Lonely in the City Ch. 02

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Mike meets Joanie’s out of control family in Indiana.

My apologies for taking a month and a half to finish the sequel to Lonely in the City. I hope you like it! Joanie’s family is a little over the top, and you should not infer that this is typical of life in southern Indiana, or northern Kentucky, for that matter.

To remind you, in Part 1 Joanie has moved to New York, for work, after college. For budgetary reasons she lives across the Hudson in New Jersey. She knows nobody and works herself to the bone, becoming lonely. Joanie finally makes a girlfriend, Dina. Dina and Joanie go to a demonstration in Manhattan and Dina picks up Stew, while Joanie strikes out. The three become close, and Stew sets up Joanie with his friend Mike, and sparks fly, fires are ignited, and now it’s time for Mike to meet Joanie’s family, way off the beaten path, down in Evansville, Indiana. Wish him luck.

If you want to read Part 1 first, it’s in the Exhibitionist and Voyeur Stories rubric.



I wasn’t sure why we were going to Indiana. Joanie had told me she had received an urgent message from her little sister Celeste, saying she had to come, and right away, too. Joanie either didn’t know why, or didn’t want to tell me why. Sometimes Joanie keeps her cards close to her vest.

Joan had given me the 411 on her family as we flew from New York to Indianapolis. She told me of her brother Luke who was only a year older than she was. I was a few years older than Joan. She also told me to watch out for her little sister Celeste who was, in Joan’s words, ‘a sexy little Lolita type.’

“How about your Mom and Dad?” I asked.

Joan smiled. “They’re hard to explain. They’re both great, really, but they were just not meant for each other. My Dad is a bit unusual. My Mom is just strange. You’ll see for yourself, I guess,” and that was all Joan would say.

I’d never seen Joan as nervous as she was on the airplane. My own family drives me up the wall at times, I suppose everyone’s does, but it was nothing like what the prospect of my meeting the family was doing to Joan. Something was wrong and for the life of me Joan would not say what.

As the plane landed Joan told me her Dad was meeting the plane together with Karen. “Be nice to them both, please, Mike,” she said.

“Of course,” I said. Joan gave no explanation as to who Karen was but it was simple to infer that she was Joan’s Dad’s new girlfriend.

We deplaned. The Indianapolis airport is magnificent, much too large for the amount of use it gets, and we walked down the wide, gleaming halls to get to baggage claim when suddenly Joan’s face lit up like a halogen lamp and the biggest smile imaginable spread across it. I saw a man who could have been a male model for men’s fashions, and on his arm was a sexpot extraordinaire only a few years older than myself. She must be Karen.

Joan has a pretty face and a great body. I love my girlfriend’s eyes, her soft, smooth skin, her alto, sexy voice, and her perfectly shaped legs. To my eyes, Joan is a vision. Her father’s girlfriend Karen, however, gave her a run for the money.

I was a bit surprised with the suggestive way Joan’s dad hugged her. Karen and I just stood to the side looking at each other. Karen too was surprised. Joan’s ample breasts were crushed into her father’s body and his hands were on her ass, massaging her ass cheeks. Joan’s Dad kissed her hello. It wasn’t a little peck on the cheek but a full-on kiss on her lips, and it lingered there for a bit. Joan’s face flushed from the openly erotic attention her dad was giving her in a public airport, of all places.

I checked out Karen, trying to be discreet. She was only a few years older than Joan and she looked remarkably like her! The main difference was Karen was a redhead and Joan was a brunette. They had similar faces, almost identical figures, and their smiles were exactly the same. They were the same height and weight. Joan’s Dad had somehow found Joan’s clone, except for the hair color. Now I knew what Joan would look like in around five years. No complaints from me!

“Last time my Dad saw me, my hair was red, too,” Joan said to Karen. “Yours looks nice. Do you have it dyed professionally?”

“Yes. Your father likes me to be as close to perfect as possible,” Karen said.

I wondered if that meant looking as much like Joan herself as possible? Was this what Joan meant by her Dad being “unusual?” Maybe he listened too much to Stephen Stills as a child? I remembered the lyrics of one of his songs, “and if you can’t be with the one you love, honey,

love the one you’re with.” He couldn’t have Joan, so he found Karen? But what did Karen see in him?

“Well, you do a good job,” I chipped in, as Joan shot me a look. So, she wasn’t a natural redhead after all!

Indiana is a bigger state than I thought, and it took three hours for Joan’s Dad to drive us to Evansville. I was surprised when Joan’s Dad drove right through Evansville and then headed East on a small country bayrampaşa escort road, rapidly reaching farmland, seemingly far from any urban area. As if foreseeing my confusion, Joan said, “Did I ever tell you, Mike, that my family are farmers?”

“No, you overlooked that little detail. You mean to say, I’m in love with a farmgirl?” I asked.

“A farmer’s daughter,” her Dad proudly said.

“And all that that implies, I’m sure,” Karen added, while Joan playfully slapped her thigh, and both women giggled. They giggled fetchingly.

The family farm was remote. “Where did you go to school?” I innocently asked.

“There’s a grammar school down the road a piece, but for middle and high school we took a school bus into Evansville.

“It must have been a long bus ride,” I said.

“You bet it was! It was boring, too. I would do my homework on the bus, and one time Marybeth lost her virginity in the back of the bus,” Joan said.

“I’ll bet that relived the boredom!” I said.

“It did for the girls who sat in the back. It was kind of understood that if a girl sat in the back some lucky guy could have some fun with her,” Joan said. “Marybeth set another precedent, too, when two guys had a go at her one time. Farmgirls have all the fun.”

“Did you ever sit in the back, Joan?” I asked.

Joan just gave me what I call her mystery smile, which literally could mean anything. In typical Joan style she didn’t answer with words. It became awkward as I tried to squirm around to get comfortable and to hide the large growth inside my jeans.

Karen was trying to keep from laughing. “Where did you grow up, Karen?” I asked.

“Eastern Kentucky. The land of barefoot and pregnant middle school girls. And no, I was not like that,” she said.

“Don’t believe everything Karen tells you,” Joan’s Dad piped up. “Men enjoy their daughters in the hills of Kentucky, and a babe like Karen is hard to resist, I assure you.”

“Don’t listen to him,” Karen said. “Zeke is a huge tease.” I remembered Joan’s Dad’s given name is Ezekiel. Karen giggled nervously. She did not however seem to be upset.

We got to the farmhouse Joan calls home. I met her Mom (and yes, she’s a MILF by anyone’s definition!), her older brother Luke, and her little Lolita-esque sister Celeste. Luke looked at Joan the way I had seen Stew looking at her back in New York just before he fucked her. Joan managed to avoid Luke’s eyes. Joan’s Dad grabbed Joan’s Mom (named Sarah) and he and Sarah and Karen drove off, leaving me alone with Celeste, Luke, and Joan.

“Here’s your collected mail, sis,” Celeste said. Joan sat at the kitchen table and went through it while Luke took me off to give me a tour of the farm. Luke began to tell me where he had laid different girls over the years. The barn seemed to be a favorite location for sex in Luke’s history. I couldn’t care less about Luke’s conquests, but when he began to talk about Joan my ears picked up.

“You know, Mike, my sister Joan was not a slut on the level of Marybeth. Wow, that girl is fine! She’s up for anything, and that’s exactly what she gets,” Luke said. He paused, reflecting, and said, “No, Joan isn’t like that. I mean, she had her fair share of guys in high school, of course, but not two or three at once like Marybeth. Joan didn’t have to do stuff like that; she’s intrinsically hot, but then, being her boyfriend, I guess you know that, right buddy?” Luke said, smiling, and playfully hitting my shoulder. “From what I hear, Joan is dynamite in the sack. Am I right?”

Not knowing what to say, I just smiled. Just then we heard a blood curdling scream coming from the farmhouse.

“I guess Joan found the invitation to Marybeth’s wedding. She’s also invited to the bachelorette party, which is tonight,” Luke said, and he chuckled. “The wedding is Sunday. Mom should have told her. I’m sure she’s freaking,” and he laughed some more.

Joan came storming out of the house. “Why didn’t you tell me, Luke? You son-of-a-bitch!” Luke laughed.

Joan turned to me, her voice now tender. “I have to go into town to buy some clothes. Celeste will drive me and help me to choose some things, both for the wedding and the bachelorette party tonight. Mike, Celeste will entertain you tonight; I’m sorry but I have to go to this. Marybeth is marrying Jason Stone, and Marybeth was my best friend in high school. You need a suit for the wedding Sunday. You’re going as my date.”

“Let’s go, Celeste!” Joan screamed at the house, and she stomped off. I had never seen her so angry before.

Luke took me into town too, to buy a suit. I have a closet full of suits back in New York, but of course nobody told Joan about this wedding and I hadn’t brought a suit. I wondered why Joan didn’t know about the wedding via Facebook, or email, or texts? Anyway, apparently, she didn’t.

Luke started filling me in. Rumors were rampant Jason got Marybeth pregnant but if he did, Marybeth was not showing yet, so nobody beşiktaş escort knew for sure.

“Marybeth is a good catch for Jason. His father owns the John Deere dealership, and there’s lots of competition. The farmers, especially the Kentucky crowd, want a good price and a good lay if they’re going to buy a tractor,” Luke said, as we drove into town.

“A good lay? What do you mean?” I asked.

“Well, if the dealer’s wife puts out for the farmers, that usually closes the deal. But Jason’s Mom is getting on in years, and Marybeth will be new blood, you know?” Luke explained. I did not ask him to elaborate.

“You’re not jealous or concerned about Joan going to the bachelorette party tonight?” Luke asked.

“Why? Do you think there’ll be male strippers there?” I asked.

“No, we don’t do that in this corner of the world. But all of the bride’s past lovers are invited, and in Marybeth’s case we’re talking serious double digits,” Luke said.

“Are you one of her former lovers?” I asked.

“No, and it’s one of my big regrets in life. But everyone thinks I’ve laid her, so I’m going.” Luke looked off into the distance and said, as if it were a philosophical insight, “I’m told that she is one fine fuck, pardon my French. The only lay finer, again, so I’m told, is your girlfriend Joan — my sister. Of course, I’ve never verified that, myself, you understand, but most of my friends have,” Luke said. “Joan got around in high school, and that’s not rumor. That’s a fact. So too did Celeste, by the way.”

We rode in silence for a while as I digested the news from Luke. Then Luke said, in kind of a thoughtful manner, “You know, sometimes these bachelorette parties turn into an orgy. There’s a small gangbang of the bride to be, of course, but then we men move on to seduce the other women there. Those who are willing, of course.”

“You think Joan will be one of the willing?” I asked.

“I don’t know, but I surely do hope so. I surely do!” Luke said. There was something about his manner that made me ill at ease.


I can’t believe nobody told me about Marybeth’s wedding! I have some perfect outfits but of course I didn’t bring them for this quick visit home. I wonder what Mike is thinking about my family? Celeste is in full seductive mode and Luke is looking at me with lust in his eyes. Gulp! I wonder if the rumors about his monster cock are true? Marybeth would know but I’m sure as hell not asking her!

Luke is no doubt coming to the ‘bachelorette’ party tonight. He’s probably bedded most of Marybeth’s friends. I wonder who he’ll end up with tonight? I hope Mark and Steve aren’t there, but they probably will be. Maybe they’ll have forgotten about me, or at least moved on? I’ve always had trouble resisting them, ever since the hay ride back when we were all fifteen. Wow, that was hot. Better Mike never hears about those times. I’m a different girl now; no need to regress to that level of teenage promiscuity, right? Right!

I couldn’t believe “Mary’s Fashions” no longer exists. “Celeste, what’s replaced Mary’s Fashions? I need to look sexy for the bachelorette party tonight.”

“You sure do. All your old high school lovers are coming,” she said.

I groaned. “How do you know?” I asked.

“Well, Mark and Steve told me the other night. They also said Mitch and that hunk Sven are coming, too. I’m taking you to the new place. I think it outfits most of the whores in Kentucky. It should work,” Celeste replied.

“What were you doing with Mark and Steve the other night?” I asked.

“We re-enacted that famous hayride when the three of you discovered sex,” Celeste said. “You were their first that night, you know.”

“You know about that?” I said in a contained scream of exasperation.

“Joan, everyone knows. You began a tradition. You’re a legend; I benefit just by being your little sister, even if now I’m taller than you,” Celeste said.

“Everyone is taller than me, Celeste. It’s no big deal. You have, though, matured into quite a gorgeous woman, you know,” I replied.

“Hey, thanks! By the way, you should see the amount of sex that goes on in those hayrides now! Your threesome way back then really started something. A new tradition, if you will. Oh, here we are. It’s called Frederick’s of Evansville. Catchy name, right?”

I put my head in my hands. I figured Luke was telling tales out of school to Mike as they shopped, too. I began to wonder if I would survive this long weekend!


Mom finally came home. Dad and Karen were nowhere to be found. She made dinner for Luke, me, Celeste, and of course Mike. Mike told her how good her food was and she gave him a big smile in return.

I kind of wished Mom would dress more modestly around Mike, but I knew she had dressed like that to impress Dad, hoping to make him regret the divorce. I wondered if she had tried to seduce Karen, too? Anything is possible with my Mom. She needed a bath; she smelled beylikdüzü escort of sex.

I’ve always had this ridiculously good sense of smell. I can even smell when a dog is in heat. Maybe it was part of growing up on a farm. You know, growing up on a farm makes you think about sex a lot, since you often see the animals so engaged. I always enjoyed watching our two horses getting it on. That’s really something to see! So, I knew exactly what Mom had been up to; I presumed she had a threesome with Dad and Karen. What a family I have!

I got dressed for the bachelorette party and got whistles both from my brother Luke and my lover Mike.

“You’re going dressed like that, Joan? You’re dressed to fuck,” Mike said.

“That’s the idea at a bachelorette party, Mike. You know that, right?” I said.

“Well girl, you’re taken, you know,” Mike said.

“Mike, I love you, you know that. We’re not married; you haven’t even proposed, and neither have I. I have free will, you know?” I was teasing, but Mike didn’t seem to realize it.

“Uh-huh,” Mike said.

“Enjoy Celeste, or my Mom, or both,” I said, and I winked.

“Joan, are you always this strange when you’re in Indiana?” Mike asked. I had to admit, except for the night we met when we had group sex with Dina and Stew, he hadn’t seen my wild side before. I decided to reassure him.

“Don’t worry, Mike. My heart and soul and my body are mine, but only you can enjoy them. I’m going to flirt and tease my old high school friends without mercy, but that’s all, okay? Save some of your lust for me when I get home, although it may be late,” I said.

“Will do, babe. Have fun. Wish I could watch you tease,” Mike said.

Luke drove me to the bachelorette party. He was one of the invited former lovers of Marybeth, even if he had yet to lay her. Everyone just kind of assumed he had. I kind of wondered what he’d get up to? Maybe if I was sneaky enough I could see my brother bopping one of my old slut friends? You never know at these bachelorette parties. Sometimes they become slutfests, hee, hee.

“Mike is right. You sure do look sexy tonight, Sis,” Luke said.

“Is it too much? Luke, be honest. Can you see my nipples?” I asked my brother.

“No, but I’d love to see them, you know,” he said. I playfully slapped him.

We had a great time at the party. We both got much too drunk. At one point when Mark and Steve were passing me off, first dancing with one, then the other, things got a little out of control. Mark started it by surprising me with a kiss while we danced.

“Mark, what are you doing?” I asked.

“Kissing you, you moron. Can’t you tell?” he said.

“Well, stop. We can flirt and dance, but nothing more,” I said.

Mark turned on the flattery. “Joan, nobody kisses like you do. I’ve been fantasizing about this moment for years, ever since you left for college. Now you’re back for a few days and you’re hotter than ever! Give a guy a break; it’s only a kiss! I’m not about to ask for a blowjob or for you to spread for me, you know,” Mark said.

“I forgot how crude you can be,” I said, and I walked away from him, right into Steve’s arms, who surprised me by kissing me, too. I slapped him and pushed him away, turned around and Mark kissed me. I got away from Mark and Steve kissed me.

“Okay boys, stop. I’ll kiss you both, I give up, but one at a time,” I said. I had forgotten how good their kisses were. I was getting turned on. Mark got first crack and he took me out on the dance floor, put his arms around my waist, I put my arms around his neck, and we danced. I could feel his hard cock through his pants. My boobs were pressed against his chest. It felt good. We kissed.

We kissed throughout the dance, and near the end I was wet with arousal. Mark made a sneak attack and slipped his hands under my top and found my bra covered boobs. I suddenly realized my bra was unhooked. Ooh, Mark was a smooth operator. His hands slipped right onto my boobs and played with my nipples.

I guess Mark remembered just how turned on I get with nipple play. He was giving me those wonderful kisses and driving me nuts with his hands on my boobs when he passed me off to Steve. I slipped off my bra through my sleeve and gave it to Mark as I danced, now braless, with Steve.

Steve began to kiss me. He kisses differently than Mark, keeping his mouth closed. I began to moan during his kisses, and his right hand went to my boobs. Mark’s cock was normal sized as I recalled from the ten or so times we fucked in high school. Steve’s, on the other hand was downright large. He pushed his erect cock into my tummy, and the memories of my sinful pleasure with that cock rocked my booze addled brain.

“Where do you want to fuck, Joan?” Steve whispered into my ear. I flashed back to our high school days. I used to hate fucking in the back of his truck, preferring to fuck among the high ears of corn in season, or in the small woods near the grammar schoolhouse when the corn was low. He had always asked me that question, in that exact same voice.

I almost replied, as I always had before, “Not in the back of your truck,” which was where he fucked all my friends. I knew that because we girls all talked. I caught myself just in time, though, and said, “Those days are over, Steve. I’m here with my boyfriend and my fucking’s reserved for him.”

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