Leaking Their Drink

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This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.

All work is fiction intended for fantasy only, regardless of content, and consent must always be acquired when engaging in any sex act with another adult.

Please note that all characters are clearly over eighteen and written as such in all stories.

The music pulsed, driven forth by the large bass speakers set at the front of the stage, though it was still at the front that everyone wanted to be. The summer sun beat down, bringing a rise of sweat to Gargath’s coat along with Piebald, though the stallion and the reindeer were not dressed anything less than lightly. Barely a T-shirt covered the horse’s broad chest and the reindeer had only a vest on — along with both of their shorts, of course — though Gargath most certainly had not missed the opportunity to tease him about wearing something that was, to be fair, typically known as a wife-beater.

“It’s cool! Look, I’m not soaking myself with a bottle of water like you, that’s just weird.”

They laughed together, however, shouldering into one another even as they moved with the throng of the crowd, many furs of all kinds of different species surrounding them. They were in the thick of it, the festival in full swing, though there was nowhere else that either of them would have rather have been, trading grins and swigging beer until their plastic pint glasses were dry. Then was the time to top up, forgetting how much they’d drunk already in lieu of better enjoying themselves overall at the festival.

With the throb of sound in the air, it felt as if it was coming from all directions at once, surrounding the two of them as they nodded and jumped along to the music at all the right parts. It was perhaps not how they would have listened to music together, privately, but it was in keeping with the festival, though they were careful not to slosh too much of their drinks out over the edge of their cups. They didn’t want to waste it, after all, despite it being as cheap as chips at such an event. A smaller festival, even though it was busy and tangled with other furs, at least kept the prices down where they could, nicer beers and ales on offer too for premium prices.


Gargath grunted, the bay stallion pressing his paw to his lower belly, though he didn’t want to exert too much pressure there. He hadn’t realised, in all the fun, that he had not used the bathroom in several hours, perhaps not even since that very morning. His bladder strained as he shot Piebald a sheepish look, the reindeer’s hide shot through with patches of black and white, which had been the reason for the giving of his name at birth, who didn’t seem to understand his urgency.

“Hey, come on.”

Gargath tugged at his sleeve a little more urgently, trying to convey with his eyes and a flick of his ears what the reason for hastening was. Piebald looked at him blankly.

“Dude — I got to go bursa escort bayan use the bathroom!”

He practically shouted, though there was no real shame in needing to use the loss there. The hastening and fussing over words and saying or not saying what he really meant was just another side-effect of the alcohol softening the edge of his system, tangling together the words that he wanted to say and making them into something else entirely. His tongue raised thickly to the roof of his mouth, so fleshy and bristly with alcohol that it felt too large for the space between his teeth, though if he had to go he had to go and there was no way he was going to be able to find Piebald again in the throng of the crowd listening to the latest band.

Thus, while he could have gone alone, they had to go together, just so that they’d be able to find one another again. It was not as if they had phone reception out there, anyway, as was the way of the more remote festivals.

The sense of urgency surrounding the pressure on his bladder by that point, but Gargath had to hold fast, moving awkwardly, half-waddling, even as Piebald laughed at him.

“Now look who’s in a pickle! And you laugh at me for forgetting things like that… Tables have turned now, haven’t they?”

But Piebald was secretly glad that Gargath had suggested going to use the portaloos then, though the line was quite long — longer to get to the typical blue boxes than it usually was. For he needed to go too and had not realised that he was up on the horse in terms of how much beer he’d chugged, his senses comfortably fuzzy even as he shifted from hoof to hoof.

Trying to stand still, the stallion let out an urgent nicker.

“Erf… Pie, I don’t think I’m going to make it.”

“What?” The reindeer pulled back a little. “Do you need to… Well, we’re guys — what about the woods over there?”

But the stallion already had latched onto his arm and was dragging him there, a smirk on his lips, even if the desperation in his stride was genuine. His bladder felt full, too full, full to bursting point, as if every step sent a tremor through his body that his bladder could not take, full and sloshing about with the after-product of his beer. It shouldn’t have made his cock push, just a tiny bit, from his sheath though, the prospect of losing control of his bladder even in such a public location oddly intoxicating.

It should not have been so and yet Gargath could not deny that it was, breath catching in his throat as he grunted and groaned, disappearing into the tree line with Piebald stumbling after him. The reindeer missed a step and ended up down on one knee, but the stallion was already yanking down his shorts, showing off his emerging hard-on in the delicious cool of the trees. It should have been a delight to take in the shade but his lust in losing control was up as he snorted, nostrils fluttering with need.

Piebald grinned, a paw already up and wrapping around the horse’s shaft.

“Oooh, I see where this is going…”

There was a lot to be said, to be fair, for having friends, even very good friends, who enjoyed the same kinks, Piebald stroking the stallion’s cock görükle escort tenderly at first and then more eagerly. It was hard to resist, after all, such a long, thick length of stud-flesh, for the stallion was packing as most equines typically were. It was simply in their genetics, something they could not help, though the anthro reindeer most certainly felt as if he reaped the spoils of it either way.

Pumping that length, the reindeer squirmed in place, the pressure of his bladder clawing at his attention. Oh, he didn’t want to lose control but a little urine slipped free of his sheath as a muscular contraction forced it out, though he did not want to think that that was still in his control. No, he wanted it gone and out, the semblance of control forgotten in a moment where wetting his shorts was more important. He may not have known just how he was going to get back to their car without embarrassing himself but that was all part of the fun, his skin tingling in anticipation of the hot, itching prickle of humiliation that was yet to come.

Gargath grunted, eyes rolling back, twisting his head back and forth, struggling with self-control. He had to thrust and yet he had to pee too, his body torn between opposing courses of action and adoring every last second of it. He couldn’t stop himself in either regard, gasping heavily as a little bit of piss slipped out, though the hunching of Piebald’s body told him that his friend was in a similar state too, as much as he may have wanted to deny it.

But there was no point in denying just how tight and strained his bladder was as he took Gargath’s thick length into his mouth, swallowing already as it pushed into the back of his mouth. His lips wanted to “chew” automatically but that was an instinct that he fought to supress, huffing and grunting, shaking his head lightly within the range of motion allowed to him. Still, he sucked, the stallion’s breath catching, Gargath hardly daring to draw his head back and forth, for the slightest bit too much pressure could send him blowing in entirely the wrong way.

“Unnff… Oh, god…”

He shouldn’t have been as needy as he was but it could not be helped with the festival music blaring in the background, one of his favourite bands playing. Yet the stallion could not have thought of another more perfect way to hear it as the music rolled to the beat of his hips, his tail twitching, everything in perfect synchronisation. He needed to urinate as much as he needed to cum, the two desires blending together within, his lower abdomen bloated from how much he needed to go.

Piebald was not about to make it easy for him either, sliding his shorts down to free his erection, though that was a strange sensation in itself too, the base of his shaft trapped up against his stomach by the waistband of his clothes. His hips bucked and twisted from side to side too but he was no more in control of himself than Gargath, huffing and puffing with short, needy little breaths as he tried to take all of it in.

The smell of the stallion’s musk, the warmth of the day, the cool of the shade tickling the back of his neck, the feel of how much beer-generated bursa escort bayan urine was sloshing around in his bladder. Oh, that dominated it all, even as he leaned in, sucking on that cock as if his life depended on it.

Alas, it was not Piebald’s day, a tiny drop more of piss escaping his shaft and then another, nothing working quite as it should have done, the trickle of piss coming slowly at first and then in a flood. It was hard to pee with an erection but even harder to hold it back in his bladder, urine streaming hotly down his cock, splattering everywhere, soaking his shorts and even his underwear too where the front was tucked up against the base of his dick.

“Ah — oh!”

Gargath twitched, on the edge himself, though orgasm was not to come so easily, not with Piebald urinating there, his upper lip peeling back to sift through the scents. But the reindeer’s stream came to a steaming finish as Gargath grunted, hungrily eyeing him up jacking off his own cock while still sucking on the stallion’s.

It was hot and it was steamy and it was something that entirely should not have taken place within spitting distance of the festival. He panted, rolling his head back, trying to hold on even as his eyes rolled too. It was not to be, however, his hips shifting, wriggling, drawing back just in time to yank the tip of his shaft from the reindeer’s lips — anything further than that, alas, they had not talked about before.

His need grew and then it was out, losing control of his bladder, steaming piss splattering, his cries rising, ecstasy coming with a sort of high in the glory of release even then. He couldn’t help himself, Piebald greedily drinking in the sight of Gargath unable to even control himself, pumping his cock more and more furiously until he spent a creamy load into the grass, hips gyrating without any manner of mental command. He couldn’t manage to hold even that back as the horse released his bladder, his ears burning with humiliation, the fact of not being able to control such a base bodily function burning through all else.

“Unff… Damn it.”

Still, the horse’s skin prickled, having to cum even through pissing, his need tantamount to everything going on. His arousal was linked to the humiliation (though it was doubtful just how embarrassing it was with Gargath) of losing his bladder, how his urine had streamed forth so freely, everything swirling together in a confusing concoction of lust like it was the first time playing with that fetish all over again. Oh, that had been a confusing time, squirming and wriggling and wondering why the fear of losing control turned him on so much, but he hadn’t had a friend like Piebald to tease him through that one.

Huffing and grunting, he put a paw on the reindeer’s head, grasping his antlers, bending his head back a bit even as his cock remained hard, the strong aroma of piss wrapping around them. It could not be ignored if they tried and yet their feeling on that matter was most certainly mutual. Pie’s smirk lit up his eyes.

“Now… Let me help you with that.”

Taking the stallion’s still-hard cock back into his mouth, Piebald shuddered at the hint of piss lingering there, his tongue sweeping, teasing it forth. There was pre-cum to come too and his lust pushed on, the reek of piss still in the air even as it soaked into the ground, not to leave a trace behind that either of them had ever been there.

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