I’m In Charge

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Halloween on campus was predictable: naughty nurse and schoolgirl outfits, kegs of domestic beer, and hundreds of red plastic cups that would line the sidewalks for the coeds taking the Walk of Shame on November 1st.

Leon was at the frat party sipping a Jack on the rocks. He was dressed as Michael Myers from Halloween, complete with a one-piece mechanic’s suit and a plain white mask. Leon was scanning the room when his eyes settled on a perfectly sculpted ass bending over, filling her red plastic cup from the keg. The girl was wearing latex boyshorts and when she bent over, Leon could see her pussy lips. She stood up and turned. The girl, a curvy Latina with jet-black hair and brown doe-eyes, was dressed in a latex uniform shirt and a leather police officer’s hat to compliment her shorts. The uniform shirt was a half-shirt at best, revealing a curvy mid-section with a faint hint of abdominal muscles. She was carrying a dog leash in her hand. At the end of the leash was a blonde woman, maybe six feet tall. Her costume was a bikini. It worked for her.

The Latina, “Eva”, according to her name tag on the workshirt, casino siteleri approached Leon. She tugged the leash attached to the Joker and whispered into his ear. He nodded. She repeated this with the blonde, who also nodded.

“What are you supposed to be?” Leon asked. “Sexy cop?”

“Let’s say…sexy dogcatcher,” Eva said, winking. “Cute costume, by the way. I have a proposition for you. You see,” she said, jerking the leash holding the bikini girl, “Heather has been exceptionally well-behaved, and she deserves a treat. And she picked you. Who am I to refuse?”

This is crazy, Leon thought, but he said “I’m game.”

Heather smiled and clapped her hands. “Good”, Eva said. “Come upstairs. Oh, and take the mask off.”

Leon followed the trio upstairs through the crowd of costumed students. Eva opened the door to the master bedroom. A sprawling bed sat on the room. Heather kneeled on the bed as Eva unhooked her bikini top, revealing full breasts and perfect pink nipples, almost the same tone as her skin. Heather slipped out of her bikini bottom herself. She had a small racing canlı casino stripe above her pussy.

Eva gently pushed Heather onto her back and ran a finger up and down Heather’s pussy. Heather moaned and spread her legs. Eva slipped to fingers in and licked Heather’s clit. She looked up at the growing bulge in Leon’s costume.

“You don’t have to wear that the whole time, silly.”

Leon scrambled to get out of the jumpsuit, barely aware of the other man sitting a foot away from him. Leon, still masked, pounced on the bed. Eva pushed him lightly away.

“Not so fast,” she scolded him. “I’m not through yet.” Eva slid her fingers into Heather’s eager opening and sucked on them. Heather squirmed, the choke collar drawing a notch tighter around her neck. Leon was stroking his hard cock furiously.

Eva positioned herself on top of Heather, facing away. Leon could hear Heather panting and trying to lick through the latex boyshorts. Eva pulled Heather’s legs back and spread them wide. She looked at Leon.


Leon positioned himself on the bed. Eva, still spreading Heather’s kaçak casino legs wide, jammed her tongue into Leon’s mouth. Leon groped her through her latex shirt, feeling her hard nipples. He thrust his hips forward and penetrated Heather. Heather moaned “ohmygodddddddd” as Leon went in at out. Her pussy tightened around Leon’s cock as she came.

Leon could feel himself getting close to climax. “Oh, I’m so close” he said. Eva dropped Heather’s legs and grabbed Leon by the small of the back. “Inside of her.” Leon struggled to pull out but he could feel himself going deep; the warm wetness was too much.

“Oh..oh…oh….!” Leon could feel himself losing control and he came deep inside of Heather. He could hear Heather’s moans change to protests but Eva held them both into place until she was satisfied and climbed off. Leon finally pulled out. Heather sat up and opened her legs. Her taut thigh muscles flexed and tensed until Leon’s semen dripped out of her pussy and down to the crack of her ass. Heather’s eyes brimmed with tears as she spread her pussy open and forced more cum out.

“I can’t believe you did that, Eva. I trusted you. There’s so much…”

Eva quickly leaned over and stuck a finger into Heather’s glistening pussy and pulled it out, glistening with cum. She slowly sucked it off of her finger.

“Happy Halloween,” she said.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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