Legend of Cowboy

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All sorts of expatriate “characters” gravitated to Bangkok, Thailand, in the seventies and eighties, and none were more colorful than the man known simply as Cowboy. Cowboy was a six-and-a-half foot black American stud, who was said to have been a pro basketball player of some note who had retreated to Bangkok in the face of possible charges for point shaving and racketeering. In Bangkok, Cowboy had built a small empire of girlie bars in the Phatpong tenderloin district, the most notable one of which was named, appropriately enough, Cowboy’s.

There were a few legends about Cowboy. One was that he had the biggest dick in Thailand, which was given some evidence by the woman who buzzed around him looking very satisfied. The second was that he would fuck anything that moved, which was at least partially evidenced by the men who buzzed around him as well. And the third was that he never took off his signature ten-gallon hat, chaps, or spurs, even during sex.

Cowboy was one of the most happy-go-lucky, witty, and generous people in the international community, and those who knew him reacted well to him no matter how much effort they had to put into ignoring his past and his reputation.

A few months into my tour as an SR71 photoreconnaissance jet driver living in Bangkok, I decided I’d like to check out the legend of Cowboy. I joined the U.S. embassy’s bowling league just because he was on it, and I got as close to his inner circle there as possible. Eventually, he invited me to come up and see him sometime at his flagship Cowboy’s bar. As, at the time of the invitation, he had his hand under a table exploring my basket, I didn’t have any illusions what his invitation entailed. This suited me just fine, of course, and I wasted no time in scooting over to Cowboy’s to see him one afternoon in the next week.

When I walked into Cowboy’s, I was told that Cowboy was in his office on the second floor and to go on up. casino oyna Cowboy’s office was a pretty good-sized room, with a desk and other office equipment at one end and a double bed with a red velour bedspread at the other end.

Cowboy was home, as was a dreamy-eyed woman with long, frizzed-up blonde hair and big tits. Cowboy was lying on the bed, feet pointed at me. He was wearing his ten-gallon hat and his boots with spurs, but that was all, so at least the part of the legend of the chaps was false. The blonde was sitting astride his pelvis, with her tits also pointed at me. I therefore couldn’t check out the legend of the biggest dong in Thailand, at least for the moment, because the blonde was sitting on it.

She looked vaguely familiar to me, and it slowly dawned on me that she was the wife of one of the U.S. embassy’s economic affairs officers. She’d bowled a 280 on the last league night, and, I understand, had gone out on a celebration binge and hadn’t been seen for two days. It had taken me a few minutes to recognize her, because the economic affairs officer’s wife I’d known had always been wearing clothes, and this woman was naked. Really nice tits, though.

When I walked in, Cowboy had his hands on her hips and was helping her to have a bouncy ride on his lap. They both seemed happy to see me, though, and Cowboy boomed out that I should feel free to strip down and come join them. He suggested that the woman might like to suck me off while she was getting her ride, and she seemed agreeable to this. So, I stripped down and went up on the bed with my knees straddling Cowboy’s calves and my butt sitting on his boots. His spurs jangled quietly behind me.

Before the woman started to service me, I buried my face between her tits and did some exploration of those with my hands. That seemed to turn her on—or a bit more on than Cowboy had already turned her—and, after a while, she pushed me back on my haunches, canlı casino and stretched forward and started giving my cock good head with her soft mouth.

Cowboy must have gotten bored with this, because after ten minutes or so of her slurping and me hardening, Cowboy asked me if I wanted to ride too. I said sure, not knowing what he had in mind, but being game for about anything until I was able to fully check out this legend thing. When I had voiced my agreement, his big hands came around from either side of the woman’s chest, and he cupped her tits and pulled her back onto his torso, which brought her pelvis up.

Wonders of wonders! Cowboy was in her asshole, not her cunt. Her pouty little cunt was sitting right there, begging for attention from me. So I just slid up Cowboy’s thighs and drilled my hard seven inches into her. She was writhing and moaning, having a good time being double stuffed. She took my head in both of her hands and brought our lips together, and I kissed her deeply, thinking that was only polite considering how deeply I was fucking her. All three of us were riding and bucking and rotating, sometimes in synch, sometimes not, but always in ways that gave all three of us pleasure.

While I was kissing the woman, Cowboy let loose of her tits and started to play with mine. I liked the attention fine. He even managed to get my nipples aligned with those of the woman, and he did some rubbing and pinching together that was driving us both crazy.

I came out of my kiss with the woman and dove beside her head and found Cowboy’s mouth. We did a battle of the tongues that was more invigorating than what the woman and I had been doing. She was a fine ride, but I knew which side my bread was buttered on.

I felt the woman’s pelvis being pushed into mine, so I put my hands under her butt cheeks and pulled her up with me, as I went up on my knees. I heard a long slurping noise as Cowboy kaçak casino came out of her ass and pulled himself up toward the head of the bed from under us. The woman and I went back down on the bed and she held her legs out briefly and then brought her heels to the back of my calves and massaged them while I pumped her. She was making little mewing sounds.

Cowboy was behind me. He was lathering up his cock with KY, and I took a peek. That part of the legend probably was true. He was longer, in not thicker, than anyone else I’d seen in Bangkok. His dick was a darker brown than the rest of his body and had a big pinkish-brown helmet on it. I started my own little mewing sounds at that point.

He took me by the hips and just lifted me up off and out of the woman and I dug my knees into the bed again to prop myself up. Cowboy’s mouth went to my asshole and he tongued and kissed me there. The woman slipped out from underneath me and reversed herself and came back under. She took my cock in her mouth and restarted the stimulation there. She played with my balls with her hands, until Cowboy’s cock was engaged and nearby, and then she gave his cock root and balls attention. I lowered myself on her and spent my time servicing her g-spot with my tongue, holding her gyrating pelvis within some sort of limits with my hands dug into her butt cheeks. Her tits felt good bobbing against my belly.

Cowboy stopped licking my butt and applied some KY there and then entered me, and entered me, and entered me, and entered me. I didn’t think his dong would ever stop sliding up into me. And when he was well in, he started plowing me real good at a depth I didn’t remember ever doing any entertaining before. With her soprano, my tenor, and his bass, we had a real good harmony of sighs and moaning going there for a while.

After a good fifteen minutes, Cowboy pulled out of me, sort of pushed me off to the side and turned the woman around and finished his fuck and shot off his load in her cunt. I didn’t mind, because by then, I was drilling his ass to my own climax.

So, other than the chaps, the Cowboy legend pretty much held up to scrutiny.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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