Join the Herd

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This was inspired by a brilliantly fun RP. Obviously all complete fantasy etc etc. Enjoy.


I have come to accept that my purpose is to be a heifer in a herd for a powerful, virulent King who keeps me satisfied.

It was not what I expected of my life. A law degree and bright career in commercial practice came to a grinding halt when I took a flight for a holiday, and sat next to a woman I liked – we got along well and she suggested I join a party at her inner-city penthouse that evening.

My recollection of the party is blurry, I had too much wine and was intoxicated by the freedom of the first day of holidays in a beautiful, exotic country far from my responsibilities. I kissed a man and felt a magnetic urgency in him. It was only a matter of time before I we were rutting in the cloak room, he was strong enough to pick me up off the floor with my legs around his waist, impaling me on his cock and bringing his fingers in to stretch my anus.

When he came I was shocked to discover I felt cum shoot into me – I had put a condom on him myself and could not figure out what had happened. He withdrew, smiled and dropped the condom he had removed on the floor. He said: “I will see you soon,” before walking out the door.

The following morning I could barely walk, I was weak and tired – far more than just a hangover. My new friend swept into action, cancelling my tour and putting me up in a spare room. I was so grateful.

I am not sure how many days passed, I think it was four or five. I slept fitfully, and my dreams turned strange, like I was watching a never-ending porno. I had always had big breasts, I think the casino siteleri Amercian sizing is a 32G, yet one morning I found they didn’t fit into my bra any more. Even a slight breeze made my sore nipples stand to attention. My pussy throbbed, and the only relief I could get was from touching it. I think I masturbated for 24 hours straight.

This was when he came back. My friend had gone out and the man I had not seen since he left the cloak-room let himself into the apartment with a key.

My reaction to his presence was violently physical. Just seeing him made me wet and a little rivulet of cum ran out of my pussy.

“I have come to take you home,” he said.

It was like there was no decision to make. Without wanting to, I found myself following him out of the apartment. My tits swayed as I walked – I had given up even trying to put a bra on. My nipples had grown to the size of peas and sat out through the fabric of my dress. He took me to a car, and we drove for a long time. I was fatigued and slept intermittently. I knew I should be worried and tell my friends, my parents, someone – anyone – what had happened. But I couldn’t bring myself to care.

It was dark when we arrived at a three-story farmhouse. I had not seen lights for a long time so I presumed we were remote. I had started to feel quite a lot better, and although I lacked motivation to do anything about my situation, I was more alert.

The man opened the car door and I got out. He gently pushed me in front of him and we walked up the steps into the front door of the house, where he said “stop.”

The house was beautiful: Old, wooden and like something canlı casino out of a Rudyard Kipling novel.

I stood just inside the front door. He picked up a pair of heavy brass scissors from a sideboard.

“You will not need this any more” he said, cutting my dress off me.

I made a movement to bring my arms across my chest, but he knocked it away. He seemed to inspect my breasts.

“These are coming along well,” he said, speaking to my bust. Then he looked at my face: “You are mine now and you will join my herd,” he said. My mind was reeling.

“You will never need a bra again. You will never go to an office again. Really you should have started many years ago, but I can help you catch up,” he said.

He then took a rope from a hook by the door. “Stay still,” he said, and I did.

He wound the rope around my waist and chest, then between my breasts, then around the base of my breasts making them sit out and increasing the pressure in them. I felt a tiny sense of release and saw liquid shoot out of my nipples and across the hall.

He smiled at that. “Good,” he said.

He then bent me over the sideboard, spread my legs and shoved his cock into my pussy. I was in equal parts horrified and relieved I was wet. He was so strong, my body jolted with each thrust forward until he filled me with his seed.

I felt my lower abdominals contract, it almost felt like my body sucked the cum right up into my womb.

“You are a cow in my herd and you will give me many sons,” he said into my ear, pulling my head back by the hair with his cock still in my pussy.

“You will suckle my children and kaçak casino you will not wean them, they will decide when they are done with your big milky udders.”

“I will mount you to keep your udders full and your belly with calf, and if I want, others will mount you and keep you serviced.”

He kept his word.

Within weeks my G breasts had at least doubled in size, sitting a foot off my body and hanging down to my navel. He liked to keep them tied up, on display and easily within reach. The milk was the key to his potency, he said.

And his potency was the key to my milk.

I gradually was given jobs to do. Cooking, cleaning, sometimes outside in the vegetable garden. I soon learned to expect that anyone who approached would either want to suckle from my udders, or mount my pussy.

He already had many sons by the time I came along, and a small herd of heifers. I was the newest and the only one of my appearance. Once it was obvious that my belly was swelling with his seed, he allowed his sons to mount me for their pleasure, and sometimes other men who came to visit as well.

In that year, I had my first set of twins, and it elevated me to be a favourite heifer. Even when his scout – the woman I had first met on the plane – brought a new girl to the stable, it was my pussy he sought out the most and my udders that kept him fed and potent.

I also gave up talking. There didn’t seem any point, I had found my purpose and I made my King strong.

I do not know how many sons I have given him now, or when the last time my breasts were covered was, or when the last time my big udders were not tied up. I still produce the most milk of any of the herd. There have since been some daughters and part of my job now is to train them how to be good heifers for the sons of other families.

It makes me happy, knowing they will have a purpose too.

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