My Bitch Sister Ch. 02

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Group Sex

I woke up the next day almost forgetting what I had just done. Judging by my raging erection and carnal dreams, you’d think I hadn’t gotten off in weeks. Still, my mind immediately jumped back to the night before and taking advantage of my blacked out sister.

I bounded down the staircase for breakfast, to find my parents sitting quietly. My Dad was reading the newspaper like he always did, but there was a palpable tension surrounding the table. “Oh God,” I felt a flash of panic, “what if they know?!”

“Could you pass the milk, dear?” My mother got no response from my father, and was forced to awkwardly lean across the table to grab it herself. Without a word, Dad folded up his newspaper and pushed himself away from the table. The silverware clattered as he stomped out of the kitchen. “If you’re not going to eat with us, will you at least wake up Becca?”

Becca. I realized she was probably still lying naked, covered in a pool of cum. My cum. Since the slut couldn’t keep her clothes on, I’m sure Dad had woken her up in the buff before…but this could end up blowing up bigger than I intended. “Is everything alright?” Mom looked genuinely hurt, and I wasn’t used to seeing them fight.

“It’s fine honey,” she smiled at the gesture. She had kind eyes and I saw more of her in me every day. Becca and my Dad had the temper and the muscles, but Mom and I had the brains and the heart. “Last night was…not as relaxing as we’d hoped.”

“Ew,” I blurted as I realized that Mom was talking about anniversary sex. I tried to block out thoughts of them humping, although my curiosity got the better of me. Could Dad not get it up? Maybe he finished early. Maybe he wanted Mom to do something she wouldn’t. I tried to think about anything else when Dad came down without Becca.

“She’s in the shower,” he commented. I wasn’t sure if I was relieved or upset that someone didn’t catch her with a face full of cum. Mom shrugged and they went back to their awkward breakfast, which I was determined not to be a part of. I made an excuse about wanting to read in bed and left them alone, figuring they should hash out whatever happened or didn’t happen last night.

I ate and read and even tried to sneak a peek at Becca in the shower, but couldn’t get a good enough view. My room was a bit of a mess so I began to gather up plates and cups when I heard a car outside. I was bringing some laundry into the hallway when I heard familiar voices downstairs at the front door.

“Hi Mrs. Vinnet,” Laura greeted warmly. She was a bitch, and knew just how to talk to parents so that they thought she was an angel.

“Well hello, Laura,” Mom answered politely. “How’s work going?”

“Great! I have off today so we’re going to a museum. And Steph is back from school so she’s coming too!” Stephanie was Laura’s older sister, who I’d only met a couple times. She seemed nice enough — way nicer than Becca and Laura — but she never seemed to notice me.

“Becca’s upstairs if you’d like.”

The girls came up the stairs as Becca was leaving her room. She was wearing a tiny pair of bright red shorts and a mechanic’s shirt that was half unbuttoned. It had the name “Rob” embroidered on it, but I’m sure nobody’s eyes paid attention to the name so much as the tight wifebeater underneath that was stretching to cover her tits. “Why would she have some dude’s name on her shirt,” I wondered. It could be from some dude she blew, or maybe it was a fashion way, either way it was something I didn’t fully understand.

Becca was putting on her earrings and didn’t see me as she softly asked the girls, “Do I look good enough for a sex club?” Laura and Steph had eyes as big as saucers when they saw me behind Becca in the hallway, and Becca turned white as a ghost when she pivoted to find me standing there.

I backed up without even realizing it, Becca’s imposing form bearing down on me with her two intimidating friends flanking her. “You didn’t fucking hear that, ok?” I was more afraid than I’d like to admit…Becca’s a girl and while I may be outright stronger than her, she was definitely bigger and meaner than me. And her cruelty probably reached depths that I couldn’t even fathom.

“O…ok.” I managed to eek out.

“If you tell anyone what I said, I’ll tell them all about how I walked in on you playing with that little dick of yours.” My face flushed red as I saw Laura burst out laughing. Steph tried to politely stifle a giggle, but bringing her hand to cover her face was proof enough. I was so mad, I wanted to defend myself and say that I wasn’t playing with myself, or that it wasn’t small. I wasn’t really sure if both of those were lies, but it wouldn’t help anyway.

“Oh my god, seriously?” Laura was almost snorting with derision. “Ugh it’s so gross, I never even thought about it. I forget that little pissants like Dave have dicks.”

“If you could even call it that!” Becca and Laura burst out laughing, and I saw Stephanie frown. The two were clearly enjoying this, but Stephanie was uncomfortable. Not uncomfortable enough to actually say anything, kağıthane escort but it was some sort of solace in this personal hell of mine.

“Don’t you guys have a museum to get to?”

Becca smiled and rolled her eyes. “Yes, little brother. Don’t worry, we’ll leave you so you can fuck your sock girlfriend or whatever.”

I was beyond pissed. It was one thing to joke with Laura, who I’d dealt with since I was little. She’d blossomed early into a young woman, with small shapely breasts and short blonde hair that came down to her neck. I’d come to terms with having a second Becca looking down on me.

But Stephanie was different. She was basically a stranger, but she represented everything that Laura wasn’t. Laura spent most of high school with boys, whereas Stephanie went to college. Laura had an edgy, hip haircut but Steph kept her brown hair in layers down below her shoulders. Still, Stephanie couldn’t have been that different if they were going to a sex club.

I wasn’t even sure what that was, but I was going to find out. The thought didn’t occur to me until a little after they’d left, so I had no hope of following them. Instead I looked around on the internet for a bit. There’s no sex club search feature, because they have to be more covert or something, but there were adult video stores and toy stores that advertised booths and stuff. I figured I’d drive around until I found Laura’s bright yellow Volkswagen Beetle in a parking lot.

The first few shops were disappointing. It turns out that “booths” are exactly that — a booth that you rent to watch a movie or jack off in. One of the stores actually had windows in their booths so you could jerk off watching someone else, but that wasn’t any help. There was a woman working at the third store I checked who seemed fascinated with my presence in her store.

“What uh…brings you here?” When I realized that I was the only scrawny nerd kid among a group of big, bearded truckers I figured I might be out of place.

“I’m looking for a group of friends…they said they were going to a sex club but I don’t really know which one.”

“Oh honey,” she leaned over the counter to give me an eyeful of her cleavage. She was pretty, but her jet black hair and lipstick didn’t do her much good. Plus she had all sorts of piercings in her nose and lips. Still, she seemed sweet and certainly less scary than Becca. “They probably meant like, one that meets in someone’s houses. Like a private thing.”

I felt like an idiot. A sex club, like a book club. “Well shit. I was hoping there was like…some huge sex party in a warehouse or something.”

The woman laughed and leaned back. “You’re cute. There’s not too many of those places, and they’re pretty gross. I mean, I run a jerkoff hub here and even that’s kind of on the line for me. No offense, but you don’t strike me as being trashy enough to go to a Mike’s or Rebels.”


“Yeah, it’s a sort of sex club I guess. I mean, it’s a bar and club, but at nights the bathroom scene is great. It’s a Sunday morning though, there’s no way they went to Mike’s.”

“And what about the other one?”

“They may have gone to Rebels, if they’re really big whores.” She laughed in a really charming way, and I felt myself smitten with how polite and welcoming this girl was. “Rebels is the bar at the country club. There’s a lot of rich golfers there, and they pay beaucoup bucks to fuck young whores. I’ve never been, but it’s sort of legendary.”

“Thanks! I didn’t catch your name by the way.”

“It’s Barley.” I cocked my head, confused. “It’s my version of a stripper name.”

Barley’s tip was right on the money. I went to the country club, but I was only able to get in because my friend Harold was a caddy on the golf course. He agreed to let me in, but only if I didn’t start any trouble. As far as he was concerned, I was there to find Becca and give her house keys.

I’d dropped Harold off and picked him up a few times, and was fairly familiar with the grounds. Once he left, I immediately headed towards the servants’ stations and found a busboy apron.

Before I knew it, I was in the Rebels’ Lodge, a magnificent bar that sat at the top of the pro shop, overlooking the greens. It was actually really impressive, and I paused to look out the window when someone yelled at me to bus a table. I didn’t actually expect to need to use the disguise, or for it to work, but before I knew it I had a bus tray full of martini glasses.

I was wandering around the bar when I noticed that there were no girls whatsoever. Was I in the right bar? Or was Barley just fucking with me? I trudged into the kitchen, the gross smell of restaurant hitting me in the face as soon as I swung open the double doors. I heard giggling and saw some trampy girl leading a guy that had to be Dad’s age into a hallway at the end of the kitchen. “I promise,” she pretended to be serious as she led him by the hand, “I’ll be worth every penny you paid Mal.”

Looking around to make sure nobody kartal escort was watching, I tip-toed towards the hallway and poked my head around the corner. There was another double door, and nobody seemed to be around. I approached it and tipped it open an inch, only to find a short, dark hallway with a bunch more doors. I lost the apron and took a deep breath, figuring this was my shot.

I thought the hallway wasn’t as empty as I thought — there was a man standing next to the double doors waiting, and he grabbed me as soon as I walked in. He was big and black, and had a douchey goatee that matched his tight-fitting muscle shirt. I was definitely in the right place, for better or for worse. “Where’s your date?”

“Mal uh…told me to join in.” I wasn’t sure if that was an incredulous lie, or maybe it was how out of place I was, but the bouncer eyed me up and down and then nodded.

“Who you joining?”

“I asked him to surprise me,” I felt like I was really pushing my luck. “Any suggestions?”

“There’s one cougar who’s been working a few guys in Six. There’s a fine trio of ladies that came in an hour ago, but you’ll have to get in line I bet.”

“Where are they?”

“They’re in Eight.” He pointed towards the door at the end of the hallway, with a number eight embossed on it. For a sex club, this sure was classy. I wasn’t sure how it worked though…I wanted to get proof of the girls at this club, and lord it over Becca the way she did over me. But I couldn’t just walk up to them and snap a photo with my phone; this guy surely wouldn’t let me run out the door. I had to find some way to sneak up on them.

Figuring I was already in his good graces, I pushed the envelope even further. “I’m sorry if this is a dumb question, but…how does this actually work?”

“First timer, huh? What’d, your daddy buy you a birthday present?” I nodded, and lied that it was more of a graduation present. “No worries little man. You just pick a room and stick your dick in a hole. Ain’t nothing to it; you can watch them through the windows but it’s a two-way mirror. They can’t see shit but dicks and more dicks.”

With a grin, I thanked him and strolled straight to Number Eight. I opened the door and was surprised at how dark the room was. It was big and dark, with dividers separating the holes from one another. I was grateful for a little privacy, but the room seemed pretty crowded, with plenty of guys that had their dicks out and were playing with them while they waited their turn.

I walked around the room, realizing that the girl were inside of a second room that was contained within the larger one. It was a simple box of drywall that had holes cut and two-way mirrors all along all four sides of it. On the side opposite the entry to Room Number Eight, was a door for them to get in and out of “The Cumbox,” as a hand-painted sign indicated. Maybe it was because this was furthest from the entry, but the side by their entrance was less full. I found one hole that had no line behind the current customer and waited, unable to see inside.

This was exciting — I was about to see my sister and her bitchy friends servicing what appeared to be a dozen dicks. I was turned on by the idea of it, but I was mostly here to try and covertly snap a photo or a video. The two-way glass would be too obvious to the other patrons, but I figured I could hover my phone over the gloryhole for a little bit and get some evidence. The guy in front of me began to moan and finish, and then he tucked his dick away and gave me a polite nod before leaving.

I stepped forward and readied my phone. This was it, this was the moment. I was going to get indisputable proof of Becca’s whoring, and I could do whatever I wanted with it. I could make her drive me around. I could make her give me money. I could make her be nice to me, even. After about ten seconds of recording video, I heard a gap in the slurping. “Hey, are we not popular anymore?” I’d been so preoccupied with recording my evidence and getting my vengeance, I’d forgotten I was in the middle of a sex club!

I looked through the mirror and for the first time realized what was actually happening. Becca had her little red shorts around one ankle, and was backed against a corner of the Cumbox. She was bouncing her ass up and down against one of the dicks coming out of the wall, using her hands to jerk off the two dicks on either side of her. Laura was on her knees in another corner, taking turns slurping at two huge black cocks that looked more like forearms than penises. Steph was the one who was beckoning towards the empty hole in the wall, my hole.

I felt a familiar straining in my pants as her heavy tits swayed. She was walking over, and I was right and truly fucked. I quickly picked my phone away and heard her beg, “come on, don’t tell me our fun’s over! It’s only been a couple of hours!” Her hand began to reach through the glory hole, swiping at thin air as I backed away.

I could see the top of her head through the glass. She was calling to Becca and Laura, küçükçekmece escort but Laura was too busy slapping herself in the face with those two black firehoses, and Becca was in heaven as she continued to work those three cocks like she was skiing. I found myself incredibly aroused, as this was the only time I’d really seen Becca having sex.

I’d heard it, a lot. She was clearly practiced at it, with refined technique that seemed to master both the rhythm and the angle of all three cocks she was working. Even though my sister was getting pounded by strangers in a sex club, she looked…radiant. This was her element, and it was clear that nobody did it better than her. For an instant, I felt the strangest sense of pride.

I must have leaned in too closely, because I felt Steph grab onto my jeans. “Got him!” I began to try and wriggle away, until she found my hard dick in my pants and started rubbing it. It felt wonderful, the way she worked her hand delicately over my cock. She seemed to enjoy rolling it under her palm, and then working her hand up and down every inch slowly. “Aw, see he was just a little shy.” I was nearly about to cum in my pants when I realized she was pulling me closer to the hole. “Come on, pull it out!”

I was uncomfortable with the idea of having my dick out, among these other guys, in a sex club. Part of it was feeling insecure, and part of it was the absurdity of the whole situation. Deep down, I wanted to just run away from the club and go home and masturbate until my hands fell off. This was not the kind of scene I felt comfortable in.

All of those worries melted away though as Steph continued to rub my cock, which was now pressing against the gloryhole through my jeans. I looked down in the glass to see her looking up at me, oblivious to the notion that it was me on the other side. Her eyes were sweet, they seemed to tell me it was okay. If it had been Becca or Laura, they wouldn’t even have given me a second thought. But here was Steph, coaxing a stranger who was too shy to put his cock in a gloryhole at a sex club. Those big brown eyes stared up at me and I threw all caution to the wind, unzipping my fly and flopping my cock through the hole.

Cheers came from some of the guys as I thrust my modest member forward into the Cumbox. Steph clapped and smiled as she greeted my dick with a kiss. “Girls, what have we here?” Laura turned her head, and it was clear that one of the cocks she was blowing had erupted. Cum was spilling from her mouth like icing on a cinnamon bun, and when she tried to talk the sticky fluid was like gum in her mouth. She choked out an “Oooh” before returning to the second gentleman.

Becca immediately stood from her throne, leaving a bright red dick sticking out like a lever on the wall. She came over and knelt next to Steph, wrapping one hand around my cock. I almost blew my load there and then, having her hand and Steph’s lips around my dick. “It’s a really nice dick,” she commented. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Becca was being nice to someone too? More importantly, I had a nice dick!

“Mhmmm,” Steph mumbled into my cock. “He was shy at first, but I’m glad he came out to play!”

“Me too,” Becca stood and pushed Steph out of the way a little rudely. She was still grabbing my cock, a bit roughly, the way you’d grab a dog by the collar. She turned around and put her ass up against the glass, lowering her cunt towards the tip of my cock. It took every ounce of my willpower not to cum there and then, feeling the hot steam from my sister’s cunt against the tip of my cock. This was not the afternoon I had envisioned.

I was here to get her in trouble, and to get video so that she’d never bully me again. And here, I could see every inch of her ass pushed up against the glass right in front of my face. I could feel the hairs of her cunt tickling my cock as she teased the tip with her labia. Regardless of what I did with that video, I had surely won.

Becca suddenly slammed back against my cock, gripping it with a cunt that felt as strong and toned as the rest of her. It felt like someone had stuck my whole cock into a garden hose, as though it was so tight I was about to rip it in half. Becca didn’t seem to have any problems though, sliding her cunt up and down on my dick. She paused for a second when I moaned, and I instantly covered my mouth. “Oh god, did she hear me?” My heart froze as I waited for her to resume, and I almost let out another audible sigh once she did.

I looked through the glass and pictured what it would be like if there was no glass here. I could see her tits in the reflection on the other side of the Cumbox, heavy and voluptuous. I imagined myself wrapping my hands around them, the way I did last night when Becca was passed out. Her hot cunt expertly tracked every inch of my cock, her hips adjusting to the natural curve with every stroke. I didn’t even need to thrust myself, she was doing all the work.

I took a moment to look around the Cumbox and saw Steph had moved to the corner Becca vacated. She was eagerly slurping away at the cock that Steph dismounted from. She was such a pretty girl…if I didn’t know this was how she spent her weekends, I might have had the courage to ask her out after this. Even the way she sucked dick seemed sweet, as she delicately made a ring with her thumb and forefinger and curled her wrist.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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