Mountain Retreat

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Through two and a half years of college I dated the same amazing gal. Suddenly she was able to graduate early, got accepted to a prestigious master’s…in another state. Without much talking, she moved on. I was pretty broken up by it all and barely made it thru fall term finals. Winter break started. My best friend, Clark was by my side regularly. His gal was understanding and let us have a lot of time together. The week before Christmas, we all went out to a roadside dive. We were all travelling for the holiday; this was to be our last night out together for a couple of weeks. We found some blues on the jukebox and Clark and I took turns blues dancing with Amelia. I had fun, smiled for the first time in weeks.

I was getting drunk, fast. They seemed to be right with me. Amelia went to the ladies room. Clark lifted his beer and said, “I’m glad to see you smile…I like seeing you two dance…y’all fit together…” we clinked bottles. She came back just as a song came on. I grabbed her on to the tiny dance floor. I caught Clark staring…his eyes level with our hips. I swung into the turns and felt our bodies mesh in movement. Clark licked his lips. Then tipping his bottle back groped himself while…leering at us. Amelia had her back to him. The song ended. She laughed as Clark rushed to tap my shoulder and took her back onto the floor. They danced far closer that we did. I watched them. Clark stared at me hard and nodded when her back was to me.

He slid one hand down her back to just briefly cup her ass. I felt the flush of horniness that had left me when my gal did. Clark was showing off a bit…for me. We were all smiling. I signaled for another round. I adjusted my cock which was tingling in awareness of my balls three week load…The fleeting thought of how hard I was gonna jack off later made me adjust myself again. Clark timed a grope of her ass to my hands movements.

We got really drunk; until a group of rowdy locals came in and changed up the juke box mix. Clark grabbed a six pack and we huddled out into the cold. I remember starting to take a left on my street and Clark’s long arm, pulled me against him on the other side from Amelia. Nothing was said, but we walked as a trio to his place. We had a threesome. Clark and I took turns fucking Amelia. The bedroom was dark and warm. We all came a couple of times and fell asleep, Amelia between us.

I heard the shower running. In the light from under the door I could see Clark asleep on the other side of the bed. I heard sobs from the shower. “Shit!” I turned on the lamp, “Clark…wake the fuck up…” I said it quietly but urgently. He woke up and looked around confused for a second, then heard the sobs. He rolled over me, pushing me into the bed. He held one hand on my abs, “stay right here…this…this might have been a mistake…”

He went into the bathroom. On instinct I got up and paced. I got dressed. I saw a tea kettle and put on water…the murmur of their voices was awful. It hit me…we’d not used condoms. We’d not planned this or ever even hinted at this…Clark came out in a towel, red eyed.

He hugged me so hard. “You should go…I’m so sorry buddy, this was my fault…it was all my doing…she doesn’t want to see anybody else right now…I’ll call you in the morning, alright?”

“I’m sorry too…please tell her…” we nodded and I went out into the most silent cold never I’ve ever known.

Clark and I spoke on the phone for five minutes. She was right there, I could tell. Clark was halting when he said that right now Amelia wanted me out of their life. A punch in the gut would’ve been the same feeling I was a zombie getting on the plane next day to fly to Switzerland to see my parents and relatives for 10 days. When asked I said it was the break up, which was true. I got an email from Clark just after Christmas. He took full responsibility for the whole affair. Amelia finally accepted that Clark had lured us into his fantasy without our knowledge. I let him know I’d do whatever it took to straighten this out…including staying away. He didn’t answer for days. She decided Clark couldn’t be trusted around me…I wasn’t sure what that meant but knew I wouldn’t have him as a best friend anymore.

Getting back to the States, I grudgingly mindlessly fucked three gals the few days before term started, and then I disappeared into my studies. If I wasn’t in class or in the library I was at the gym or home studying. I kept seeing Clark but he only waved me back.

Spring break. Spring break invites to hot tropical places. I was almost tempted to go away and fuck strangers. Three days before spring break in the middle of finals after midnight there was a knock at my door.

Clark stood there, when I opened the door to let him in he backed up a pace, “Am I forgiven?”

“Hell yeah man…we all made the same mistake together…”I stammered. He looked like hell; I tried to pull him into my apartment. He was reeling drunk. He shook his head.

“Amelia left me…” antalya escort I think we both felt the sidewalk tilt and swirl. “I’m puking drunk. I needed to see you. Say I’m sorry.”

“I forgive you.” It seemed formal but he visibly unwound when he heard it from me.

“I wondered…I…do you have plans for break?”

The sudden shift caught me off guard. “No, nothing really…”

“Let’s go away, leave Friday…just us…ok?”

“Sure, yeah, let’s go. I can leave as early as Thursday…”

He grinned a bit…”Thursday!” He swayed against me for a clumsy hug, “Thursday! That I can look forward to…”he pushed away and stumbled off down the block. I started at my open textbooks and grainy eyed went to bed. I roared thru my finals, I was on fire for the tests as all I had done was to prepare for them. Wednesday night I was drained slogging thru a workout for stress relief.

Clark called leaving a message while I was in the shower and sauna, “Pack light for climbing trip. I’ll pick you up early tomorrow.” He sounded bright, back to himself. I texted back, “will do! Door’ll be open in am… Huzzah!” I was tired but amped to get away, to be with my buddy. I had to admit as I drank one beer on my couch; I was lonely. I stripped and threw gear into a duffle bag. I passed out.

It was dark and something woke me up…suddenly I was pounced on…Clark was making pig noises in my ear as he pinned me to my bed. I laughed and pushed against him. He is four inches taller than me and at the moment seemed all legs and elbows everywhere. He went still suddenly, grabbed my ears, “I’m so fucking sorry I dragged you into all that…” he pressed our foreheads together and squeezed out a tear drop. I matched his grip. There was a long silence.

He sniffed and stood up. I realized he had been lying full on top of me and I was naked under the sheet. He clapped and rubbed his hands together, “Why aren’t you up yet?” I got up and stepped to take a piss. I didn’t think twice about my nakedness. He stood fiddling with his phone, leaning against the door, one thumb hooked in his waist band. He flashed me his treasure trail and grinned. He was commando under his sweats and climbing shorts. I tugged my climbing shorts over my bubble butt and pulled on sweats too.

“Where are we going anyways?”

“Does it matter?”

“Nope. I guess not…” I had a rush of recklessness…

He shouldered my duffle and we piled into his SUV. He showed me his phone, a map was pulled up, south then east to the mountains!

On the drive we cleared the air, covering the break up. He admitted to wanting to spice things up with Amelia but had never told her that. The drunken night was just that: poor decisions and poor communication. It broke their relationship along existing fault lines. In the hour it took to cover that, we drove up and out of the valley. It began to warm and then boom! Sunshine!

“Take the wheel!” he said smiling. I grabbed it and steered. The road was arrow straight. He lifted his sweat shirt off and peeled down his sweat pants. The sun was angled to hit us directly on the torso. It brought me alive. Naked to the waist he leaned in to the back seat grabbing for his bag. He couldn’t get it so he leaned further between the seats putting his arm across my chest to hold the ‘jesus handle’ on my side. His chest was pressed almost flush with mine. I managed to keep steering, laughing at his goofiness. “All that for a water bottle?” I asked as he took the wheel back.

The sun was warm. I could see Clark out of the corner of my eye rub his belly and pube as he fastened his seat belt. That recklessness welled up again. I stripped down to my thin shorts too. I stretched hard in my seat, Clark slapped my abs.

“You know what I don’t regret about that night?” He was very quiet when he asked.

“No what?”

He looked me straight in the face, “seeing you fuck. I don’t regret that!” The last bit of tension snapped inside of me then. I had fought off thinking about that night.

“I know, right? Gawd you’re a stud…I kept myself from thinking about it, from thinking about how much I fucking loved fucking next to you…” the guilt and sexiness combined again.

“Fuck guilt! The price has been paid…” He saw the look on my face.

He drove for a minute as we struggled with the complexities. The SUV came up over a ridge and tremendous view spread before us. We grinned at the mountains and then at each other…

“Yeah. Fuck guilt!”

“So, Nino, we agree? It was hot to see each other fuck?”

“Dude…I wish it hadn’t been so dark…”

“Aw man, I know…” There was a silent moment, and then slyly he said, “You’re hung like a fucking horse!”

I busted laughing. He shocked me by copping a quick feel. But it was cool, it kinda fit the moment.

“Nino?” As we quieted…


“You wanna ask me what the best part was?”

“Sure, Clark…what was the best part?”

“The antalya rus escort best part? Sliding into your load in her pussy…gawddam mothering fucking sweet feeling!” He blushed a bit.

In a flash I remembered for the first time that I had too fucked his load out of her…My second load was dumped on top of his first…which had been pumped into my first…and then his second was into my second…I got hot just thinking about it…

“Damn.” I blew out a sigh, “I didn’t think about it until now…it’s getting me just remembering…”

He grinned and had a far away look…”I’d do that anytime we ever could…”

“Oh hell yeah…”

“Promise? If we can, we will?”

“Easiest promise ever…” I laughed. “Pinking swear!” I held up my little finger.

He gripped our pinkies together, “that’s for kids…” with that devil look in his eye he took my hand and held it hovering just over his cock and balls. He hovered his hand over my package too. “I swear on our cocks that if we ever can, we will…”

I repeated his promise and he cupped my cock. I cupped his. I started to pull my hand back but he kept his on my shaft…it was tingling…I dropped my hand back on to his. He laughed and with a perfect tug let go. I still had his dick in my palm. I gripped it and gave it a shake. My mouth went dry. My water bottle was in the back seat. I unbuckled, turned to kneel on the seat and reached for it that put my waist almost on his shoulder.

Clark leaned quick and nipped my ass. I yelped and almost jumped into the back seat. I looked at him…he looked at me and we shared a smile. I broke the glance to take a drink. He went back to drinking in the view. When I settled back into the seatbelt I started to recall that night. I let the movie of it replay, really for the first time. I intuitively knew he was too. We were quiet. I had to admit that I had spent a lot of time watching him, his body, and his movements that night. Amelia was pressed down into the soft mattress. I felt her under me, around my cock felt her coming twice, I saw him in my memory more that I saw her…

We both sighed. I guess reliving the memory took the same amount of time.

“Man I gotta piss!” Clark broke the comfortable quiet. I glanced at the roadside; there was nothing in sight, nothing but the unmoving mountains. “Take the wheel again, will ya, stud?”

I gripped the wheel. Clark reached under his seat and pulled out a johnny bottle. He lifted his hips and fully exposed his cock and balls. Grinning sideways at me he pissed into the bottle, giving an exaggerated sigh and shiver when he was done. Recapping the johnny, he set it on the floor pressed against the door. He slowly pulled up his shorts, making a show of it. His thigh brushed my wrist. He took the wheel back from me. There was no one on the road; we hadn’t seen anyone in miles. I felt a stab of jealousy that he got to be naked, that was a weird thought. I gulped water. We chatted about finals, about the upcoming week. After about a half an hour…i had to piss too. I held it in for a long while…because I’ve always liked the feeling of a semi-hard cock piss…I smirked, thinking if anyone would understand that it was Clark…

I was starting to get hard from holding in the piss. I reached thru his arms and retrieved the johnny bottle. Holding it between my feet I pushed my shorts all the way past my knees. My half hard cock stood up slightly from the seat. I uncapped the johnny and fit my cock head into the hole. I grunted and the full stream hit the neck of the bottle. Clark was not even pretending to not watch me. He looked right at my swelling dick the whole awesome piss. I pulled my cock a few times more than necessary too.

I recapped the bottle and leaning over him again replaced next to the door. I stretched my arms overhead and slowly pulled my shorts up. I sighed, “Damn that sun feels great! It’s really warming up…” That reckless urge hit me…I squashed it…I had almost suggested we got naked together…

Clark lifted his water bottle, “Here’s to the second hole we’ve filled!!”

We clinked water bottles. We chatted about other women we were hot for, women we’d do together. Coming down from a rise a small country town popped up, “Do we stop here for bad diner food or head on another 45 minutes for better food and coffee in the foothills?” Clark asked.

“I say we head on, I’m not starving yet…” easy conversation whiled away the miles. The resort town in the foothills seemed deserted, but it was only 9:15 on a Thursday. I struggled into my sweats; for some reason I didn’t want to be around people. The breakfast spot had some locals, some obvious tourists and us. We ate in quiet chat mode. Whenever the old woman waitress politely came over, I got the sense both Clark and I resented her intrusion. We got a thermos full of the great coffee and some stacked sandwiches to go and were back in the SUV in less than a half an hour. antalya ucuz escort

Without a word once on the secondary road we pulled off our sweats. The climb was only 15 minutes from the town. No one was in the parking lot. I was stunned looking up: I’ve never climbed that much. This was the first long technical climb in my life. Clark is really experienced; he told me he’d done this climb a dozen times. I’d done lots of technical climbs in the rock gym and done a certification trip to a small cliff near campus. Scared but confident Clark would guide me thru we geared up. It was a little nippy in the staging area as it was all shaded. We had on only shoes, gloves and thin shorts. 10 minutes into the climb we hit the sun level and it was deliciously warm. We climbed. I was soon glowing, sweaty with the effort. My face hurt from the huge grin. Forty-five minutes up and over onto the butte top.

I ‘whooped’ and the echo was happy too. Clark grabbed me in a bear hug. We sat and had coffee; Clark had a chocolate bar stashed in his small pack. Silence fell. The sun continued to warm up the still air. I walked to the edge and looked down. The rush brought me onto my toes and I raised my arms in victory.

“Makes ya wanna come doesn’t it? Clark’s quiet voice carried to me.

I turned my head to look at him…he had his fingers inside the waist of his shorts. I nodded; the horny urge to jack off was thrumming thru my arms and thighs. My hands twitched.

“I dare ya…” I kept looking at him as he continued his voice deep, “I dare ya, Nino to drop your shorts jack off right there and shoot that monster load off the cliff…I dare ya.”

That recklessness won. I inched my waistband under my balls, my back to Clark the open space in front of me. My cock flopped and throbbed to life. I was into the rhythm quick. I heard Clark moan, I looked over my shoulder. He was sitting on a rock, shorts off; legs spread both hands held still as he fucked his grip. He was off to the side, so he had only to turn his head to see me. I still had my back to him. I dropped my shorts off completely. My ball hairs tickled in the wind as I stood near the edge, cock in one hand, the other on my hip. I was on fire. I stroked and teased myself. I heard Clark moan again and the slick sound of his hand. I looked. He met my gaze eye-to-eye, and then licking his lips, looked down at his oozing dick. My mouth went dry again…I kept the teasing stroke going. Clark was now staring at me…at my back…at my ass. On its own my left hand slid around the angle of my hip to cup my butt cheek. Damn this was hot! I moaned.

I got faster and harder on my cock. Clark was thumping his pube now on the down stroke. He said, “Fuck yeah!” loud enough to echo a bit.

“Jack it buddy!” I yelled back at him. The first pump of pre-cum lubed my fist.

Clark jumped up and in three paces was standing next to me. Our fists matched pace. We fucked the view in front of us, down to the base of the cliff. I wanted to shoot with him at the same time, “Come with me, come with me this time…”

“Fffuuuuckk…” He rose up on to his toes and in a sudden thrust shot off into space, a white string against the dark green tree tops below.

That set me off. My first shot was right after his. His second followed, we alternated. I was shaking and yelling, “Damn! Gawddam!” I couldn’t take it anymore and froze. My cock pulsed a few more drops out and I was sweaty and heaving. Clark yelled a loud, “Can I get a hell yeah?!”

“HELL YEAH!” we chanted back at the echo.

Clark draped his arm over my neck and squeezed my shoulder. He pointed to the canyon we’d parked in at the base of the cliff, “The third hole we’ve fucked!” He trailed his hand down my shoulder blades to the small of my back. I shivered…at his touch if I was honest. I shifted my weight from spread legged; his hand cupped my butt and stayed there. I threw my arm up over his neck and on instinct alone, rushed into a full body hug, cocks bumping. He held on to me. I had to piss. He was almost soft against my belly; my cock stays hard for a long time. I broke the hug and bowlegged walked over to a shrub and pissed thru my half hard. Clark readied the gear for our rappel down.

He went over reminders for the descent. It was a damn rush and was over way too fast. As we stowed the gear, two vans pulled up filled with what looked like high-school kids. Immediate chaos and noise erupted, birds actually left the trees. The guide and chaperone yelled for quiet. He waved over to us as we packed up. The kids circled around in a pack and followed the guide towards us. I was acutely aware of being nearly naked. It was a pleasant rush.

The guide and Clark chatted about the climbs nearby, the technical one we’d just done was beyond these kids just yet. The guide shook our hands. As we got in the truck Clark mumbled, “He was checking us out…wishing he were free-balling too…”

“Yeah, I caught that…he could climb with us…” I blushed when I heard myself…I knew what I meant…he was a good looking, fit guy too…I’d’ve jacked with him…

Clark jumped out of the truck and whistled loud. He got a business card from the guide, Greg. Clark said as we got in, “we’ve got all week and he knows the area…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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