Meeting Alison in Edinburgh

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I’m at work, I spend most of my days at a computer dealing with other peoples’ reports, checking data, liaising with developers to improve our processes…. Mostly computer based stuff

My life is kept full with work, just as well really because my personal life is crap… my wife has been mentally ill for a decade and no longer wishes to socialise nor does she enjoy sex anymore….

Fortunately I’ve come across a web site that my work hasn’t blocked, where I can chat to people and maybe more, although I am careful not to overdo it and get caught.

I make a few friends online, I’m completely open about my situation, never been one for leading someone on. Most people won’t even chat to a married man, some are prepared to be friends for a short while, but generally they want more than I can offer so they move on. Others use me as an agony aunt, telling me about their lives and getting my viewpoint on things, which I am always happy to provide and I get some personal satisfaction from giving unbiased opinions which maybe help people.

One or two do show some interest…. We chat and over time we get more and more suggestive. This is the story of the first of a very small handful of internet relationships that developed.

Alison is an equally frustrated spouse, her husband seems to have completely lost interest in sex, but is otherwise a good husband and dad. Her page describes her as petite, with a good figure, not interested in pushy people but interested in flirting perhaps..

She works not far from the town I work in, so things are looking promising. Amongst other things we email jokes to each other, one day I receive one from her about a court official who covets the queens breasts, and gets his wish to lick them by virtue of a con involving itching powder and an antidote in his saliva

I reply, “My saliva is special too.. Are your breasts itchy today?…;o).”

“Not at the moment, but they are sometimes..;o),” comes the reply.

“Well just let me know if they ever are…;o),” from then on she sometimes refers to me as the dragon master.

A few days later I ask if she is interested in meeting up.

Moments later her reply comes back ,”That would be wonderful….”

I had previously asked her for her number and she plucks up the courage to give me it now ,”Call me tomorrow morning after 8:15.”

The following morning I nervously pick up the phone and start to dial….. Then hang up again.. A few moments later I dial again and this time wait for it to ring…..

“hello,” a nervous voice replies..

“Hi, it’s me, the dragon master…” I say.

“Hi, I hoped it was you, it’s great to finally hear your voice,” she answers.

We chat for a while, she’s on the train and as it gets to her stop and she gets off I struggle to hear her speak so we hang up

Shortly after, my inbox alert goes, “Hi, it was great to chat… you’ve got a really sexy voice..;o),”

“Thanks, so have you, and also I found it so easy to talk to you…..that doesn’t happen often, I’m usually tongue tied with strangers,” I reply.

We carry on our email chatting, and soon after exchange photos…hers’ is a picture taken on holiday, showing her upper body and face, she’s dressed in an elegant off the shoulder dress, short blond hair and a stunning smile.. Wow..

A mutually agreeable time to meet is arranged.. We are both “having a works night out” as far as our spouses are aware. The allotted date approaches and we get more and more suggestive, I ask if she needs any of the special lotion, she replies that quite possibly she will.

The day arrives and in the afternoon I send a last email saying, “just another hour to go…..”

“I know, I’m really excited,” comes her reply.

With that I log off and shut up shop for the week…hop in my car and drive the few miles into town. When I get there I park in an underground car park, carefully selecting my spot so it would be secluded on the off chance it might be needed later on. I call Alison and tell her where I am, she says’ she’ll be about 15mins. I sit in the car getting more and more nervous… after a few minutes I get out of the car and walk to where we arranged to meet, my heart thumping in my chest…everyone who walks towards me attracts my attention until I can eliminate them as likely “Alisons”..

Finally I see her walking toward me, she’s wearing a long coat and, as she gets closer, there’s a few more pounds than I was expecting, but she still looks good.

I approach her and timidly ask , “Alison?”, she says “yes!,” so we give each other a nervous peck on the cheek…

“Would you like to have a drink before we eat?,” I ask.

“yes……that would be great” she replies smiling nervously.

We walk along the cobbled street towards the busier part of the area, I hesitantly go to hold her hand and she accepts my grip willingly.

“Shall we try this pub?..”

“Why not, it’ll be warmer than outside anyway!.”

We sincan escort go in and find a quiet spot to sit. I go to the bar and get the drinks and then sit down again beside her. It’s awkward at first.. We are hesitant at chatting, but slowly build up a rapport. Finally we decide to move on to a restaurant.

Alison is familiar with the area, she works not far from it and has been out for a meal with her boss at a restaurant nearby, so we decide to try there, and our luck is in, one table is left. We sit opposite each other and chat while waiting for he food, occasionally touching each other’s hands.

Unfortunately the table is at the entrance, and it is cold out, so every time the door opens a draught blows over us. Alison is wearing a skirt, and her legs are getting cold so I suggest she puts her legs between mine to keep them warm. She readily agrees, and I take the opportunity of her legs being close to drop my hand beneath the table cloth and touch her leg, slowly caressing her calf. She says nothing, but seems to be enjoying the sensation so I continue doing this throughout the remainder of the meal, never venturing higher than her knee.

After the meal is finished, I suggest we go elsewhere, I pay the bill and once outside the restaurant I ask, “Do you want to go to another pub, or if would you prefer it if we just sat in the car to chat privately?..”

“The car please, I’ld like to have some privacy,” she smiles.

This is more than I expected, but a wonderful surprise. My mind immediately jumps to conclusions and things start to rise in my pants, this is not so great when I am trying to walk… but I do my best.

The walk to the car seems like an eternity, but in reality it is only a couple of hundred yards and is over in a couple of minutes… we settle into the front seats and cuddle up a bit closer, and close in for our first real kiss… I run my fingers through her hair and guide her head toward me, as we kiss softly to begin with, breaking off and then connecting again for a more passionate kiss.

We break off for a breather… she says, “Do you know what tipped the balance for me… you stroking my leg, it felt wonderful, I just wanted it to go on for ever and wanted more.”

“I was nervous about doing it so soon, I didn’t want to scare you,” I grinned.

“I’m glad you did, now haven’t you forgotten something,” she chuckled, and with that she pulled me back into a kiss…. My hand slid down to her neck, stroking the back of her neck and up into her hairline, then my hand slid further down caressing as it went, down to her waist and then up again, all the while we are kissing and moaning quietly into one another…eventually I worked my way round to her breasts. They are large and soft, unlike my wife’s small firm ones… all sizes are nice, although large ones can allow more variety of fun.

Anyway, back to the story in hand.. I turn her head to the side and kiss her neck, blowing gently into her hairline, and then moving up into her hair. She groans with pleasure and guides my spare hand round to gently explore her breasts through the material of her blouse. I can feel her nipples becoming aroused. I move my hands up to the exposed skin at her neckline then down under her bra to feel her breasts properly. Alison gasps with pleasure as my hands touch her nipples, my fingers circling them as best I can in the confines of her bra.

“Lets get this out of the way,” I say and reach round under her blouse to unclip the bra, then I slip her straps off her shoulders and work them through her sleeve opening and round her elbows to remove the bra…

“Where did you learn to do that?,” she asked in astonishment…

“That’s the first time I’ve ever tried it, I’m surprised it worked so easily,” I laughed.

With that we kiss again and my hands return to caressing her breasts, this time unfettered by her bra, giving me far more scope to pleasure her… she moans through our kiss.

My right hand begins to roam down her legs to find the slit in her skirt, and then slides in underneath to find her nylon clad leg. One of her hands has by this time been busy rubbing my straining erection through my trousers.

We break off from our kiss, “Can we go somewhere more secluded, I want to take this further but this place is too exposed,” she says of the car park.

“Of course, can you think of anywhere?,” I ask.

“Well, the car park behind my office is fairly hidden and the lighting is dim,” she says wickedly.

“Ok, tell me the way,” I quickly reply.

So we drive the half mile or so to her office off Rose street, and I park in beside her car, tucking my car in against the wall of the car park to make it as secluded as possible. As soon as I finish my manoeuvre we look at each other, and as if of one mind we climb into the back seat and pick up where we left off. As soon as we start kissing again we waste no time in beginning to undress each other. I fumble with sincan escort bayan the buttons on her blouse in my haste to get a better view of her generous breasts, she is at the same time undoing my shirt and tearing it off me. We are soon down to our lower clothing, and Alison pushes me back onto the back seat, moves over to the far side of the seat, and then grapples with my belt buckle desperately trying to get my pants open.

My buckle gives up the unequal fight and she unbuttons and unzips me in a flash, pulling my trousers and pants down together, I lift my bum to help and my clothes are rapidly just a bundle in the footwell, my cock pointing at the ceiling. Alison then leans forward with a hand on one side of me and the other wrapped around my rock hard cock, which she guides into her warm and welcoming mouth. She slides my cock in and out of her mouth, sucking on it like a child on a lollipop, obviously enjoying the sensation almost as much as me. Her tongue licks round my shaft and the bulbous tip, flicking at the area where my foreskin attaches.

“Mmm, you’ve got a nice big cock,” she mumbles, her mouth otherwise engaged. I’m a little surprised at this since as far as I am aware it is the official average size of just over 6″. I guess she is being flattering, but there again a few partners have made the same comment so maybe the official average is optimistic.

My toes curl up with the explosion of sensations I am experiencing, but I also feel guilty about being the only one being administered to. “Stop,” I ask, and I sit up. I then start to help her out of her remaining clothes, all the while taking the occasional opportunity to caress her breasts that are dangling temptingly in front of me.

Finally we get down to just her pants, black lacy ones through which her pussy is outlined. At this point I pause, move my face towards the lace and blow through the material onto her nether lips and clit for a short moment, causing her to inhale audibly. Then I trace the outline of her pussy and follow up by sliding a finger under the edge to explore the slickly velvet lips hiding just underneath.

My fingers slide easily into her slit, and they drag slightly on her panties as I move them up and down with short slow strokes, slowly working my way further up and down her welcoming opening.. We work our way into a 69 position on the back seat, me underneath with my legs drawn up so as to fit in, and her kneeling over me. All I can see is the lace covered bum and the outline of her pussy lips above me. I slide my hand back under the lace, two fingers easily slot into her warm and slippery pussy, I twist and work them in, all the while blowing gently on her genital area. My fingers move up to her clit and I lift my head up and close my lips over her outlined pussy lips and blow harder, then run my tongue over the lace covered lips. She shudders and pushes back onto my face…

“Mmm, that feels good,” she mumbles, being somewhat occupied herself.

Alison has not been idle either, by this time she has her hands on my rampant prick, and is stroking it vigorously, and is licking the tip. She then bobs her head down and engulfs the head in her velvety mouth and rolls her tongue around it. I momentarily lose concentration and give myself to the moment, my toes curl at the feeling and a shiver goes up my spine. Alison then starts to slide her mouth up and down my prick, my body shivers once again at the sensation.

I bring myself back to my own actions, and begin to slide her panties off her hips, she takes the hint and lifts herself off my face momentarily and shifts one leg over to join the other to allow me to slide them off and discard them somewhere in the footwells to be searched for later.

“Mmm, great, you shave, my favourite fashion, nothing to get stuck in my teeth,” I joke and my cock twitches at the sight of her pussy lips, swollen and slick with desire.

We resume the 69 position and I run my fingers through her wet lips, opening them to see her delicate inner flower and give me access, my cock twitching in her mouth as I do so.

I lick and blow on her inner thighs, just avoiding contact with her pussy lips, but getting closer and closer as I circle. Finally I lick the length of her lips, and gently run my tongue round her clit.

“Uummh, don’t stop,” murmurs Alison whilst sucking on me. I am concentrating so much on pleasuring her, my own sensations are pushed to the background, just as well because I don’t want to come too soon.

I run my tongue down her velvety pussy lips, her aroma filling my nostrils and her slickness coating my tongue, my eyes struggling to focus on the sight of those luscious lips just millimetres from my nose. I repeat the action a few times and then I move back to her clit, at which point I unexpectedly place my lips around it and suck hard. Pulling it, and the flesh around it, into my mouth allowing me to lick it more firmly and completely.

“Oh my god,” escort sincan Alison exclaims “I’m going to come….!” and moments later a series of shudders pulses through her body. She gasps, pushes back into my face, and lifts her head off my organ to allow herself to breathe.

Her body slowly ceases it’s spasming, and she relaxes onto me, her head resting on my turgid organ, but too tired momentarily to do anything. I give her a moment, then encourage her to move around to lie with me and we cuddle up, kissing each other….”That was wonderful, thank you , I’ve been needing it for some time,” she whispers in my ear.

“My pleasure, come again any time,” I reply with a grin…

After a brief respite she begins to wake up again and run her hands over my body… wraps her tiny hand round my prick and says “right, it’s time we gave this boy some fun..!”. She then leans over to grab her handbag from the footwell and rummages inside, triumphantly pulling out a condom moments later. I hadn’t brought any because I hadn’t expected this to happen so soon.

Alison kneels on the edge of the seat and leans over to my cock, stroking it between attempts to tear open the condom packet. She then opens her mouth and teasingly sucks the end of it in again and gives it a twirl with her tongue, sending little shocks through my body and causing my cock to twitch wildly in her mouth. With that she grips it firmly in one hand and starts to roll the condom on with the other. My cock swells even more with each heartbeat due to the constriction caused by her hand and the tight condom. Once she finishes, it stands proudly, bobbing in time to my heartbeat. She gives it a final kiss before swinging her leg over to straddle me.

Alison shuffles up so that my cock is nestled between her legs, pulsing at her pussy lips. She puts her hands on my chest, grins wantonly down at me and lowers her face to mine and we start kissing, exploring each other’s mouths. She then begins to rock back and fore so that my cock slides through her soft folds and presses regularly against her clit. This is obviously working for her because her eyes shut and she moans quietly in time with her movements. But this isn’t enough for either of us so she raises herself slightly and reaches down to position my cock so that it is just pressing against her entrance. I can feel the heat and moisture radiating from her centre even through the condom. She slowly pushes down on me and her lips yield to my hardness, separating and allowing it access with no resistance as a result of the amount of lubrication her excitement has generated.

The sensation as my prick parts her lips and slips slowly in sends shivers though me, my toes clench and I gasp with pleasure. She smiles at my pleasure and reverses direction so that the two of us almost separate again. Alison is a master of suspense, she keeps these minute movements going for a minute or two, each time our bodies mesh leads to a starburst of sensation, each separation a moment to anticipate what is to come.

Suddenly Alison releases her whole weight and plunges down onto the full length of me. I feel her hot slippery walls slide over my member with ease, and then our pubic bones meet with a bump. She closes her eyes and throws her head back with the feeling of being filled by me.

“Ooh god, that’s fabulous…I have wanted to feel you inside me for ages,” Alison groans. Lifting herself onto her knees and riding me frantically her breasts are bouncing in front of my face. I reach up and steady them with my hands, massaging them, the nipples growing stiffer as I do so. I hold one towards my face and run my tongue round her nipple and under her breast and back to the nipple.

She soon starts to shudder, her orgasm lasts a few strokes, then she slows down and collapses onto my chest with me still inside, all energy momentarily drained from her. Her head lies next to mine and I stroke her hair gently….”that was great,” she murmurs. “I’m nowhere near finished yet..!” I reply, and start to move my hips slowly to bring her system back to life but being careful in case she was over sensitive after her orgasm.

Alison slowly begins to respond to my movements, pushing back and quietly moaning in my ear, in time with my thrusts. I cup my hands round her ass cheeks and lift her off me slightly so as to give me room to thrust further in and out. I move with deliberate and slow movements, pulling out till I almost lose contact, and thrusting all the way back in a single stroke. My cock slides so easily in and out of her wet tunnel, and because my movements are slow, the sounds of our lovemaking become those of my cock slipping in and out, rather than the noises made by the seats. Her pussy walls squeeze me rhythmically as I thrust up into her.

The long strokes and repeated “entries” are bringing my senses to a peak, I can feel the cum rising in my balls, so I pull her down to bury myself to the hilt and pause for a few seconds to delay the inevitable, not wanting to come before I have brought Alison to orgasm once more. I hug her tightly and she lifts her head to kiss me gently, our lips playing with each other all the while gazing into each other’s eyes. We grin widely at each other at the unexpected level of enjoyment we are getting from the evening.

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