Midnight Surprise

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James tried to hold back his frustration as he typed on his computer. “Damn work” he thought as he struggled with the wording of his presentation he was working on. His wife Julie was going out on the town with her girlfriends and he was stuck working. He was really hoping to spend time with Julie, since he’d been working a lot recently, but tonight was not to be his night, or so he thought.

It took some time for him to focus on the job at hand, but eventually he got though it all. He looked at the clock on his computer and realized it was 11:30 and he had not eaten yet. He went downstairs and grabbed a quick snack and decided to go to bed. He figured he could at least try to wait for Julie for a little while in case she came home before midnight. He was still hoping to get at least a bit of time alone with her.

James was more tired than he thought, it only took about fifteen minutes before he fell asleep reading. James’ peaceful sleep was interrupted by a wet warmth that confused him. He slowly began to wake to feel something at his crotch, a wet licking sensation. He felt the distinct sensation of his cock being licked. Then he heard a giggle. Now he knew what was going on. His wife was home and was having a little fun. This was not the first time she had woken him up this way, and he smiled remembering how drink tends to get her horny.

James lifted the blankets to say hi to Julie, but when he opened his eyes to look he was confronted with the face of one of Julie’s friends Anna, with the head of his cock in her mouth.

“Hi” she tried to say with the knob of his meat between her lips.

Julie burst into a howl of laughter, and so did Kristy!? James jumped up realizing that his wife and another one of her friends Kristy was at the foot of the bed with Anna laughing at his expression. Anna did not let his cock pop out of her mouth at his sudden movement.

“Hey honey. Say hi to the girls” said Julie.

“Uh… hi, what’s going on?” stammered James. His wife was always a very randy girl, but this was something new, and he wasn’t sure how far it was going to go from here. But it sure looked good from where he was sitting. Anna was a short curvy girl with close cropped platinum blond hair and thick wide lips, that were now stretched around his cock, bobbing up and down and licking the sides of his cock-head. Kristy was a tall mix of black and Hispanic with small but very luscious breasts and a ripped athletic body.

“Well let me tell you,” said Julie as she motioned Kristy to help Anna, then plopped herself down on the bed next to them, “the girls and I were having fun at club dancing. We’d worked ourselves up a bit I guess from all the hot guys there. Oh and I guess the vodka shooters helped, now Anna don’t be a hog, let Kristy have some of that cock,” Julie said, and Anna did as she was told, moving to his heavy balls and shifted over to make room for Kristy’s smiling lips to descend on his rod.

“Anyway, the girls were complementing me on how good my skin looks all the time, and one thing led to another and I let them in on our little secret,” blurted out Julie, laughing along with her friends.

“I think antalya escort I see where you’re going with this,” James nodded. Ever since he had known Julie she had believed that male sperm was good for her skin and insisted on regular shots of come to rub into her creamy skin. He had to admit she had great skin, but he always assumed it was just good genetics, who knows if his sperm had anything to do with it. He figured she just had a sperm fetish.

Julie smiled at him and said “you do, do you? I invited the girls back here to get a shot of your hot sauce to prove it works.”

“Well you’re all welcome to try,” smiled James to his wife. His cock was dripping with saliva as Kristy coated him then dropped her head down on him until her nose was in his pubic hair. Anna was trying to get both his balls into her mouth, but this was proving impossible, they were too big. Then she switched places with Kristy. Anna went to licking his cock up and down, and Kristy dived for his nuts.

While all this was going on Julie leaned in and gave the head of his cock a big wet sloppy kiss with plenty of tongue and said “make sure you give them a nice big wet load honey.”

“I don’t think you’re going to have to wait long for that,” he grunted. He could feel his balls tighten up and his dick throb as he was rapidly approaching his orgasm. He tried to think of work, wanting to prolong this bliss, but having three hot women licking his dick at the same time was too much.

“I’m gonna blow!” he announced.

“Me first!” cried Anna, as she pushed the others out of the way, and pulled James on top of her by his cock. When he was straddling her breasts, Anna continued sucking the end of his cock and feverishly stroking him with her hand. His legs tightened up and he groaned as he erupted between Anna’s beautiful lips. She caught the first blast in her mouth, then she aimed the rest at her tits. Stream after stream of white jism landed on her jiggling round breasts. She rubbed his cockhead all over her tits and nipples as he kept shooting cum all over her chest. Soon it was dripping off her nipples and chin.

“Wow, that was quite a load!” exclaimed Kristy.

“You bet, and that’s just the beginning. I bet we can get at least two more out of him before the night is through.” said Julie as she leaned in and kissed James as he began to breathe normally.

Kristy leaned between his legs and began to deep throat his dick to make sure he didn’t get soft, but with three hot women wanting him to blow a load on them, he wasn’t sure he would ever go down. Anna was rubbing his hot cum into her tits, and James helped her. He had often admired her tight curvy body, and now he had his hands full of her big breasts.

“Don’t forget your face!” said Julie when she stopped kissing James long enough to see what was going on, and got her hand slick with cum by running her hand across her tits and smeared it up her rosy cheeks. Anna giggled and brought her hands up to join Julie’s and they both rubbed the stuff into her cheeks as if it were any brand of skin cream. Then Julie moved her hands down to meet James’ at Anna’s tits. He pinched her nipples kemer escort a bit that made her squirm in pleasure, then he rubbed his slick fingers over Julie’s ripe breasts, making her moan.

“That’s enough, I need some cock now!” groaned Kristy as she let his engorged cock pop out of her mouth and jumped up on the bed on all fours next to them all, with her butt sticking up. Julie immediately grabbed James by the cock and directed the head of it into her friend’s dripping pussy lips. Kristy groaned loudly as she felt him enter her, then Julie pulled him out. She pushed him back in and out several more times driving Kristy mad with frustration.

“Oh god Julie! This is not the time to tease! Ram that fucker in!” she screamed forcing her ass back, hoping to catch the head of James’ dick with her pussy. Julie smiled, not having any pity for her friend, she was enjoying this too much.

“Why should I?” Julie asked while she gripped James’ dick tighter. Anna giggled uncontrollably at the whole thing while she finished rubbing the cum into her huge tits.

“What!?” yelled Kristy.

“Why should I put my man’s dick in you hot little pussy?”

“Because were friends and friends share! Now put it in!” Kristy said, pleading.

This was all so ridiculous that James began to laugh too.

Julie touched Kristy’s lips with James’ cock then backed off again, “No I don’t think so. What do I get if I do this?”

“Oh come on!” yelled Kristy, which was just what James was beginning to think being inches away from entering this hot woman who was begging for it. “I want to know what I get for putting my man’s hot throbbing cock in your dripping snatch?” pouted Julie.

“All right! I’ll do it!” roared Kristy.

“You’ll do what?” said Julie sounding like she knew exactly what Kristy was talking about.

“I’ll eat you out for gods sake, just put that thing in me!”

“Will you make me cum?”

“Yes I’ll make you cum!”

“Okay.” Then Julie gripped James tightly and rammed his meat into Kristy hard.

“Ahhhhh!!!!!!!” Kristy screamed in pleasure, and shook in an intense orgasm. James shook too from the anticipation. Kristy’s pussy gripped him tightly as if it were trying to pull his entire body into her. Julie moved her hand off James’s cock and moved it to his butt, helping him push into her friend. They quickly got into a fast sweaty rhythm. James smashed into Kristy’s wanton thrusts back at him. Kristy shook again as another orgasm rolled through her.

Julie got onto the bed in front of Kristy and pointed at her red, quivering pussy lips.

“You can do two things at once, now time to put your money where your mouth is.” Julie grinned.

Kristy was beyond caring and dove in between Julie’s legs and began to eat her out. James had heard some of Julie’s stories about experimenting in college, but now he was seeing it. Julie was squirming all over them bed. Clearly enjoying her friend’s first attempt at eating pussy. They were both really getting into it. James kept pumping into Kristy, who kept pushing back into him. Anna stepped over Kristy so that she was straddling her, konyaaltı escort and had her pussy in James’ face, and so he took her invitation and dipped his tongue into her. Anna’s legs shook and quivered. She had not been taken care of yet and was burning with desire.

Julie screamed with pleasure as her orgasm tore through her, drenching Kristy’s face in her juices. James was bearing down on his second orgasm too. He had no idea how he was lasting this long, but he wasn’t complaining. Kristy was the next to go. Her body shook like a paint shaker, and groaned right into Julies pussy as her tongue was deep inside. James began to groan into Anna’s pussy as his orgasm got closer and closer.

Kristy could sense his impending orgasm and whipped around onto her back between Anna’s legs and quickly popped James’ cock into her mouth. James screamed with his tongue in Anna’s pussy. He blew shot after shot down Kristy’s throat. She gulped his seed down with mad abandon, as her tongue whipped the underside of his cock. Anna shook as her orgasm hit. Her legs buckled and James had to grab her legs to keep her from falling onto Kristy. Her moan was deep and guttural. His mouth flooded with her pussy juice.

When things began to calm down, Julie noticed she had Kristy’s pussy right in front of her and dove right in. Kristy groaned as she continued tonguing James’ cock, with just a bit of his cum dripping down her lips.

Anna dropped down to the bed next to the girls “weren’t you supposed to shoot that on you face or tits?”

Kristy let James slip out of her mouth for a second “Oh yeah. Oops. Force of habit I guess.”

“Well I’ll let you have it when I’m done. Right now it’s my turn” said Anna as she pulled James’ cock from her and threw him to the bed to mount him. Anna bounded up and down on him slowly, teasing him and grinding her clit on him on every down-stroke. Kristy was moaning loudly as Julie attacked her clit and was sucking it into her mouth. James let his hands wander over to Kristy’s firm, sweaty breasts. Anna leaned down and ground into him rubbing her sticky nipples all over his chest.

After fifteen minutes Anna had several more orgasms, and James announced that he was close to another one. Anna jumped off giving room for Kristy, who dropped right in front of him, and grabbed his dick. Anna took a handful as well.

Not to be left out of the fun, Julie lent a hand as well, “now let’s make sure Kristy does it right this time. Since she’s such a cum slut she can’t help but suck it down!”

James’ third orgasm hit him hard as his wife helped two really hot chicks stroke him to the finish. His nuts tightened up, and he felt it blast. He felt in deep in the pit of his stomach, all the way to his toes. He kept shooting all over Kristy. His body shook, as the six hands rubbed and pulled at his dick and balls. Before he was done, Anna bent down to take his spurting meat into her mouth, licking at the head like crazy. It poured down her lips and chin, down to Kristy’s face, who was rubbing her breasts with white cream. Julie helped Kristy smear the stuff all over her chest, paying close attention to her friends nipples. Anna deep throated James to take the rest of his load down his throat.

James fell to the bed with a thud, completely drained and exhausted. The four of them were dripping with sweat, cum and pussy juice. Then they fell asleep with very contented grins on their faces.

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