Hound Dogs

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This story is like the rest of my stories in that I do not write them with much descriptive sex in them. I like to think that my style is more of describing the chase, than the actual catch. It is just a quirk I have, although this story should have enough facts for you to fill it in if you use your imagination. The idea for this story came one day when the wife dragged me off shopping. After a lunch my mind wandered off on its own while I waited at one store or another for the wife.

I have to thank (Hale1) for the fine editing skills without which this effort would not be readable. It never fails, when I get a work back I always have to change something so any mistakes are mine.


A while back the four of us were shopping in the largest mall for a hundred miles. My wife, Alice and I were shopping with our friends Beth and Jim. Alice and Beth just had to do this trip twice a year and Jim and I accommodated them by going along: Mostly to make sure they didn’t get carried away and empty our accounts buying that outfit they just had to have. The girls also needed pack mules to carry their purchases and we were the only pack mules they knew. That’s what they told us anyway.

They had killed the morning going from shop to shop, and I’m sure they had hit some of those stores twice. It sure felt like it anyway. Jim and I had gotten a few things we needed like that new skill saw and a few new wrenches we didn’t have at home. You know the important stuff. At least the two of us felt like we hadn’t wasted the time on this trip.

It was coming up to lunch time, and Jim and I were starving. A few years back on one of these shopping safaris the wives had agreed that we guys could choose where we ate lunch. I guess they wanted us to feel like we were appreciated for more than our wallets and strong arms. Jim and I knew they felt sorry for us being used as pack mules being dragged from one store to another, so when they had conceded the point on lunches to us we were happy. At least we could get the biggest and juiciest burgers in the mall and they wouldn’t complain too much. Yeah right, if you believe that I know about this bridge that’s going cheap.

The first restaurant we saw that day was a place called “Hound Dogs”. Jim and I had heard the hullabaloo about this place when it opened two months ago, so naturally that’s where we decided we were going to eat.

The girls objected at first but we reminded them of our agreement and they relented. That is one thing about the two of them, if they agreed to do something they would do anything to keep that agreement rather than face the two of us teasing them about being Indian givers or deal breakers or any other saying we could come up with.

The restaurant was a rip off of the very popular restaurant chain “Hooters.” The waitresses were all scantily clad females and the main things on the menu were burgers and beer. Oh sure they had some other things like ribs, and they even had a salad or two, but they were in business to serve men, and the waitress’s dress code was the thing that brought in the guys.

As we entered the restaurant we did take some heat from our wives about our choice of the eating establishment. Jim and I reminded them that if we had to traipse around with them all day looking interested while they tried on one outfit after another we deserved the freedom of our choice. They finally conceded that we had the choice of where we ate on these shopping trips and reluctantly followed us inside.

Sure enough a pair of double D cups on a cute brunette met us at the door. Jim and I sure enjoyed the wiggling ass she displayed as she led us to our table. After taking our drink orders and giving us all a menu she strolled off.

The first thing we saw on the menu was a notice that if we ordered their burgers they would be served by a waitress with the same sized boobs as the corresponding letter in the menu. That being, an A was a 3/8 lb. Burger served by a waitress in an A cup bra, B was a ¼ lb burger, and C was a 5/8 lb burger, and the D was a ¾ lb burger. You get the idea.

Jim and I jokingly made a big deal out of deciding which size of burger to order and the girls gave us a rough time by telling us not to bite off more than we could chew. That got some chuckles from the table behind us.

I should describe the uniforms the waitresses wore in this place. The bottoms were Daisy Duke super shorts in a bright red colour. Heck the belt line was so low they looked like they would fall off if the waitress wiggled too hard and the cut in the rear was so high half of the waitress’s buns were on display. They were so tight they almost looked like they were painted on. We could definitely see the camel toe that’s for sure. When the waitresses got closer those shorts almost looked like they were see through they were so thin, and the name Hound Dogs was stencilled in a pattern all over them in small letters. On the rear of these shorts the word BUN was casino oyna stencilled in capitol letters on each cheek.

The tops they wore were string bikini tops that matched the colour, fabric and pattern of the shorts and there was no mistaking that those tops displayed more than they hid. Our waitress brought our drinks and took our order. As she walked away Jim commented that it was a real treat to see a waitress kneading those BUNS before they went into the oven. Our wives didn’t appreciate that comment for some reason.

When our orders were delivered the waitress with the corresponding boob size to the menu item brought out the order. I guess that’s why they sold a lot of big burgers here. Jim and I had decided that C was going to be our order. Our wives told us that we probably should have chosen something smaller as they started on their salads.

At this point I will describe our wives and the relationship we had with them. Our two wives were both five foot five and were pretty much the same shape. Actually they both went to the same gym and worked hard to keep those shapes. They both had athletically shapely figures, with tight asses, on great legs. The only difference’s between our two wives was in their hair colour and their boob sizes. Alice, my wife, had brown hair and her boobs were a solid C cup, while Beth’s were only an A cup and she was a blond. Beth’s boob size was a bit of a sore spot for her but both Jim and I told her that it didn’t really matter. Of course she didn’t believe us.

Alice and I had first met Jim and Beth at a neighbourhood greet and meet party shortly after we had moved onto our acreage. They had moved into a place just down the road a bit from us the week before we moved into the area. So the four of us were newbies in the area. At that party as we met all the neighbours, the four of us realized that we were the only ones for miles around in our age group. Everyone else was almost a senior citizen. The neighbours were nice though, and we got along well with them.

It wasn’t long until we found ourselves doing most of our socializing together. We became instant friends, and like good friends do, there was the usual good-natured bickering and teasing going on back and forth.

Jim worked in an industrial job, while Beth settled for driving a school bus, which gave her lots of time to take care of their place. Alice was an office manager, and I was a partner in a hardware store.

We soon settled into a routine around our work hours. I worked late on Fridays and worked Saturdays and had Sunday and Monday off. Jim had normal hours of nine to five, as did Alice. That allowed Jim and Alice who worked within a half mile of each other to commute together and take turns driving. Beth was home every day after her morning bus run, free to do what she wanted until about two thirty when she had to do her afternoon run.

To kill my time off every Monday morning I made cinnamon buns. I had been doing this since my mother asked me for help one day when I was about fifteen years old. They turned out great and I got a reputation for making the best buns around and no, I won’t tell you my secret ingredient. Out of pride and habit I just kept on making them for something to do. I got up very early every Monday morning and made a whole whack of them. As soon as the neighbours had sampled them I usually had requests for orders from them too, and because I was making them anyway it was no trouble to double or triple the batch size.

Beth absolutely loved cinnamon buns, so we met every Monday after her bus run to have fresh ones. It didn’t take to long after we met to alternate homes to have our Monday morning coffee and buns.

Speaking of coffee, Beth’s coffee was a standing joke amongst us. She had fallen in love with some special Turkish coffee. She had the grounds special ordered from back east somewhere and even bought a special coffee maker. This coffee was as strong as anything, and I’m sure you could stand your spoon up in the middle of it. If you could drink a cup of this molasses you would have a buzz on for the rest of the day. As you can imagine nobody else could stand that battery acid, but Beth drank it like water. At their house Jim had his own coffee machine that was for him and company only. Beth went everywhere with her coffee because she refused to drink any other kind.

While Beth and I met Monday mornings for our coffee and fresh buns, Jim and Alice met at Jim’s place every Friday night for movie night. Just after we had met each other, the two of them had found out that they both had a love for old western movies. Why old westerns? Hell I don’t know, or really care because I had no interest in them and was happy Alice found someone else to watch them with. At least I didn’t have to suffer through watching them anymore. The two of them lived for those Friday evenings watching them in front of Jim’s big projection screen.

Beth was like me and had no interest in old westerns canlı casino so I was happy I worked Friday evenings and most times I didn’t get home until eleven or twelve. On Fridays Beth skipped out of watching those old westerns and arranged to have a standing date to visit her sister. Knowing Jim and Alice were going to watch one of those ridiculous westerns right after supper Beth left immediately after she and Jim threw all the supper dishes in the dishwasher.

It was funny to watch Jim and Alice when we went shopping around town. The two of them detoured to check out every garage sale, shop that sold old or used movies, and junk shop to find those old movies. They bought every old western movie they could get their hands on. To each his own I guess.

That should be enough background for now.

That day at the mall as we ate our lunch, Jim and I were naturally giving the girls the gears. The girls in return were on our case because of the dress code for the waitresses and our behaviour. For the hour we were in the restaurant we went back and forth mostly complaining about each other’s spouse and their attitudes.

At one point Beth had gone on a spiel about Jim and me staring at the waitress’s uniforms and not paying attention to what we were eating. She ended her rant by saying that anyone that wore a uniform like that could place anything in front of us and we would eat it. Jim and I had to sort of agree with her but I also wanted to get poke back at her a bit, so in jest I said that if she ever wore an outfit like that, Jim and I might even able to drink one of her very foul coffee’s.

Beth, who was very protective about her coffee, instantly got defensive and in return without thinking, told me in a serious voice, “The day that you are even “allowed” to drink one of my coffee’s, or if I ever wore an outfit that revealing, would be after you have served me a cinnamon bun with no clothes on.” I knew she thought that I would never do anything like that, so being so cock sure of herself she had flippantly cast that reply out.

So that started the good-natured argument between us. We ended up going back and forth accusing the other one that they didn’t have the guts to dress like that: Me nude serving my cinnamon buns, and her serving me coffee in a “Hound Dogs” costume.

I don’t know what started Jim and Alice going, but they were soon on the same theme as Beth and I, but were arguing about Alice dressing for an event but only after Jim dressed outrageously for one of their movie nights. The difference in the two arguments was in what clothing was to be worn; Jim and Alice were on a western theme for their dress code, with Jim wanting Alice to wear Chaps and a small vest and nothing else while Alice said she would only do that if Jim wore just the chaps. That discussion went on for our lunch and they were still at it as we headed for another store.

Jim and I had been friends long enough to know that we both were attracted to the others wife, but we had never acted on that. This bickering back and forth with the girls, about who would do what, and who was chicken etc, got Jim and me thinking about a plan to get the two of them to go to bed with the other’s husband.

When the girls were in a dressing room at one store, Jim and I talked it over and decided to pull the girls chains a bit and challenge them on the subject of our argument and see if it hopefully would lead us to the others bedroom. We were hoping to provoke them because we knew the girls thought we were just bluffing about the dispute we were having about them wearing what we wanted. We both believed that after we wore what they thought we didn’t have the guts to appear in front of them with, they would be shamed into doing what we wanted them to do.

We knew they wouldn’t want to loose face and would dress like that for us and that should lead to us being able to get the other’s wife to go to bed with us.

Jim and I compared our wives sizes to make sure we both knew what sizes to get for each other’s wife. Jim snuck out first to get some chaps for him and Alice and a short vest for her to. I had to wait for a bit until the girls went in the next store before I could head back to “Hound Dogs” to get an outfit for Beth.

When I got back to “Hound Dogs” I found out they had two different outfits they sold. The ones the waitresses wore, and for ten bucks more another set that were indeed see through, with only the stencils in ink. Without thinking I splurged and spent the extra ten bucks. Jim and I quietly compared what we had bought, and agreed that seeing the others wife in the outfits we had chosen would be a rush.

After the girls were shopped out the drive home was a continuation of the good-natured disagreement about who would do what. Jim and I challenged the girls on the point of who would do exactly what and made them promise to follow through on what we challenged them to do.

Beth and I after a lot of tongue in cheek kaçak casino negotiating came to the agreement that if on one Monday I served Beth her cinnamon buns in the nude, she would wear a “Hound Dogs’ outfit for me the next week. Of course her outfit must be complemented with four inch heels, jewellery, and makeup. When Beth heard that she told me that I not only had to serve her in the nude but also I had to wear a Mickey Mouse tie. Where she got the idea for a tie like that I don’t know, but I figured she thought she would make the deal outrageous and was sure of winning the argument if there was no way that I could come up with a Mickey Mouse tie.

What Beth didn’t know was my dad had got one for Christmas last year. I knew he still had it because he had told me he kept it in his closet as a gag thing. So, knowing that, I agreed to Beth’s terms and we made a big show of shaking hands to seal the deal.

Jim and Alice really got into their negotiations and took almost the whole drive home to strike a deal. They agreed that if Jim only wore chaps to one of Alice’s and his movie nights, she would wear only the chaps and a short vest the next week. The two of them agreed that they should complete the outfits by Jim wearing cowboy boots and a cowboy hat with the chaps and nothing else. If Jim did all that then Alice would wear only the chaps and vest, along with the boots and hat but she had to be made up and accessorized too.

After a time limit of two months was agreed to on this agreement, Jim and I made sure the girls crossed their hearts and hoped to die, which assured us that they would honour this promise. They snidely made us do the same thing for them. Alice was laughing at the deal we had just made and told us that we should also take pictures because no one would believe it if it happened. So we agreed on that point too.

Both girls didn’t know that Jim and I had already bought those outfits for the girls and the both of us were willing to do anything to see if the girls would indeed go through with their promises.

Beth and Alice were so confident that Jim and I didn’t have the “balls” to do anything like this. For the next week they kept a constant stream of snide comments coming our way about us being chicken. They figured that after a couple of months, when we didn’t appear dressed as agreed on, they could embarrass us about loosing the bet. Jim and I figured that the two of them thought they had put one over on us.

Alice and Beth didn’t know that Jim was planning on enjoying Alice’s body in those chaps, and afterwards escalating things so that he could enjoy the rest of her body. I was planning on making the most of my chance to enjoy Beth’s body in that “Hound Dogs” outfit and from there I hoped it would lead to better things. This getting the girls to agree to this childish promise was just to get thing in motion.

The next Monday I made my cinnamon buns and headed over to Beth’s place to have our Monday coffee together. Beth had her usual “crude oil” but had made some regular coffee for me. Of course Beth being Beth had to tease me about bringing over the buns and still wearing my clothes.

I played up the fact that my birthday suit was still at the cleaners, but I would get it back soon. That gave her a good laugh because she was thinking I didn’t have the guts to serve her my cinnamon buns nude. She played up the fact that she didn’t have to worry about shopping for her “Hound Dogs” outfit because I was never going to get nude for her.

Jim and Alice went through the same thing that Friday too. Alice actually told Jim to his face that there was absolutely no way he would wear only those chaps with his private parts exposed. She knew that because he was just too timid to do anything like that. Or that’s what she thought anyway. She even snickered at him when she said it.

Sunday afternoon I was helping Jim with his lawn tractor replacing an axle that he had somehow bent. While doing that chore we talked and figured that tomorrow (Monday) would be my day to start things with Beth.

Little did our wives know what we had planned for the next week! That week would be perfect for our plans. Alice was going out of town for her company on a conference Monday morning and wouldn’t return until Friday about noon. Jim would drop her off at her work like normal that Monday, where she would immediately leave with her workmates for the airport. Friday when she returned Alice would get a cab back to the office from the airport. Beth and her sister were leaving Tuesday for a planned five day trip to visit their mother, and wouldn’t be back until the next Sunday evening.

The plan was that Alice would leave on Monday for her conference. About the time she was on the plane a few hundred miles from home I would do my thing with Beth. Beth would be leaving early Tuesday for the week so she couldn’t contact Alice and warn her. When Alice got home on Friday I would already be at work, so she could make the Friday movie night with Jim where he could do his thing. All in all it was a good plan where the two of our wives couldn’t contact each other and they both would be blindsided by our actions.

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