Ignorance is Bliss Ch. 09

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Big Tits

Chapter IX – Ray’s Sunday

My nipple tickled. I swiped my hand at it and contacted another hand. Startled, my eyes opened. I found myself staring straight into Ray’s smiling face.

“Morning,” he drawled, “something wake you?” He brushed my nipple again.

It took a moment for all that had happened the night before to rush back. “Morning,” I croaked, then cleared my throat. “What time is it?” I asked, just to give myself a moment to catch up.

“Just about nine. I have been up for hours, I have showered and shaved and was thinking about breakfast. Want something?”

“Yeah, uh, some toast and coffee would be good.” I had had time to assess my situation and found that while still a little tired, I was not sore after the night’s games. I feel sticky between my thighs and needed badly to use the toilet, but generally, I was in good shape. “I think I will get a shower while you call room service. Back in a moment.”

I suddenly realized that I was naked under the single sheet and that any clothes I might have used to cover myself were across the room. I slowly slid out from the bed and turned to face Ray. He was almost drooling over my full frontal nudity. I gave a great big stretch, reaching my arms up to the ceiling and spreading my legs wide. Ray groaned. Then, keeping my chin up and chest out (to keep my breasts from sagging too much (hey, I am pushing fifty), I walked with a slight sway to my hips to the bathroom.

I had just finished my shower when Ray knocked on the door. “Breakfast is here!”

“I’ll be right out,” I said as I opened the door and walked to where Ray had set the little table with two chairs. Coffee and toast were waiting for me, Ray had bacon and eggs. Ray was standing by one chair in a dressing gown open down the front, and boxer shorts. “Aren’t you a little over dressed?”

He shed the dressing gown and sat.

We ate in silence for a while. Ray’s eyes rarely left my tits. Finally, after finishing one cup of coffee and my toast, I sat back to give him a better view. “So, I figure we have about three hours before we have to check out and start for home.” I paused in thought for a moment. “How many times do you think you can cum in three hours?”

Ray almost spat his last bite of eggs across the table. “Wha…!?” He gulped twice. “H – H – How…” he stuttered.

“The one thing we haven’t talked about is positions. I need to show you that sex is not just for missionaries.” I stood and walked over beside him. “Turn your chair to face me and get rid of those boxers!”

Without standing, Ray whipped off his boxers and turned his chair. I straddled his lap and slid down until I could feel his cock snuggled into my stomach. I wiggled until I was pressing my clit into the side of his cock. Ray’s eyes were huge, his mouth hung open and his arms went around me to grab my buns.

“Rinse your mouth,” I whispered in his ear. He grabbed his coffee cup and took a drink. “Hold a mouthful for me…” He took another mouthful. As soon as he reached to put his cup down, I kissed him and pushed my tongue in his mouth full of coffee. We shared it as we kissed.

I could feel him starting to make little involuntary movements with his hips. Time to go to work. I slithered around until my pussy was lined up with the head of his bulging prick. Then I lowered myself down on him. I was wet and he slid in smoothly until I was sitting on his hips.

“Think canlı bahis bricks,” I whispered as I moved up and slid down forcing his cock deep inside. It didn’t take long. Fifteen or twenty strokes later he moaned, slipped his hips further under me and proceeded to blast away. I pumped out another few strokes and sat.

“Ok. Before you go today you are going to get me to cum. I wasn’t even close that time, but let’s go into the bathroom and clean up.” I rose off of him and took his hand. I led the way to the bathroom, leaking cum down my leg.

In the bathroom I sat up on the counter, “Get the washcloth, clean me up,” I prompted.

He looked at me and then dove into my crotch face first. He used his tongue to great effect as he licked me clean. He sucked up every drop of cum he could find and sucked the remains from my cunt. By the time he was finished we were both ready again.

He leaned in to kiss me and found two things: first, my breasts hit him in his face when I leaned back; second, his dick slipped into my hot, sopping cunt. He grabbed both my tits in his hands and suckled first one, then the other as he slid his rod in and out. He had just cum ten minutes ago, but I could feel him coming close again. His pumping was pleasing me, but I wasn’t ready to cum yet.

I reached up with one hand and twisted his nipple hard. I wanted to see if a little pain would slow him down. It caused him to shoot another load into my already sopping cunt. He thrust deeply a couple of more times then sighed and backed away. When his cock left my cunt it was followed by a stream of his spunk.

“You didn’t cum, did you?” he asked rhetorically.

I used the wash cloth to quickly wipe my sloppy cunt. “Nope, but let’s not give up yet. You’ve only cum twice. Last night it took three before you slowed down, come on.” I held out my hand to him as I slid off the counter.

We walked hand in hand out to the big stuffed chair. I sat on the arm and brought his cock close. It had shrunk a little but was still half hard. I popped it in my mouth and began sucking him. It didn’t take too long before he was hard again.

“Ok, take me from behind…” I turned around and leaned over the side of the chair. Ray stepped in behind me and slid his dick once more into the breach. He lasted longer this time. He paddled my ass with his crotch. We were making squishing and smacking sounds as he drilled my well.

“Faster,” I panted, “faster!”

Ray grabbed my hips and pulled me back into him harder and harder. I slipped my hand under me and played with my clit.

“Oh, god, I’m nearly there…” I moaned, “harder!”

Ray was pounding so hard the chair was sliding across to the bed. He had to move his feet every other stroke.

“Yes! Yes! I’m… I’m cumming!” I yelled. I flew over the cliff of a mighty orgasm. At the edge of my consciousness I felt Ray’s warm spunk splatter deep inside me.

He lay on top of me catching his breath. I was content to not move, I was experiencing little aftershocks.

Eventually, Ray whispered in my ear, “Stay there, don’ lose it…”

I smiled at him and slithered down the chair until my head and shoulders were on the floor and my feet were down around my ears. “Fuck me again,” I demanded. I couldn’t believe how fast his roger came to attention as he moved into position, his feet by my ears, his hands at the back of the chair arms. I reached bahis siteleri up and helped point him to the gooey mess of my pussy. He coasted to an abrupt stop as his pubic bone bounced off mine.

Then he became a jack hammer, his rod hammering at me until I swore I would have bruises.

My back began to ache. “Turn around!”

He did and I pulled the cushion off the chair to put it under my hips. Then I pushed the chair away. He got down on his knees on the carpet, lifted my hips off the cushion and hammered away.

I had created a monster. His intensity was almost frightening. I could see the beginning of him unloading just as I was beginning to feel the first flutters of an impending orgasm. “Bricks!” I shouted, “Think bricks!” I must have startled him because he missed a beat and seemed to fade back a touch.

It didn’t last, of course, quickly he was pounding even harder. But I was close now and might even come with him…

We came. Together. Necks arched, stomachs convulsing, toes curling, we came. Oh, god, we came.

Ray didn’t let go off me. He still held my hips up keeping the double load of his sperm inside.

After gasping for breath, I asked, “What do you want to do with it?”

“I don’t know.” He paused. “I just want to see it pour out… but I don’t want a mess.”

“The shower. I’ve got to get to the shower.” I swiftly put my hand over my pussy, squeezing my lips together to hold Ray’s loads inside. Ray was watching with concern hoping nothing would leak out. Awkwardly I walked to the shower.

Once I was in I suggested he get his digital camera and take a movie of the stream of cum. He dashed off and returned with his camera.

“No face! No identification!” I warned as he began to take a short movie. I stood up with my legs spread wide. Ray sat watching as his semen poured to the shower floor and some slid down my legs. He even got a close-up of drops coming off the back of my thighs and dripping from my hand.

As soon as he was done I made him show me the whole film. It really was kind of sexy in a gross sort of way. Not a kink I really wanted to continue after today. “You know that Sylvia is not going to be as calm as I am about this. You will have to lead her up to it slowly.”

“Yeah, I figured that. It is kind of gross isn’t it. But it really turns me on. I don’t know why.”

I put my hand on his arm. “It is good that you can share your fantasies but go carefully. If Sylvia is willing…” I shrugged.

He put the camera away and we had a shower. By the time we were dry I noticed that Roy still had most of a hard-on.

“Come on..” I drew him back to the bed. I need a rest so you can do all the work.” I moved him into a scissor position with my right leg over his hips as he lay on his side across the bed and my left leg under his right. His left leg was at the bottom of the heap. This position allowed side access to my pussy which he promptly filled. It also left both his hands free access to my clit, my torso, and especially my breasts.

“Go slow. We have lots of time. Play with my breasts and my clit.” I reached down and tickled his balls.

Just like yesterday, he went over every place on my body that he could reach. He even played with my toes. The difference was that this time he was rocking his hips back and forth and slowly building to a release.

I was in heaven. Whenever he did something especially bahis şirketleri nice I moaned or wiggled my bottom. He found my clit again and rubbed it gently in time with his thrusts. I was moaning nearly constantly.

“Make me cum… Yeah, just like that, rub my clit… Oh yeah…” I wriggled my bum. “I little more… faster…”

He tweaked my nipple with one hand and rubbed my clit as he thrust in and out. I came again. He didn’t stop. I was so sensitive I pleaded for him to stop and tried to push his hand away but he kept stroking until my complaints stopped and I begged him to continue.

I came again. Several little small convulsions. He must have felt it for he stopped tickling my clit and began to thrust harder and faster. He grabbed for purchase onto both my breasts and squeezed hard as he drove pile driver strokes into my poor aching, abused pussy.

Finally he drove one last stoke and grunted as he filled me with more of his cum. I had another little orgasm while he was finishing.

We lay there locked together until I felt his shrinking dick fall out of me. It was followed by a small rush of spend. We pulled apart and this had to be the first time I had seen him shrunk to his normal size. He moved up beside me and we cuddled quietly for ten minutes or so.

“It is time to get cleaned up. We have to check out by noon.” I got up and gathered my clothes. I blew him a kiss as I went through the connecting door. “See you in about twenty minutes.”

* * * * *

Three hours later we were well on our way to being home. We had discussed everything that had happened over the weekend. He had repeated the Six Four Two formula until he had it memorized and I had given him all the tips I could think of on how to please Sylvia.

Of course all the talk of sex had got him hard again. You can’t keep a good man down. I began to watch for a likely side road. One more for the road. I giggled.

“What is so funny?” Ray asked.

“Nothing. Just I have some business to take care – can you pull off on the next side road?”

“What do you need?”

“A little privacy – turn there,” I pointed to a dirt side road that led into some trees. He dutifully slowed the car and turned. “And stop there,” I pointed at a little road that disappeared into the forest. He pulled in carefully and stopped. I got out and stretched. The see-through blouse and flesh tone bra did their job. He got out too. I walked to the rear of the car and bent over and put both my hands on the trunk ornament. “What is a girl to do when a big strong stranger comes up behind her and flips up her skirt…”

He was behind me so fast I thought the ground was smoking. Up went my skirt. Down went his pants. In went his salami – I wasn’t wearing panties. I was wet and filled to overflowing.

Roy stroked in and out slowly. He fondled my breasts and reached under me to find my clit. As my heart began to race, he pumped faster, his engorged piston striking deep. In and out, back and forth. He groaned.

“Just a little more… think bricks…” I cautioned.

“I am…” he said through gritted teeth, “I’ve built a whole bloody castle, moat and all…” He moved his hands to my waist and pulled me back on to his prick.

“Add another tower… Ohh…. another wall… oh God! I’m cumming!”

I felt Ray blast with his hose, filling my tunnel with his cum once again. My knees shook as I came too and I nearly collapsed on the ground. I couldn’t fall, I was caught on his love hook.

Once I regained some strength, I pulled my panties out of my skirt pocket and slipped into them. “This load isn’t for you.” I smiled at him.

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