My Secret Room Ch. 03

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Big Tits

Note: The author has decided to start a Chapter 3 because of all the positive response the readers have shown. Please read Chapters 1 & 2 before reading this chapter. This story is just fantasy! No words were hurt in the writing of this story. Practice safe sex and enjoy the story.

My wife Karen and I settled down after the events of the past month. Karen’s sister Samantha came to the west coast to visit her. With her came Sam’s husband Dan in tow. I didn’t really like Dan that much but you can’t choose your relatives as they say. He had an affair with my wife and even fucked her on our wedding day. So my feelings for Dan were not that friendly.

Sam on the other hand was very nice. She was sexy and a good person. She and Dan worked out their differences the last time here. Sam was now in charge of their relationship and Dan knew better than to fuck around on her again. Karen also learned the same lesson. I told her she was gone if I caught her doing anything like the shit she pulled with Dan. This warning seems to have worked well. Karen has been nice and attentive (especially in bed) since then.

To my surprise, Karen never asked or bothered me about the secret room. I think it reminded her of getting caught and never mentioned the room. She knew I liked it and was experimenting with the editing equipment. She wouldn’t watch any of the video discs with me like her sister liked to do. She just basically left the room alone when ever I was working in there.

This whole story started with a secret room in the house that I bought. The previous owner had set up a secret room with cameras and microphones in the guest bedroom. These all lead to the secret room behind the large wall mirror. It was made of two way glass, which also had a camera behind it. The other cameras were in the large bed headboard, ceiling, and wall. The secret room was full of video recording equipment.

The previous owner died about 5 years ago of a sudden heart attack and left the room as it was. There was a large collection of porn and hundreds of edited tapes and discs from people having sex in the special guest room. Some of these parties turned into orgies with several prominent people in the area being recorded. Our female Mayor, some common council members, a doctor’s wife and several of the very rich in the community were all video taped.

The previous owner also kept a detailed log book of every tape he had in his inventory. This inventory covered well over 100 video tapes. Some were one on one sex, but most were hardcore fucking in groups (sometimes up to 30 people). Apparently my house was a big party spot with many of the big community leaders mentioned above. Their names kept coming up time after time in the log book.

I don’t think that the room was every made public to the people being video taped. As far as I know, each person recorded was never informed of the secret room. Looking at the tapes from the inventory list, I don’t think they would want them made public anyway.

“What a gold mine this log book is. I know I’ll be able to use it to my advantage if I do it right.” I said to myself as a plan started to form.

I am not an asshole so I didn’t want blackmail money or to hurt anybody. I just thought I could use these tapes as leverage in getting my company project through the local political red tape. Mr. Tapper and Mr. Pruett (both common counsel members) were for some reason not behind the project. They were both very powerful politically, and I needed them on my side. I first need to find out why they opposed the project.

My company was planning a large ‘green’ project park with manufacturing and green think tank company offices. If the project came to fruition, it would help the environment, produce hundreds of local jobs and make me a few dollars in return. It had the potential to become as big as Silicon Valley is now.

Just as I was thinking this, the phone rang. Sam, Karen’s sister was on the phone and wanted to talk to Karen. I told her she was in the back of the house but would get her. I asked her how things were going with her husband Dan. He recently had to accept Sam’s ultimatum of no fucking around on her.

“Dan’s been fine. He hates watching us fuck each other on the videos we made the week we were alone together.” Sam informed me.

“I know I liked making them though” I told her over the phone.

“Well I wish I was calling so you could talk dirty to me but I afraid it is bad news. Mom is very sick and I need Karen and you to come out to New York and visit her right away.” Sam told me with a little sadness I her voice.

“Here comes Karen now, I will put her on the line.” I told Sam on the other end as I waved Karen to the phone.

“Sam this is unexpected. What can I do for you?” Karen asked her sister.

Sam explained the situation about her mom’s health and turned to me as soon as she hung up the phone. I could tell what was coming next.

“We need merter escort to leave right away for New York. Sam says mom is really sick and we shouldn’t wait.” Karen told me very concerned.

“You can leave today, but I won’t be able to get away for another two days. The contracts and all the job proposals need to be in to get the bid contract. If I don’t put in the bids on time and correctly, I stand to lose a big chunk of change. I will follow as soon as I can go.” I said to Karen.

“Ok, I will get packed right now and call our travel agent. She can have a ticket waiting for you when your ready.” Karen informed me.

Two hours later I was at the airport waving goodbye to my wife. She said she would call when she got to the Empire state. I went back home and finished all the proposals and got them ready for bid. The house was a little too quiet, and I decided to watch some TV while finishing my work. Cable had nothing but crap on so I visited my secret room’s video library and pulled out a disc at random.

This disc was unbelievable to say the least. The video opens with our current Mayor Cathy Smith (she was a real estate agent back then) lining up on the large bed in my guest room. She was on all fours and blind folded. There were about 8 men in the room, all naked and all very hard. They were about to play ‘Guess Who’s Cock’, if I had to use a name for what they were playing. Each man would get on the bed and shove his cock into Cathy’s pussy really hard and fast for 5 minutes. There was no foreplay here.

Cathy then had to guess which cock was fucking her at that moment. If she guessed the name right anytime during the game, the guy was out and couldn’t get back on the bed. The large guys were out first. She seemed to remember the big ones.

“Paul Pruett, I would know your cock anywhere.” Cathy said to the first guy out. That must be the Mr. Pruett from the common council I thought to myself. He would be key for my project getting off the ground.

The regular size cocks were giving her a hard time (no pun intended) guessing. She could only guess once during a fuck session and couldn’t guess again until someone else put their cock inside her.

Finally she guessed the last two and took off the blind fold. All the guys were still very hard and ready for some serious sex. All the men got on the bed and surrounded our current Mayor. She was instantly stuffed with a cock in her mouth and another in her pussy. The men directed her hands to stroke their waiting cocks.

Soon a guy was under her, fucking her pussy very fast. Another guy lined up at her ass and started to drive it in full force while some fought to stuff her mouth. This round robin tournament on the Mayor’s body didn’t stop for over an hour.

Finally all the men started to cum about the same time. I think the first one set off all the others. Cathy was lying down and the men were spraying her down with load after load of white cum. She was cover from head to toe when they were all done. Everyone started to leave the room and the video stopped.

“Holy shit, I don’t believe that one. That Mayor of ours is a major league slut.” I said to myself.

I also wondered to myself if she was still as hot and slutty as in the video I just viewed. Did she become all righteous and moral because she was now mayor? I knew I must find out.

I started to think of the best way to approach her and a great idea came to me. I knew I also had to phone Sam in New York. I thought about what I needed and dialed the phone.

“Hello this is Sam, may I help you?” Samantha asked as she answered the phone.

“Sam this is Bobby, how is your mom doing?” I started off asking her.

“She is stable, but very weak still.” Sam told me.

“I hope everything works out alright. Karen should be at JFK airport in about two more hours from now. Have her call me when she gets in.” I requested of Sam.

“I am also calling to get some instruction on my studio project.” I asked her with a knowing lilt in my voice.

“What can I help you with Bobby? I think I can remember the room’s system and how it works.” Sam confessed to me.

“I want to print stills from my video collection, and then put the words and pictures together like a poster or billboard.” I informed Sam.

“That one is pretty easy! Just load the footage you plan on capturing onto the hard drive. I have already shown you how to do that. Then use the capture button while the footage is playing. Save the captured images to Jpegs of some other photo format. Once it is saved you can email them, or use some graphics software to make posters, cards or whatever.” Sam informed me.

Sam gave me a few good suggestions on some easy to use graphic software. I thanked her and told her to keep an eye out with Karen and Dan back together in the same house.

“Don’t worry Bobby. I make Dan put them in a jar before he leaves for the day. Karen also nişantaşı escort knows what she is in for if she tries to fuck around again with my husband.” Sam stated in no uncertain terms. She could always make me smile.

I went to the store and got the software she suggested. I loaded it in the computer and after a few minutes of playing around I started to get the hang of it. The video clips I wanted to use were now loading.

The log book was very helpful when trying to find a single person’s activities in the video library. I looked up Cathy Smith’s name and pulled about 25 DVD discs from the shelves. Every one of these tapes was a gem. Our mayor was going to be quite surprised when we have our first meeting.

After loading all the video needed to complete my project, I started to capture stills at the perfect spot. Each still frame was a moment captured in time. Cathy’s hair was longer then her current shoulder length hair style, but you could tell it was her.

I also wanted to show only the people and not the room or my big bed. No hint of my secret room or shot location was to be seen on the photos. Luckily the multiple camera angles helped me enormously. From the gang bang of our Mayor to her oral talents with men and women, Mayor Cathy Smith was in fine form.

Finally I printed the first of the small posters I was going to give Mayor Cathy Smith. The images were unmistakable; you could tell it was Mayor Smith right from the first look. She was surrounded by a group of men and she had a lustful look on her face. The first two men near her were spraying their spunk all over her. The other posters showed her eating out another woman, taking it in the ass as other men roughly fuck her mouth, riding cock cowgirl style and a close up of her smiling face covered in cum.

I made all the posters look like regular campaign posters she would run for Mayor with. The pictures were saying a completely different thing though from the tag line.

Some I put down said ‘Do to Mayor Smith what she want to do to you!’ with her ass sticking up in the air. I also used ‘Mayor Smith, a woman of the people’ as she is surrounded by an orgy of people on the large guest bed. The bed camera gave me a direct shot of her face, so there would be no mistake of her identity.

All the 11″ x 14″ posters (10 in total) were put in an envelope to be delivered tomorrow with a personal note form me. I reviewed them all and I had to laugh. Not even I could tell where these pictures were taken or when.

I was ready to see her in person tomorrow. Actually she would be coming to see me. I had heard that she had higher aspirations for public office, even the governor’s mansion. She might get nasty, but I think she will try and cover her political ass.

With that all done, I put in a special tape of our Mayor Cathy Smith to watch in my living room. On this one she was being fucked by two very powerful men in my community. One was our town doctor, Dr. Rolling. The doctor’s wife was the one having sex with Mayor Smith on several occasions and on the poster I just printed.

The second man was one of our current councilmen Stewart Tapper, who owned a large farm and food processing plant in the area. He had a big ego, and thought he was God’s gift to women.

The two men in the video started to do all sorts of things to Cathy Smith. They used double penetration in her ass and pussy. They fucked her for over an hour and a half with out a pause. I heard the Dr. tell Stewart that Viagra was a great invention, and they both high fived each other as they kept on fucking her over and over. Any women’s body would be soar if they took the pounding Cathy was getting.

Finally they both started to cum at the same time. They pulled out, moved to her face and told Cathy to open her mouth. With great aim they both let loose with their cocks in her mouth. Their cocks were both an inch apart. Mayor Smith did her best to swallow all their cum. The men then started to spray down her face, neck and her tits. She was totally covered on her face and neck. She then blew some cum bubbles with her mouth and Stewart poked them and shoved his cock back down her throat. After being cleaned off he pulled out and they all rested on the bed. The video ended.

I arraigned for the package to be delivered to Mayor Smith the next day, and then I waited. I was done with all my work and had submitted the proposals for my company. Now I needed to get the political support needed to finish my project. I knew she would be at my house at 5:00pm as requested in the note.

The appointed time arrived and I heard a car pull up in the drive way. I was really excited and couldn’t wait to meet the Mayor in person. I went to the front door as Cathy Smith rang the doorbell. I opened the door and she looked me up and down trying to size me up. I knew she recognized me from the area but we were never introduced.

“Please ortaköy escort come in and we can talk Mayor Smith” I told her at the door.

She came inside holding the folder I sent her. I could see her face was recalling all the parties and sex she had in my house. She smiled for an instant recalling her lost wild days but she looked at me and became instantly stone faced.

“I received this envelope in my mail today and was requested to me here at 5:00pm today” Cathy said to me very curtly.

“I don’t know what this is about, but if you are trying to blackmail me for money it won’t work. I have very important friends in this community and the state.” The Mayor started to tell me in a very brave sounding voice.

“Well I see my package arrived. Let me explain and we can see if some type of deal could be made. Before that happens though, I have something else to show you if you want to see it?” I asked Cathy in a very matter of fact voice.

“I will have you arrested right now!” she shouted at me.

“First of all, I requested to see you, nothing more. I never mentioned anything about blackmail in my note. As far as I am concerned, I was just asking to be your next campaign manager. I just wanted to show you what a great job of advertising I could do for you with my posters.” I told the wide eyed mayor.

“Besides I was only trying to help you out, but if you want to go that route I will have to show everybody EVERYTHING!” I said this emphasizing the last word.

“What do you mean?” she asked back again.

“Come with me to the living room and I will show you first hand.” I said to my current mayor.

She followed me into the living room with out saying a word. I picked up the DVD remote and pressed play. The TV started to show a high light reel of the footage I had found in the room. Ms. Smith was in all types of sexual positions, with men and women.

“Where did you get that video?” Cathy asked in a small quiet voice. I could see her mind going very fast recalling the events on the TV screen. She looked around and put two and two together.

“Bill Thomas the former owner left me a large library of ‘party’ tapes to watch. You do remember Bill Thomas… as a matter of fact, aren’t you sucking his dick right now?” I asked her.

By sheer luck the footage of Mr. Thomas and Ms. Smith was on the screen. His daughter Susan Thomas was licking her pussy while she gave him head.

She looked over and seemed to be lost in the video action. I think she was reliving the sex all over again.

“What do you want from me if you don’t want money?” she asked me.

“I want the chance to improve this community if you will only let me. It could also be a big feather in your cap if it comes off. I have been told you hold aspirations for higher office. This project could be your ticket to national office.” I told her to her face.

I explained about my company project and gave her a prepared sheet about the numbers and the business it would generate. She was all business as she read the proposal. Finally she looked up at me and spoke.

“This project is very well thought out and could be a huge boost to the local economy. It might even get me national coverage like you said. How come it was never brought up at the city council meetings? She asked me.

“Well that is my question to you also. It seems that Stewart Tapper and Paul Pruett are dead set against the idea and would not even consider it being presented. I thought you would know why they are against this project, or at least could find out. It is a win, win all the way around.” I told Cathy.

“Tell you what, keep quiet about my past life for now and I will see what is up with those two. I know them both quite well and I will get an answer for you by tomorrow.” She told me.

“OK, I believe you. I will sit on anything I have until you get back to me. Remember though, I have enough stuff on you to start a website just dedicated to you alone. So don’t let me down.” I told her as she got ready to leave.

“Oh, on a personal note, you have a great body and I have had many hours of enjoyment watching you fuck and suck on tape. I just wanted to tell you that.” I said to Cathy with a smile as she was going out the door.

She looked back at me with a funny look. I thought I saw a smile for just a second but she just turned around and said to me “I will be calling you tomorrow”.

“No calls! Come in person or not at all. I don’t trust phones in these types of matters. I will see you tomorrow.” I told Cathy as I shut the door and returned to my living room.

I knew she would be helpful. The fact that I was trying to help my project and her career at the same time helped me immensely. The fact that I didn’t ask for money or sex also helped my case. I still had to be careful but I felt if she was in my corner than I had a good ally. I noticed she didn’t even take back the envelope I gave her. She still had a hot body though.

The next day I finished a few chores around the house and waited for Cathy Smith to stop by. Just after 1:00pm I saw her car come up the driveway. She parked and rang the doorbell.

“Mayor Smith come in, I have been expecting to hear from you today.” I told the mayor.

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