New Management Ch. 03

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Chapter 3 Monday PM

When Helen and Greg returned to the office some party food and bubbly had been laid on to say goodbye to Dave. It was as if nothing had happened and the day went on as usual with the slightly tipsy workforce a bit more vocal than usual.

Dave was pleased with his send off and even more pleased with his promotion. His wife, Trudie, came to drive him home after work, dressed in a nice tunic style dress, black leggings and nice pull-on leather knee high boots with a 4 inch block heel. She was quite stunning actually much to everyone’s surprise. She had recently had a baby but was obviously back in shape. Helen thought she was keen on impressing Dave’s colleagues at his good fortune. Helen loved the boots, complimenting Trudie on them enthusiastically, and was quite envious of them. She determined to wear some sexy boots the next day, and thought about what might turn Greg on.

“Shame I didn’t have something like those on when I stepped in the puddle today,” she thought. It was soon time to say good bye to Dave and he and his wife departed leaving the others to tidy up the party.

The remaining two girls were curious as to what had happened on the fashion trip, and begged Helen to reveal what she and Greg had chosen for them. Helen had told them they would have to wait, and wait they must do till the following morning

. Dawn was excited because as they youngest, the 21 year old had not had much of a life outside work as she was paid as a junior, and could not afford a lavish lifestyle. Her new promotion had made her feel much more affluent but as she revealed, cebeci escort

“Greg has told me there would be much more responsibility for me now. I must do as he instructs and get training in sales and the insurance business. I will also be senior so I will helping train them too.”

Dorothy said, “I think you deserve the chance Dawn, well done. I hope Greg doesn’t take advantage of you.”

Helen looked sharply up as if acknowledging that he had done exactly that with her in the changing room this lunchtime. She vowed to be stronger next time although thinking back to the event made her wet again.

It was 5pm and they were ready for home. Dorothy and Dawn left the office and as Helen was about to follow them, Greg popped his head round the door of his office. He silently beckoned her into his office.

“I hope you are OK with what we did in the warehouse, Helen. I am very much drawn to you and feel being lovers will help us get along together,” he observed. “You were so wet I couldn’t resist the urge to give you pleasure, and my instinct was that you wanted it too.”

“Well, I hadn’t planned that anything like that would happen, which is not to say it was unwelcome,” she replied. “I have never felt such intense feelings from finger fucking, and you never even had your fingers inside me either!”

She was getting breathless again and was conscious of seeping juices building up around her pussy. She felt that it would be good to offer him some relief too.

“I am fascinated by the shoes you wear and the way you operate in such high thin heels,” çukurambar escort Greg continued. “It turns me on so much that is want to fuck you and them so hard”

She was startled by his candour but there was no turning back. She grasped his cock through his trousers and sat up on the edge of his desk. She offered her pointed black court shoes, their 5 inch stiletto heels glistening wickedly. He slid the right shoe off, and pushing her knickers to one side used the pointed toe to enter her cunt. The juices immediately covered the leather of her shoe.

Helen released his cock from the trousers it was straining at and held the member in her hand briefly. Gasping with the entry of the toe of her right shoe into her pussy now nearly at the widest part, she took her left shoe and put it over the end of Greg’s cock sliding it down his engorged organ until it filled her shoe. He grabbed the desk in surprise, while trying to keep upright and also push the other shoe into her cunt, as she slid the shoe up and down on his cock. It was slick inside with his pre cum and provided such stimulation that Greg was ready to cum in a few strokes of the leather 5inch heeled shoe.

Helen orgasmed so strongly her cunt gripped the shoe and gushed cum all over it. Some dripped inside and collected in the heel area of the shoe. She had never squirted and gushed in this way before. Similarly Greg, eyes skyward, spurted cum inside the other shoe completely filling the toe box with cock and cum. His release complete, and his cock still pulsing he removed the shoe, now brimming with his cum.

As demetevler escort he calmed down from the sexual zenith he had experienced, Greg took the left shoe and slid it onto Helen’s left foot. The cum foamed around her toes and her foot was bathed in his cum as she pushed her foot into the shoe. He took her right shoe from her pussy, covered in her cum and put it similarly on her right foot. She was surprised that the cum from her own orgasm was so much that it also brimmed over her foot as he put the shoe back on her.

“Wow!” said Greg. “I have never experienced anything like that before. I hope you can walk home like that.”

“Actually having worn these shoes all day, I think it will be quite soothing to walk home with both my shoes full of cum!” she laughed. “I am looking forward to it, although goodness knows what Danny will say…my boyfriend,” she explained.

“Well Helen, I hope this is the start of a great working relationship,” Greg reverted to his role as boss. “I certainly hope it will continue in the same vein as today”. He was looking forward to seeing the implementation of his dress code the following morning, and the gasp of pleasure he envisaged among the staff when they saw the uniform that he and Helen had chosen.

The hot cum still around her feet, Helen stood up and deeply kissed Greg by way of goodbyes, turned and left the building. She felt strangely self-conscious walking along with her feet swishing in cum, a slight squelching noise emanating from both shoes as she walked. The sensation was quite comfortable and soothing and more than a little erotic. Greg’s cum was overflowing from her left shoe and rivulets of white semen trickled over the shiny black leather of the 5in high heeled shoe.

She day-dreamed as she walked, flying even more than that same morning on 5in heels, wondering what erotic experiences tomorrow would bring.

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