My Swinging Parents Part 6

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As I separated from my mom, I have to admit that I started to get a creeping anxiety that she was either going to get lured back by an aggressive Tony OR get cold feet altogether. I went into my room and closed the door, letting out a deep breath. I splashed some cold water on my face and stared at my reflection in the mirror.

“You can do this.” I said in a serious tone.

And immediately, I burst out laughing. What a lame thing to say. But I had to laugh at the hilarity (and awesomeness) of everything from the past few days.

I switched to a blue ‘board-shorts’ swimsuit and walked nervously down to the hot tub. When I got there, no one else was there, and my heart started pounding.

Oh no, I thought.

She DID get cold feet.

Or worse.

Worse would be that she got talked back into Tony’s arms. Maybe she was fucking him right now, I thought.

It occurred to me that technically, I COULD easily check on them, but then I heard her voice from my right side.

“We just keep running into each other”, she said as she smiled.

To my utter delight, my mom Kelly came down topless, wearing only a bright yellow G-string bikini as her bottom piece.

She slowly got into the hot tub, covering her nipples as her breasts slayed slightly.

“Mom, listen, I just want you to know that-“

“Shut up” she whispered to me as she gently crept over and a hand rested on my groin.

“I’m not on birth control” she said as she pushed my board shorts off as she rode on top of me, our sinful deeds covered by the whirpool of the hot tub.

“OK, I was going to-“

“Fuck me in the ass but GO SLOW. You might have to lick it a little first to get it wet” she said as she impatiently pushed the yellow g-string to the side, onto her right butt cheek. She stood up and bent at a 45 degree angle, spreading her cheeks wide open as Ted began to hungrily devour his treat. .

Meanwhile, Chris and Amy were roughly 100 meters away and walking up the beach and into the backyard, each of them had one of Amy’s daughters fast asleep on their backs.

As Ted continued to devour his mother’s asshole in the hot tub, Amy and Chris put Amy’s young daughters to bed without initially noticing the hot tub action, not 100 meters from the house and the twins’ bedroom.

However, just as Chris canlı bahis and Amy opened the house door to presumably go check in on everyone in the master bedroom, Amy heard a highly pitched, half-whispered and feminine: “aww fuck”.

Amy stopped in her tracks and Chris followed her line of vision. Amy began to slowly walk towards the sound as both she and Chris heard the next voice, a male this time, whisper: “Does it feel OK or?

“Yeah, just go slow.”

“Yeah cool, I got that”

“Slow baby, that’s it” the girl half-whispered back.

Chris and Amy walked onto the scene together.

The jets on the hot tub were going full roar as Kelly rode her son Ted like a bronco, wearing a bright yellow g-string swimsuit that was currently pushed to the side to allow for the anal penetration. The outfit was meant to accentuate her dark tan, complete with the whale tail thong tan-lines, and it worked flawlessly.

Kelly was impaling herself on Ted’s larger than expected rod JUST as Chris and Amy walked in, and by the time Kelly finally opened her eyes and noticed sensations (both positive and negative) that weren’t originating in her ass, the two had been gawking for over 30 seconds as Ted savagely and beautifully fucked Kelly’s ass.

Kelly felt embarrassed, sure, but the swinging rules of this vacation spot had already been established and the ass fucking was FINALLY starting to feel good. Did she really have to stop to explain this to Amy and her own husband?

All Kelly could utter was:

“GOD it feels so fucking good.”

Ted looked relaxed, but inside he was nervous as hell.

Fucking Mom in front of Dad seemed weird, and he couldn’t believe he was fucking her ASS. It was so tight and he was just trying to stay loose and not cum. He wasn’t going to stop if Kelly didn’t stop him, so everything seemed to be OK.

Ted kept thrusting, plowing deeper and deeper into Kelly’s asshole.

Amy and Chris looked at each other, stunned.

“So, what happens now?” Amy asked to everyone/ no one/ anyone.

Her question was met with silence, and then the hushed screams of pleasure from Kelly.

Kelly looked over guiltily, holding both hands over her mouth but continuing to impale her ass onto her son’s hard cock, as if to say “I’m so sorry for the noise but it just feels so damn good!”.

Kelly bahis siteleri looked deep into Ted’s eyes as he continued to concentrate, fucking his mom’s tight, 18-year-old like asshole with an almost musical rhythm as the bubbles from the hot tub began to stop and the carnal pleasure that both Ted and Kelly had enjoyed was about to become a lot easier to hear.

“LEAN BACK” Amy said to my dad abruptly as she quickly leaned down and began to unbuckle his pants next to the pool.

Amy quickly pulled his jeans and boxers down revealing his semi-hard cock.

“Oh this is beautiful” Amy giggled as she kissed the tip of Chris’ dick and, through the corner of my eye, I saw through the bedroom window that Tony was staring, seeing everything going on below. His jaw was nearly touching the floor in shock.

“Let me get more comfortable” Amy said as she lifted off her top (this time it was her turn not to wear a bra) as her clearly sun-tanned tits popped out sensually.

But Amy wasn’t done. She slowly undid her tight jeans and climbed out of them. She was wearing a small, light blue g-string.

Even as I fucked Kelly’s amazing ass in the hot tub and heard her begin to orgasm, I looked over to see that sky blue g-string on Amy. Damn did it look good wrapped around her.

“Do you like the g-string baby? I took a note from your wife” Amy said teasingly as she began to lick my dad’s cock. But I was suddenly distracted by Kelly. She was in pure animal mode, summing hard:

“Ahhhh, I’m Cumming. Oh fuck, I’m cumming baaaaayee- beeeeeeeeee-awwwwwww fuck!!!!” my mom screamed as she tore and scratched at my chest in pleasure as I pounded her ass merciseslly with my cock, creating giant waves of water that were sent crashing out of the hot tub we were so violently fucking in.

Meanwhile, Amy was on her knees, kissing and stroking the tip of Chris’ dick in her little g-string panties.

“Is Tony watching?” Amy asked, suddenly.

“Don’t worry about it” my dad said sternly as it became his turn to get aggressive as he grabbed a fistful of Amy’s hair and began to hump Amy’s face.

I looked up as I continued to pound my mom’s pussy as her orgasm started to subside. Yes, Tony was watching alright. And he looked pissed.

The sudden silence from Kelly and I allowed me to hear another sound.

“GWAH! bahis şirketleri GWAH! GWAH! GWAH!”

Kelly was still inside of me, kissing my neck slowly and gyrating her hips, but I was able to look over and see the source of the noise: my dad Chris was face fucking Amy hard and her makeup was running but she seemed to really be enjoying the rough throat fucking.

“Mmmmm yeah, suck that fucking dick….yeah, suck that fucking dick. LOOK AT ME” my dad said intensely.

He’d grabbed Amy’s scalp with a fist and had most her ponytail in his hand as he stared deeply in her eyes. Amy looked back, genuinely turned on, not QUITE nude since she still had on the blue g-string but I still felt like I was intruding on the scene.

It was at that moment that I realized the secret of what both Amy and my mom Kelly had been craving throughout this vacation: to be submissives (at least sexually). Amy looked up at Chris with large, pleading eyes. Pleading to say “please like me” or “please appreciate me”.

My dad Chris stared back in a look that I couldn’t read: it was either indifference or the beginning of genuine attraction, but he jerked her face back onto his cock almost violently as she made a noisy

“GWAAAHH!” noise that was so loud that Tony poked his pathetic head out of the bedroom window, just as my mom had pulled out of me and resumed sucking my own dick.

For a second I forgot the submissiveness that these ladies were into as I closed my eyes and put my hands on the sides of the tub.

“Baby?” my mom said in a high pitched, girly like tone as she licked my dick quickly.

“Yeah what is it?” I snapped back.

“Hold my hair” she said pleadingly.

I grabbed a fistful of it roughly, knowing what was coming next. Still, I said:

“Now what?!”

“Fuck my face ok baby?” she said as she began to wildly suck my dick.

And she began to sound nearly identical to Amy:

“GWAH GWAH GWAH GWHA GWHA GWAH” as my own mom Kelly slurped and deep throated and choked on my cock and I treated her skull like a vagina in front of my dad AND the woman he was fucking.

Me and my father shared a moment of recognition as we both aggressively skull fucked these two beautiful middle-aged women with fantastic bodies, and both rocking g-string panties as they passionately got face fucked by us.

Meanwhile I took a moment to stare up at the bedroom window.

Tony was watching the whole thing, looking furious…….

(to be continued)

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