Leather and Chains

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The pain. It’s been an hour and 35 minutes. She sways and feels the sensation radiate from her areola to the rest of her body. Looking into the mirror, she smiles at the sight of the silver chain dangling from the clamps on her choked nipples. She moves slowly. She watches. The reflection in the mirror only heightened the sensation she feels. She sways her body again. She stares at her reflection. She smiles. She moves again; and now, the subtle pain has now escalated to a throbbing ache. She arches her back, closed her eyes and allowed her fingers to travel down her fair skin to explore the heat radiating from her core.

She will cum again shortly; and wearing her new toys, she hasn’t stopped thinking about him.

This time last night, they just came out of a Vegas show; and soon, they be strolling back to their room where they will once again explore each other’s body. Yesterday was their first time together and she is amused at how much he understood her. She never directly told him of her fantasies and yet, he knew instinctively canlı bahis what to do to draw the responses from her. He knows her. He knows how to seduce and conquer her. He is gentle and demanding. He teases and he torments. He knows what she wants and what she craves. And he knows that she was his to claim.

Touching herself right now, she remembers him reaching into the suitcase and unwrapping each of the presents he got for her. The collection of leather goods were what she’s fantasized about… and wearing them now; she continues to play with herself. Reminiscing, she blushes at how he dressed her; how the pink leather molded to her skin; and how helpless she felt, being restrained and being at his mercy.

And how she wished that she spoke up yesterday about her needs. Their first time together in the late morning was barely enough to quench her need of him for the past 10 months. 10 months of torture. She wanted him. She can’t put her pulse on it and she has been unsuccessful in playing it down. He is different from the types of men bahis siteleri she’s been attracted to. Perhaps it’s the conversations they’ve had or it could be how she enjoyed the way his eyes roam freely over her body. Whatever it was, she felt a desire for him like she never experienced. She’s pleasured herself for months, imagining what it would feel like to have him be inside of her; to feel his weight on her, and to feel the warmth of his breath on her. And truly, and most importantly, she wanted him to impale himself within her and claim her completely.

And when he finally did, there were no words of affection and no declaration of undying devotion. Instead, he communicated with his body. He took her from behind and drove himself into her. It was painful. She’s never willingly given herself to a man; and even till now, she’s not sure what she expected. She is sure though, that what she lacked in experience was reflected in the tightness he felt as he plunged into her.

And afterwards, as he caressed her neck and pulled her into bahis şirketleri his arms, she felt a sense of contentment and sadness.

She realizes that this will be the only time he will be with her. From the look in his eyes, to how often he checks his phone for messages; she knows that their time is limited. And she appreciates all that he did to make this encounter special. The planning, the conversations they had, the good eats they shared, the moments of tenderness, and more vividly, how he fucked her raw in between the day’s activities.

This morning, he asked if she will put these presents away and only enjoy it privately. She smiles. She’s experienced what she’s always fantasized about and she liked it. She is happy that she stepped out of her comfort zone and gave him the opportunity to play with her. She is finally liberated.

As they parted, she thought about the rest of her fantasies and how much she looks forward to experimenting and living. She is now ready and eager for more adventures in life…

Recalling the feel of him within her, she tugged on the chain and with the gag ball muffling her scream, she came. He’ll be proud of her; her answer is in the affirmative. She will take this experience with her into the next relationship.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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