My Summer Vacation Ch. 01

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I left on vacation with a girlfriend. I needed some time away from Vin and his sex games. Which is not to say I didn’t want to play. I was pinching Mariana’s nipple right now in the cab. She pulled the strap down on her dress and I dipped my head to suck the nipple I had teased to hardness.

The taxi driver was watching us in his rearview mirror.

“Don’t crash us,” Mariana said. “Pull over and you can watch.”

We were still not into the city so there were abandoned lots and such. He pulled in and turned around to watch. I was still sucking though I had slipped one hand under Mariana’s dress. There were no panties to impede my fingers as they found her wet slick pussy waiting. I teased her lips and dipped a finger in to rub her clit every now and then but we had hours until we had to be in the city.

I raised my head and kissed her. She was a beautiful blond and we had met at Maxx’s. She was one of his video girls too. I watched her perform sometimes, usually with one hand in my pants.

But she was all mine for the next few days.

I slipped both straps down on her dress and cupped both her generous tits in my hands. She began unbuttoning my blouse, exposing my even more generous breasts. The taxi driver made a sound.

We rubbed our tits together, moaning as our nipples rubbed each other. Our tongues were in each other’s mouths too. I wanted one thing, to get yeşilköy escort my skirt and panties off. My cunt needed touching badly. It was tingling with need.

I pulled away from her and pulled my skirt above my waist and then I yanked my panties down and off, throwing them toward the driver’s open window. He caught them and brought them to his nose.

I lay back on the seat with my legs apart and opened my arms for Mariana to come to me. We kissed and kissed until we were both breathless and too excited not to do more.

Mariana scooted won in the seat and smiled up at me as she blew cool air on my hot pussy. She reached a hand out and parted my nether lips. “Mmmm, so wet and shiny already.” She ran her finger along the crevice from clit to my asshole, slipping the tip of her finger into the tiny hole.

“Yes!” I arched against her hand, wanting more. She ran her finger along my wet pussy until it was glistening too and then she slipped more of it into my ass. She dipped head and found my clitoris as she finger fucked my asshole very slowly. I knew I’d not last another minute this way but I really didn’t care much.

I glanced at the driver. His eyes were glued to my cunt and I could see his hand moving. He was enjoying this as much as I was.

I came hard and fast when she slipped two fingers into my pussy as she kept fucking zeytinburnu escort my ass. Double penetration had always made me come very quickly and very intensely. She kept fucking even after my spasms of pleasure had subsided a bit.

“That was amazing, baby. I always forget how crazy you make me,” I whispered as she lapped my juices up and just kept fingering.

The constant stimulation got me ready again in a few moments and I rode a second wave of pleasure to another intense orgasm. When I stopped trembling, Mariana pulled her fingers free and licked them clean then smiled at me as she lay back and spread her legs.

I reached into my bag and found the double penetration vibrator that I bought just for the trip. I was going to get both of her holes too. I could tell that the driver was pulling his pants down.

I got down between her legs to have a taste of her before I fucked her. She was always so sweet and sticky and I loved eating her out. I ran my tongue from cunt to asshole several times, wetting what was not wet and tasting her different flavors.

She grinned at the toy. “For me?”

“I know how you love them. I got it new for our trip.”

“So sweet,” she murmured as I rubbed both heads over her pussy to wet them then slipped them into her eager holes.

She groaned. “Oh fuck, Annie!”

I did. I anadolu yakası escort bayan rammed them all the way into both her pussy and her ass and she screamed my name. Mariana liked it hard and I wanted her to have what she wanted. I leaned over to lick her clit while I fucked her hard over and over. She arched top meet my every thrust.

“I’m cumming!” she cried out. Mariana was also quite loud and I loved that about her too. I kept fucking until she was still then I slowly removed the toys. I pulled out some other ones. I slipped two thick dildos into her pussy after I lubed them a little and a fat plug into her ass. I began to move the dildos in opposition, one going in as the other came out until she was grunting with every thrust. Then I began to ram them both in at the same time.

“FUCKKKK!” She screamed again and again.

We had stopped paying attention to the driver until the door opened and he stood naked except for a condom. I helped him in and sat down in his lap, taking him into me as Mariana got up and moved over to caress my tits. He reached up and grabbed them too, squeezing them hard as she teased my nipples. I felt her other hand on my ass then I felt a finger slide into me.

“Yesssss,” I hissed as I tightened my hold on the driver’s cock.

I slid off of him as soon I came one last time and we jerked his condom off and pushed him to the middle of the seat. I leaned down and took him into my hand. I dipped my mouth down and licked his head then I was joined by Mariana, who licked his balls and around the base.

No man could stand that for long and soon, he was spewing cum all over our faces. We licked each other clean, dressed and made our flight in plenty of time.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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