How Your Colors Take Me

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I’m experimenting with the short and sweet stuff here that I have saved up, instead of long stuff I sued to do. If anyone likes it let me know through whatever means you prefer and I’ll post more of them. I love feedback/discussing though, so if you’d like to, please do! It doesn’t matter who you are, if you’re nice, we can talk! Anyways, story time.


Synesthesia: One sensory pathway automatically triggering an involuntary response of another sensory pathway

Chromesthesia: Type of Synesthesia where people report seeing colors emitted through the air where one perceives sounds to ‘go’ or come from.

Auditory-tactile synesthesia: Type of Synesthesia where people report sounds creating sensations, as if being ‘touched’, on parts of the body


“Sit. Please, no one else his hear. My roommate is out of town. Just sit.”

I help you onto the bed and lay you down. My hand flickers under your knee and you laugh. I FEEL your laugh immediately. Hands softly cup my breasts. Squeeze them as your laugh continues and you make me stop. I help your pants off now. “Please, just do this for me,” I whisper.

You nod. “Of course.” There’s kindness in your voice. It squeezes my shoulders and czech casting porno relaxes my neck. Your shirt is removed while I put oil on the bed beside you. You lay naked on the bed. I sit at my desk chair, dress neatly draped around me still, legs crossed as I watch you.

“Touch yourself,” I say, “Around him.” You nod and your hands trace between your thighs, fingertips grazing around your package. Slight breathing comes off your lips and I see small purples move up and fill the air above, like a visual breeze. It washes over me and I feel it trace my thighs. “More.” You comply and reach down, holding your small orbs and playing with them as your member grows to the point of flipping down onto your stomach. It makes a small thud and your groan a little at your self-stimulation. The purple stays around me as blue from your groan and orange from your thud fill my eyes. “It’s so pretty,” I barely say. The colors mix into the air, dancing with the others and washing over me. I watch them as the blue sounds make my pussy tingle with fingertips along them. The orange kisses my neck. I moan myself and yellow moves out and mixes into the air. I uncross my legs and grip the chair handles.

“Please,” I moan, making yellow overtake some of the other czech couples porno colors. Your hand grasps your cock and you pour oil on it. The slight crackle of the bottle and pouring of the gel makes a cream color that runs its hands through my hair. As your rub it in, the oil sounds multiplies the hands and mixes the colors. They’re in my hair, grazing my back, squeezing my butt, spreading my legs.

“Uhh,” you let out, and I let out a bigger one. Your moan, your first real moan, colored out in deep blue. It cascades through the other colors. I take a moment to look out at the gorgeous mixture in the space between us as some of the blue slips under my dress. I feel it tickle my pussy lips. Lick them. Suck on them. “Oh,” another moan. And the colors invade more confidently. My body shudders as all the other colors continue to work, the blue of your moans filling my eyes and now filling my pussy, entering it slowly. The slick sounds of your cock covered in oil keeps the hands on me all over, the thudding of your fist on the base makes massages my breasts and plays with my nipples in a lime-green frenzy.

“Oh, shit,” you say. Your words put your own shade of yellow, like sunlight but not blinding, into the air and I feel it on my lips. Your eyes czech estrogenolit porno are fixed on me, I realize, and you start to say my name. I moan out in earnest, now, nails digging into the seat as the I’m filled again and again inside, and the feeling on my lips grows with you uttering my name. Pressing my lips, sucking them, biting them, filling my mouth, sucking my tongue, pressing on my tongue, pushing down my mouth. I forget to breathe for a moment.

“Oh my god!” We say in unison, as your pumps become faster and every feeling on my body follows suit. The hands all over my body, my hair, back, shoulders, breasts, ass, thighs, the feelings on my lips, the filling of my pussy, all the colors start to sparkle and flash before me as you cum, a bright white joining the mix and enveloping me. It’s sets me off, making me shudder and squeeze my thighs together in my chair, shaking and moaning, trying to keep my eyes open through the utter beauty I was beholding in my eyes. But when your sounds made the pleasure in my body to great, I had to shut them. I could feel them though, all around me, as I fell to my hands and knees on the floor, quivering. They were working my senses until everything was one and it was all black once again. I laid to the floor, feeling it cold below my steaming body, so comfortable. I drifted for a few moments.

When I finally opened my eyes the colors were fading, and you laid there. “Thank you, I’ll clean you up,” I smiled, licking my lips, “And then I’ll show you what I felt.”


Thanks for reading!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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