Letting him in (Part 2)

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2 days 7 hours and 14 minutes since he last talked to her. She wasn’t a stalker but she was starting to feel the grips of obsession taking her over. The past few days and nights her mind was unable to focus on anything besides him and the last time they were together. It seemed as if she could still feel the sweat from his body sliding onto her own, his soft short cut hair passing over her palms and the feeling of his playful mouth on her nipples. How could she focus on anything else? Now sitting behind her desk at work she felt her body start too flush again from those very thoughts. She pressed her thighs together and felt the dampness was already there between her legs. She made her inner walls clench for a moment and arched her back from the sensation. She wanted him so bad, she needed him.

Her hands fidgeted with random items on the coffee table waiting for his response. She wanted to recant and tell him she lied. She shouldn’t have told him that she fucked someone else. Why would she say that? She knew, she wanted to see his reaction. She was hoping to hurt him in the way he always seemed to hurt her. She realized that she was lunging at her ringing phone. He was calling, oh god what did that mean? Three words and then the call ended. “Open the door” She stood there frozen with the phone still glued to her ear. The sharp knock on the door almost made her cry out. Could she pretend that she wasn’t home? No the car is outside and he might have called while standing outside. She slowly went to the door as another set of sharp knocks echoed through the room. She unlocked the latch on the door and slowly opened the door.

He entered her living room, keeping his distance from her. She watched as he moved across the room to a chair and he perched on the arm. He stared at her for a moment before finally talking. “Who did you fuck?”
She shrugged she didn’t quite finish her lie in her head. “Just a guy”
“Where did you meet him?”
“From work”
“How big is his cock”
She laughed for a second baffled by the question “why?”
“Is he bigger than me?”
Yes, slipped from her mouth before she knew it.
“Do you like his cock more?”
She shrugged
“Where did he fuck you? Did you cum? Did he fuck you hard and deep?”
She shook her head and looked off into the kitchen, feeling depressed and disgusted by his questions. Softly she said “you don’t need to know any of that”
He was on his feet walking towards her so fast that she couldn’t think to move.

He slapped her across the cheek. The surprise of it caused tears to well into her eyes. She didn’t want him to see her cry so she started to turn away. He grabbed a hold of her chin and forced her face towards him. The tears had started running down her face and she tried to avoid looking into his face.
“You will always answer me when I ask you something. You will do as I say and you will always be mine.”

His little slut… That’s all he will ever want her as. She tried to snatch her face from his hands. He smiled and started to squeeze her face harder. His other hand unzipped his pants. When she heard the zipper she reached up and slapped him. His smile didn’t falter. He grasped both of her hands, placing one hand to his partially opened zipper and pinning the other above her head on the wall. He pressed himself into her, bursa escort pushing her against the wall unable to move. Her hand stuck feeling his arousal, his need. He moved her hand onto him, pushing himself into her hand. Grinding himself against her. After a while her fingers wiggled and squirmed to get to him and touch his skin. He brought her other hand down from the wall and placed it between them onto his erection. He continued to push into her hands and pin her to the wall. He pulled at the top of the tank top dress, pulling it down from her breasts.

He easily lifted her the two feet over to the kitchen and sat her on the counter of her breakfast bar. His hands gripped her arms pulling them around her back. With his foot her moved over one of the tall stools that stood near the bar. He gently pulled her to the edge of the counter and lowered himself onto the stool in front of her. His waist level with her partially uncovered pussy. Her eyes went down and locked on his cock, fully emerged from his pants. Rock hard and smooth, he was getting off on torturing her, she knew it.

He had her, opened and basically exposed. He could take her anyway he wanted. He only stared at her.

He started with a warning. “Don’t move” He stared into her eyes for a moment, waiting for her agreement. She wasn’t scared of him but knew she could make things bad if he didn’t want a struggle. She nodded her head slightly and kept her hands clasped behind her back. HIs hands moved up her arms, over her shoulders, across her throat and down to her breasts. His head began to bow, releasing her eyes that were locked with his own. His mouth came to her breasts, lightly kissing them before opening his mouth and gently taking a nipple into his mouth.

She hoped for him to bite down on her breast, to bring her pain and pleasure. She knew that he wouldn’t. He never really gave her what she wanted, he only provided what he was willing to give. Nothing more. She could suck him and he could fuck her, that was it. The breast play had become a recent add on to appease her request for additional intimacy from him. HIs sexy lips have never touched her own. His fingers nor his mouth has ever met the sweet wetness of her pussy, He was forceful but not hard and rough like she sometimes wanted. Ian was a slow and more demure lover, full of insecurities. Ian had to have things his way and was not willing to change for anyone.

With his mouth still on her breast, he started opening her legs. She could feel the moisture and heat from her pussy on her thighs. She wanted him and needed to feel him inside of her. She dared to disobey him. She brought her right hand around to his hair. She opened her legs further and wrapped them around him while arching her back. His cock was now touching her thigh close to her entrance. He moaned and placed his hands on her hips. He stood and pushed his cock into her pussy.

He held the full length of his cock inside of her pussy for a moment. He always began so slow. Making slow steady strokes in and out of her pussy. She felt her pussy flexing and pulsing around his cock. She needed it harder and faster, she wanted to cum with him inside of her. She placed her hands on the edge of the bar and lifted her hips. She pushed against his cock and tried to grind her pussy into him as bursa escort bayan he kept his slow rhythm fucking her. She could feel her orgasm building up as his pace quickened.

Each of her orgasms were different, this one made her whole body tense and suck the breath from her lungs. Short moans escaped her lips, as her arms came up around his neck. Her head flew back and she licked her lips while clinging to him as she came. Her final moan was long and loud, as the pussy spasmed its final cry of release.

When her orgasm had faded, he pulled his cock from her pussy. He took a step back away from her, he stared at her again for a moment. He seemed angry or shocked. It was the first time she had come like that; she had only come once before with him. That time she had been quiet and now she felt embarrassed and wondered what he was thinking.

His stare seemed to penetrate her and she felt self-conscious and ashamed. She was unable to meet his gaze any longer and her eyes went to the floor. His cock was still fully erect and out of his pants. She didn’t know what to do. Was she supposed to go to him? Was she in trouble? She decided to speak and see what his reaction was.

“I…. um… I really want to make you cum. Do you want me to suck you?” she said as slowly started to slide off the bar. Before she could get completely off the bar, he approached her, reaching out and grabbing a fist of her hair.

He pulled her down from the bar and down to her knees in front of him. As he forced himself into her mouth she tasted herself. Her pussy juices mixed with the taste of him filled her mouth. His hands went through her hair to the back of her head. He pushed his cock into her mouth mercilessly, making her take his full length into her throat. She was gagging and the tears rolled down her face. He kept going faster and harder fucking her mouth in a way he would never fuck her pussy. She tried to bring her hand up to jack him off and get some release from her mouth. He knew her intention and moved her to his balls. She massaged his balls as he continued to push his cock as far as he could in her mouth.

She felt the swell of his cock and knew that he was about to cum, she pushed back the gag feeling and waited. His moans so sexy and primal. His final thrust into her mouth was deep as he emptied himself down her throat. She swallowed all of it and as gently as she could she softly sucked his cock to milk the rest of his sperm out. He let his hands fall to his sides. His cock only softened some. She continued to suck him, waiting for him to stop her. She was wet and turned on again, she thought of putting a finger inside of herself.
She hesitated, she had never masturbated in front of him. She wanted him to see, and to know that he made her this horny. His cock was still rock hard as she continued sucking and licking it softly. Her hand began to rub her clit, before moving down to her pussy lips. She moaned and looked up to see his dark eyes watching her.
She kept her gaze on him as her mouth came back to the head of his cock. She sucked hard on the tip while sliding her tongue around it. Her fingers also playing with her wetness that was dripping from her. Her finger guided its way into her pussy as she took him completely into her mouth again.
His hands were in her hair escort bursa again. As he clenched his fist into her hair he pulled her mouth off of his cock. Pushing her back to the ground. He came down on her, pushing her legs into the air.
After a few thrusts into her pussy, he adjusted her legs high to her chest. He was watching his cock move in and out of her. Her pussy started to clench around his cock as she was getting ready to cum again. Her moans had become louder again, over powering the sounds of their clapping bodies or squishing sound from her pussy.
He slid his cock from her and she tried to grab him to bring him back closer, back into her pussy. He slapped her face again, pushing her legs back towards her as far as they would go. He told her to hold her legs and not to move.
He rubbed his cock around her pussy lips and opening before sliding his cock down to her ass. He pushed at her ass opening. She protested with a cry in pain.
“No please I’ve never done that”
He continued to push. She could feel her ass stretching trying to adjust to his size. Her pussy juice the only lubrication to get him into her tight hole. The head was in, he moved the head in and out a few times before pushing further into her.
A partial scream came out as she let go of her legs. He regained his hold on her legs pushing her knees towards her face.She tried to move and push at his chest to make him stop.
“It hurts please stop”
He pushed harder, moving his cock in and out of her ass. It was the worst pain she had ever felt, it felt like it was burning. She couldn’t stop him; he would take whatever he wanted from her.
Tears covered her face again as she reached down to her pussy to try to make it more bearable. She could feel that he was close to filling her ass with his cock. Her hands were shaking from the pain and her fingers tried to massage her clit. He let go of her left leg and slapped her hand. She tried to push him off of her again, bucking her hips to escape his cock. He reached around her legs grabbing her hands, he pushed his body weigh down on her holding her legs in the air by his arms and shoulders. He pushed himself the rest of the way into her ass.
She cried silently as he continued to push himself in and out of her. She gave up on struggling and turned her face away from him as she tried to wait for him to finish. This seemed to piss him off more. He rammed his cock into her hard and fast.
“look at me” he commanded.
A cry of pain came out as he charged into her ass again.
“Look at me”
She turned her face to look at him, her eyes filled with tears.
“Tell me your mine” he said as he made short slow thrusts into her. When she didn’t respond fast enough he pushed hard into her again.
She whispered “I’m yours”
Say it again louder he ordered. “I’m yours”
“Damn right you are. You will always be mine and do what the fuck I tell you.”
“You think you can find someone else who can fuck you like me. You wanted it rougher so here you go, shut the fuck up and take this dick”. He continued to brutally assault her ass, pushing himself into her as hard and deep as he pleased. After a few more thrusts he was cumming, he pushed in and out of her a few times before finally exiting her ass.
He released her hands and lifted himself off of her. She turned to her side and continued to cry. He went to the bathroom before leaving her apartment. He didn’t say anything; she couldn’t speak if she wanted to. He wasn’t the one either.

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