Mother and Son

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Cheryl had Jacob at eighteen. Her loser boyfriend dumped her and moved away when he found out she was pregnant. She thought briefly about adoption, but it just didn’t feel right. Cheryl chose to keep her baby and raise it as a single mom with the help of Grandma. She couldn’t believe he was getting ready to start college in the fall. Jacob was on the debate team and the swim team while in high school. The former helped him get a full scholarship. The latter made him very popular with the girls in school. Cheryl was proud of the way Jacob had grown up. Top in his class he also had a nice body. Swimming had given him a broad shoulders, powerful legs and a nice six pack. She knew he had several girlfriends and heard their moans and screams on several occasions.

Cheryl was walking through the house doing her final check up before turning in. She walked passed Jacob’s room and peeked in to make sure he was okay. She was shocked to see her son lying naked on the bed his hand around his stiff cock. He was stroking his cock up and down. Cheryl knew she should leave but she was mesmerized by the sight if her son jerking off his eight inch cock. She felt her panties getting moist as she watched her son.

“Oooh yeah Jenny, just like that. Stroke my cock.” Jacob beylikdüzü escort had his eyes closed and was clearly involved in a fantasy. Cheryl wondered who Jenny was as she stepped into the room and closer to her son’s rigid cock. She had stripped off her jeans and shirt and was now standing in her bra and panties just inches from her son. Her hand found her way to her panties and started to rub her pussy. She knew it was wrong but she wanted her son’s cock. She slipped her hand into her panties and rubbed her clit while listening to her son talk to Jenny.

“Suck my cock, Jen. Take it deep in your mouth. God yes. Fuck me with your mouth Jen. Lick my balls.” Cheryl was getting hotter listening to her son talk to this girl while masturbating. She stepped out of panties and slipped a finger into her wet pussy. She stood for several minutes finger fucking herself while watching her son fantasize about Jenny. She felt her climax build inside herself and began to pump herself harder. She had two fingers in her pussy when she began to cum. She bit her lip and tried to quiet but was whimpering loudly.

“Mom!!! What the hell!!” Jacob came out of his revelry to find his mother standing with two fingers in her naked pussy and beylikdüzü eve gelen escort her hard nipples poking through her bra.

“Jacob! I’m sorry baby. I didn’t mean to … but you looked so sexy lying there stroking your cock.”

“Mom were you were playing with your pussy?”

“Yes baby.”

“Did you cum?”

Cheryl smiled. “Mommy came watching you play with yourself. Now I want you to cum. Cum for mommy, baby. Mommy needs to see you cum.”

Jacob started to stroke his cock staring at his mothers dripping pussy.

“Let mommy help you,” Cheryl knelt next to her son and wrapped her pussy juice coated fingers around her son’s cock. “Does that feel good,” she cooed softly and kissed her son’s lips. Her tongue explored his mouth and her hand hand glided up and down his cockshaft.

Jacob moaned into his mother’s mouth. “Mom, I want to taste you pussy.”

Cheryl stood up and straddled her son’s face. Jacob stared into his mother’s wet pussy. He could smell the sweet pungent aroma of her. He lightly flicked his tongue on her slit and was rewarded with a shiver and light moan as Cheryl sank her pussy in his mouth. Jacob nibbled his mother’s pussy while Cheryl continued beylikdüzü masöz escort to jerk his cock. He thrust his tongue deep inside her pussy.

“Oh shit! Yes baby tongue fuck Mommy. Harder. Faster. Fuck Mommy faster.” Cheryl began to grind her pussy on her son’s face while stroking his cock faster.

“Oh God Mom. I’m gonna cum. Suck me off Mom. I want to cum in your mouth.”

Cheryl lowered her mouth on her son’s cock. Her right hand continued to stroke him while her left hand cupped his balls. She sucked the tip of his cocked and lightly squeezed his balls. Jacob moaned into her pussy.

She continue to milk his cock with her hands and mouth. Soon Cheryl heard her son start to whimper and felt him start to buck his hips. She locked her lips around his cock head and suck harder while increasing the pressure on his balls.

Jacob came hard in his mother’s mouth. He continued to lick her pussy as she swallowed his cum. Stream after stream filled Cheryl’s mouth and she swallowed it all, not leaving a drop.

Jacob did not stop licking his Mom’s pussy while cumming. He wanted to her to cum. He wanted his mother to cum all over his face.

“Oh God. Jacob. Yes. Like that. Just like that. Don’t stop baby. Mommy’s gonna cum. Mommy’s going to cum. Ohhhh. Shit, I’m cumming.” Cheryl’s whole body racked with convulsions as she sprayed her son’s face with her cum.

A few moments later she crawled off her son and turned to face him. He was smiling at her with a face slick with her cum, “I love you, Mom.”

“I love you too Jacob,” She answered. “Now tell me, who’s Jenny?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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