Luck and Love: XII_(0)

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Facing his father, Michael nearly fainted. He felt his vision start to go black and fought it. He lost for a moment, but he remembered to breath as his father patted the chair next to him. Mike walked forward slowly and took the chair, pale and shaking in the face of punishment.

“What… What are you going to do…? How did you find… Wha…?” Michael didn’t know which question he wanted to ask. He wanted so much to just run away, go after Candy and stay with her. But his father chuckled and he lost all those thoughts. His mind went blank as his father laughed at him.

“I’m not going to do anything, Mikey. She’s pretty cute, that one. Would take something… someone… serious to push that one out of your head. Did you use protection?” His father asked the question so nonchalantly that Michael just looked at him. His father began to repeat himself before Mike answered.

“Her parents had her young. She has a medical document that her parents gave her… something saying she was incapable of getting pregnant. They… snipped her tubes, she said.” His father nodded.

“It’s a good plan, for a kid born to young parents. Still, they’ve done well for themselves, I’ve heard. Candy is a bit spoiled, but on her game around the right people, and nice at her core. I’ve got to say…” Now his father turned from his coffee and newspaper to face Michael full on. “You are some kid. To have that girl here for three days straight and repeatedly have sex, then to turn her out of doors… it takes heartlessness, a cheating man, or an incredibly strong person to do that. Now why don’t you tell me what happened this weekend.” Mike looked at the table and then at his father. He tried to start a few times, but stopped. He didn’t know how to tell it all. He had to leave out Rose… had to.

“Friday… I had a study session with this girl in my class. That day at school, around lunch, that girl Candy (and this was after I had made plans to help the other girl) tried to do the same thing she’d done every day. Tried to slap me, cuss me out, make me feel awful, because I’m the class loner.” Mike’s father looked at the table at that. They both knew that it had been the incident. “ Long story short, I shoved her away from me and cussed her and her little group of friends out. I came home and took a nap. Around seven I woke up and Zoë, the girl I was supposed to study with, was ringing the doorbell. I invited her in and over the night… well we ended up in the same bed. But she had to eave Saturday morning and go on a trip until Tuesday, today. She told me… she told me that for the weekend I could sleep with other girls. I didn’t want that, didn’t expect to, but she was adamant about allowing it. I saw her off, spent that day in a daze after she left. I… don’t… know… what it… was about her…

Mike tried to explain what it was that made him miss Zoë. It was something, but he didn’t want to say love and look silly. His eyes were glued to the table. Then his father spoke up.

“It was love.” Mike looked at his father; the eyes full of sympathy and understanding instead of exasperation and disappointment as they usually were when they talked. Mike felt his eyes well up. “ I know how it is. I had someone like that in high school. It isn’t, usually what adult love is. Its different, due to the fact that you have to sneak around and don’t have the freedom you need fro real love… on top of the fact that your parents are telling you that you don’t know what love is, that you’re just too young and ignorant and stupid. It’s… it’s still there. You know that it’s love. Most young men, like you, who aren’t trying to be the popular guy in school or who aren’t trying to impress the girls or do any other number of things, would just say it. Why aren’t you saying it?” Mike thought about that. He looked at his father, the man who he had grown so… apart… from, here looking at him with that understanding he wanted. That he needed. And he knew why he didn’t want to say it.

“I’m afraid.” And his father looked at him. He just… stared. He didn’t say anything. Just looked at Michael. “I’m so afraid that it isn’t love. That I’m wrong, and I’ll screw up, or that I’ll find out there’s something better and it’ll be for another girl. But then, after Candy… I don’t think there is any other option for what it could be. I know that it could be love. But… I’m scared. I thought that none of this would happen for years. I dint think canlı bahis it would be this hard, and if I hadn’t been an ass it wouldn’t be. But now I’m the bad guy, because I stared something where I want to have both worlds and I’m going to be in pain either way I choose. But I also know that I have to choose Zoë, because I know that if I don’t I won’t ever know what this is. That’ll hurt worse than anything else.” He stopped talking and felt his throat close up. Michael knew this was exactly what he thought. What he was afraid of. But he had been trying to block it out.

“Michael… I didn’t expect that. I expected something that I’ve heard before, something that any other parent might expect… But then teenagers are not as shallow and stupid as we make you out to be. The stereotype is all wrong… Mikey, finish your story really quick. Please.”

“Sunday morning Candy came by and apologized for the way she’d treated me these past two years. She was almost crying, and it was hot out, so she came into the living room. She stood there, really awkward because I didn’t want her there. It was too easy, too easy for me to betray… she apologized and I apologized for the things I said. She wanted a hug… and then… I heard Zoë in my head, telling me, not asking me, but telling me, to sleep with other girls. That she wanted me all to herself when I got back. And I gave in. I don’t know what it was, but I remember the way Candy smelled… I can smell it so easily. I just gave in and I cheated on the girl that I think I’m in love with…”

“No.” Mike looked at his father with an expression of hurt. He had just finally come to terms and his father… said no? “You didn’t cheat. You had a moment of weakness in a time when you had a girl who was important to you. But… but from the way you make her out, and the way you feel about this Zoë, you didn’t cheat.” Mike looked at his dad, close to tears.

“But… I… promised…”

“Did you promise her you wouldn’t?” Mike shook his head. “Did she tell you to sleep with other girls?” a nod. “Did you love that girl who you just turned out.” Mike started to say something. “Yes or no? in any way, do you love Candy?” Mike nodded again. “And you turned her out for what you believe to be real love. And that was the only reason that girl left. From what I saw and heard, she knew as well as you do that you had given a much different part of your heart to those girls, a bigger piece to Zoë. Mikey, would that girl the Candy that you know, have given you up if she didn’t know you really loved someone else?” Mike shook his head and started to say something again. “Mike, you just did something that anyone, any man capable of really cheating on his girl, would never have done. You just did something powerful. Something that makes you strong. Now, feel bad about yourself for ‘cheating’, but I don’t think you did. I think you’re a great kid, and I think anytime you want to have someone stay over, you’re responsible enough to both del with the consequences of a mistake and deal with the courtesy that situation demands.”

Mike just looked at his father with that dumb, agonized look.

“You’re giving me permission to have girls here overnight? After I lied… and I…” Mike’s father looked at him with a very serious look.

“Mike, I knew that you wouldn’t have done that if the girls weren’t here, if it had been just you and I here. And I wouldn’t blame you if you would have. Three mornings, two nights… I don’t know how you turned that girl out. I wouldn’t have at your age. Jesus, I envy you Mike. You’ve earned the privilege of having girls over, after accusing yourself of cheating, turning out an incredibly hot woman for another one, and managing all of this under the pressure of hiding it from three people in the same house. Well two. I found out.” His father grinned at him. Mike still looked like he was in agony. His father felt pain at the look. He knew that Mike wanted to feel elated. Any other teen would have been. But Mike… Mike was thinking that he had cheated on a woman and that super ceded everything. He chuckled, got up out of his chair and put the coffee mug in the sink. He put his hand on Mike’s shoulder.

“I think you should skip school today. Go spend it with your girl. And if she wants to spend the night, I’ll talk to her parents or you can tell them something different. I certainly don’t want Dana hanging out with any guys overnight, and I can understand bahis siteleri what they’d think. But then, they haven’t met you yet.” He chuckled again before walking to the downstairs hall and his bedroom.

“You’re welcome!”

Mike sat there for a minute before standing up. He went upstairs, leaving his backpack where it was on the couch and passing Dana like a wraith on stairs, ignoring what she yelled at him. He crawled into his bed and laid there, his thoughts too rapid to process. He grabbed his cell phone and shot Zoë a text, their first text, before turning over and going back to sleep.


When Michael woke up, he groggily turned over and reached for his phone. When he didn’t find it, he lifted his head from the pillow and looking at the nightstand. Nothing. He shifted toward the edge of the bed, only to find nothing on the floor of his room. He rubbed his eyes and stretched before rolling onto his back. Then he felt someone sit on the edge of his bed. Before he could open his eyes, he felt someone cuddle up to his side. Hazelnut… peach… and green apple? He turned his head and found a beautiful face, dotted with a few freckles and framed by dark brown hair, a pair of luscious lips.

“Hey, princess… did you take my cell phone?” She bit her lip and nodded.

“I just got in town… And I made sure to turn off your phone. Just for a little while.” He grinned as she looked at him innocently.

“Well… that just doesn’t seem long enough.” She giggled as he turned to face her and grabbed her hip. They met in a kiss that was as lighthearted as they felt. In his daze Mike felt no sadness from his thoughts that morning. He just wanted to be with Zoë. The kiss gradually became heavier along with their breathing, their hands exploring on top of their clothes. Then Zoë pushed Michael off of her, leaving him with a look of sarcastic hurt. That look dropped off of his face when she slowly, painstakingly, unbuttoned the buttons on the light blue shirt she wore over the plain white tee underneath. Mike exhaled slowly as she slid it down off of her shoulders and let it fall. The nearly see through fabric of the shirt in a small pile around her feet seemed like an erotic part of a movie, when they wouldn’t show what was happening elsewhere, only zooming the camera slowly around that shirt and the pair of feet inside of it. But for Michael, that wasn’t the whole picture.

Zoë turned slowly around as she grabbed the hem of her undershirt and pulled it up over her head, agonizingly slow for a strip tease. Michael felt his throat get tight gain as she pulled the shirt up over her bra, leaving that clasp winking at him in the middle of her back. It was now a little more tanned than when he had last seen her, except a line of light skin that Mike could see underneath the light green lace of the bra. Mike didn’t realize how zoned out he was until he heard Zoë’s laughter and felt the shirt hit his face. He grinned and threw the shirt off of the bed, watching as she bent over, dropping the shorts she wore in the process, and came up slowly, looking at him as she lightly, lightly rubbed her legs on the way up. Her underwear was a matching set, blue lace that was very see through. Mike tried desperately not to gaze at her gorgeous ass and watched her, biting her lip as she touched her body so tantalizingly. When she stood up, her left hand was in between her hips, though Mike couldn’t see her fingers in between her legs, and her right was grazing the skin of her breasts. He grinned as he realized she was getting off on this. But still he couldn’t resist getting up off the bed and going to her, kissing her neck as his hands covered her own and pushing them into the fabric of her underwear, making her rub herself. She groaned at his touch. He could feel how wet she was through her fingers. He spun her around and grabbed her by the back of her neck, pulling her lips to his and sliding his hand into her panties, copping her ass with his hand before he touched the wet heat of her hidden lips.

“I missed you…” She whispered as he pulled off his t-shirt.

“You have no idea…” She smiled as he slid his unoccupied hand to the clasp of her bra and pull her back to him. Zoë can feel the hardon in his shorts, feels his hands on her skin, his lips against hers and when he finally pulls away to kiss at her neck again, she groans loudly. Loud bahis şirketleri enough to be heard outside the closed doors of his room. Zoë feels her orgasm approaching as his fingers probe at her vagina, barely even touching her. She starts panting as he bites at her neck, strokes her back. She wants him. Zoë wants him more than anyone else in the world. Standing there, in front of him with her most see through underwear, she thinks of his face as she danced for him. She feels her body tense up, hears herself moan as the waves of her orgasm crash on her. She shakes in his arms, under his touch, against his skin. Mike can feel the heat of her flesh; both her loins and her body are both burning up. He feels the same, but this time it is different. This time he longs for her in ways…

Mike unclasps her bra and holds her tight against him, holding the loose fabric against her breasts. The feeling is tantalizing, rough against his chest and Zoë groans as their movement pushes and rubs the fabric against her sensitive skin. She throws her head back and moans as he kisses her neck just under her chin, his fingers still rubbing at her sensitive lips and thighs and his hand stroking at the back of her neck and her back. When they kiss again they can think of nothing else but the pleasure they are bringing one another. Zoë pushes Mike back away from her and drops to her knees, frantically unbuttoning his jeans and pulling them down and off. Neither can stop, neither wants to stop. Zoë grabs his cock, licking his shaft and sucking the head into her mouth before sinking it into her throat. She needs this. She’s so hot; her body feels like it’s burning. Her pussy is dripping, she thinks. She doesn’t want him; she needs him.

Mike brushes her hair out of her face, holding it behind her head as she sucks him. He grabs her head and pushes her further onto his cock and she actually does gag a bit. She resists him, but he can’t stop. Zoë pulls off of him and looks at her lover with the devil in her eyes, stroking his cock fast and hard now. It felt good to have him force her. She takes him back into her mouth, her tongue sliding against the huge cock in her mouth. She feels his hands on the back of her head again and wills him to push. He pushes her and she feels his pubic hair in her nose. Still he pushes her. She coughs around his cock and pulls off, knowing that there’s saliva around her lips from her gagging. She stands up and he grabs her, snapping her head back as he kisses her and grabs her by the ass, picking her up and laying her on the bed. She knows her panties are still on, but she hold his face to hers, her fingernails digging into his scalp as his cock presses into her pussy. God she needs him. Mike pulls away from her lips for a moment, an inch between them, and reaches down to her panties, grabbing them and ripping them off of her. She cries out in pleasure at the sound of ripping lace. Then he’s inside of her, splitting her on his massive cock. She nearly screams as the muscles of her hole squeeze at him, try to pull him deeper inside of her. Mike can’t control himself. He hits her cervix on the first thrust and pushes harder and harder. He hears Zoë scream but she’s begging him to keep going. He feels the incredible heat of her sex, the tightness; it’s all too good. They both hear the sound of skin slapping against skin as he sucks her. They kiss to stop the other from yelling out, from screaming at the top of their lungs. Still they can’t hold it in. Mike picks Zoë up again, turning around and slamming her hard into the wall, fucking her hard as he gets closer and closer. Zoë can’t take it. The throb in her shoulders is only exciting her, making the frenzy worse. She feels Mike pull out and is about to scream for him to fuck her more, then she feels him push into her ass and she screams in agony and pleasure. Mike hears her but it’s distant, like she’s far away. Her nails gouge into his back as she pulls him closer, her legs are still wrapped around his waist as he fucks her sphincter. She screams, an ear-piercing scream of agony and bliss as she cums, one huge orgasm. He hears this, hears it full on in his ear, and he pulls out, ramming himself back into her pussy and forces another orgasm and another scream. He cums and shoots the biggest load of his life into her cervix and she passes out from the pleasure, still she’s cumming. Mike, with the last of his strength, walks to the bed and lays her down. He tries to pull away but she isn’t limp, still clawing at his back as she jerks in the throes of orgasm He sighs and falls asleep in her arms.

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