Loud Latina Lesbian Neighbor

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I live in a somewhat cheap apartment, and for years I had an old (but thankfully not near-deaf) man as my neighbor. I hardly ever heard him, even though the walls are thin. Then he moved out, and everything changed for me.

The first day I saw a group of South Americans enter the place and they worked their assess off, stripping the place clean and redecorated in like two days. The only woman of the group, Maria, introduced herself as my new neighbor.

She was really nice and I invited her over for dinner on the first day she lived there, because I could tell she was totally exhausted from the work, and to be a nice neighbor of course. We started hanging out in the weeks that followed, not like best friends or anything but she didn’t know anyone in the area yet, so I took her to the local gym and spa, told her about the nicer restaurants and stores nearby and all that.

She was always grateful and just a nice person to have around, even if we were a little different in some ways. For one, she always dresses and acts very provocative. Short skirts, high heels, strapless tops or dresses with deep cleavage. I didn’t really feel jealous or threatened around her, but she definitely got more attention when we went somewhere together. I get plenty of looks and attention from guys, but she’s just hard to miss for most guys out there.

A few weeks later, on one random night, I came home late (I usually go to bed early) from a birthday and felt the need to “rub one out” and ended up masturbating in bed. After years of living next to the old man, I knew how much you hear through the walls, so I had learned to be pretty quiet about it. Most of the time I do it in the living room anyway, because there’s no neighbors on that side, and the sound is actually quite muffled between floors for some reason.

So there I was, taking care of myself when I suddenly heard giggling from Maria’s apartment. I froze up, thinking I may have dozed off a little and forgot to keep silent, but I realized that wasn’t the case. I didn’t think about it and continued to pleasure myself, and then I heard more giggling and a moan. My heart skipped a beat in excitement, as a lot of things just came together in my head.

Part of me knew, of course, that a beautiful young woman is bound to have sex in her apartment sooner or later (even if I hadn’t, in the time that I lived there). And there was something incredibly sexy about her voice, even if I (wait for it…) “wasn’t gay”.

I held my breath, suddenly very cautious to make the slightest of sounds, like I was eavesdropping on her despite being in my own apartment.

Her moans continued and she became louder, going from “very noticeable” to downright loud real quick. I didn’t really think about it, closed my eyes and masturbated to her moans and my own imagination. It wasn’t even about her, really, I just found the sound of another woman having sex very enticing and I came faster than I thought possible. By the time she stopped, I was almost coming again, but I couldn’t get myself off when she turned silent and I fell asleep a little disappointed.

I didn’t even really think about it the next day until I went to bed again. It still wasn’t like I wanted to hear *her* specifically, but just the way it turned me on immensely the day before made me listen closely to any movement in Maria’s apartment.

When I realized she wasn’t in the bedroom, let alone having sex, I started to drift off into sleep. I snapped out of it twice when I heard her walk into the bedroom, but eventually fell asleep.

The next night she was at it again, around the same time as before, too. It woke me up and got me so turned on within seconds that I found myself rubbing it out to her moans. She sounded incredibly sexy but I still didn’t think about her, I kind of just didn’t think about anything and just let it happen.

When I saw her again the next day, we didn’t speak about it. I don’t think she even noticed I was feeling a little off at first. A week or two went by, with me silently enjoying her pleasure every few days. I even started to wake up subconsciously around her usual “fuck time”, only to be disappointed and moody when she wasn’t getting any (or at another time).

Then one night the big reveal happened. I was playing with a little vibrator (a pretty silent one, at least when others are going at it next door), listening casino oyna to her again, since that was pretty much the only times I even masturbated anymore.

I was close to reaching my peak when the sounds from Maria stopped, for a moment, but after a little while the moaning started again – just not hers.

When I realized she was with another woman, I made a sudden sound that wasn’t at all sexy, but loud enough to be heard by Maria and her lover. It was like a yelp and moan in one, the result of trying to hold back my sighs of pleasure for the past fifteen minutes.

I immediately heard giggling from her room, which would’ve shut me up if I hadn’t been on the edge of orgasm. My mind just went its own way, picturing Maria and a faceless woman making out and playing with each other, and I came violently on my bed. I was surprisingly able to stay mostly silent throughout it, but it was clear they had heard me.

They didn’t tone down their volume and just continued doing whatever it is they did, while I was lying there flushed with shame and confusing thoughts. The very idea of Maria with another woman was what hit me so hard, sexually, while I never thought of her (or another woman) like that before. Nevertheless, I couldn’t stop thinking about her in exactly that way from there on out. I think I even dreamed of her that night, or the next.

We had already planned to go out for dinner the next day, and at first we both pretended nothing happened. Eventually, though, she started smiling for no reason and she just threw it out.

“You heard us, didn’t you?” she asked. I blushed fierce red and nodded.

She asked me if I heard her other times as well and I admitted that I listened to her like a dozen times already, and after a bit of pushing I admitted I masturbated to it, too.

She said she was surprised that I could keep silent almost all the time, and that she doesn’t mind if I’m vocal when I’m playing with myself. It was a pretty weird thing to say, but somehow I didn’t feel that odd about it.

We changed the subject when a mutual friend of ours joined us, but she kept giving me these looks now and then. I started to actively think about her even when I tried to pay attention to the conversation we three were having.

She was obviously beautiful, I knew that before, but I was picturing her sexually now as well.

She went out after that dinner and I went home, thinking more about her while I was alone. Part of me told myself that I was just getting caught up in the whole “masturbating to my lesbian neighbor’s moans” thing, but I was really starting to feel interested in her.

I tried to shrug it off and focus on other things, but ended up going to bed and masturbating, for the first time in weeks *without* listening to her…but instead to the thought of having sex with her.

We didn’t bring up the whole thing for days, and for one reason or the other I didn’t hear her have sex for over a week – which was a lot by her standards. My lesbian tendencies actually started to fade a little, at least during the day. At night I ended up watching girl on girl porn, specifically ones with a South American girl and, like me, a “regular blonde American”. I ended up not even watching porn that didn’t match Maria and myself at least a little bit.

Most porn I stumbled upon was pretty bad, with very extreme moaning or just obviously fake acts, but the more I looked for Latina Lesbian porn, the more I found one-sided videos. Videos where the blonde is pretty much only there for the other girl’s pleasure. Some of it is even somewhat cruel, with the Latina basically bullying the blonde, but in a lot of the videos the blondes are actually “eager” to be fucked silly without getting anything in return.

I tried to focus on the more “romantic” videos for a while, with actual love making instead of raw *fucking*, but I always ended up finishing to the more raunchy videos.

One day at the pool I was very close to making a move on her, but I chickened out in the end. I wasn’t sure if she was into me, though she had been flirting lately – on top of simply being a very fun, warm friend. I did think about her a lot as we went swimming and tanning, and there were definitely a few moments where I could’ve initiated something…but I didn’t, and I regretted it every night. Yet, at the same time, part of me was glad I didn’t, because canlı casino I still wasn’t sure about my feelings to her, let alone other women, and was a little afraid that it might be a terrible idea.

Then one day, I’m minding my own business in my place, the doorbell rings. I wasn’t expecting anyone and I was even more confused when I opened the door to see a stranger.

She was blonde, like me, but a little taller and fuller so to say. She seemed shocked to see me and immediately apologized and started to leave. I asked what was going on and she mumbled something about making a mistake and coming back later. A little annoyed, I told her she wasn’t making sense, so she sighed and told me she was supposed to meet Maria today.

I was immediately hit with mixed feelings, even a little sense of betrayal in a way I can’t really put into words. I obviously had nothing going on with Maria at all, yet there I was feeling offended, somehow, that this blonde was meeting her.

I managed to mumble that Maria lived next door, and she just chirped a thank you and strutted off. Half heartbroken , for no good reason, and half turned on after actually seeing one of Maria’s lovers, I hurried into my bedroom and started listening for anything.

Alas, there was no immediate sex happening, so I absentmindedly worked on some stuff for the rest of the day when, about an hour later, I could swear I heard a familiar sound.

I’m convinced that in the weeks living next to Maria I’ve developed a better sense of hearing, at least in picking up some very specific sounds. My usual ritual started once more, slipping out of my clothes and into bed with a toy or two. Now able to fully picture what was going on, I came three times in the hour or so that Maria fucked her lover. I was convinced that she, like the mostly amateur porn I’d been watching, was pretty dominant and the blonde was just eating out, getting her face fucked or bent over taking a strap-on or dildo.

My thoughts went from picturing the blonde taking it all, to me being in that position. I tasted myself and pretended it was Maria riding my face, and fucked myself with one of my bigger dildos on all fours, imagining getting pounded by her.

At this point I wasn’t even feeling ashamed or conflicted about it anymore. When I met Maria again the next day to go to the gym, she said her blonde friend felt “really silly” for knocking on the wrong door the day before. Without thinking I made some stupid remark about the intelligence of the girls she fucks, and it totally came out in such way that I implied she fucked a lot of different women, too.

She wasn’t offended though, and just said something like “Well what choice do I have, when the girl I *want* to fuck is straight?”

My reaction was, apparently, a total open book. I didn’t even have to say anything, I saw her face go from a teasing grin to a knowing smile.

Two minutes later we were making out in the back of the locker room, and she couldn’t keep her hands off me. I was very anxious and actually trembling, not just thanks to the sudden lesbianism but the fact that we were in a public place, too. But she was such an amazing kisser, strangely gentle despite being so rough and demanding, that she put me at ease. She guided my hands over her body and we made out for a few minutes until we heard people nearby. We were both looking a bit messy, especially with me also blushing, and I think the woman who entered as we left had a pretty good idea about what happened in there.

We practically ran back home and she pulled me inside her apartment, where she pushed me against the wall and started fingering me while kissing me long and hard. My head was spinning, I had never felt so damn good and excited. When she finally broke the kiss and pulled me towards the bedroom, I felt like I was going to faint.

She pushed me onto the bed and continued to finger me in my yoga pants, and I started to pull down her shorts and panties. She broke the kiss and smiled at me, getting off of me for a moment to strip out of her shorts. When she started to pull down my pants I mumbled her not to and practically pulled her back on top of me, and after a few seconds she realized what I wanted.

She moved further up until she was sitting on my chest, looking down on me and winked before sliding forward to sit on my face. The taste of her was overwhelming, kaçak casino so much more prominent than when I tasted myself on my fingers before. She held my head right where she wanted me, with her hands on my head and her thighs pressing against my cheeks, and guided me to eat her out the way she wanted to. Both my hands went down my pants to pleasure myself while I licked her, and I felt like I could pass out from pure bliss at any moment.

All the while I was between her legs she kept me steady beneath her, sometimes pressing down on my face enough to smother me and use my nose to rub her clit, and she’d move back and forth to practically engulf my mouth in her pussy. Even though she was rough, it felt very gentle somehow, lovingly even, as I went down on a woman for the first time in my life.

It didn’t take too long for her to come, despite me being new at it all, but in truth she had pretty much just used my face as a toy.

She lowered back down and kissed me deeply, smiling at me and running her hands through my hair. She whispered softly that she had no idea I was into women and I just moaned “just you”, which made her laugh in the sexiest, warmest way I’ve ever heard.

She pulled my hands away and kissed down my body slowly, planting kisses all over my chest, breasts, belly and thighs before finally peeling away my panties. She told me to look at her when I threw my head back in pleasure, and once more when I did it again, this time actually pausing before I complied.

I shuddered when I watched her beautiful face dip between my thighs and I nearly came on the spot when I felt her tongue touch my lips. She took my hands and intertwined her fingers with mine, holding on to me while she started to lick me in ways I never thought possible. She was absolutely divine, making sure to tease me the right way with gentle kisses and slipping her tongue deep inside me. She gently sucked on my clit and kept looking me straight in the eye while she French kissed my pussy. I think I lasted only a few minutes and she held my hands tight while I shook, moaned and almost passed out with her lips pressed firmly over mine.

Even after that she remained between my legs for a while longer, gently kissing and licking me as I came down from my orgasm. She was so lovingly slow about it, knew just what to do and at the right pace, that I honestly felt like I could stay there forever.

When she finally crawled up to cuddle me, I turned her onto her back and mimicked her actions. She laughed and commented on how eager I was, but didn’t stop me from taking place between her legs again. I tried to take it slow and gentle like she had done, but before long she ran her fingers through my hair, gripping it tight so she could guide me easily. I didn’t mind at all and let her take control, and eagerly followed her directions (at least when she wasn’t speaking Spanish).

After quite a while of licking, kissing and struggling to breathe when she smothered me with her thighs and pussy, she finally let me go and started rubbing her clit with one hand, while the other went to one of her breasts.

I didn’t even hesitate to use my moment of freedom to lower down and kiss her ass, and the moment I did her hand grabbed my head tightly again and only pressed me against her ass even tighter. I didn’t even get the chance to kiss or lick her there, as she started to cum wildly against my face, smothering me in her pussy. She didn’t quite squirt, but left me completely covered in her juices while she rubbed herself all over my face. Her legs clamped around my face and she held me tight against her long after her orgasm subsided, leaving me trapped, and I felt right at home like that.

When she finally did release me, she pulled me up and we cuddled and kissed for a long time. We showered and had lunch, then went shopping with two of our friends like we had planned. They were both surprised to see me walking hand in hand with Maria, but were very supportive of it when we told we were “a thing”.

Two months down the road I now spend more time at her place than my own, and we’re having an even greater time than when we were just friendly neighbors. I confessed everything leading up to our encounter to her, and she takes great pleasure in reenacting the “abusive” porn videos I watched, with the exception that we make out and cuddle for an hour afterwards.

While I still don’t really feel much about other women, I haven’t felt anything like what I feel for Maria, and the sex we have is amazing.

She’s my best friend and best lover in one.



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