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Mason After School, a short story by Josh Terrence


Author”s note: This short story depicts sexual acts between males of various ages. If you are offended by sex between men, teenage boys, boys or between males of any age, why are you here? If you are not a legal adult or if this content is illegal in your locale, leave now.

This story is a work of pure fiction. The taboo acts depicted in this story are not condoned by the author, this is fantasy only. All Characters in this story are portrayed by actors 18 years of age or older. This disclaimer applies to all installments of this story, past and present.

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With my backpack hanging off of my shoulders, I made a beeline from my school bus to Mr. Parson”s apartment. I knocked lightly, not sure if he would be home or not. When he opened the door, I smiled up at him and he let me in.

“Glad to see you, Mason,” he said with a smile in his voice, then he helped me out of my backpack.

“I”m glad to see you too, Mr. Parson,” I told him, letting him slide my book bag off of my shoulders. When he took my hand and walked me to the couch, I leaned into his side and said, “I was thinking about you today.”

“I was thinking about you too, buddy,” he said, then he took a seat on his couch and I stood in front of him. He reached out and placed his hands on my shoulders while we shared a smile, then his eyes moved down to my crotch. I blushed when I realized that my boner was visible through my jeans, but Mr. Parson didn”t mind at all. He gave me a wink and used his eyes to divert my gaze down to the boner that he had in his own pants.

Feeling a shiver run through my 12 year old body, I reached out and placed my right hand on his shoulder, then we both leaned forward and shared a kiss that I wanted so badly. I opened my mouth and his tongue slid into it, then his strong arms enveloped my shoulders. I responded by wrapping my skinny arms around his shoulders, then he took control and dipped my body back. I loved how strong his tongue was in my mouth, working like a mixing spoon that stirred around and around against my tongue while he held me in his strong arms.

While we were making out, I reached out and fondled his boner with my left hand. I felt it throb against my fingers and moaned into his mouth, then he pulled me back up and we broke our kiss. With animated eyes, I reached out with both hands and unbuttoned his pants. When his fly sprang open, his boner popped out and I realized that he wasn”t wearing boxers. Anxious to please him, I went to my knees and wrapped my lips around the thick, bulbous head so I could suck it.

I was moaning with desire as I sucked lustily on Mr. Parson”s 7 inch rod. I was hot to take it all the way to its base, so I looked up at him with needy eyes while I slid my lips all the way down. I loved how the thick crown bullied its way into my throat while I indulged in the length and thickness of his manhood. I could smell the same salty flavor that was dancing around on my taste buds, and I loved it so much that I quickly found myself bobbing my head up and down while I deep throated my man for several minutes.

With my head spinning, I felt Mr. Parson cup my chin with two fingers, gently easing me off of his hot dick. I reluctantly complied, but only because I knew what he wanted to do next. With a loud, wet slurp, I took his cock out of my mouth and let him help me to my feet. Once again, we were standing face to face, so I leaned forward and planted a deep kiss on his mouth. As soon as our tongues touched, I moaned softly into his mouth and felt his fingers working to unfasten my fly.

When my fly popped open, he lowered my zipper and we broke our kiss. I watched with a naughty smile as he used his fingers to hook the waistband of my pants and undies so he could pull them down. As soon as they slid off of my hips, my hardon came into view and I blushed a little. Compared to his man cock, my dick is really little and I don”t have any hair yet. When it”s soft, it”s barely an inch long. When it”s hard, it stands at almost 3 inches.

I bit my lower lip when Mr. Parson leaned forward and planted his nose against my boy bone so he could take a deep whiff. He puckered his lips and planted a little kiss on my nut sack, then he grabbed me by the hips and steered me so that I was facing the wall. I felt his thumbs part my boy buns, then his tongue dug into my moist butt hole and I felt a strong shiver run through me. He was using the tip of his tongue to circle my brown eye over and over again, and it felt so good. I could smell my butt all around me, but I knew that Mr. Parson was gaziantep travesti enjoying the smell, and so was I.

Mr. Parson ate deeply at my back door for a long time, only stopping to rub the outer lips of my poop chute with his finger tips, then he would dig back in. I was loving it so much that I found myself pushing back with my hips, wanting him to eat me deeper. I could feel his teeth lightly scraping my pucker while the whiskers around his mouth scrubbed the insides of my cheeks, making them burn so sweetly. I instinctively started grinding my butt against his face while he rimmed me, adding to my pleasure, and his too.

Suddenly, he pulled his face out of my butt and stood up with his hands on my hips. Once again taking full control, he steered my body so that we were face to face, then he leaned down and planted a wet, tongue filled kiss on my mouth. While our tongues danced, he eased me down to the couch so that my head was resting on the cushion. I could feel the hair on top of my head scrubbing the back rest as he he picked my legs up. My pants and underwear were still bunched around my feet, but Mr. Parson pushed my knees back far enough so that my butt cheeks spread on their own and my butt hole was perfectly positioned.

I felt his tongue lapping against my tingling hole again, then he replaced it with his man cock. I reached up and grabbed my ankles so that he could concentrate on the task at hand, then the head of his prick pushed through my anus and I sighed with relief. I felt him sink all seven inches into my pooper, then he started thrusting and I moaned femininely.

I could feel my head spinning with pleasure as Mr. Parson fed me deep, continuous strokes of his cock. With my pants hovering over my face, I couldn”t see his expression but I didn”t mind at all. The smell of hot butthole was drifting into my nose out of the seat of my pants, and I was loving it. The top of Mr. Parson”s head was all I could make out from my position on the couch, but my body was reeling with so much pleasure that I hoped he would never stop. The continuous thrusts into my boy hole were working in concert with the rich stink that was pouring out of my pants to make my head spin faster and faster. My entire groin region was on fire, boiling with carnal heat as I accepted each cock stroke.

Finally, Mr. Parson sank his rod all the way down for a final time and it erupted with man sperm. I could feel my well serviced love tunnel filling with hot spunk, then it overflowed and started running out of my crack and along my tail bone. He pulled out and grabbed my feet, pulling them down so that I was sitting straight up. In a flash, I wrapped my lips around his sperm coated cock and sucked it clean with satisfied moans while he petted my head and praised me for having such a tight rear end.

When I left Mr. Parson”s apartment it was 3:15, and I had been there for about 10 minutes. Eager to get home, I hurried down the path to the apartment I share with my dad and my big brother Casey. I used my key to let myself in and got started on my homework at the dining room table. Five minutes later, my brother came in and set his book bag down on the table.

“Hey little brother,” he said, massaging my shoulders with a smile. I set my pencil down and tilted my head back to greet him, prompting him to run his 19 year old hands up my shirt while I sighed with contentment.

“Hi Casey,” I said with a dreamy smile. “Did you have a good day?”

“It was a good day because I knew I”d be coming home to see my best little buddy,” he said with a wink. “Did you have company in your room this afternoon?”

“No, I went to see Mr. Parson today,” I revealed, and he playfully tickled my ribs with his fingertips, making me squirm and giggle. We shared a silly smile, then he leaned down and planted a kiss on my lips with no tongue. When we let our lips part, he pulled my chair out and my shirt came off. Next, I kicked my shoes off and he took my pants and undies down, holding my hand while I stepped out of them. Finally, he grabbed me by the waist and lifted me onto the table top so that I was on my hands and knees with my butt sticking straight out at him.

“Let”s see what Mr. Parson left me,” he said with a husky voice, then he parted my cheeks and treated me to a nice, long feast.

With Casey”s tongue working its magic at my back door, I relaxed and let the cum flow from my rear end. As soon as the bounty of my afternoon breeding hit his taste buds, my big brother dug in deeper and ate hungrily while I moaned and writhed. Having just taken a nice sized cock back there, my hole was still loose and he was able to get his tongue deep up my pooper. I found myself hissing and cooing under the force of his rim job, all the while listening to my brother”s greedy licks and moans.

My big brother loves eating my butt out any time he can. gaziantep masaj salonları But he has a thing about eating it when it”s full of cum, so I make it a point to see him right away whenever I”ve been bred. Of course, I love having my hole eaten so much that I”d let him do it all day, everyday if I could. Whenever we spend the day together in the apartment, I know not to wear any pants or underwear because he”ll just take them down so he can tongue my horny butthole at his leisure. But the pleasure is really all mine, because my brother Casey is a talented butt muncher.

I”m not such a bad butt muncher myself. Ask any boy at school whose butt I”ve licked out and they”ll tell you that I”m really good at it. It doesn”t hurt that I love the taste of a hot boy butt just as much as I enjoy the smell of one. Besides sucking a nice, juicy dick or taking a satisfying cock ride, there”s nothing that I enjoy as much as licking out a hot, ripe butthole. But I”m nowhere near as experienced, or talented, as my big brother. He”s been eating buttholes out since he was 8 years old, and I didn”t start until I was 10, so I have a lot of catching up to do.

While I was cooing and hissing with pleasure, the front door opened and Casey pulled his face out of my rear end. I looked over my shoulder just in time to see my dad walking into the dining room, loosening his tie. He set his sights on my plump bottom, which was still sticking straight out, and quickly unbuckled his belt. I watched with a naughty expression as he approached Casey and they shared a kiss on the lips, then he palmed my right butt cheek.

I watched from over my shoulder as my big brother unbuttoned dad”s trousers and reached into his boxers. When he pulled dad”s long, thick cock out, it was already rock hard. I watched with a tinge of jealousy when Casey squatted and slipped his mouth over dad”s big dick, getting it nice and wet while he moaned lasciviously around it. When he pulled off of it, he smiled lovingly up at dad, then he stood up and watched as dad approached my bubble butt.

“I see you”re brother”s already been enjoying your tight bottom, kiddo,” dad noted, and I nodded silently. “Did you have it serviced with a cock already?”

“Yes daddy,” I whimpered, looking over my shoulders at his cock with tortured eyes.

“I can tell that you still need some service, buddy,” he said, and I nodded eagerly in agreement with him. “Well, let”s get you fixed up, son.”

With that, dad placed the head of his prick at my back door and my sphincter bloomed at once. Seeing how horny I really was for some more cock at my back door, dad pushed through my dilated sphincter with ease. A loud crackling sound rang out as his hot prick filled my yearning hole, and it was audible even over my soft moans. My hard little dick was on fire as dad”s pleasure stick rested inside of me, throbbing with authority against the walls of my horny poop chute.

I bit my lip and moaned again and again while dad rubbed the small of my back with his fingers, wanting him to know that I was eager for him to start thrusting. Before he started our ride, he held his left arm out for Casey to step into his embrace. As soon as my brother was in his arms, he spoke tenderly to both of us.

“Daddy missed his boys today,” he said, planting a kiss on Casey”s cheek. “I”ve been thinking about sharing this moment with you guys.”

“I”ve been thinking about it, too,” Casey said with a soft inflection, gazing into dad”s eyes with a wondrous smile.

“I love you, son,” dad told Casey, then he turned his attention to me. “I love you too, baby boy.”

With that, dad began a slow, sensual thrusting of his dick, back and forth along the depth of my boy hole. As soon as I felt his pleasing shaft running along its moist walls, the tone of my moaning grew more frantic and my breathing more shallow. I bit my lower lip as the pleasure was pulled from deep inside of me. Still looking over my shoulder, I gave dad and Casey a helpless look, prompting them both to run their hands all over my plump buns.

“It looks like your baby brother”s enjoying his ride, son,” dad said, and Casey nodded in agreement. “Daddy”s got a nice big load to pump up his ass. Do you think you”ll be able to wait until after he finishes with his homework to tongue it all out?”

It was clear from Casey”s mesmerized expression that dad”s promise had him under a spell, so when he slowly shook his head no I wasn”t surprised at all. I knew that he was grateful for the opportunity to eat dad”s load from my butthole, and I was just as grateful for the opportunity to have it pumped up my butt. I watched dad run his left hand all over Casey”s bubble butt, even as he maintained his fluid thrusting in and out of my bottom. When I heard my big brother moan his appreciation for dad”s groping, I knew that he would be putting out gaziantep escort bayan next.

Dad”s confident words confirmed it for me.

“Daddy wants a piece of your tight bottom, too,” he told Casey, who looked up into his face with a mixture of lust and devotion. “Did you get laid at all today, son?”

“Yeah, I stopped off at Mr. Parson”s house this morning,” Casey revealed. “I stayed after class and got lucky with my calculus professor, too.”

“Is that the one with the big dick, buddy?” dad asked casually, his massive erection bringing out the pussyboy in me with ease. Casey nodded and I felt a little envious, especially when dad smiled and said, “I”m so proud of my bottom boy.”

“Thanks dad,” Casey said with a blush, nuzzling his cheek on dad”s shoulder.

My jealousy was short lived, though, because he turned his attention back to me and increased the force behind his thrusts. As soon as his started driving in with that little something extra, I felt a powerful series of shivers inundate my core, then they spread out like bands of rain across the rest of my body. Just as this sudden sensation was taking my senses by storm, dad spoke to me in the same loving tone he was using for Casey.

“I”m proud of you too, little one,” he told me. “You”re so anxious for cock all the time, aren”t you baby?”

Letting loose with a long, feminine moan, I nodded my answer with an overwhelmed look on my face.

“Are you ready for daddy”s load, Mason?” dad asked, and I nodded again through a maidenly moan.

With that, dad cupped the back of Casey”s head and puckered up. I watched with animated eyes as their lips met, then dad”s tongue snaked into my brother”s mouth and they kissed deep for the duration of my rear end service. In the midst of their kissing and dad”s thrusting, he managed to bring the pussyboy out of me several more times. By the time he buried his thick shaft up my satisfied butt and seeded it with his thick load, I was in a state of sheer ecstasy that only my dad can take me to.

As soon as he pulled out of me, Casey pounced on his dick, sucking every drop of cum and ass juice from it while he moaned like a bitch in heat. As soon as dad”s cock was clean, he turned his attention to my well bred hole, licking it and munching on it while I hissed with pleasure. Dad made it a point to engage me in a deep kiss that only added to my bliss while Casey rimmed me out, then our lips parted and I was treated to a nice mouthful of dad”s dick.

When Casey”s feast at my back door ended, dad was rock hard again. He lovingly pulled me off of his dick and helped me settle back into my homework. Planting a kiss on my head, he gathered my shoes and the clothes that I”d shucked and took them to the laundry room. While I was immersed in my school work, I heard the sound of skin slapping against skin and my brother”s call of pleasure from down the hall as dad screwed a load into his bottom.

The End.

Coming soon, Simon and Jimmy are fast friends and easy lovers. But what will Simon discover when he spends the night at Jimmy”s house? Find out ail

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