Long Day

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It all seemed to happen in slow motion.

The guy at the dealership had just handed me the keys to the brand new Celica. It was so red it almost hurt the eyes. Every toy and whistle possible to add was part of the deal. I am sure I had a big shit eating grin on my face when I popped the clutch and pulled out into traffic.

I scrimped and saved to buy the car, months of damned back breaking work shoving packages from pallets onto a conveyor belt.

I knew damn good and well I would have no problem getting women to hop into this machine. That was part of the reason I was buying it, the other was that my old Ford truck was on it’s last legs.

So far the old Ford had always started but most mornings it took five minutes. Plus I was now carrying a full gallon of bulk oil behind the front seat.

I even let the insurance lapse, why bother? The damn truck was worth maybe $200, and I was a good driver so no point in dropping the full value of the damn thing every 3 months.

Besides, it made the day I got the new machine come even faster.

Then I saw the big sale ad at the dealership. The bald headed guy had seen me so many times he knew my first name. He filled out the 300 or so forms for me to sign, and the machine was mine.

No interest for a full year, dang! Well, not until January which was just 5 months, but still.

All I had to do was drop by my insurance agent, get coverage, life would be good again!

I was fiddling with the radio, some talk show host was screaming something about how he “Couldn’t take it anymore!” screw that.

Gimmee some tunes! I looked both ways, popped the clutch, satisfied with how easy the tires let out a nice squeal.

Then I reached back for the radio.


Coming back to my senses, I looked up and saw the hood folded back against the windshield. My eyes hurt, my hand hurt, it felt like someone had popped me right in the face.

I shoved the wad of air bag off of me, tried to climb out. The damn door opened part way and stopped.

I saw the other driver getting out, too, a young woman with long dark hair.

“Are you all right?” She asked, leaning in towards my window.

“Yea, I think so.” I kept pushing at the damn door.

A couple of guys came up and pulled on it, finally getting it open far enough I could squeeze out. The bald headed guy from the dealership stood there looking at the car.

“Boy, you didn’t get very far.” He said.

I thought about wrapping my hands around his neck and just squeezing.

“You pulled out right in front of me.” The woman said.

“Bullshit! I looked both ways!”

Then I realized my car was in the oncoming lane facing the wrong way, I had never made it to the center divider.

I looked at my brand new car, steam pouring out from under the hood. The left front corner was shoved all the way back to the cab, the hood was folded upwards in the middle, windshield smashed.

It was totalled.

It sure was red, though.

Realization set in. My insurance agent’s office was just a few blocks away, the papers sitting on his desk waiting for me.

“In force as soon as you drop by and sign, no problems.” Steve had said. He had tried to get me to sign them right then, but I wanted to see if I could get at least $200 tradein out of my truck, they had only offered me $150.

I realized someone was asking me for my driver’s license, I looked over and a cop stood there.

He wrote me a ticket for failure to yield, just great. I looked at the copy he gave me, $228 fine.


A tow truck came and got the remains bursa escort of my machine, I simply stood there unsure of what to do next.

“Do you need a ride somewhere?”

I realized the woman was still standing there, looking at me oddly. My mind had been a mile away. I looked over at the car she was driving.

What the fuck was that thing? The only damage was a broken headlight and the bumper bent maybe 2 inches.

“1964 Nash Rambler.” she said, reading my mind.

“They are really solid built cars.”

No shit.

Swell. I got run over by a fucking bulldozer.

“Maybe to my apartment?” I said, not relishing the 4 mile walk.

Besides, I had maybe 2 dollars in my pocket, no taxi was going to come.

“Sure, come on.” She reached out and took my hand, for God’s sake. I went meekly along.

I looked her over as she started the old thing and pulled out. It seemed to purr smoothly. She was about my age, there was no hiding the fact that she was full busted, slender, pretty in some ways. Her nose was pointed, there were streaks of color in her hair, her clothes were a simple blouse and skirt, modest to the middle of her knees.

Just a nice looking young woman.

“Teresa.” She smiled at me, answering the question before I could ask it.


We pulled up in front of my apartment complex, I turned and thanked her and said I was sorry for the accident.

“Oh, no problem, things happen. My car isn’t really hurt, anyway it’s old.”

I thought of my brand new Celica, I hadn’t even gotten it out of first gear. A four year contract, no insurance.


“Say, do you mind? I need to…may I come in?” She asked, that same sweet smile on her face.

I thought of the clothes piled over the back of the couch, the 3 days of dishes in the sink. My cat’s litterbox was down to just one corner left this morning, I had scooped the lumps over a bit to make room.

Oh well.

“Sure, come on in.”

We walked up the one flight of stairs to my place, I held the door for her.

I was grateful for the candle I had lit before I left, it covered up most of the odor from the damn Cat and the remains of too many pizzas for dinner.

“Oh, a kitty!” She exclaimed, acting excited.

“Don’t touc….” I got out, knowing that the damned Cat would rip her from one end to the other if she touched it.

She scooped the thing up in her arms, it instantly flopped over on it’s back and started purring.

Fucking Cat.

Finally she put the Cat down, went into my bathroom.

She was in there for a long time, I thought of going and knocking on the door when she came out.

“Want some coffee?” I asked her, since the pot I had put on had just finished gurgling.

“Sure!” Another bright smile lit up her face.

We sat and chatted, she told me about her studies at the college. Medicine, she said. I mentioned how I had saved for nearly a year to buy the Celica, her face went sad at that.

“Plus I didn’t get the insurance papers signed.”

“Oh, my, I am really sorry.”

I was just telling her about how I would probably have to make the payments anyway, four years of that to look forward to.

“Oh. You are bleeding!”

I reached up and wiped my nose, a streak of blood showed on the back of my hand.

“Here, let me help you.” She went into the bathroom, came out with some tissues and a cool washcloth.

I tipped my head back as she bathed my face.

“Are you hurt anywhere else?” I had noticed that my left shoulder was starting to ache, and my right wrist. I mentioned bursa escort bayan that.

“Take off your shirt.”

“I will be OK.”

“Take OFF your shirt!”

I meekly started undoing the buttons.

I peeled back my shirt, there was an angry welt on my shoulder and upper chest, my wrist felt stiff, too.

Teresa stepped over, peeled my shirt down and off my shoulders. She reached in her purse, pulled out a bottle of some kind of lotion. She spread that on my shoulder, rubbed it in.

That felt good. I noticed that she smelled nice, too. I glanced at her as she leaned over me, her blouse gapped slightly, showing a hint of cleavage.

She caught my glance, smiled. Her hands were stroking over my shoulders and down my chest, almost to my nipples.

I felt a stirring in my groin.


I saw her expression change, her hands weren’t kneading me now, they were stroking.

Our eyes met, she stopped.

I sensed her breathing changed.

“What is happening?” she asked, softly.

Her fingers had reached the nipple on the right side of my chest, they just seemed to hesitate there, touching me.


I took a deep breath, in gasps.

“I am not sure.” I leaned forward, it was only inches, our lips met.

It was like an electric shock.

I reached out for her, she slid with no resistance into my arms. I ignored the flash of pain as she squirmed around to end up beside me on the couch.

“I don’t….” She managed, as our lips met again.

My right hand came up, cradled her breast, she let out a sigh.

Then we were tearing at each other’s clothing, I managed to get her skirt undone, her blouse unbuttoned as she tugged at the clasp on my belt.

She wore a plain white bra, I reached behind her and tripped the simple catch, her bare breasts swung free. Large and round with a hint of a sag, her nipples were soft and pale. Both nipples were slightly inverted right at the tip.

My mouth came down, I sucked slightly and felt first one, then the other release and turn outwards.

Then my hands were on her hips, I got my fingers into the waistband of her panties, slid one side down her hip. She lifted to help me, I peeled them down her legs and off, casting them to the floor.

She stood up, the skirt dropped to the floor, she stepped out of it.

I swear, then she blushed.

“I don’t…this is crazy…” She said, reaching down for her skirt.

I sat there with the biggest boner I ever had in my life, watching her as she stood there with the skirt in her hand.

Teresa looked at me, then glanced down, her face flushed red.

“Oh, damn.”

She dropped the skirt again, stood there naked looking at me. I sat there looking back, suddenly feeling stupid.

I almost didn’t know what to do, women were something I chased, wined, dined. Sex was slipped up on, until finally with some luck I would manage the conquest.

That had actually worked once a few months back.

Here stood this fine looking woman naked right in front of me, and I sat on the couch with nothing on but my pants.

I held out my hand, that is all it took. She piled right into the middle of me, almost squashing the cat that had gotten curious and risked one of it’s nine lives.

I had my hands full of fine squirming woman, our lips met and stayed there as I tried to feel every part of her at once. Then I felt her hands tugging at the buttons on my 501’s again. She was having a hell of a time, finally I reached down and managed to get some of them unhooked.

My erection pressed the escort bursa front of my briefs outwards, as I felt her fingers tugging at the waistband it flashed in my mind that I was glad I had put on a fresh pair this morning.

In fact, everything I had on was new, this was NEW CAR DAY!

Then I remembered my car, smashed all to shit.

My dick started to wilt as I thought about no insurance and those huge payments that would mean boxed noodles and cheese for the next four years.

Then Teresa’s hands found me and wrapped around me, I forgot all about the damned car again. She scooted down the couch, getting into position so she could….

She could…

She did! Her mouth opened and wrapped around me, I realized I was looking directly at her swollen groin, a tuft of upturned pubic hair doing little to hide her excitement..

Not a clue what to do, I had never in my life….

I leaned forwards and licked her puffy lips, experimenting. Her body shuddered, her leg lifted to allow me access. This made the wisp of pubic hair part, she looked shiny and wet.

I licked her again, rewarded with another shudder. She was sucking on me furiously, I was having trouble trying to return the favor, all I could think of was my balls snugging up tightly as she worked on me.

I pressed my lips to her, letting my tongue flick out, she let out a moan.

Hell, I was getting the hang of this, I thought, just as I couldn’t hold back any more and let go.

Teresa leaned back, staring as both of her hands squeezed and stroked at me. Huge gobs flew through the air and landed on the coffee table and floor.

She giggled, I leaned forwards and gave her another lick, dragging the flat of my tongue up and over her. That seemed to do it, I felt her thighs clench so I did it some more.

Her hands on me stopped, she held my erection firmly as her stomach muscles rippled. Then her legs clamped shut as her head leaned back, eyes closed in a grimace.

That seemed to last a full half a minute before she relaxed.

“God..damn..that was good!” She said.

I grinned, completely proud of myself.

Then I realized my phone was ringing. I got up naked, walked across the room to answer it. I looked back at Teresa, she was now stretched out on the couch, her medium breasts and snug abdomen with the tuft of dark hair between her legs was beautiful.

I almost decided to not answer, the sight had me beginning to stiffen again.


“Boy you didn’t get very far.” The voice said.

I recognized the voice, it was Steve from the insurance company.

“What’s up?” I figured he probably had the bad news.

“I need you to drop by and fill out the report.”

“What for?”

“The accident. I put a binder on your policy after you left, so you are covered.”

I think I yelled so loud he could have heard me without the phone.

“How did you know I had an…..?”

“Hell, I could see it out my window, boy that was dumb.” He laughed.

“Anyway, come in and fill out the report, sign the papers.”


“One more thing.”

“What’s that?”

“Your rate will go up.” He laughed and hung up.

I looked over at Teresa, she was watching me with a smile. I walked over to her lay down and began nuzzling her breasts, her hand came back and held the back of my head.

Then I slid up into position, she reached down with one hand and guided me as I pressed into her soft folds.

I could see the Cat sitting there watching us from across the room, curious. Then it lay down and began to lick it’s ass.

Fucking Cat.

I let out an involuntary giggle as I stroked in and out of Teresa. She lifted her hips to meet me, holding me with both arms.

One darn long day, it seemed. I had a feeling it would get longer, and more interesting.

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