My First Dirty Old Man Ch. 02

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I’d like to take a minute to thank you for the wonderful feedback that I’ve received from the first chapter of my story. I know it’s been quite some time, and I did have intention of writing chapter two sooner, life gets in the way of all good intent. I hope you enjoy this as I much as I have loved going back in time to recall my experience with the man who changed my life.

At the outset, I was anxious and very innocent in the understanding of just what constitutes a sexual relationship between a man and a woman. My thoughts were dramatically altered when my old man and I spent the initial afternoon in the park. The next day, all my thoughts were solely about my new acquaintance. On the walk back to my home, with this old man at my side, my mind so confused and excited, one thought was evident, I wasn’t quite sure what to do about Sam. I decided to put him in my parents’ house, and I gave him a big bowl of water and filled his food bowl. We often left him alone for a few days as he had a doggie door that let him go in and out feely, with music playing to keep him company, his favorite toys surrounding him and a few extra treats I turned to go. As I was leaving I looked at him and thought, “The next time I see you I will be a different person, I wonder if you’ll know?”

You already know how we met, my dirty old man and I, looking back I can smile in recalling just how gentle he was. The walk back to my home was both thrilling and frightening. Feeling a man touch me where I had only touched myself, allowing myself to be seen naked, learning the many ways one can receive pleasure were exhilarating and we had only just begun.

Waking up, feeling him next to me, touching me, hearing him whispering in my ear seemed as though I was part of a dream. “You have made this old man very happy, you like the way I touch you, you like very much my tongue, I know that’s true because your sweet pussy got so wet for me. See, your tits are like a woman now, big nipples, you like Tony sucking on them, you like it very hard, good I like it hard too.”

It wasn’t a dream after all. “There’s something else I know, no man has been inside you, and you’re a fresh girl, not broken.”

I wasn’t sure what he was talking about; should I ask him what he meant.

“I’m not sure what you’re talking about, what do mean not broken?”

“You’re an innocent girl, no man has ever had you, made love to you, put his manhood inside your pussy.”

Did he mean that I haven’t had sexual intercourse yet?

“No, I’ve never let a boy touch me; no one has ever touched me like you did. I’ve never even let a boy kiss me the way you do. You are the only person who has ever felt between my legs, touched my breasts, and looked at me naked or anything else.”

This was a very uncomfortable conversation. “Yes, I know you are telling Tony the truth. Do you know what the “Bride’s Veil” is?”

I was completely confused; nothing he was saying was making any sense to me.

“Inside the girl is a secret, only the mother tells the daughter about it, the night of the wedding. When the girl is alone with the husband and he takes her for the first time he breaks the Bride’s Veil and he knows she is fresh and no man has ever had her before him. The young girl saves this secret for the man she loves and gives it only to him. This secret lets the man know he has a good girl, a pure girl. Many men want this secret and they take from the girl and leave her spoiled.”

It was now completely clear, yes, I was a virgin. I have never had sex before, I was a good girl. How could I be a good girl and be laying here uncovered, next to an old man I met on a park bench, the same old man who saw me naked and did things to me I never knew a man could do to a woman. I wasn’t totally naïve I knew the basics of sex and I grew up just like any other girl being told that I shouldn’t let boys touch my breasts, and definitely nothing under my panties. I was never told how good it feels to have a man feel you, kiss you, feel your nipples, suck them and put his fingers between your legs. No one told me how good it feels to have a tongue licking your pussy and sucking on your clitoris until you cum. “I knew you were special the first time I saw you in the park. When you talked with me on the bench, and I touched you, it made you afraid, but you liked it and that was good for me. Now, you like how I do things to you and you want more. I want to be a good man with you, I don’t want to have you and give you away to another man, and I want you to stay with me. I am a lucky man I have everything that I need for a good life, but, I’m a lonely man, I have no one to love. The young man won’t treat you like a princess; he’ll take you and leave you spoiled.”

I wasn’t sure what he was talking about, I think he wanted me to be his girlfriend, was he crazy, I’m nineteen, he’s almost fifty years older than me, like my grandfather. What would I say to my parents; they would kill me, lock me up and throw away antalya escort the key. Why was I even listening to this old man, still, I like him, he makes me feel so good. Would he really make me a princess?

“Bella, that means beauty, you are my Bella, listen to me. You told me you are alone for the weekend, Papa and Mama is away. I’m going to call my driver, Pietro to come pick us up and I take you to my house. Bella, you don’t have to be troubled, I will do nothing to hurt you. I want you to know where my house is and show you how I live. If you want to call someone and tell them that you are going to visit then that’s good, I will write my phone and address, right now. I want you to be trustful to me; I want you to not be afraid. If you don’t like me then you can tell me “No Tony” I don’t want this and I go away.”

I wasn’t afraid, this man didn’t scare me, and I suddenly became fearful that he would go away and I would never see him again, I didn’t want that at all. The choice was mine and I had already decided.

This is so crazy, how can I go to your house, I don’t even know you. I wanted to know him, all about him. I liked the way he looked at me, talked to me and wanted to be with me. If I told anyone what I was thinking of doing they would think I was certifiable, and they would be right. I’m an intelligent girl, how could I even think of doing something so stupid. I was naked, in my bed, with a dirty old man I picked up and brought home. In less than twenty four hours he wanted to take me to his house and I think he wanted me to be his girlfriend.

“Tony, you don’t frighten me at all, I like the way you touch me, the things you did to me. My mother and father would never agree to me being with such an old man, they would forbid it and I would have to listen to them, so we can’t tell them, or anyone, not now. I think you want me to be like a girlfriend to you is that what you want?”

“I want you to come to my house, see how I would take care of you and then you decide.”

If I didn’t go with him he might not come back. No, I wanted to go. It was okay to feel afraid, should I let that stand in my way?

“Okay, I’ll go to your house if that’s what you want.”

Did I just agree to get in a car with a perfect stranger, a dirty old man and go to his house which was God knows where without telling anyone? Not only did I hear myself agree, I’m excited and can’t wait to get there. Yes, this is definitely the way an intelligent good girl thinks. I like him, he doesn’t scare me, my body has never felt like this before, looking at his eyes I wanted him to touch me now, again.

He was pleased, no he was ecstatically happy, he took me in his arms and kissed me, very softly, I wanted him to kiss me harder so I opened my mouth and searched for his tongue. It only took a moment for me to realize that when he touched me I was on fire.

“Oh, you want more I give you more.”

My lover, that sound so funny now, the mindset of a young girl, but at that moment he was my lover in every sense of the word. Tony laid me down on the bed and he began licking my lips, and I opened my mouth and sucked his tongue deep inside.

His hands were right where I wanted them, squeezing my breasts, pinching my nipples. He pulled his mouth away and licked and kissed my neck, this was driving me wild, when he bit into my flesh I moaned and heard myself tell him “again, do it again” and he did.

“Ohhh, suck my nipples, suck them like before, and make them hard.”

He did, and more, over and over, I moaned and squealed under him I loved his mouth, I loved feeling my nipples in his teeth, and I never wanted him to stop. When he began moving down the bed I knew where he was going, I couldn’t wait to feel his mouth there, I opened my legs as wide as I could.

“Oh, you know what you want, you like my tongue, and I’ll give it to you all you want.”

My pussy was aching, I wanted to feel him, listen to his mouth licking me, sucking me and he gave me what I wanted.

This time it was slower, the licking was soft and when he closed his lips around my young budding pleasure the tip of his tongue barely touched it going back and forth, over and over. He flattened his tongue and let it glide up and down my lips, tickling my tender bud ever so slightly, it was even better than before. When I felt him slip two fat fingers just inside me and pump them in and out I knew if he touched my swollen blossom I would have to make him do it faster until I got what I needed.

“You’re sweet pussy is ready isn’t it Bella, If Tony kisses this sweet cherry, your pussy will burst in my mouth. You ready my beautiful Bella Bella, now I give it to you.”

I took a deep breath, grabbed hold of the sheets and waited for the thrill, it washed over me like a rolling thunder storm on a late summer afternoon. The lips I wanted, the tongue I needed, all where they were supposed to be. His lips held my crimson flower seed from the lara escort bottom while his tongue lavished it from the top until I erupted into his mouth. This time I didn’t push him away, I held on to his head and thrust into his mouth over and over, every time feeling another wave until I had nothing left to hold on with.

I could barely breathe, my heart was pounding and the feeling between my legs was so strong I had to close them tight and rock back and forth to try and stop it. Tony was now next to me and he pulled me across his chest and rocked me like a baby.

“Ohhh, you love the fire and pleasure, you have many things to experience, feelings that are even stronger and deeper. There will come a time very soon when you will be a woman, not a little girl, and then you’ll take what you want. The voices of love and seduction will call to you many times, your body will give all your secrets away, I’ll look at you and I’ll know what you need, what you want, your eyes will tell me, and I’ll give it to you over and over.”

I was safe, here in his arms, happy and I didn’t want him to leave me, ever. Could I really be a princess, live happily ever after, like the fairytales promise us?

After a short time to rest, it was time to put my little girl thoughts away. Tony left me on the bed and went in to use the phone, he was speaking Italian so I really didn’t understand what he was saying, and I didn’t care. I was ready to go with him, I wanted to go.

“Alright little one, we must be ready to go in an hour, Pietro will pick us up at the entrance to the park, and I don’t like to be late so time to shower and dress, quickly Bella.”

If I told you that his taking charge excited me would you believe me, of course you would.

I moved as fast as I could, I started the shower and quickly washed, that’s not exactly true, I played with the shower head, than I washed and dried off. I had no intention of using the shower head, I couldn’t help myself, the water, rushing against me, cleaning me, gave me a tickle and I wanted more, my God, was I insatiable now?

In any case, I got ready to go as I was told and we would leave this house, I would leave my home with a man I knew nothing about and I couldn’t wait.

While Tony was dressing I called my parents and told them I was feeling much better and was going to a friend for the weekend. My Daddy never asked where or who so I didn’t have to tell a fib or evade his questioning concern. I have always been a very level headed, responsible person, I can say truthfully that I don’t lie, I don’t like it, you can remember the truth, and lies just bring about more lies. My parents taught me that love and respect is what’s truly important. I am an only child, my parents married later in life and I was shall we say quite an unexpected pleasure. Their happiness is whatever brings me happiness. There are those who might say I was spoiled, my parents prefer to say I am loved.

It wasn’t long before we were at the entrance to the park. I saw a car pull into the circle and stop. A younger man got out and spoke to Tony, in Italian, smiled, removed his hat, offered his hand and simply said, “It is a pleasure to meet you Miss.” Tony stepped to the side of the car door as the young man opened it, he motioned for me to get in and then he again spoke with the young man. The words, although I didn’t understand the language, were soft and happy, they were both smiling. The young man extended his hand to Tony, they shook hands and Tony tilted his head to look at me and smiled. When he entered the car he took my hand in his, as we waited for the driver to get in and start the engine I acknowledged that from this moment my life would never be the same.

“Bella, Pietro, ummm, Peter, has been with me for many years, he lives in a cottage on my property and he takes me where ever I have to go, he’ll do this for you also. You may not want to stay with me and although it would make me very sad, I won’t force myself on you. There will be no question that you will be free to leave and I will remember how much joy you gave me today. I didn’t tell you to take anything, umm, clothes and the things you need, and I didn’t want to frighten you because I don’t know if you will stay with me. If you like to stay, we will make sure you have everything you need. Now, we will be getting to my home in an hour, you must be tired so close your beautiful eyes and rest, I’ll take good care of you my Bella.” I never even thought about packing an overnight bag, my mind was so filled with all that was happening. I didn’t even have a toothbrush, clean panties, ummm, maybe I didn’t need panties. My God, is that all I could think about now. I knew we were traveling North, I had a good sense of direction, I recognized the roads and knowing that we would be there in an hour’s time told me we were going to the country. “Where is your house?”

“I make my home in Chesterfield do you know where this is?”

“Yes, side escort I’ve been there many times to the lake, mainly in the summer. Why were you in the park, it’s so far away from where you live?”

“I am free to go anywhere I like, I was visiting a friend in your town and we went for a walk in the park that was the first time I saw you. Now I scare you, I wasn’t following or how you say, ummm, spying on you, no I mean,”

I giggled, “You mean you weren’t stalking me.”

“Yes, that, I wasn’t doing that. “It doesn’t matter, you found me, I’m happy you found me.”

He smiled, relieved I think in knowing that I wasn’t afraid. Imagine someone seeing you in a park and spending the time and effort to meet you. Now, I’m sure someone might have pointed out that this old man was in fact acting as a predator, if you knew him; you would have changed your mind instantly and realized that it was never like that from the very beginning. It really didn’t matter, I was happy, excited, I felt like I was on an adventure.

“Layla that is a beautiful name that you’re Mama and Papa gave you.”

“My mother told me it means, “Dark beauty, born at night” I was born at night and had very dark hair and long dark lashes. My Daddy is a Professor of African Studies and it’s an African name. When you call me Bella I think of my mother telling me I am a “Dark Beauty”, Layla Bella.”

Tony smiled and squeezed my hand in his; as if he not only agreed with my parents but that there was a truth in the names.

I must have dozed off, I heard Tony whispering to me that we had arrived and it was time to wake up.

“Open your eyes Bella, we are here, time to wake up.”

I opened my eyes and we were in complete darkness. The car was still running, in almost an instant, lights came on and I saw a gate opening in front of the car. We drove through the gate and I heard it close behind us. In the distance I could see the rooftop of a very large house. Lights came on along the path leading to the door. The car stopped in the drive and I saw what I believed to be the front door. Peter opened the car door for us and Tony stepped out and took my hand as I followed behind him. They spoke a few words and Peter said goodnight and drove away.

“Be careful, you follow me.”

I stayed very close and in a matter of maybe a few steps Tony had the door open and we were walking in. The house was huge, it looked like a mansion. There were only a few lights on inside and Tony told me to wait until he turned on some more. As the lights illuminated the house it took my breath away. The entry, where I was standing was very big; it led to an open space that I thought could be the living room. The back of the living room was made of glass, as the lights came on I saw the water, he lived on the lake.

“I will be there for you in a minute.”

I heard him speaking but couldn’t see him. The voice came from my left I thought, and was far away from where I was standing. “Come Bella; let me bring you into my home.”

I took his hand and we walked forward into the living room, it was dark, and yet, inviting and comfortable. The glass was actually sliding glass doors that opened onto a patio which sat on the edge of the lake. I couldn’t see much of anything else, it was very dark outside, and it must have been close to nine thirty.

Then there were lights all over the patio, and they were shinning on the water, it looked like a mirror.

“This is Stone Hill Lake; I’ve lived here for many, many years. On the other side is where you came in the summer, that’s where the cottages are. Do you remember this place?”

“Yes, it’s where we came for vacation; the last time was many years ago, once I got older we traveled more. The beach is over there on the right, that’s where my Daddy taught me to swim.”

“Well, now you can swim anytime you like, there at the end of the garden is a path to the lake, there’s a small beach for swimming. Enough of this let me show you the rest.”

We walked through the house and I fell in love with it. Compared to my tiny apartment it was truly a mansion, not really, it was a warm home that told you to be happy within its walls. The kitchen was like an old fashioned kitchen, lots of cabinets, the floor was stone tile and the counters were made of granite, how did I know this, my parents had recently updated their kitchen and put granite in. Tony showed me the dining room, the den was off the kitchen with a fireplace and then there were three bedrooms, each had its own bathroom; I wondered which one was his.

“Now I show you the Master Bedroom, where my bed is, the bed I want to take you too.”

The bedroom was to the left of the living room, down a short hallway. When he put the light on I was speechless. The room was almost as big as the other three bedrooms; there was a sitting area with a couch and chair, tables and a huge wood wall unit that was filled with books. The bed sat in front of glass doors and looked out over the lake. “This is where we will sleep tonight Bella, go, sit on the bed, it’s very nice.”

I was standing in his bedroom, he was inviting me to feel how comfortable his bed would be, there was nothing left to decide was there?

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