Lesley: An Older Woman

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This is a true story set in the early to mid-1970s and is based on events related to me by one of the participants, and told from the males perspective. Enjoy it for what it is, a story about lust and longing and eventual release. Both characters are over the age of eighteen when things unfold and are willing participants to all that takes place.


This is the story about my seduction of or, by Lesley, even today I’m not sure who seduced whom, but in the end, I know I was chasing her.

Lesley was ten to twelve years old than me and lived seven houses down the street with her husband in a marriage that was breaking down, so I felt no guilt about eventually committing adultery with her. The seduction was a long slow one that should and probably could have happened quicker, but the length of time it took made the eventual outcome and consummation that much better.

I first noticed Lesley properly a couple of years earlier when I joined the local Am/Dram group, at that time she was just another older but attractive woman in the cast, although she was rather forward and flirty with all the males apart from me and a couple of my mates. Even for her, at the age I was I was just about off-limits, but with any male of legal age it was full-on flirt mode, and she had a lot to flirt with, and at times it didn’t end with flirting, or so the rumours went, but at that time not with me.

Lesley was five feet five inches of dynamite energy, with wavy, red hair, cut short to her head, not cropped, but tight and short, average face but with full luscious lips that begged to be kissed. Strong, shapely legs with firm thighs that could crush your back if she got a chance to wrap them around you. And a full, curvy, womanly figure, wide hips and largish but firm bum, narrow waist that only emphasised her full 38DD boobs. Even then to me, she was one hot package, but it was stolen looks and lustful longing only. Well, I was a male beginning to understand his sexual longings and preferences.

As I say, there was never any hint of what would come for the next two years, until I had just turned eighteen. Lesley then began to pay more attention to me when the cast socialised after rehearsals, I suppose it was natural for two reasons; one we were near neighbours and by now I had a car; and two I had started to mature, and I made it obvious that I was available for some uncommitted no-strings fun. I had just split up from with a girlfriend of six months standing. It had hurt me deeply, and it still does to this day as it was my first serious love affair. I was needy and vulnerable.

Anyway, Lesley had me as a blip on her radar now, it was an open secret that her marriage was heading for the rocks and that she was both available and willing to play around and was doing so with gay abandon. What started the whole affair was when we were cast opposite each other with minor parts in a production, my first talking part. Lesley suggested that I go around to her place one Saturday morning to get a bit of extra and private rehearsals together, as so far we had only done a couple of read-throughs.

I was more than willing, even then hoping that things would involve more than rehearsing, especial as there was a minor love scene between us!!!

When I rang her front doorbell I was surprised and shocked to find her husband answering it. Almost as shocked as he was to see a young and fit eighteen-year-old on his doorstep asking if his wife was in.

“Oh, high Colin,” came a voice from down the entrance hall, “come in.”

With that, her husband reluctantly moved aside letting me enter as Lesley continued, “David, Colin’s come round to do some rehearsing as we are playing opposite each other, and to help me with my lines.”

He didn’t look convinced but didn’t make any comment, sheepishly I went into the living room and unasked with the arrogance of youth confidently sat down on the sofa.

Lesley asked if I wanted a drink but I declined, then David said he had to go out to get the morning paper as it hadn’t been delivered.

The front door slammed as David left, leaving me alone with his sexy and predatory wife. She was dressed in a mid-thigh mini-skirted kilt in red and black tartan, with a simple black blouse to contrast. I noticed that the top three buttons of her blouse were undone and showing more than a hint of cleavage, whilst the fabric was being strained by her generous boobs.

Lesley went into the kitchen and I made to follow her to ask her what was going on when she suddenly turned back and we met in the narrow passageway.

“I’m sorry, he wasn’t meant to be here, he should be at work,” she said softly, and as she made to push pass me I put a hand out to stop her, when she went to move the other way I did the same again, now she was trapped unable to move in either direction.

“What do you mean, and what are you playing at?” I asked.

“You know, I don’t have to tell you do I?”

That was the only signal I casino oyna needed to act. I moved my head lower and kissed her, pushing my tongue past her unresisting lips as she moved against me, kissing me back and moaned, long and deeply into my mouth. Crushing her full body against mine I felt those generous boobs flatten against my chest.

My hands were running up and down her body, but concentrating on feeling and cupping her bounteous breasts, noting the full weight of them. Lesley was kissing me back with a fierceness I had not encountered before, her hand had unhesitatingly dropped to my groin feeling the hardness of my cock under my jeans. She knew what she wanted and was used to getting it. As she did she let out another long loud moan, “Oh fuck, why is he not working.”

Lesley undid the fly on my jeans, aggressively pushed her hand inside and got hold of my throbbing cock, pulling it out of my jeans and holding it between her thumb and forefinger slowly pulled on it, wanking me off, kissing me all the time.

Just as I slid a hand up her skirt she broke away saying., “No! I’m sorry we can’t. It’s just too risky. I’ve made a mistake, I’m sorry… I’ve led you on. We can’t do this it’s too risky. For you, not me.”

To say I was disappointed was an understatement, I had been looking for sex with her, sex I fully expected to get, sex that had been implicitly implied I would get. Now she was saying no, and I had an idea it wasn’t just because we didn’t have much if any time. She was nervous.

The rest of the morning was spent rehearsing, me with a massive ache in my balls and a bit of an attitude, we didn’t touch the love scene that would have been too risky, whilst David stomped around in the background. He could sense there was a tension between us. After that morning Lesley noticeably cooled her attitude to me and gave me no chance to be alone with her. That didn’t stop her flirting with other members of the cast and other neighbours though. That only made my frustration and longing even greater to bear. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t in love with her, I just wanted sex, sex that seemed to be available to plenty of others, but for some reason not for me.

Six months passed and we had started another show production but with another company in a neighbouring village, although most of the cast was the same as we all drifted from one production to another. One night after rehearsals Lesley asked if I could give her a lift home as her car was off the road. I said yes but told her that I had a mate to drop off first.

“Do you think you’ll feel safe on your own with two young studs?” I pointedly asked her.

“Why not, I trust both of you, but you’ll be dropping Rob off first I assume. Why shouldn’t I trust you, what have you got on your mind?” she seemed to tease with a sparkle in her eye, standing closer to me than she needed to. Breathlessly talking much quieter than was needed. The thing was it was as easy to drop her off first as Rob. When we got to Robs he hesitated in getting out of my car and in the end I virtually had to throw him out. He knew what was likely to happen between me and Lesley.

“Well, are we going home or somewhere else?” I pointedly asked when I had finally got rid of Rob.

“Up to you,” Lesley replied in a husky voice.

As I started the car and drove off I said, “If we go somewhere else you know what it means, you know what I want?”

No verbal reply just a nod of he head as she dropped her hand onto my thigh and ran it up and down, not quite going to my groin and cupping my balls. Oh yes, she knew and it seemed this time was more than willing.

I drove us to a secluded place I knew, that was off the beaten track, not really ‘lovers lane’ but not far short, I’d been down there several times in the past with girls. As I killed the engine and lights and turned to face Lesley she virtually attacked me. Kissing me full-on on the lips, tongue darting into my mouth and out again time and time again, at the same time one hand had dropped to my groin, pulled the buttons on my jeans open and harshly grabbed my throbbing and erect cock in her hand. Seems like when she goes for a cock she goes hard and fast.

She pulled and pulled on my cock, fiercely and frantically yanking on it, she seemed frustrated as she did so, as though she couldn’t get enough of it. At the same time, her free hand had slipped around my neck and was holding my face close to hers as we kissed passionately. She was definitely taking the lead.

My hands had moved to the front of her body and initially pushed under her blouse and bra and cupped the full weight of her boobs in them. Her nipples hardened at the first touch as they pushed against my palms.

Lesley had started to ease up on her pulling on my cock and was now much more gentle with it, taking her time. I kissed down her neck, nibbling her ear as I moved down it and undid the buttons on her blouse. As soon as it was undone she shrugged out of it, her canlı casino boobs looking full and heavy in the moonlight. Leaving go of my cock, she reached behind her, undid her straining black lacy bra, and let her tits fall free. I let out a groan of delight as they came into my view, full, fleshy and due to their weight just hanging down slightly. Her nipples as I had experienced were hard and pushing out from their large dark areolas. And big very big, the biggest nipples I have ever seen.

I threw my head forward and down onto them in a fit of pure unadulterated lust and sucked one ripe nipple into my mouth, sucking on her boob as I took it as deep into my mouth as I could. Lesley moaned at the feeling it raised in her.

I made a move to undo the clasp and zipper on her trousers when a grip as hard as iron went around my wrist, “NO.”

I was shocked, she knew what she had promised, what was inferred, what I wanted when we had driven here, now she was stopping me.

“I’m sorry, we can’t, an hour ago and it would have been ok, but not now. Look you’re not going to go home frustrated it’s just that we can’t have sex tonight, not full sex, not at this minute. Now lie back and get your pants off. Enjoy what you are going to get.”

Frustrated yet again I wasn’t sure how to react, but from the look in Lesley’s eye I had a feeling things would turn out OK for me, that and the fact that she had taken hold of my cock again and was stroking it with a firm but gentle grip. She was totally in control of what she was doing, practised and experienced well beyond my knowledge.

Wondering what would happen I did as she ordered and wriggled out of my jeans as best I could, leaving my cock nice and free for her to play with. Lesley smiled at me as she bent her head lower and lower teasing me with her slowness as her head finally ended up next to my groin.

A thought flashed through my mind, she couldn’t be going to do what I thought she was could she? The answer came with a waft of warm breath flowing over my cock and balls as her head sank even lower and with a soft sigh she slipped my cock slowly and gently into her hot mouth. I groaned in exquisite pleasure at the first touch, the softness of her lips and tongue as they caressed me and the wet hotness of her mouth.

Lesley held me just in her mouth as I got used to the feel of her lips on my shaft, knowing that if she went too quickly I wouldn’t last very long. She played her tongue round and round the head of my cock, driving me wild with the sensation it was causing. She then pushed her tongue into the small hole at the end, licking it and taking the pre-cum that was leaking from it. Seeming to love the taste.

After a few minutes of this delightful torture, Lesley began to bob her head up and down on my cock, lips locked tight on my shaft as she did so, taking me deep into her hot mouth and then ever so slowly sliding back up so only the head was in her mouth resting on her tongue.

I’d not had many blowjobs before this and never one by an experienced woman and a woman who seemed to be an expert and who seemed to be enjoying what she was doing as much as I was. All my previous blow-jobs had been from girls who weren’t that keen, and that reflected in what they did and how good it was. Now I was getting a great blowjob from my older married neighbour, what more could a horny young guy want!

Lesley upped the pace on me taking me faster and faster into her mouth as I wrapped my hands in her hair as I thrust my hips forward so my cock was now thrusting into her mouth, Lesley let out a little moan as I did this.

Feeling my release almost on me I cried out, “I’m cumming.”

Instant stop. Lesley pulled her mouth off me at once and let me hanging there, she didn’t move didn’t try to finish me off by hand, just stopped and left me dangling on the edge of cumming. As I moved my hand to finish myself off that strong grip went around my wrist preventing my hand from moving.

“Wait, there’s no rush, enjoy it, I just don’t want you to cum yet. Don’t worry you’re going to cum, just enjoy things a bit more, you deserve it.”

I groaned out loud in frustration. That frustration ended a few seconds later as Lesley judged I had calmed down sufficiently for her to start again.

Another warm breath wafted over my sensitive cock as it was once more sucked deep into Lesley’s mouth, this time even deeper than before and after just a little gagging sound into her throat. My God, my first deep throat action, I’d heard this was possible but now I was experiencing it. Lesley held me down her throat for a second then backed me out all the way, licking the head of my cock as she had done before.

This action continued but each time she took me deep she held me longer in her throat until for the final time she kept me there and sucked on my cock buried deep in her throat holding me for what felt like an eternity to my young and inexperienced mind. I had no control over my kaçak casino body and was thrusting my hips into her face time and time again, trying to get my cock even deeper down her throat.

All the time this had been going on my hands had been playing with her generous soft boobs, squeezing them and rolling the nipples in my hands but now they shifted back to wrap into her hair as she slipped me out of her throat and returned to bobbing her head up and down. My hands-on her head dictating the pace, until as I moaned and groaned we both sensed I was close, I was very close. Lesley held me just in her mouth once more and used her tongue to roll around my head, flicking at the glans, driving me insane with the sensitive delight of her touch on me.

Time seemed to stand still as my body spasmed as I came, I felt the surge of cum rushing up the shaft of my cock until it exploded from me filling Lesley’s mouth with my hot sticky cum. I hadn’t had chance to warn her I was about to shoot it happened so quickly, but I sensed she was ready for it and didn’t object as she continued to suck and lick me, resting my twitching and throbbing cock on her tongue as it continued to fire hot shots of cum into her mouth. I could feel it filling her mouth, coating every part of it. Lesley continued to milk me until I had no more cum to give her greedy mouth. Using her hands to tease the last drops from me.

My cock was still half-erect when she finally let it slip from her cum covered lips.

“Wow, that was a load you shot there,” she gasped.

“I’ve never done that before,” I managed to whisper in embarrassed confession. I had never come in a girls mouth before all my experiences had ended by being finished off by hand. “I’m sorry I didn’t warn you.”

Lesley just smiled as she said, “I knew it was going to happen, don’t worry, I loved it. I always do. And at least you’ve had an experienced woman to take your first load.”

After a few minutes to recover Lesley told me to take her home.

Months passed after that blowjob and once again Lesley cooled off on me, maybe it as because I now had a girlfriend and she didn’t seem to want to get in the way, or have me cheat and to be fair I was OK with that. I knew I had a ‘fall back option’ for sex if I needed one, Lesley had made that clear.

Eventually, as things do, I broke up with Claire my then-girlfriend and was single again. When this happened Lesley started flirting with me again but teasingly wouldn’t let me be alone with her, so one night I decided to take the plunge myself and see if there was any chance of hooking up with her again so-called round at her house. This was made easier as her husband was now out of the picture having left her.

When I rang the bell Lesley answered and looked at me in surprise before opening the door and without saying a word ushered me down the hall and into her lounge. We sat on her couch and after a minutes silence got talking. Lesley could see I was nervous but didn’t seem to want to make things easy for me. All the time she was giving me the come-on looks, her boobs pressing out from her tight top. Letting me get a good look at them and I could see that she was excited as her nipples were hard and sticking out and she seemed to be breathing heavily. Or maybe I was reading the signs wrong again.

I moved closer to her and said, “Look where are we going, at times you’re giving me the come on and then the next minute you’re avoiding me like the plague.”

“I want you, but you’re so young. I don’t think it would be right, and nothing could come of it. We can’t have a relationship.”

“Look, Lesley, let’s get things straight. I’m not looking for you as a girlfriend or anything like that, but what about sex. You leave me confused. At times you seem very keen, flirting with me and you seemed keen a few months ago in my car, but then you back off. I’m just so confused. You’ve led me on a couple of times now. All I want is sex. No long term commitment, no affair. Do you want to have sex? Simple question, simple answer yes or no.”

Lesley took me by the hand pulling me off the sofa and led me up to the stairs and into her bedroom, pushing me onto my back on the bed, then stripped her top off and dived on top of me.

We were kissing and I was playing with her full boobs sucking first one then the other nipple deep into my mouth, at the same time Lesley was struggling with the zip on my jeans as she did her best to get me out of them. I pushed her away and quickly stripped naked, cock coming to view stiffly at attention.

Lesley continued to kiss me and run her hands over my body as I played with her tits, kneading and squeezing them, pulling on her nipples and rolling them between my fingers. My cock was aching for attention but wasn’t getting any as Lesley just roamed her hands over me but refused to touch my cock, I was going mad with frustration but all the time my passion and desire was building.

Don’t say even now, even after my ultimatum this was going to be another encounter filled with frustration, taking me halfway there. I wouldn’t be able to cope with that. She couldn’t be that cruel. I sensed she wanted me as much as I wanted her, but?

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