Long Flight Home Ch. 05 – The Final Fuck

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“Anything I can get for you, sir?” asked the flight attendant, flashing an alluring smile.

I looked around. I was on a plane, a really nice one. It was somehow much bigger inside than a plane should be, and even though I couldn’t remember boarding it, I was acutely aware that the hull was made of solid gold.

The flight attendant was smoking hot. Like, pornstar hot. She was wearing a standard, professional skirt suit uniform, but every time my eyes went back to her it seemed to change. Now she was wearing one of those sexy, powder-blue PanAm uniforms. Then some kind of leather dominatrix outfit, whip in hand. Then, for the briefest of moments, nothing at all. For some reason, this didn’t seem strange to me.

I heard a noise and looked directly in front of me. I’d somehow missed it until now, but my seat was in the very front row with a big, open space in front of it. Filling every nook of that space were naked men, all huddled around watching something as they jerked themselves off. Even before my eyes found her in the tangle of flesh, I knew they were watching my wife, Lisa. She was right in the center of it all, laughing and shouting in ecstasy as she got double-penetrated by two mutantly large cocks. The men fucking her were hardly men at all, more like hosts for the giant, parasitic dicks that stuffed themselves repeatedly into my wife’s cunt and asshole. Nothing about this seemed strange.

I felt something in my lap and looked down to see the back of a woman’s head. Oh, right, I thought. I was getting a blowjob. I seemed to remember somebody had offered me one, but I couldn’t recall who.

“Nope, I have everything I need,” I said to the smiling flight attendant. She was wearing clothes again (or was she? I felt like I was seeing her naked and clothed at the same time) with a nametag pinned just above her absurdly huge tits. “Jeanine”, it read. The name was familiar but I wasn’t sure why.

Jeanine nodded obediently and started pushing her cart up the aisle. I hadn’t noticed before, but the cart was loaded to the point of overflowing with sex toys. She approached the group that was gangbanging Lisa, selected a huge, spiny and red dildo off the cart and handed it to the dick-demon who was pounding my wife’s ass. Without skipping a beat, he pushed the big toy into Lisa’s butt right alongside his own fat cock. Lisa gleefully shouted her approval. None of this seemed strange.

I watched Lisa get fucked for a few more hours. Or was it only a few seconds? I definitely watched her take over 100 different dicks, two, four, sometimes a dozen at a time. It didn’t seem to matter how many guys were currently fucking her, somehow there was always room for one more. The dick-demons definitely weren’t human men anymore, just evil little shades with massive pricks that ravished my wife without mercy. But no matter how hard or how many fucked her, Lisa just kept begging for more, more.

A few more hours passed in about half a second, and I could feel that I was ready to cum. The woman blowing me was an expert, a true pro.

“I’m going to…going to…” I started muttering, trying to warn her of my impending nut.

She pulled her mouth off my cock, lifting her face to look me in the eye. It was my 19 year-old daughter, Ellen.

“Cum in my mouth please, daddy,” she said in a sweet, sultry voice. I remembered immediately that I’d known all along she’d been the one blowing me. Nothing was strange about it, except I’d never heard her call me “daddy” before.

She put her head back down, sliding her lips onto my dick and pushing them all the way down to the base of my shaft. It felt completely incredible. I clamped my hands down on the back of her head, keeping her in that deepthroat position as I watched Lisa somehow suck off six different cocks all at once, like someone trying to jam half a dozen bratwurst into their mouth. Somehow she managed it with ease.

I started to cum, unloading spurt after spurt of boiling-hot jizz into Ellen’s throat.

I jolted awake. I was in bed, at home, Lisa quietly snoozing beside me and Ellen no doubt in her room down the hall doing the same. My crotch felt cold and damp: the load I’d blown during my wet dream was rapidly cooling in the night air.

“Shit,” I muttered, almost breathlessly.

This was the third time in as many weeks that I’d had more or less the same dream with exactly the same cold, sticky result. It had been three weeks since Lisa’s adventure on the Grizzly’s bus and I was in a bad way. As far as I knew, Lisa hadn’t been back to fuck Lefty, Righty or any of the Grizzly’s since, which was making me feel extremely pent-up. I’d come to rely on my wife’s extra-marital activities as an outlet to relieve my growing sexual desires, but now she’d been dormant for nearly a month.

In her stead, I’d fallen deeper and deeper into lust for our daughter, Ellen. I now had a small library of voyeur videos and pictures of her to go along with my own memories of fucking her ass and mouth. I was jerking off beyoğlu escort three, sometimes 4 times a day thinking about my daughter. Every time I did, I became more and more accepting of my once taboo fantasy. I’d gone from thinking of her as my daughter only, to thinking of her as a sex object only, to thinking of her as both, and I wasn’t sure I liked what I was becoming. Hell, what I had become.

That didn’t mean I could stop myself, however. Without Lisa’s exploits to distract me, my desire to fuck Ellen was now (literally) spilling into my subconscious as well. I could control my impulses enough to stop from tearing her clothes off and humping her brains out on the kitchen table in the middle of breakfast, but my every waking moment was consumed with planning out a scenario in which I would fuck her again. I’m not sure if that was any better.

No matter what plan I came up with, I knew I wouldn’t be able to pull it off alone. Luckily, I now had an ‘in’ with the Grizzlies, a kid named Charlie. He had tag-teamed Ellen with me on the plane what felt like so long ago, and he’d been instrumental in helping me keep tabs on Lisa’s Grizzly gangbangs.

I got out of bed and went to the bathroom to wash up, tossing my soggy, cum-filled boxers into the hamper. These wet dreams were making me blow huge loads, yet they didn’t seem to curb my desires once I was awake. My dick was still twitching, semi-hard and ready to go. I knew I wouldn’t be able to sleep until it was taken care of.

I had the videos and pictures of Lisa and of Ellen on my phone, but I’d been jerking off so much to those lately I was starting to get bored. Maybe I should go sneak a peek at Ellen in person? The idea popped up quickly and normally would have been dismissed, but tonight I was feeling dangerous and was too horny to heed my better judgment.

I crept out of the bathroom, naked, my cock growing as I thought about what I was doing. Passing through the bedroom, I glanced at Lisa, sleeping soundly on the bed. She was on her side, her huge tits smashed together in an incredibly inviting way. Fuck, I thought, she really is so fucking sexy. I’d always appreciated that, but since the plane I felt luckier than ever to be married to her, despite the fact that she’d been taking it rough and dirty from dozens of different guys the past couple months. I watched her full tits push in and out slowly as she breathed, stroking myself in rhythm until I was fully erect. Now to go check on my daughter.

I moved slowly towards Ellen’s room. I’d become highly skilled at creeping around the house ever since I’d started spying on Ellen, which allowed me to reach her door without making a sound. Unless she was changing clothes, she practically always left the door to her room cracked open, for which I was immensely thankful. Tonight, it was more than halfway ajar, making it all too easy to creep against the wall as close to the door frame as I could safely get. I stopped and listened, hearing only silence for several seconds until I could make out the faint sound of Ellen’s slow, sleeping breathing. She was out, and like her mother she did not stir easily.

Slowly I leaned my head in, praying that she wouldn’t be covered in blankets. The Hallelujah Chorus rang out in my head when I saw that not only was her body uncovered, she was laying sprawled out on her front, her tight, perfect ass on full display. My hand was on my dick in an instant, pumping feverishly as I admired her smooth, supple butt in the dark. Her ass was maybe the one thing that gave her an advantage over her mom, since her smaller, perkier tits (while amazing in their own right) were not on the same level as Lisa’s epic, war-starting boobs. Both my wife and daughter were hot as hell on their own, don’t get me wrong, but they represented slightly different ideals of perfection. God, if you could somehow combine them…or have them together…

The idea hit me so hard I momentarily stopped jerking off, my mind swimming with thoughts of would it work, could it work, how would it work. Just thinking about it made me so horny I was ready to cum. Without time for anything else, I refocused on Ellen’s sweet ass and just started shooting my wad into the night air, watching it arc and land on the hallway carpet. Shaking the last bit of cum onto the floor, I made my way back to the bedroom (no time to clean up, plus it would dry anyway). I dressed quickly and went downstairs, sneaking one last peek at Lisa’s cleavage and Ellen’s ass on the way. I grabbed my laptop and got to work.

It took nearly a week of planning, but finally I knew exactly what I was going to and how I would try to do it. Did I have doubts? Absolutely. With nothing less than my life as I knew it on the line, it would have been crazy to not second-guess the wisdom in what I was about to do. But all it took was one look at Ellen’s tight body or Lisa’s voluptuous chest to keep me on board.

I had reached out to Charlie a few days ago via email, bostancı escort insisting that he needed to call me. I didn’t want a paper-trail of our conversation, just in case.

“Hey Charlie, how’s it going?” I asked, trying to sound nonchalant.

“Uh, hey dude, what’s up?” he asked, undoubtedly curious why the middle-aged dude he occasionally saw at gangbangs wanted to speak to him so urgently.

I launched into my prepared speech, in which I explained that (with some effort) I had tracked down the “hot piece of teen ass” we had fucked together on the plane so long ago.

“Wait, for real dude?!” asked Charlie, his tone flipping immediately from confusion to excitement.

“Yeah, uh, dude,” I said awkwardly. What I didn’t tell him was that, being my own daughter, I’d always known how to track down this particular piece of ass.

I went on to explain that I’d “reached out” to the girl (again, Ellen) and she was interested in getting gangbanged again. I would give Charlie a way to contact her on two conditions.

“Anything, dude,” he said, excited.

“Great. Well, for starters, I definitely want to get in on the action,” I said.

“Of course, man. Wouldn’t feel right fucking her without you there!” joked Charlie, “So what else?”

“Well…” I said, steeling my nerves for what came next, “I should tell you something interesting I learned about this girl and that milf Lisa you guys have been banging…”

I went on to tell him that I had discovered that Lisa and Ellen were in fact mother and daughter. He was flabbergasted. He couldn’t wrap his head around it. He kept saying “Seriously? Seriously!?” like he was unable to believe it.

“I mean…fuck,” he said, “Did they not see eachother getting fucked while they were on the plane?”

It was a fair question, given the proximity of their separate but equal gangbangs.

“Apparently not,” I said, “I was talking to her about the plane and she kept saying how she couldn’t believe she’d done all that with her mom sleeping in her seat so close by.”

I was lying of course about Ellen making that statement, but I knew the sentiment to be the truth. Somehow, out of pure cosmic luck, neither my wife or daughter had any clue that they weren’t the only ones involved in the action on the plane.

I talked through it with Charlie some more, of course being careful not to mention that not only were these gangbang bunnies related, but that I was married to one and father to the other. Once he’d accepted what I was telling him, I dropped the next bombshell.

“So the other condition for me giving you this chick’s name is that I want the milf to be there as well,” I said, my heart pounding.

“What, like fuck ’em both again like before?” asked Charlie.

“Sort of,” I said, “Except this time, I want them to fuck eachother as well.”

“Duuuude…” said Charlie, in an uncertain tone.

He told me he’d need to think about it and talk it over with the guys. I told him to get back to me, reminding him what a sweet piece of ass Ellen was, trying to tempt him into it. We hung up our call.

Barely 2 hours later, I had an answer from him.

“Talked it over with the boys,” he said, “We’re in.”

Over the next few weeks I was in near-constant contact with Charlie as we coordinated exactly how this rendezvous would go down. It was imperative, we knew, that both Lisa and Ellen not be aware that the other was involved.

“Not a problem,” said Charlie, “We’ve got these mask-things we make girls wear sometimes, just for kicks. It’s like a blindfold but totally foolproof and won’t get in the way.”

I had my doubts, but he showed me a picture of some hot young chick getting fucked on a couch in a basement by two older men. The girl was wearing one of these masks and it would clearly do the trick.

The next decision was location. Charlie insisted the Grizzlies house would be perfect, but it wasn’t what I had in mind. I told him I’d put us up in a couple of rooms at a decent hotel midway between my house and the Grizzlies’. He and the rest of the guys agreed.

“By the way,” said Charlie, “we reached out the the daughter and she was more than happy to accept the offer.”

My heart started pounding. Ellen was in.

“And of course, the mom is in too, but that’s no surprise,” continued Charlie.

“And you’re sure they both don’t know that the other one is involved?” I asked.

“We didn’t give them any reason to think it, but if the sluts really do live with each other who knows,” said Charlie, “Haha, that house must be a real fucked up place to have produced two whores like that.”

I was mildly insulted, but I didn’t let Charlie know.

I hung up the phone, my heart still racing. It was happening. In three days, on Friday night, my wife and daughter would be in a hotel room, together, getting gangbanged and tricked into fucking each other. And I would be there, part of the action.

I büyükçekmece escort had a lot of preparations to make and a short amount of time to make them. I booked the hotel rooms, bought some decent video equipment, and double and triple-checked every detail with Charlie. The Grizzlies had told the girls to go to separate but adjacent rooms in the hotel at 8pm sharp. Once in the rooms, the guys would get the blindfold masks on both of them, then open the door and move the whole party into one room. I told Charlie to text me once that happened so I could leave my room across the hall and join them. He didn’t question why.

For their part, neither Lisa nor Ellen said or did anything out of the ordinary in the leadup to Friday night. As expected, on Thursday evening Lisa casually mentioned that she’d probably be going to her sister’s the following night, then on Friday morning Ellen told us she had plans to spend the night with her friend Trisha. I’m sure they believed each other’s stories and that only I knew what their real plans were.

It was 7:50pm and I was sitting in my private hotel room, tapping my foot and anxiously awaiting the text from Charlie. Despite having been continuously horny for the past three days, I’d been so consumed in working out all the minutiae that I hadn’t jerked off even once. I’d been cumming so regularly that as I sat in my room I almost couldn’t stop myself from jerking off in anticipation. I was able to hold out only by reminding myself that if everything went according to plan, I’d have a long, pleasurable night ahead of me.

At barely two minutes past 8pm, I got the text from Charlie:

“All good if you wanna join in,” he wrote.

I sprang from the bed and left the room, going right across the narrow hall and knocking on the door.

One of the Grizzlies whose name I didn’t know cracked it open, then, seeing me, opened the door up wide. The kid was already bare-ass naked with a boner that could put an eye out.

“Welcome to the party dude!” said the kid, showing me in.

I was cautious entering the room, wanting to verify that both my wife and daughter were fully blindfolded lest they spot me. The room was crowded. Charlie had gotten a full dozen of the Grizzlies to participate in the gangbang. All were naked or nearly there, gathered around in a semi-circle next to the two full-size beds in the room.

Then I saw them. Lisa, my wife, down on her knees, a cock in each hand and not a strip of clothing on save for the black gimp-looking mask that fully hooded her eyes and had only a round mouth-hole in front and another round hole in back for her ponytail to stick through. Not three feet away from her, on her back on the bed was my daughter, Ellen, in matching attire, her head hanging off the side of the bed as a Grizzly fucked her throat.

Oh my god. It worked. It worked and this is actually happening.

I recognized the guy slamming his cock against Ellen’s tonsils as “Righty”, one of the first to fuck my wife on the plane all those months ago. Currently getting jerked off by Lisa was his compatriot, “Lefty”, whose massive cock had helped turn Lisa into the gangbang slut she was today.

Off to the side was Charlie, filming everything and stroking his own impressive piece of meat, ready to join in at a moment’s notice.

I’d made three stipulations to Charlie when he asked if he could film the event. First, I told him he’d have to use the new high-definition camera I’d purchased specifically for the occasion. Second, (and he was reluctant to this) I said he couldn’t live stream the orgy, nor could he share the video around with anyone who wasn’t in attendance. Third, I wanted a copy of all the footage.

I stood against the wall, just taking in the action for several minutes. It was a little difficult to see since the room was so packed with young dudes, but it was still one hell of a sight.

Lisa had no fewer than four boys standing above her at all times, their hard cocks hovering over her face. She was like a whirling dervish, sucking and stroking and trying to keep everyone in the circle satisfied at all times.

Ellen was still getting face-fucked by Righty, and now another kid had gotten between her legs to eat out her perfect, fuzz-covered pussy. Even with a mouthful of cock (or perhaps aided by it) she began to moan loudly in pleasure.

I knew from Charlie that the masks muffled sound, but that Lisa and Ellen would still mostly be able to hear. The thinking was that their mouths would be too occupied for either to really speak much, which might have outed them to the other woman.

I stripped off my clothes, taking a moment to fold them and place them on the dresser next to the TV. I saw that most of the guys had merely chucked their clothes into a pile and I didn’t want mine getting lost.

I was sorely tempted to make a play to fuck Ellen’s tight pussy, but the crowd around her was closing in and when I saw a gap appear behind Lisa, I took it.

I stood over my wife as she knelt on the floor, jacking off the dudes on either side of her. Directly in front of her (and across from me) was Lefty, who was feeding his long, thick cock into her mouth. Man, I never got used to seeing that meat log in-person. Even with all her previous experience sucking on it, Lisa was struggling to handle the thick bastard.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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