It Happened In Khatmandu Ch. 04

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Before launching the fourth part here are the last few lines from the third part.


After a while Nusrat said, ‘See what are they doing?’

Saira’s legs were in the air and Sahebji was fucking her with slow long strokes. ‘Sahebji Saira ko chod rahain (Sahebji is fucking Saira),’ I said.

We waited till we heard Saira scream, ‘OH OHH SSJI. FASTER FUCK ME FASTER. OH GOD Y…HES FUCK ME HARDER. Y…HES y…HESSSS I AAAMMM CCOOOMMMMIIIINNNNGGGGG,’ then returned to our room.

When we entered our room Nusrat said, ‘What did she say? SSji.’

‘It is a short form for Saheb Sahebji,’ I laughed, ‘Let us go to sleep now because we have to get up early and catch them in bed together. Khala will you come with us?’

‘Of course, do you think I want to miss the real fun,’ khala giggled.

Sunday, 28th May:

I opened my eyes shortly after five. Saira was asleep with a satisfied smile on her lips. I was not sure whether Shazia and Nusrat would come but to be on the safe side Saira must return to her bed well before six.

I kissed her lightly. ‘Is it time for me to leave?’ she asked yawning.

‘I am afraid so but before you go my cock would like to say good morning to your choot,’ I said.

‘Oh, I’d like that,’ she giggled turning on her back and spreading her legs.

I got on of her and started to fuck her with long slow strokes. Her hips started to move in rhythm of my in and out strokes. Suddenly her body arched. She held me tightly.

‘OH OHH SSJI. FASTER FUCK ME FASTER. OH GOD Y…HES FUCK ME HARDER. Y…HES y…HESSSS I AAAMMM CCOOOMMMMIIIINNNNGGGGG,’ she screamed and fell back gasping for breath as I spurted my cum into her waiting choot.

We kissed while I remained lying on top of her, and moving my cock slowly in and out of her tight choot, hoping to fuck again.

Suddenly the door burst open and Shazia, Nusrat and khala walked in. For a moment we both froze.

‘Oh my God, its them. Get off me,’ Saira said pushing me off her.

Saira lay on her back with her legs wide apart. I lay also on my back with my limp cock, glistening with our mixed cum, hanging listlessly between my legs.

‘Good morning, dear Saira, I hope we have not disturbed you and your precious SSji,’ Shazia giggled.

Suddenly Saira realized that we were naked. ‘Oh my God,’ she said pulling the sheet to cover us.

‘Don’t be shy, daarrrling,’ Shazia said, pulling down the sheet, ‘we have also got a choot like you have.’

Saira turned red with embarrassment and covered her slit with her hands.

‘We hope SSji’s cock finished saying good morning to your bur (cunt)?’ Nusrat asked.

‘We didn’t interrupt anything. Can’t you see SSji cum oozing out of her cunt,’ Shazia pointed out. Saira closed her legs quickly.

‘What is the use of closing your legs now. You should have kept them closed last night when your SSji rammed his cock up your phuddi and deflowered you,’ Nusrat said laughing.

‘Why should I have? Sahebji and I love each other,’ Saira said stoutly.

‘Why suddenly Sahebji? Why not SSji?’ Shazia asked.

‘Why not? That’s his name,’ Saira countered.

‘But last night you shouted I AAMM COOOOMMMMIIIINNNNGGGG ESSS ESSSSJIIIIIII,’ Nusrat giggled.

‘How would you know? You were asleep,’ Saira said.

‘No we were not. We were standing right out side this door listening and watching you lose your cherry through the keyhole,’ Shazia said.

Saira blushed but did not believe her and looked at khala. Khala nodded. ‘All right, I gave my cherry to SSji because he loves me,’ Saira maintained.

‘Your precious SSji not only loves you but also loves khala, Nusrat and me,’ Shazia said sarcastically. Then all three took off their nightshirts and stood naked in the room.

My cock immediately stood up to see this sexy scene of four naked choots at the same time.

‘Hai Allah! Aren’t you ashamed to stand naked before him?’ Saira said.

‘Ashamed?’ Shazia said mirthlessly, ‘He has not only seen our choots before but also fucked them.’

‘You mean he has…,’ Saira said incredulously with tears in her eyes.

‘Yes, my dear, he has fucked all three of us,’ Nusrat confirmed.

‘I don’t believe you. Khala is it true?’ Saira asked on the verge of bursting out in tears.

‘Haan, beti, Sahebji ne hum teenon ko choda hai (Yes, child, Sahebji has fucked all three of us),’ khala said.

Saira began to cry and beat me on my chest with her fists repeating again and again that I had betrayed her. ‘Saira, there is no use of crying over spilled milk. I suggest you make the best of the situation,’ Shazia said.

Saira stopped crying and listened.

‘Sahebji has fucked you,’ Shazia said.

‘Yes,’ Saira said and started crying again.

‘You have lost your cherry,’ Shazia said.

‘Yes, yes,’ Saira replied and cried still louder.

‘Did you enjoy yourself when Sahebji fucked you?’ Shazia said.

‘YES, YES, VERY MUCH. THAT’S THE WHOLE PROBLEM,’ Saira shouted casino siteleri back crying yet louder.

‘Therefore enjoy yourself as long as you can,’ Shazia said. Saira continued to weep.

‘Yes, child, Shazia is right. Enjoy as long as you can,’ khala said.

A drop of pre cum collected on the tip of my cock as the prospect of fucking all four of them brightened.

It seemed that Saira had not heard them and continued to cry loudly.

Suddenly she stopped crying.

‘It is not my SSji’s fault. He is a good man. The whole fault is of his cock. It enjoys getting inside the phuddis (cunts) of all girls especially virgins. Look, how proudly it is standing with its head glowing and its mouth watering at the sight of four naked choots. It deserves to be punished. Don’t worry, I’ll take the starch out of it,’ Saira said and getting on top of me impaled her bur (cunt) on my cock and started move up and down.

‘Bravo, Saira, bravo,’ Nusrat said applauding.

‘Oh my God it feels so nice,’ Saira moaned slowing down.

‘Go on, Saira, go on,’ Shazia egged her on.

After pumping for ten minutes Saira suddenly stopped and lay panting on my chest.

‘Don’t stop, Saira, go on, you’ll cum,’ Nusrat said.

‘I can’t anymore,’ Saira panted.

‘Sahebji, help her,’ khala said. I took hold of her bottoms and moved them up and down.


I continued to move her bottoms till I came also. When my cock started losing its hardness Saira got off me. ‘Look, it doesn’t look so proud now. I’ve taken the starch out it, at least, temporarily,’ Saira giggled and jumping off the bed added, ‘come we have lots to discuss.

Saira walked out naked with her head in the air with my cum running down her thighs. The others followed her, as they stood, absolutely naked, leaving their nightshirts on the floor.

When they had gone I thought that about the whole situation. I came to the conclusion that what had happened was good for all. How long could I’ve fuck them safely without being caught? Now, I could fuck them together with fear of discovery.

Then I slept for couple of hours.


When we reached our room Saira complained, ‘Nusrat, some friend you turned out to be, enjoying Sahebji’s cock all alone without telling me.’

‘I thought of telling you but didn’t because of your stand that you’ll take your cherry to your wedding bed,’ Nusrat said apologetically.

‘Yes, you are right. I was quite foolish wasn’t I?’ Saira giggled.

‘Maybe, maybe not,’ Nusrat said, ‘tell me how did all this start with Sahebji?’

‘I don’t know myself. Suddenly, I found myself in love with him and bang I lost my cherry,’ Saira said.

‘There must be something in the air here,’ Nusrat said.

‘There is love in the air, my dears, love in the air,’ I laughed.

‘Okay, what did you mean by enjoy as long as you can,’ Saira asked.

‘I meant that as long as we are in Khatmandu let’s enjoy as much as we can. Fuck as many men as we can. We won’t get such an opportunity again,’ I said.

‘Girls, I warn you don’t over do it. You might get pregnant,’ khala cautioned.

‘I agree but as khala says it could be dangerous,’ Nusrat said.

‘Of course we won’t give our choot to every Tom, Dick and Harry. We’ll pick and choose. If all four agree then only,’ Shazia said.

‘I am with you but what do we do with Sahebji,’ Saira said.

‘No problem, we’ll share his cock,’ Shazia said.

‘You mean….,’ Saira said grinning.

‘Yes, he’ll fuck all four of us by turns,’ Nusrat said.

‘Okay, I agree but no cheating. We’ll share his cock equally,’ Saira said.

‘Yes, no cheating,’ Nusrat and I said simultaneously.

‘Khala, what about you?’ Saira asked.

‘Of course I am with you. Do you think I’ll miss out on such a magnificent cock as Sahebji’s? I agree too,’ khala said, ‘but let me warn you that four cum thirsty choots may be too much for one horny cock. It will tell on his health.’

‘I don’t think so,’ I said, ‘in his story “Razia, the horny divorcee” he kept eight hot young cunts happy all alone.’

‘He was younger then,’ Khala shrugged.

‘All right, it is agreed that we’ll share Sahebji’s cock but how will we ensure that he doesn’t fuck a choot other than ours,’ Nusrat said.

‘It is simple; we strip him naked and tie him to the bed. His cock and mouth will be exposed. We can take our pleasure when we desire,’ Saira giggled.

‘You must be joking,’ khala said, ‘this way you’ll alienate him and he’ll never cooperate with us.’

‘We have to restrict him to the suite somehow,’ I said.

‘All right, we’ll talk to him and explain what we want. We can tell….,’ khala said.

‘Okay khala, you know what is desired. We’ll leave the talking to you,’ Saira said interrupting khala, ‘Nusrat, weren’t you afraid of cutting yourself when you shaved your choot?’

‘I didn’t canlı casino shave my choot but used khala’s hair removing cream,’ Nusrat giggled.

‘Khala, please lend the cream to me. I want my bur (cunt) to look nice and clean also,’ Saira said.

‘Let me show you how it is done,’ khala replied, ‘Nusrat, please bring the cream.’ Khala started to apply the cream on Saira’s choot.

Each time khala’s fingers came near or touched Saira’s clit she bucked her hips and moaned, ‘Uuii ma.’

After she had finished she applied eau de cologne on Saira’s choot. ‘Look how beautiful Saira’s choot is looking now,’ khala said.

‘Uuumm, it smells so good too,’ I said.

‘I am going to kiss this beauty,’ khala said and separating the lips of Saira’s bur (cunt) she gave it a couple of wet licks.

‘Oh khala, it feels sooo goood,’ Saira moaned.

‘Chi! Khala, I didn’t know that you are a lesbian,’ Nusrat said making a face.

‘My dear, licking a choot once in a while doesn’t make one a lesbian but it is fun,’ khala said, ‘haven’t you girls ever licked a cunt?’

‘No and never will,’ I said.

‘Have you sucked Sahebji’s cock and swallowed his cum?’ khala asked. We three nodded.

‘Cunt licking is no different,’ khala said, ‘why don’t you girls try it?’

‘Aww, khala,’ Nusrat and I said but Saira said eagerly, ‘I am willing to try. Whose bur(cunt) shall I lick?’

‘See, Saira is willing to try but you are demurring. I think you should at least give it a shot. If you don’t like it then I’ll not force you,’ khala said. Nusrat and I nodded.

‘Shazia, you lie down and Nusrat you take sixty-nine position. That’s it. Now lick. Saira darling, come lie on top of me in sixty-nine position,’ khala said.

‘Khala, Nusrat is playing with Shazia’s choot and not licking it,’ Saira laughed.

‘Nusrat!’ khala said sternly.

‘Shazia is not licking my bur either,’ Nusrat said.

‘Shazia, start licking,’ khala said.

‘No, let Nusrat lick first,’ I said.

‘Hai Allah, you both are very stubborn. Okay, at the count of three you both will start eating each other’s pussy together,’ khala said, ‘One, spread the cunt lips, two, stick out your tongue and three, start licking.’

I gave Nusrat’s cunt a tentative lick and at the same time I felt Nusrat’s wet tongue on my choot. I licked Nusrat’s cunt again. I liked the taste and started to eat Nusrat’s pussy in earnest. Nusrat was licking my cunt furiously.

‘You like it, don’t you?’ khala asked.

We both nodded vigorously. ‘I told you so,’ khala laughed and pulling Saira on top of her, added, ‘Come, my sweetheart, let me taste your pretty choot.’

Soon the room was filling with our moans of pleasure. When we had finished khala panted, ‘Nusrat, come to me and Saira you go to Shazia.’

Later khala ate my pussy and Nusrat and Saira sixty nined together. After three rounds of pussy eating we were so exhausted that we fell asleep.

Sunday, 28th May:

After three hours of sleep I got up. After a shave and a quick shower I decided to go down to buy cigarettes and stretch my legs. On the way out I peeped into the girl’s room. They were all naked and asleep.

‘Ladies, it is time to get up. I’m going down and when I get back, we’ll have breakfast,’ I said from the door and dropping their nightshirts, which they had left in my room, on the floor near the door, I left.

I returned after half an hour. Shazia and Nusrat were ready and reading the newspaper. ‘Good morning,’ I said, ‘where are the others?’

‘Good morning,’ Nusrat replied, ‘Saira is making herself pretty for you and khala is in the shower.’

‘Good, I’m starved,’ I replied.

‘Sahebji, did you come into our room this morning?’ Shazia asked.

‘No but I peeped in and requested you to get ready,’ I replied.

‘I thought I was dreaming but when I saw our nightshirts then I knew you had been there,’ Shazia replied.

Just then Saira joined us. ‘Good morning, folks,’ Saira said, ‘khala has said that she will be out soon and we should go ahead and order the breakfast.’

Khala and the breakfast arrived together. After we had eaten and the waiter had removed the crockery etc. khala said, ‘Sahebji, we have talked things over and have decided to continue to enjoy having sex with you provided you agree to our conditions.’

‘What conditions?’ I asked.

‘First, you will not leave these rooms without our permission. Secondly, you’ll remain naked all the time and thirdly you will give us pleasure the way we want and when we want,’ khala said hesitatingly.

‘You mean I’ll be your sex slave,’ I laughed.

‘Exactly that,’ khala said heaving a sigh of relief, ‘I did not want to use the word “slave”.’

‘Why not, it might be fun. I’ve never been anybody’s slave before,’ I replied.

‘Good, now we won’t have to tie you naked to your bed,’ Saira giggled.

‘Take off your clothes, slave,’ Nusrat said.

‘One second, I have to tell you something. When I went down I met Mr. Ramesh Kumar, a kaçak casino friend of mine. I have invited him to have lunch with us,’ I said, ‘therefore if you don’t mind I’ll be your sex slave from after lunch onwards.’

‘Ramesh Kumar….ummm… I’ve heard that name somewhere…I have got it… you mean Ramu,’ Shazia said snapping her fingers.

‘Yes, Ramu,’ I said nodding.

‘Is he the same Ramu you have written about?’ Nusrat asked. I nodded again.

‘You have read about him?’ Saira asked Nusrat.

‘Yes. He is the guy, who deflowered his two young cousins and their friend,’ Nusrat replied.

‘Oooo must be some guy,’ Saira said.

‘How long will he be staying in Khatmandu?’ Shazia asked.

‘For two weeks. He is participating in a seminar till Sunday then his family will join him and they plan to holiday here for a week,’ I replied.

‘Do they get lot of free time in a seminar?’ Shazia asked.

‘I wouldn’t know. You had better ask Ramu when you meet him,’ I replied.

‘I will,’ Shazia said, ‘Girls, what do you think of him?’

‘I think he’d be perfect,’ Nusrat said.

‘I don’t know him but if you two agree then I’ll go along with you two,’ Saira said.

‘It is agreed that if he has the time and meets our conditions we’ll offer him our choots,’ Shazia said.

‘Girls, have you gone mad,’ khala asked.

‘We are only doing your bidding. You told us that four cum thirsty choots would be too much for Sahebji and might effect his health,’ Shazia said.

‘B…B…But you don’t know Ramu. He is a complete stranger,’ khala said incredulously.

‘Who says that he is a stranger? I know him. He is six feet tall, slim and handsome. He is married and has two children. Their names are Madhuri and Sachin. Right Sahebji,’ Shazia said triumphantly. I nodded suppressing a smile.

‘What if he makes you pregnant?’ khala asked.

‘No way, he is safe like Sahebji. He can’t make children anymore,’ Nusrat said, laughing.

‘I give up,’ khala said holding her head in despair.

‘Khala please don’t get angry. Let us enjoy our selves here. At home we’ll do whatever you say, promise,’ they pleaded.

‘All right, but remember your promise,’ khala said.

‘Khala, you can also enjoy his cock,’ Saira giggled.

‘I will,’ khala said, ‘Saira, remember you wanted to do something.’

‘In a minute, khala,’ Saira said, ‘What makes you so sure that Ramu will agree?’

‘He is a man, isn’t he?’ Shazia said, ‘if he even gets a whiff that our choots are available then he’ll follow us around with his tongue hanging out and his tail wagging.’

Saira looked inquiringly at khala for confirmation. Khala nodded.

‘His tongue is okay but what good is his wagging tail to us,’ Saira said, ‘Yes, if he follows us around with tongue hanging out and his cock, erect and wagging then it is something.’

We all laughed. ‘Jokes apart, if he still does not take the hint,’ Saira asked.

‘Then we’ll be compelled to use plan B,’ Shazia said.

‘What is plan B?’ Saira asked.

‘We’ll drop our salwar and lifting our kameez, say, ‘Ramu, humain chodoge? (Ramu, would you like to fuck us?)’ Nusrat giggled.

‘Plan B is sure to succeed,’ Saira said trying to suppress a giggle, ‘Khala, you said something?’

‘Yes, come with me,’ khala said and getting up left the room. Saira followed her.

‘What happened? Why did they leave so suddenly?’ I asked.

Shazia and Nusrat shrugged their shoulders and followed them, giggling. Ten minutes later khala came into the room and announced, ‘Sahebji, Saira has something to show you.’

We all trouped into the girl’s room. Saira was lying naked on the bed with her arm across her eyes and blushing furiously. Then I noticed her choot. It was freshly shaven.

‘Oh Saira, your choot is looking so lovely,’ I exclaimed.

I reached the bed with three long strides and getting on my knees started to eat her freshly shaven pussy.

‘Oh Sahebji,’ she moaned as I licked her bur.

I separated her lower lips and licked up and down her slit. Then taking her swollen clit between my lips pressed it. ‘OH SAHEBJI, IT FEELS SO NICE,’ Saira moaned.

I continued to lick her choot. Soon her hips started to move in fuck motion. Her moans got louder and louder. She raised her legs and spread them wide to give me better access to her choot hole.

‘Put your tongue in her choot and tongue fuck it,’ khala said.

‘NO, not in my choot, it is dirty,’ Saira shouted.

‘Go ahead and do it,’ khala urged again.

‘Catch her legs,’ I said to khala and plunged my tongue inside Saira’s choot.


I started to tongue fuck her. ‘Is it nice?’ khala asked.


‘Oh Sahebji,’ she said gasping for breath. I was not finished with her. I continued to tongue fuck her. Soon she was on the boil again.

Seeing her asshole before me I inserted my forefinger in it. ‘OWW,’ she screamed with pain, ‘Sahebji, meri gaand main se apni ungali nikalo (Sahebji, take out your finger from my asshole).’

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