My Girlfriend is a Prostitute

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This is my first story, so constructive criticisms are welcome.
This is a true story!

My girlfriend and I have been dating since we were seniors in high school. We were accepted in different colleges on separate sides of the state. We kept in contact and for the most part we did not have any of the problems people seemed to have with long distance relationships. However, I did not know about her secret occupation.
Fast forward to the present, we are done with college and are working in our separate jobs, discussing the future. A few months ago we were talking about not having any secrets that is when she dropped a bombshell that I was not sure I could handle. My girlfriend looked me in the eye and told me that she had sex for money during all four years of college. I was speechless and did not know what to say. She explained to me that I was not a situation where she had a pimp but instead she put herself on a website where men could brows and contact her. I got angry yelled and walked out.
It was not long before I began to feel bad about my reaction. This was a girl who spent years with me coming clean and I react like that. So, I called her went back to her place to discuss it further. I began to ask her questions. My first question was “how and why did you start”? She said, “I began to run out of money and when my friend herd about my problem she suggested this.” This was believable since she never really had a steady job, so running out of money was enviable. It was then when she opened up and told me everything.
She told me that the first man who canlı bahis paid for her service was 42 year old black man. To tell you something about my girl friend’s figure, she is 5 foot 5 inches chubby, big double tits and a big round ass. It was no surprise that that was the first guy to contact her. She met him at a Red Roof In and said that there was little talking. The man only gave her instructions. She started by sucking he cock, which she said was huge about 9 inches. She was the told to strip and get on the bed the man put on a condom lubed up his cock and her pussy then pushed it in. she told me she gasped at the pain but over time began to get used to the girth and length of his cock. He fucked her from behind and had her ride him but it was not long till he came. He paid her and she left. She told me that on the ride home she cried and when she got to her dorm she vomited. However, when she went to bed she could not stop thinking about it. She began to masturbate and orgasm uncontrollably. She said that she hated that she was so turned on by it but could not help the feeling.
She gave it a week before she tried it again; this time is was an older white man. This guy was in his 50s and paid her to do anything he wanted. In this case, creampies were the fetish of choice. My gf said that older white guys had a kind of fetish for cream pies and that they would pay well to do them. This man became a regular and one spring break when I went on vacation without her, he offered her to go on a trip with him and a few of his friends. She accepted and basically was their cumdumpster bahis siteleri for the whole spring break. She said that the would buy her drinks and new lingerie to fuck her in . They would all either take turns Cumming in her or do it all at once. It was so often she was sacred that when her period was late that she was pregnant and would have to come clean to me. She eventually got it and therefore, did not have to tell me about how she was getting fucked her whole break.
Anal sex was another demand that was becoming more prevalent. Guys would pay her extra you fuck her ass and even more to cum in it. She told me about another hotel rendezvous were two well endowed black men would rotate between her ass, pussy and mouth. Each time she did something new she would be pushed to her limits and have massive orgasms. She described the experience like a drug. The more she did the more she needed and the increase the intensity.
When she was telling me these stories I began to think about how much it all made sense. When I would visit her the sex seemed to change from her being timid to being a pro quickly. I was apparently naive at the time because I did not give it much thought. She also began using more dirty talk while we had sex. She would say things like, “fuck me till it hurts” and “I’m such a whore,” all things she would not say before. She also told me that she was safe and was tested often so she would not infect me or anyone else. Although, she did have more than one pregnancy scare, it did not stop her from letting men cum inside her.
One of her most surprising bahis şirketleri moments was when she walked into a room only to see other women there. She said it was not the last time in her four years of being a prostitute that she had had sex with women. When she told me she had had eaten pussy a few times and had come from having a girl eat her pussy, my cock began to throb and all my anger went away. She told me about a time where she was eating another girl’s pussy while a man fucked her. She said she loved the taste and when the girl squirted in her mouth she came insistently.
I was surprised and turned on about all I herd. Seip said the one thing is that she never did drugs, even though she was often offered crack, cocaine, heroin, and ecstasy. Part of me was relived but another part of me was turned on by the thought of her being a crack whore. She also said that she was often abused and would have to cover up the burses and marks she would get from overly aggressive men. She said that when I would fuck her back then she wouldn’t feel me as well as she does now. That part hurt my pride a little but I was still incredibly horny from the stories. She continued to tell me that she still thought about those times and confessed to meeting up with a guy a few weeks ago. I asked her if she wanted to start seeing other men again she said she didn’t know she is now a teacher and it could be harmful to her career.
After she was done talking I wasted no time and fucked her roughly, treating her like a whore. I came harder than I ever have deep inside her. I am still with her today and think about everything she told me before we fuck. It still makes me insanely horny.
Let me know what you think and I will get back to you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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