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Big Tits

I had never done something like this before. The house ahead of me was nicer than anything else I’d visited, and looking at it intimidated me, just a little bit. For a moment, I wasn’t entirely sure if this really was the place that Fiona had told me about.

I’d dressed to impress in a short skirt and T-shirt. Not exactly formal attire, but Fiona had told me that it was what He liked. I’ll admit, I did feel a little ridiculous… But then again, what did I have to lose?

Fiona had told me about Mr. Smith three days ago. According to her, he was quiet and kept to himself. He prefered date nights in, and was more than happy to cook for his guests as part of the entertainment… Just what the entertainment consisted of was never specified, but I was able to guess as much. He paid for their company, as was expected. But Fiona had been adamant it wasn’t blatant prostitution.

“I mean, yes, I think that’s what he’s paying for.” She said, “But sometimes I just think he feels a little lonely, that’s all. Besides, it’s good money and he’s a good man… You’d like him.”

The discussion on whether or not I would actually like him had turned into an invitation, and Fiona had needled the curiosity out of me. It just so happened that Mr. Smith was looking for an additional entertainer, and asked Fiona to bring a friend she was comfortable with.

“So I guess I’m asking you.” Fiona had said, “After all, you’re like my best friend. Why wouldn’t I want it to be you?”

The offer had been flattering, even if I wasn’t exactly sure what to make of it. I almost declined, but Fiona’s enthusiasm had swayed me. She was always charismatic, and she had a smile it was impossible to say no to. Fiona was a hot, blonde little thing. Petite and pretty. Of course men wanted her. I wasn’t quite as interesting, being a somewhat lanky brunette. I suppose I got a fair bit of attention, both wanted and unwanted. But I wasn’t Fiona.

“I’ll give it a try.” I had promised, “But I’m leaving the second I get uncomfortable.”

“Trust me, you won’t be!” Fiona had promised, “Mr. Smith is good about that.”

He better have been.

I approached the house slowly, eyes trained on the door. It was hard to ignore the doubts in the back of my mind, but I was already here and they were expecting me.

When I drew nearer, the door opened and Fiona was waiting for me. I realized that I’d never seen Fiona outside of her work clothes before. The Starbucks uniform didn’t suit her as much as the clothes Mr. Smith had chosen did. She wore an outfit similar to mine, although it seemed to hug her curves in all the right ways. Her wide, feminine hips were on full display, and I’ll admit that I caught myself admiring her.

“Oh… Hey…” I said softly,

“Natalie! Glad you could make it!” Fiona chirped, “Come on in! Mr. Smith is just putting the finishing touches on dinner! He didn’t want to start until you arrived!”

She beckoned for me to follow, and I let Fiona lead me deeper into the house. The house in question was large, and well furnished, but it didn’t feel empty. On the contrary, it felt cozy and lived in. There was a wonderful smell coming from the kitchen and as we drew nearer, I spotted a man in a white button down shirt standing by the stove. He wasn’t as old as I’d expected. His eyes were soft and kindly. He had a weathered, tired smile, and sparkling blue eyes.

“Mr. Smith, this is Natalie!” Fiona announced, and Mr. Smith greeted me with a smile. He wiped off his hands with a dish towel before offering one to shake.

“Hey there, Natalie.” He said softly, “Just call me Mark, Mr. Smith isn’t necessary.”

“I like it.” Fiona shrugged, and there was a naughty sparkle in her eye.

“It’s nice to meet you, Mark.” I said. He was handsome, not ridiculously so, but in a softer, everyday way. He certainly would never be a movie star.

“Fiona’s told me a lot about you. It’s so nice to put a name to a face.” Mark said, “I hope you’re hungry. I just threw something quick together. Chicken alfredo.”

It smelled delicious, and I felt her stomach growl impatiently.

“Yeah, that does sound nice.” I said softly

“Give it a few minutes then. You’re just in time, it’s just about done. Here, why don’t you two sit down!”

Fiona pulled out a seat at the kitchen table. She wore a massive grin as Mark plated the food. What he set in front of me looked delicious. If the presentation had been just a bit better, I could have even called it restaurant quality.

“Dig in.” He said, “Bon appetit.”

Fiona didn’t need to be told twice, and I was eager to try a bite. The alfredo was delicious, and Mark watched me eagerly, looking for approval. When he saw it on my face, some of the tension left his shoulders.

“That’s delicious.” I said.

“Glad you think so. It’s my Mothers recipe. My brother and I own a restaurant chain, so we try and pass along the family traditions. Still, nothing beats making it yourself.”

He dug in as well, and there wasn’t much conversation casino siteleri after that. The food was good enough to kill any conversation, but it really was little more than an appetizer for a main event that all of us quietly anticipated.

By the time her plate was cleared, Fiona had gotten up to sit on Mark’s lap. The big, knowing grin on her face told me that she was excited for what was to come, although I was personally a little more nervous.

“So, should we head to the living room?” She asked.

“You don’t want to settle for a bit first?” Mark asked playfully, “You’re eager tonight… I’ve barely had a chance to get to know your friend, here.”

“Oh, you can get to know her all you want later.” Fiona crooned and she leaned in closer to Mark.

“Right, Natalie?” Her eyes flitted over to me.

“I… Um…”

I wasn’t sure what to say. The dinner had been nice, and if there were no expectations, it would have been a wonderful evening…

Mark blushed a little bit.

“Let her get comfortable first.” He said, “We’re in no rush.”

“I am!” Fiona pouted, and leaned in even closer to whisper something in his ear. Mark flushed even redder.

“Well, if that’s the way you feel, we might just need to retire to the living room. Go on. Get.”

He nudged Fiona up, and gave her a pat on the ass as she left him. Then he stood up and sighed, before looking over at me.

“She’s insatiable.” He chuckled, “I apologize, I thought we’d get to talk more first.”

“It’s alright.” I said quietly, as Mark came closer to me.

“Before the… evening proper begins, I just wanted to say… You seem a little tense, so if you didn’t want to partake, I won’t hold it against you.”

I looked up at him. There was no sign that he was trying to trick me.

“We could always say you didn’t feel well, and had to go home.” He said, and I caught myself smiling gently at him. The fact that he’d taken the time to ask about my comfort meant a lot to me, and did a lot to set me more at ease.

“Thank you, but I think I’ll stay.” I said, and Mark nodded in response.

“I’m glad to hear it… Would it bother you if I Fiona and I were in the living room… I’m sure she’d want you to watch, but you don’t have to.”

I let myself think it over. I was nervous, yes… But with the option to say no, it felt easier to make a decision.

“I don’t mind watching.” I said, “Maybe I might even join in.”

Mark’s smile widened.

“It’s all up to you.” He said, and left me to join Fiona in the living room.

Slowly, I got up to follow them. I saw Fiona sitting on the couch, grinning about as wide as she possibly could and waiting for Mark to come for her. She leaned in as he bent down to kiss her, and his hand knowingly went between her legs.

As she spread herself, I realized that she wasn’t wearing anything underneath her skirt. Mark’s teeth nibbled on her lower lip, and Fiona reached for his belt. Slowly, she started undoing him, and revealed what I can only describe as one of the nicest cocks I’d ever seen.

Mark had girth, but he didn’t seem too long. He was already fully erect when Fiona began to suck him. Her head obediently bobbed between his legs as she sighed contentedly. Her eyes shifted upwards to look at him, and there was a serene look of satisfaction on her face.

She’d been waiting for this.

I sat down in a chair nearby, watching as she sucked his cock. Mark ran his fingers through her hair, and exhaled as she took him deep.

“Good girl…” He said softly, and I watched as Fiona’s eyes lazily drifted over to me, making sure that I was watching.

I certainly was. The enthusiasm that she threw herself at that cock with was something to see… I felt a familiar warmth growing inside of me, and my own hand slipped down between my legs to try and relieve some of that sensation I felt. I watched her lips bob on his cock, and I thought about how much I wanted to taste it… But I stayed where I was.

“Let’s see that pussy…” Mark crooned as he gently eased Fiona’s head off of his manhood. “Get down on the couch.”

Sure enough, she laid down, spreading her legs and letting him see her. She was absolutely drenched. I could see how wet she was even from where I sat, and it just served to turn me on even more.

Mark wasted no time on foreplay… Fiona wanted it too much. There was no need to deny her. He stripped off his shirt, and let his pants slide down his thighs. He mounted her with an urgency and I heard Fiona gasp in pleasure as he guided his thick cock into her. His thrusting started out slowly. He began to find his rhythm. Her legs wrapped around him, her nails dug into his shoulders.

“Mark…” She whispered, “Oh fuck, yes, Mark…”

She looked like such a delicious slut, legs in the air around him, and Mark just pushed his beautiful cock deeper into her. I won’t lie, watching it turned me on. That need he felt. The urgency with which he took her and made her his… Did I want that canlı casino for myself? I massaged my clit as I watched him take her. Even without his clothes, Mark was still quite the sight. He was handsome and toned. I could see why Fiona had been so enraptured with him.

As she moaned like the slut she was, I caught her half lidded eyes focused on me. She wanted me to watch as he took her. She wanted me to envy her, to want him for myself… and she was getting what she wanted.

I spread my legs for her, letting her watch as I played with myself. I slid a hand down my panties and pushed a finger into my pussy. God, I was positively drenched. But I needed her to see.

I caught Fiona smiling for just a moment before Mark bent down to kiss her. Her held her close, pressing his body so close to hers as he took her.

I couldn’t just sit there and keep watching… I needed this. I needed to be a part of it, and deep down I knew they wanted me there. After all, why else had I been invited?

I stood up, making my way over to them. Mark looked at me as I drew closer, and reached out to wrap an arm around me and pull me towards him. His lips met mine in a deep kiss that I was all too happy to reciprocate.He really was a great kisser. There was something modest, but wanting in the way his lips felt on mine. I surrendered into his touch. I could feel Fiona’s hand on my thigh. She slipped a hand up my skirt, and tugged on my panties. I helped her slip them off, and looked down at her. She smiled at me, as if giving me permission, and relaxed back onto the couch.

How could I refuse?

I was gentle as I straddled her face. I’d never done something like this before… but I didn’t want to take away what Fiona was having. Not yet. She deserved to be fucked like that.

Mark’s cock pushed into her in long, powerful strokes. It was hardly the biggest cock I’d ever seen. A lovely seven inches, but he used it so masterfully.

I let out a yelp of pleasure as I felt Fiona’s warm mouth on my pussy. I grabbed onto the couch to brace myself against it, and closed my eyes.

I’d never expected my co-worker to have such a talented mouth, but she really did. Shivers ran down my spine as she overwhelmed me with pleasure. Something told me that this wasn’t the first time she’d done this.

“Please…” I caught myself whispering, as I felt her pulling me down onto her. Her warm, wet tongue felt so good on my throbbing clit. I could feel my thighs starting to shake as she ate me out.

Mark was smiling at me, moving faster as he watched Fiona eat me, and watching him fuck her only added to my own arousal.

“Oh God…” I leaned forwards, bracing myself on Mark, who kissed my neck. Fiona was making me feel things that no man had ever made me feel, and it was a whole new experience entirely. I felt Marks lips on my neck, and leaned my head to the side, letting him tease me. His hands ran along my back in the most soothing way, and my thighs twitched as Fiona pushed me towards a climax.

I could feel her body trembling. She must’ve been close herself. I imagined how tight she must have been against Mark’s cock, and I almost envied him… Part of me wanted Fiona for myself now. Perhaps later, I could have her… She certainly didn’t seem all that averse to the idea.

Her hips bucked as she came, and her movements paused. I pulled back a little, letting her enjoy her orgasm as it washed over her. Mark ran his hands along her thighs, and smiled knowingly at me. That smile sent butterflies through my stomach. He hadn’t stopped fucking Fiona. Not yet. His pace hadn’t even slowed, not until she’d come down from her high. I saw his brow furrow. Hs eyes closed as he buried his cock deep inside of her. He exhaled, before sighing in ecstasy. He’d cum inside of her. He’d bred her, and made her his… I wanted that too.

Mark kissed me, and pulled back a little as Fiona slowly got back into the wonderful groove she’d been in. She slid a finger into my pussy as her mouth came down onto my clit. Her masterful tongue worked its magic, circling my tender little clit as her finger pushed so deep into me. She seemed to know exactly where I liked it, and I caught myself moaning and whimpering for her, a slave to her every touch.

I could feel the orgasm building, and it slowly overtook me. It filled every inch of me, radiating from my cunt to my head to my toes. I felt myself shuddering and moaning. My thighs clamped down on Fiona’s head and I leaned down on top of her. I could see her legs spread in front of me, and in that moment I wanted to do nothing but reciprocate.

My mouth found her cunt, and though I was inexperienced, I tried to mimic what she was doing to me. Two fingers slid into her pussy. I could see Mark’s cum dribbling out of her, and the sight of it just turned me on even more.

The man himself had sat down in the chair I’d been in, and watched us enjoying each other. I could see him smiling, and I wanted to tantalize him. I wanted to give him a show.

Fiona kaçak casino was still shaking from her recent orgasm. She was still sensitive, but my touch seemed to be welcome.

“Natalie…” I heard her say softly. My hips had lifted off her face a little bit. I’d gotten my pleasure. It was time for her to get hers.

Fiona’s legs shook. Her hips bucked up, and I kept my head firmly in place, focusing on her clit. I felt her hands on the back of my head, guiding me to the best spots that really did it for her. I heard her moaning softly and crying out. Her hips pushed up higher and higher.

“Oh Natalie… Yes… Yes… There… More… Yes, yes, yes… Oh God!”

Her legs gave out a little bit, and she whined in pleasure. She sounded overstimulated, and I could feel her body shaking before at last I let her go.

I climbed off the couch, and sat down on the floor. Fiona’s face was drenched in sweat. Her lips still wet from my juices. I looked at her, and saw her smiling drunkenly. I leaned in and kissed her. I could taste my own pussy on her lips. She reciprocated weakly, and reached up to run her fingers through my hair.

“Slut…” She teased, before kissing me again. She sounded exhausted. All of that boundless energy had been fucked right out of her.

“You really are a dirty one.” Mark said from behind me. He’d stood up and gotten closer. I could see his cock was getting hard again. He caressed my cheek, and looked down at me expectantly. I wasn’t about to disappoint him.

Now it was my turn. I reached up, taking Mark’s cock in my hand and gently stroking it. I could feel it stiffening in my palm, and I looked up at him. He ran his fingers through my hair, letting me proceed at my own pace. This was more familiar territory to me, and I was more than up for the challenge.

I started with his head, taking it in my mouth and swirling my tongue around the tip of his cock. I could taste Fiona’s cunt on him, and I slowly began to bob my head and take him deeper.

“Natalie…” He groaned as I sucked him. I took it slow. I wanted him to enjoy it, just as much as I was. His cock felt perfect in my mouth. He seemed like putty in my hands. His hips pushed towards me, making me take him even deeper. I could feel the head of his cock near the back of my throat.

“Good girl.” He crooned, “You’re doing great, sweetheart.”

He thrust into my mouth, gently fucking my face. His hands rested on my head, and I looked up at him, wanting him to see my pretty eyes as he took my mouth. I could feel Fiona watching me from the couch, and from the corner of my eye, I saw her hand reaching down between her legs. The greedy slut was trying to get herself off again.

“Oh God, Natalie…” Mark slowed his thrusting, “Let’s see that pussy, baby…”

He guided me up onto my feet, and led me towards the couch. Fiona opened her arms, inviting me to join her on the couch. I lay down on top of her, and held up my ass for Mark. He mounted me from behind, and I felt every inch of his cock sliding into my wet little pussy. A breath escaped me, as Mark slowly began to thrust.

“Look at you…” Fiona whispered. “What a slut…” Her hand rested on my cheek, and she kissed me gently on my lips. Her arms wrapped around me, holding me close as Mark fucked me. I could feel his lips on my neck, and I could feel Fiona grinding her hips against my body. I offered her my leg against her vulva so she could rub against it.

“Fuck her good.” Fiona whispered, “Wreck that slutty little pussy, baby.”

I buried my head in the crook of Fiona’s neck as Mark pounded me harder. His cock felt amazing inside of me, and I cried out in pleasure. Fiona rubbed against my leg, greedy for her next climax.

“Oh God… Do it harder…” I whispered.

“Harder.” Fiona echoed, “Fuck her harder, baby. Break that pussy.”

My body trembled as I felt my climax getting closer. I felt like such a whore, sandwiched between these two, and I loved every second of it!

“Fuck me…” I heard myself saying, “Use my hole… Fuck me…”

It felt like someone else was there. Some other slut was being used by those two, not me. I would never have done something like that, but there I was. My every fantasy coming to life. It was incredible!

“Cum for him, baby.” Fiona whispered to me. She kissed me again and playfully bit my lower lip. “Cum all over that cock…”

I could feel my orgasm blossoming like a flower. White hot pleasure overtook me entirely, and rocked my body to its core. Somewhere far away, I heard Mark cry out in pleasure and felt his warm seed filling me up. I loved it.

He’d cum inside of me.

He’d marked me.
I belonged to him now.

Even as he came, he didn’t stop. He rode out my orgasm. As my inner walls of my cunt squeezed down on his cock, he continued to pump it into me, driving me wild and leaving me whimpering into Fiona’s neck.

Slowly, we started to come down from our high. Mark slowed down, before finally pulling out of me and leaving the couch. He sounded out of breath as he knelt down by the couch.

“Good?” He asked me, as I turned my head to look at him.

“Yes…” I said breathlessly, and he leaned in to kiss me. As our lips parted, he did the same for Fiona.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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