Love Thy Neighbor

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Tina and her husband had not been long in their new house next door before the trouble started. He was a workaholic who magnified his energy with narcotic boosts. When he was in that state of mind, he could be really cruel to Tina. He became abusive and irrational which eventually led to their separation.

I couldn’t believe that Tina would even consider staying in a relationship like that. She was young, around 24 years old, and voluptuous. Her blonde hair was as radiant as the sunlight offsetting her bright blue eyes framed in her tanned face. Being petite, her 38D breasts seemed even larger but she walked with grace and style.

I made it a point to become friends with my neighbor as they moved in. As the end of the relationship drew closer, I would make myself available to Tina in case she needed to talk or vent. During this time we became close friends.

One morning I hear a knock at my door. Opening it, I find Tina shaking still in her bathrobe. She looked so helpless as she stood there in her sleep clothes with no make-up and her hair natural. Her eyes held hints of a frightening story as tears began to emerge.

“Come on in.” I offered. “What the hell happened to you?”

“It’s Brad. He came back last night while I was asleep.” she told me through her now flowing tears.

“What did he do? Did he hurt you?”

“He got some of his clothes and took some of the jewelry he gave me.” she sobbed. “But…I woke up and he was in the bed touching me.”

She broke down and began heaving in pain and fear. I reached out and held her tight letting her blue eyes and broken heart drain on my shoulder. I held her tight and securely in my grasp trying to calm her. After ten minutes or so of her crying and explaining, I reassured her that I was there for her and watch out for her. I went back to her house with her so she wouldn’t feel too scared.

“Go ahead and get ready for work. I’ve got the day off so I’ll change your locks today. That will stop him and you can feel safe again.” I instructed as she gathered herself to begin her normal morning routine.

I sat in the living room as she went to her bedroom to get showered and dressed for work. In about forty minutes, Tina emerged as the beautiful woman that I knew and admired so.

“God, You look beautiful!” I exclaimed as she came towards me.

“Thanks for being there for me and for getting the locks changed.” She said as she kissed me on the cheek. “Really, thanks”

With that, she walked through the front door to face the world. I sat down for a moment to gather my thoughts and map out the day.

I walked into her bedroom and I smelled her sweet perfume still floating in the air. I looked around the room and went into the bathroom. Her smell was in there as well causing my thoughts of her to flood my mind. I noticed her clothes lying on the floor where she removed them to take her shower. I picked them up and noticed her panties in the pile. I stretched them out in front of me and looked at them trying to imagine her in them. They were soft and sexy as I pulled them to my face. The cotton crotch was slightly stained as I lifted them to my nose and breathed in. Her feminine smell was strong and surged electricity through my brain. I took another breath as I closed my eyes and imagined my face between her legs licking her in her most private area. I felt my manhood begin to stir and I moved back into the bedroom with panties still in my bursa escort hand. I laid down in her bed, closed my eyes and breathed in her aroma. My tool was responding to its enticements and within moments was at full attention. My hand reached down and stroked it while I fantasized about having Tina in this bed. Her scent continued to fill my head with lustful desires as I stroked my hard tool faster. As I imagined I was about to enter her sweet love canal I exploded in orgasm, shooting my seed all over my chest. Stroking myself empty, I got up, removed my clothes and took a shower.

Getting dressed after the shower, I replaced her clothes in the bathroom and straightened her bed. I finished getting dressed and leaving the front door unlocked, I got in my car to go to the hardware store for locks. I bought locks for the front and back doors that used the same key. Each set came with one key so I had the hardware clerk make an extra key. This key was for me, which I pocketed with a grin.

I changed the locks as promised and left for my house next door. Later that evening I heard the doorbell.

“Hey Tina, how did your day go?” I inquired. “Come on in.”

“I had the day from hell. Listen, I guess you changed my locks, my old key didn’t work.”

“Oh…yeah. Here’s your new keys.” I said as I handed her two keys.

“Thanks. I would love to stay and visit but I really need to unwind after today. I’m going to take a nice hot bath. I really do appreciate you doing this for me, I mean, getting new locks and being there for me.” she said as she moved closer to give me another kiss on the cheek.

“It was really my pleasure.” I said as I thought of her panties and aroma in her bedroom earlier. My groin began tingling as my mind raced through this mornings events, her scent still lingering in my nostrils.


I watched her as she followed my walkway and crossed the driveway to get to her house. Her hips were swaying rhythmically and her ample breasts were bouncing in time with her hips. I couldn’t wait to try my new key.

The next morning I watched her leave for work again. After she had been gone a couple of minutes, I headed for her door. My hand was shaking in excitement as I inserted my new key into her lock. Click! It worked. The door opened and I entered into her house. I took a deep breath to inhale as much of her scent as I could. She filled my lungs and I walked into her bathroom. Just as she did the previous morning, she had left her clothes on the floor before her shower. I picked through them and found her freshly removed panties. They were still warm and her womanly scent radiated from them. I took another deep breath and fell into a lustful trance. My manhood responded to the scented stimulus and began to grow. I went to her bedroom and fell on her bed. My mind filled with images of Tina in various sexual positions readying her cunt for my massive tool. I stroked myself as I played each scene in my mind. My mind raced as my hand pumped my cock tirelessly to her seductive beckoning. I exploded in orgasm. As the previous day, I cleaned up, straightened the bed, returned the panties to the pile and left. Back home, I waited for her to return from work.

Later that afternoon, I saw her pull into her driveway but she went to her own house.

“Oh well, maybe tomorrow” I thought.

Late that night, I heard my doorbell ring. When I opened it, Tina was standing there in her housecoat bursa escort bayan and shaking.

“What? Is he back?” I asked almost disbelieving.

“I think he has been in my house. I am so scared.” She said as she moved closer to me.

I reached out to hold her and closed the door behind her.

“Come here.”

She came to me and I held her tight. Her breasts were pressing into my chest and I heard her whimper.

“You’re safe here” I reassured her.

I released my embrace and led her to the sofa.

She sat down and crossed her legs. Her robe fell open exposing her legs. I could barely see her panties covering her pussy.

“Can I get you something to drink?” I offered gathering my thoughts.

“No, I just want to stay here for a while.”

I returned to the sofa and sat beside her. She was trembling so I put my arm around her and held her close. She seemed so fragile at that moment as I protected her from her fears. She closed her eyes shutting off the torment her fears were causing her.

She dozed off in my embrace and I felt heroic as I examined her sleeping. Her robe was still exposing her luscious legs. Her tan made her skin glow. I used my free hand to gently lift the top of her robe open. I saw those tempting globes pushing against the fabric of the robe. They were as beautiful as I had imagined. My mouth began to water at the thought of sucking one of her nipples. My groin continued to rouse as I extended my glare under her robe. Except for her panties, she was naked underneath and I wanted so much to pull the waist cord loose to expose the fullness of her beauty. I shifted in my seat allowing my cock room to rise. She stirred at the movement and I released the robe.

“What time is it?” she asked groggily.

“It doesn’t matter.” I responded as calmly as possible knowing my face was blushing at almost getting caught peeking at her breasts.

“I feel better now. I need to get home.”

“Do you want me to go with you?” I asked almost begging.

“I’ll be alright.”

Again she was gone.

The next morning, I watched her leave again but did not sneak over to her house. I had some errands to run so my sexual trespassing would have to wait until later. Almost noon, I returned home and immediately went next door. “Click”. I loved that sound. I went straight for her bathroom and found her pile of clothes as usual. This time, when I lifted her panties, her aroma was stronger than before. Her pussy must have gotten excited sometime yesterday. Could it have been when she was in my arms? I smelled her sweetness and my cock immediately grew. I moved into her bedroom and fell back on the bed. I began to stroke my cock as it responded to the smell of her juices that saturated her panties. “Click” I wasn’t sure if I heard that or I was dreaming. I released my cock and looked up.

“Oh my God. It was you!” Tina said as she stood in the doorway to her bedroom. “I thought Brad had come into the house because my clothes were messed up, but it was you.”

My mind reeled. I didn’t know what to say but my cock remained at attention. The thought of her piercing blue eyes on my cock made it swell even more. I just laid there exposed to her.

“Oh my God. I never would have dreamed it was you. What are you doing?” she asked in disbelief.

“When I changed the locks, I had to use the restroom. I saw your clothes lying on the floor. I saw your panties and the escort bursa thought of them being so close to your body overcame me. I had to smell them making believe it was really your pussy. I couldn’t help myself, you are so beautiful and sexy.” I stammered.

“Well, I don’t know what to say.” she replied.

“I do. Come over here.”

As if being led by some unknowing force, she moved towards the bed. I sat up and placed my hands around her waist hugging her. My face was against those glorious breasts. I used my hands and squeezed her ass while I moved my face and brushed her left nipple. She continued to stand in amazement at the situation. I released her ass and reached up her back for the zipper to her dress. I pulled it down and it fell to the floor. Her breasts were captive in a lacy bra, which I promptly unhooked. Her tits jumped out at me and I took one of her nipples in my mouth. I sucked on it while my hands grasped her ass. She began to squirm in my grasp at the sensations being released in her. Her mouth opened as if to say something but I pulled her down on her knees in front of me and kissed her passionately. Our tongues danced as I kneaded her breasts with my hands. Her breath began to come unevenly as I continued my assault in her mouth. I was not going to give her time to think about what was happening, I was going to fuck her.

When she backed her head away for air, she saw my engorged cock staring at her. She impulsively bent forward and took it in her mouth. I laid back on the bed and spread my legs giving her full advantage at my pulsing tool. She used her hand to squeeze my balls as she moved her tongue around the helmet of my cock.

“Wait. I’ve smelled your pussy but now I want to taste it. Get in the bed.” I said as pulled her panties down. Stepping out of the dress and panties, she got in the bed in the 69 position and resumed her tongue lashing on my dick. I placed my mouth in front of her wet pussy and took a deep breath. My cock jumped on queue at the smell of her love juices. I dove right in with my tongue and lapped at her cunt like a starving animal. I teased her clit with the tip of my tongue and her body began to jerk involuntarily.

“Oh God that feel great.” she purred with my cock in her hand.

She reciprocated the sensations she was feeling to my cock. My seed began to rise in me and I pulled from her and turned her over. I grabbed her legs and lifted them up exposing her swollen cunt. My dick jumped at the thought of entering that hot, wet hole. I leaned forward and plunged my dick in her. My full eight inches filled her up as I felt her pussy walls swallow my dick.

She screamed in delight, “Oh Jesus, yes! That’s it! Fuck me! Harder!”

Responding to her commands, I pumped harder ramming my dick to the hilt.

“Oh yes baby! Do it! Fuck me!” she continued ordering me.

Obeying, I pumped into her as I felt her body shudder. I used one hand to squeeze one of her nipples as I felt her rise to climax. Her hips were bucking against mine as she tried to get every inch of my cock in her. She began to shake and I pumped with all of my might. She exploded in orgasm just as my seed reached the boiling point. I rammed her pussy a few more times and my cock shot into her.

“Oh yes!” This time it was me speaking out as I felt the sweet release of cum into her sweet cunt.

I collapsed beside her in the bed. We held each other and didn’t say a word. We enjoyed the feeling of oneness and euphoria. About fifteen minutes had passed when she finally spoke, “I still can’t believe it was you.”

“Well, do you feel scared now?”

“No” she purred as she turned her head and kissed me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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