My College Visit

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I was travelling to the town where my niece was attending university. My sister asked me if I would drop in on my niece Martha and give her a few dollars until my sister could send her money. It would save my sister the trouble of making the trip herself. I hadn’t seen my niece in well over a year. What with me on the road all the time and her at school, we just hadn’t connected much.

I pulled into the parking lot of the apartment complex and went to the main door. I was rung in and so I walked the steps to her door. When Martha opened the door, I got a bit of a shock. My nineteen year old niece had grown quite a bit. I had to refrain from looking too closely. Martha had long brown hair down to the middle of her back. She also had some pretty big tits, from the looks of things.

I was welcomed inside and Martha gave me a big hug. We sat down briefly and talked. It was decided I would take her out to a decent restaurant that evening. Once we got there, we ate and chatted and shared a bottle of wine between us. By the time we got back to her apartment, I think both of us were a bit tipsy. Martha got changed into her bathrobe and we sat down on the couch to watch some TV.

As we sat there, Martha was leaning against me. It almost felt like she was rubbing me. I could feel my cock rising in my pants. That was embarrassing, so I excused myself and went to the bathroom. Once there, I dropped my pants and underwear, hoping my erection would lessen. I then heard the door opening. There was Martha, without her robe and looking directly at my crotch.

I guess my mouth dropped open, but I didn’t know what to say. Martha walked over to me and dropped to her knees. She took my shaft in her hand and brought it to her lips. With one motion, şirinevler türbanlı escort she inhaled my cock. I was so stunned I didn’t know what to do or say. I did know it felt so good.

Martha didn’t waste a second, she began working her lips all around my stiff member. She worked all the way down to the root. She also was squeezing my sacs with every stroke down my thick pole. I guess I must have been so horny or I hadn’t had it in such a long time. I started blowing my hot liquid down her throat. I was thrusting into her mouth by now. Martha didn’t miss a beat nor did she miss a drop of my seed. She gobbled it all down.

I couldn’t tell you how long she was tonguing my dick. In reality, it was probably just minutes, but it seemed she sucked me for hours. When I was finally empty, she withdrew her mouth from me.

“That was so tasty, Uncle Ken,” Martha smiled at me.

She rose to her feet and then led me to her bed, Once there, she pulled me down on top of her. From there, it all got hazy to me. I was sucking and biting on her tits. Her nipples were so hard and big as silver dollars. Martha was whimpering and moaning now. She begged me to work on her boobs, and I obliged her.

As I was on top of her, my cock was rubbing against her belly. It didn’t take much to get hard again. Martha had spread her thighs to give me plenty of room. My cock slowly slipped down to her pussy hole. I basically lost my self control by now. I wasn’t wearing protection and I didn’t know if Martha was on the pill or not.

Nothing mattered at that moment. I wanted her and she was now begging me to stick my cock in her. My cockhead found the opening and I pushed. Actually I slid right in, şirinevler ucuz escort Martha’s pussy was so hot and slick by now. We went right to it. I gave it to her as hard as I could muster. Martha brought her legs up and I pummeled her pussy. My sacs bounced off her ass as I was nearly pulling all the way out, then driving into her up to the hilt.

By now our bodies were coated with sweat. I knew I had lost my mind. Here I was fucking my niece and not using a rubber. I knew it was madness but I couldn’t bring myself to stop and pull out. All I knew was I wanted Martha and was going to give her all my love seed.

We must have fucked like that for nearly a half hour. I normally can’t cum in rapid succession. This time everything was different. Martha was underneath me, pushing her big tits into my chest.

“Do you want me to cum in you Martha?” I was asking.

“Please Ken, give all of your hot cum.” Martha was pleading with me.

“Don’t make me beg for it!” Martha wanted it there and now.

It only took a few more strokes until I was squirting my baby seed into Martha’s belly. She let out a yell and then came herself. Martha’s pussy now had me in a death grip. She was milking my python for every drop she could get from me. I kept up my pumping and filled Martha up until her pussy was leaking our love juices.

We kept fucking until I could feel my cock starting to get soft. Eventually I slipped out of my niece’s red hot pussy. We then laid there, kissing and touching each other. I knew Martha could have gone on longer but I was spent. I certainly wasn’t used to fucking a younger woman who could go on for hours.

After we finished we talked for a long while. Martha said şişli escort that was the most intense lovemaking she had ever experienced. I had to admit I had never done anything like that before in my life.

The next thing I knew it was morning. We must have fell asleep after our intense fuck session. We then resumed right where we left off. Martha made me hard again with her mouth. This time she didn’t want to waste my cum. She got on top of me and mounted my pole. I brought my ass up from the bed and started to feed her my erect prick. This time around I was able to massage her big titties. I had them cupped in both hands as she rode up and down on my pole.

I then removed my hands from her tits and then grabbed her asscheeks. I pulled them apart and kept slamming my meat into her sopping wet passage. Martha was very vocal in bed. She told me everything she wanted me to do to her. The one thing that she said was what I feared. She told me to seed her. She wanted to have me make her pregnant.

I should have pulled out then, but it was too late. She had already one load of my cum in her. I couldn’t bring myself to stop. I drove my cock in to the hilt each time I filled her. We fucked for well over an hour that morning when Martha screamed out she was cumming. I had pushed her to the edge and I was soon following her.

I began blasting her tunnel with my milky cum. Over and over I shot hot ropes of love seed into my niece’s pussy. She eventually collapsed onto my chest. After that morning session I had to get ready to leave. I knew Martha was upset I was leaving but we exchanged cellphone numbers and I headed down the road.

Here it is almost three weeks later and I have put off calling my niece. Maybe I got a little bit of sanity back, but I doubt it. I guess I am afraid if we get together again I won’t be able to stop myself. I know things are complicated enough, but if we hook up again I won’t be able to give her up.

I lie in bed and my cock gets hard just thinking about what happened that weekend. What would you do? Should I make the call?

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