Me and Sis

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I was 18 at the time and my sister was 20. She is a few inches taaller than me and has A cup breasts but with nice large areolas and nipples. I am 5’2″ 105 pounds, red hair, and a nice 36D size chest. My sister is also a red head. Her name is Michelle. We had always been close so it was quite natural what happened.

We got home one night from a family reunion and the two of us could not have been more bored there. Michelle was talking about how she missed being away in college because there was so many more cool things to do there. I asked her like what. She looked right in my eyes and said she liked kissing all sorts of people.

I said what types of people and she said girls. She already knew that I had experiment with both sexes. AS she told me that she likes to kiss women on the lips and other places our hands brushed against each other. We looked into each others’ eyes and started to smile. I leaned over and kissed her on her lips. Her eyes opened wide in surprise but she pendik escort bayan slid her tongue into my mouth.

After a few minutes of twirling our tongues along the others I got up and locked my bedroom door. I was wearing a white blouse with a black silk skirt. I glided over to Michelle and asked her if she would like to touch me. She nodded and told me that she wanted me to touch her. I looked down at her tight black plaid skirt and cream sweater. I could just imagine my tongue tracing circles along her nipples and pussy. She was already flushed with desire. So was I.

I slowly pushed her down on the bed making her skirt ride up her smooth thighs. I could tell she was horney by the musky scent that reached my nose. I knelt down in front of her and slid my hands up her thighs and started to rub her over her yellow panties. She loves yellow. I started to kiss her legs and I could feel her muscles ripple underneath şirinevler escort bayan my touch. Michelle moaned my name and she asked me to kiss her pussy. I have done that quite a bit since I started being active with woman so I dove right in.

Michelle kept her pussy tightly and neatly trimmed. She had a red landing strip and very full lips that cling to each other. Her lips already glistened with her wetness and as I lapped her cunt for the first time she began to shudder. Her hands ran along my shoulders and arms as I delved into her womanhood. Her hips began to buck up and down in time with my flicking tongue. Her head began to thrash around the bed as her desire mounted. My head kept up its smooth motion as I continued to spread her lips with my broad tounge. I would alternate between sliding deep into her pussy hole and also licking and sucking on her clit.

I could tell that she was about to cum. And şişli escort bayan cum hard. I picked up my pace; pressing harder on her clit with my tongue and lips. She started to gasp my name and was getting louder. HEr body began to shake all over. Her climax was quite wonderful. She grabbed my head like a guy does when you suck him off. She forced my head down even more. She was using the pressure from my tongue and lips to crest her pleasure mountain. Her clit was so hard in my mouth. She was calling to God and to me as she orgasmed. She did this for a full minute.

While she started to come down I slowed my licking. She was creaming all over. Her pussy was oozing out cum and I started to lick that up. She tasted sweet and tangy, just like me, just like the way I like it to taste. Michelle told me that she felt wonderful and hoped that she could lover her sister as much as I loved mine. I told her to come in between my legs and show me how much she loves me. As she sat up on the bed she said she cannot wait to get into my young pussy.

We shared a kiss, she tasting herself. Our arms began to encircle each other as our kiss turned even more passionate. As our embrace was heating up there was a knock at teh door. “Girls, time to come down for dinner!” It was Daddy. Michelle and I looked at each other, giggled. I guess I would get my turn later….

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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