pussy and turn it off, I then move it near his mouth. He licks the vibrator tasting my juices, he smiles and I know he likes how I taste. I point my eyes to my pussy, he moves his cock out of my mouth and then moves me on top of him, now in a sixty-nine position I continue to suck his warm, hard cock as he starts licking my pussy, he licks slowly up and down my lips and I wonder how he knows that I like that.

I get closer to orgasm as he continues to lick my pussy, licking a little faster now. I tease the head of his big cock some more because he is teasing me, flicking my clit continually. I try not to laugh as it tickles my pussy but in a good way that it’s making me hornier for him every time he does it. I suck his cock, going slow as he is going slow on my wet pussy. I move my hand off his chest and start massaging his balls softly, I know he feels it because he moved a little when I first grabbed them. I can tell he likes me massaging his balls from the way he’s licking faster on my pussy now because he wants to please me as much as I’m pleasing him. I can feel his tongue going in and out of me now, it feels really good. I then feel him stop and then he inserts two fingers deep in me, I start moving my hips in motion with his fingers so he can get his fingers deeper inside me. I then feel him doing the same, thrusting his pelvis so that I can have his cock even further down my throat. I love the feel of his big, smooth cock inside my mouth.

We are both in motion with each other, almost in a dancing motion together. I think how amazing this is for the first time being with him, after this I know I’ll want to have more of these nights with him, he’s amazing. I start to scream and moan as I am very close to orgasm, he knows I’m close and starts fingering me faster, I start sucking on his cock faster also so he can come with me. I know the girl in the next room who I heard having fun before must hear me now, but it doesn’t bother me. I continue sucking him and climaxing. I climax and then feel him come inside me, I swallow and lick all his juices off his cock. I love the taste of him. I move off of him, I lie there for a minute and then move over to the floor where the bag is. I get out a red dildo and the dick ring I brought for him. He looks at me and then smiles.

I walk back over to the bed and sit next to him, I start kissing him. I then move down, kissing his chest and then licking in circles around his nipples. I softly bite on one of his nipples and he moves a bit, then I look up at him and smile and he smiles back. I then continue kissing his chest and then I start kissing his belly, now circling his belly button with my tongue, I can tell it tickles him there as he moves every few seconds. I then bahis siteleri get near his nearly soft cock and start sucking on it, making it wet with my saliva. I feel it go rock hard again, I then grab the dick ring and then slide it just over the head and then flick the head of his cock with my tongue, and I know he likes that. I use my mouth and slide the dick ring further down his rock hard cock. I then move my mouth off his cock and sit on him, moving his cock up and down my lips teasing him before I insert it into my still very wet pussy all the way. I fit every inch of his cock inside me and slowly move myself up and down him, facing him. He moves his hands onto my hips and begins to move me faster up and down him, I start to moan and so does he. I don’t know how or why we come together, but it’s great.

I get closer to orgasm then I stay quiet for a second and listen to him moaning, but I also hear that the girl in the next room has stopped moaning and screaming. I wonder if she’s gone or just stopped for a bit. Then I hear someone open the door, slowly turning the handle. Then in comes the girl from the next room, she’s in a lacey red bra and g string. I think to myself, she looks hot! I then look over to her, she walks over to me and starts kissing me. For some reason I can’t do anything but continue moving myself up and down his cock and kiss her. I don’t want to ask any questions, I just want him and her right then and there. I continue kissing her and start moaning louder as I get closer to orgasm. She takes off her g string and I start licking her wet pussy, as I lick her out and he comes I grab the dildo next to me that I had grabbed before. I insert it into her wet, loose pussy. She smiles with pleasure as I move it in and out of her slow, then fast, then slow again just to tease her. I get very close to orgasm and then move myself off him and then lie her down onto the bed and then start flicking my tongue on her clit while moving the dildo in and out of her pussy slowly. I then see him move off the bed out of the corner of my eye and then feel him and the somewhat cold dick ring against my ass. He inserts just the head of his cock at first, and then pushes in all of him inside my tight ass. I’m so hot for them both right now it’s an amazing feeling and I feel like I never want the evening to end. I feel his big cock and the dick ring move fast in and out of my ass, I love the feeling of his dick in my ass. I want to lick her pussy and get fucked by him for ever.

I continue licking her pussy, I reach my hand out to grab the vibrator I was using earlier and I slide it in all the way and then turn it on. She moans with excitement as I turn it on and it makes goose bumps on her smooth, olive skin. I love the taste of her that I just want to lick her pussy more and more. She tastes sweet and I love it. I hear her come as I come with him fucking me hard in my ass, moving my hips back onto his so he can get his cock in as far as possible. I don’t feel him come in my ass so I move his cock out of me and I start stroking his dick as fast as I can and I watch as he comes and shoots his juices all the way across the room. I signal the other girl to come over and lick off his juices with me. I lick the head of his cock then I kiss her and spit his juices from my mouth into hers and he feels me do it and swallows and gives a grin as if to say she likes how he tastes. I continue kissing her, he watches us kissing then he grabs my arm and hers and moves us over to the bed together, he says he wants to watch us together. I give him a look and then nod as if to approve his suggestion.

I lie her down onto the bed and then lift her legs up high into the air. I start licking her bahis şirketleri out and I hear her moaning and screaming for more so I get the dildo on the bed and insert it into her ass. I know she likes it because she screams out

“Oh god yes!! More, More!!!”

I move the dildo in and out of her ass as I continue to lick her out, god she tastes so wonderful I think to myself. I wonder if she’d like how I taste. I bring her to orgasm once again and then move over her and then put my pussy right on her face, she starts licking me and I love the way she does it. She does it like nobody else that I know. I watch him walk over to me, I can tell he wants to be apart of the pleasure again. So I put my hand on his ass cheeks and move him closer to me and then start sucking on his throbbing cock. I love the taste of both of them. I start moaning as she is licking me, I think to myself, she is so good at this. I continue sucking on his cock so he can come with me. I notice she isn’t getting anything, only pleasuring me so I move my fingers down her body to her hips then to her wet pussy. I feel it’s not as wet as before so I start rubbing it at first and then I feel it get wetter. I take two of my fingers and insert them into her now, very wet pussy. I start moaning louder as I get closer to orgasm once again and I hear her start to moan, I feel that he has already come as I swallow his juices with his dick still deep in my mouth. I love the feel of her pussy on my fingers, so wet and soft.

I go still for a second as I orgasm and then hear he orgasm with me. I love the way she sounds when she orgasms. Such a lovely high yet slightly deep moan she gets when she’s excited. When I climax I move myself off her, she gets off the bed and goes to look for her g string, I think to myself, I hope she isn’t leaving. Unfortunately she leaves the room, as she leaves she looks back and gives me a smile. Strangely she doesn’t look at him, only at me. I feel happy and excited by that, like she only wanted me and not him. He looks over at me as I try not to smile back at her for I may make him think I planned this and never wanted him. So to reassure him, I walk over to him as she walks out the door and closes it and I kiss him passionately. I feel happy when I get a response from him and he kisses me back. We stop kissing and then he looks at me and says

“I really should go, I need to get home….This has been great though, I will never forget it.”

He smiles at me and I smile back. As he gathers his clothes and dresses. I pick up the toys and put them back in the bag. He walks behind me then moves his hand around me and then I see the dick ring in his hand. I look at the dick ring and then I look up at him and I say

“Thanks, so could we do this again sometime? With just the two of us?”

He looks at me and smiles and says

“Sure, that would be great.”

I smile back at him and then watch him walk out the door. I then go over to the bed to grab the red dildo I had used on her and then put it back in the bag. While I’m kneeling on the bed I notice there is a small piece of paper on the bedside table. Being curious because I know it’s not mine, I look at it. It says

“I had a great time and I’d love to see you again, you taste wonderful”

And then she left her number on it. I was smiling so much I couldn’t stop, I was so happy.

I woke up then, sweating and hot. I looked around the hotel room thinking where am I? Once I figured out where I was I looked at the time and noticed I’d been sleeping for about an hour and that I’d dreamt the whole thing. I felt somewhat sad because it never happened. But then I felt happy because I’d had such an arousing and powerful dream that I had become wet while dreaming it. Instead of letting it play out like my dream I decided to pick up my things and leave the hotel room and not meet him…or her for that matter. Then I heard a knock at the door…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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