Love Letter Ch. 02

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The first letter was mostly fantasy or at least it wasn’t about any one lover. Last night I met a fantasy so once again my keyboard called me…

Dinner last night was wonderful. Your laughter, your smile and your ever sparkling eyes kept my complete attention even when you were chastising me to play nice with our wait staff. He was a cutie, you’re right. The perfume you wore was everywhere and nowhere and I remembered it today during stolen minutes when I was back with you instead of in front of this screen.

I’m not sure if I learned more about you or myself last night. I though I was the one with the wealth of experience. Time and time again as we spoke you caused me to think hard about what you were revealing to me. What hit me the hardest was listening to you describe the game and the hunt. Is it possible for two to be on the hunt at the same time? If so, I think we both bagged trophies last night.

It’s escort kartal been a while since I read to anyone in person and I think you discovered where that takes me. I see all of those moments again and you had to hear it in my voice as you sat quietly with your eyes closed and traveled there with me. I remember you reaching out, your fingertips finding my chin, turning my mouth to yours and kissing me softly, enveloping me in your scent. I remember the sensations that the contact created. The arousal was immediate.

You told me how my words touched someplace deep inside, how without knowing you when I wrote them, that I was writing about you. I remember moving to sit beside you, my lips trailing over your shoulder and neck, how your breath caught in your throat for a moment when my lips brushed close to your ear. My finger tips began their journey of learning contours and textures, stroking your hair and the maltepe escort underside or your chin and I swear you were purring as I did.

I spent an eternity between you legs last night finding out more and more about what really does set you off. You start out being so quiet, so gentle in your movements and then as my tempo and intensity increases your hands start to move all over your breasts and down near your clit, exposing even more of it to my hungry mouth. By the third or fourth climax you were growling and so much more vocal. I couldn’t get enough of you and you never pulled away from my lips and tongue.

You didn’t pull away when I was inside of you either. The longer I kept stroking the further you pulled back your legs. I don’t think it’s possible to be any deeper inside of you then I was last night. You let me set the pace as well and even if it was just a little more than usual, I know pendik escort bayan you let a bit more of yourself lose to play. I love how you never seem to completely stop moving either as we lay there afterwards.

Lying like spoons you kept rolling your hips back against me and when you reached with your hand to gently stroke me it started all over again. The second time was rougher, less controlled as we moved with and against each other. I remember how your hands felt on my chest and I promise your breasts will see the same contact the next time you find yourself riding on top of me.

This morning may have been the best. I woke with the memories of the hours before still close to my consciousness and when I slid in between your lips you were already wet and ready. There are no words to describe how it feels when you move beneath me. It makes no difference if you are on your back or stomach, you have a way of moving that drives me on and on.

You told me you had been searching for another that has the courage to accept the challenge of satisfying you and your hunger and for as long as I’m here, I promise to do just that.

Feeding time is in about 6 hours, isn’t it?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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